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Mike Pompeo hears “His Master’s voice!”

Mike Pompeo is not a “secretary of state.” He is a lackey for the coal-fueled far-right Koch brothers and part of their agenda to grab North Korea’s coal, uranium and just about everything else and create an Asian Iraq. He could care less about the details of just about anything. Nonproliferation and the NPT is something he uses to wipe up after his cat throws up.

his master's voice


Pompeo’s work for the Koch brothers, and their family coal and fake science propaganda system, is described in detail in the Real News report below. It is completely accurate. Pompeo is literally for sale to the highest bidder. Have some ideas for how North Korea should be approached? Go ask your friends at Goldman Sach to put some more cash in the Pompeo fund.

Select Committee on Benghazi Report

Mike Pompeo accepted more from the Koch brothers than anyone else in Congress, and that is just the legal stuff!


The masters of the universe who are ready to lead the world into a GMO nightmare, collapsing ecosystem and world war because they are so completely deluded that their billions will save them. Here is a detailed description of how these pretty boys plan to escape. I doubt it will work.


Perhaps Iraq, a market economy nightmare dominated by big oil, is a model for a future North Korea?

Some estimate that as much as 6 trillion USD in resources, coal, uranium, iron, gold, magnesite, zinc, copper, limestone, molybdenum and graphite are beneath the surface in North Korea.


This is one reason why this time it is secret meetings of Pompeo with the top people in North Korea, and not reunions of separated families, which is getting all the attention.

Friends are saying how naive it is for the Trump administration to insist on military exercises while negotiating for normalization of relations with North Korea (and access to North Korea’s coal and uranium for the Koch Brothers, of course). Those friends are the naive ones around here. This strategy is time-honored. Dating back in Asia to the Opium Wars. It is known as “gunboat diplomacy.”


This moment is a critical one for Korea. Will Koreans let multinational banks determine their future? Will they miss the boat because they spend all their time watching games and pornography on their Samsung Galaxies? This is the moment, there can be no doubt!





The Real News Network

April 12, 2018

“What is Pompeo’s Agenda as Secretary of State? Ask the Highest Bidder”







“从关塔那摩监狱到首尔大使馆 一位美国军阀的崛起” 多维新闻


“从关塔那摩监狱到首尔大使馆 一位美国军阀的崛起”

2018年 5月 15日



美国海军太平洋司令部司令哈里斯上将(Harry B. Harris)本应于本月(5月)出任美国驻澳大利亚大使。突然,白宫毫无征兆地于4月24日宣布哈里斯将被派往韩国。

此次任命从多个层面讲都是前所未有的。在韩国努力与朝鲜和东亚其他国家发展和平关系时,指派一名军官担任驻韩国大使,是非同寻常的。鉴于对日本曾殖民统治韩国的敏感性,指派一名与日本极右翼关系密切的军官也是非同小可。哈里斯出生于日本,生母为日本人,这不足以成为反对其任命的理由。但是,在被任命为驻韩大使的同时,他被授予“旭日章”(Order of the Rising Sun,日本勋章的一种)则显得极为怪异。


但这并非是正常时期。 Read more of this post

“관타나모 수용소에서 주한미국대사까지: 미국식 군벌의 출세” 다른 백년

다른 백년

“관타나모 수용소에서 주한미국대사까지: 미국식 군벌의 출세”

2018년 5월 11일

임마누엘 페스트라이쉬


하와이에 위치한 미국 태평양사령부 사령관인 해리 해리스(Harry Harris) 제독은 주호주대사로 임명되어 이달 중 업무를 시작할 예정이었다. 그런데 4월 24일, 트럼프 행정부는 돌연 해리스 제독이 주한대사로 지명되었다고 발표했다.

여러 면에서 이러한 지명은 유례없는 일이었다. 한국 정부가 북한과 평화 무드를 조성하려는 시점에 군 장성을 대사로 임명해 한국과 동아시아로 파견하는 것은 예사 일이 아니다. 과거 일본의 식민지배를 둘러싼 민감한 이슈를 감안할 때 일본 극우와 친밀한 군 장성을 임명했다는 점도 예사롭지 않다. 어머니가 일본인이고, 그가 일본에서 태어났다는 사실만으로 이 지명을 반대할 수는 없겠지만, 하필 해리스 제독이 주한대사로 지명된 순간 그에게 “욱일장(Order of the Rising Sun)”이 수여된 사실은 참 기묘하다. Read more of this post

「トランプが勝利した理由 ―アメリカ政治の三国志」 ハフィントンポスト


「トランプが勝利した理由 ―アメリカ政治の三国志」

2018年 5月 14日



日本人が考えるにはアメリカの政治はいつも進歩対保守、 民主党対共和党、という構造になっている。しかし、アメリカ政治をそのような構図に捉えてしまうと、今現在ワシントンで起こっている混乱を理解することはできない。日本の政治談論にアメリカ出身の人の占める比重は大きく、かつ重要な役割を担ってきたため、アメリカの文化や制度を無条件的に「先進」であると捉える概念が固定化されており、それがアメリカに対して客観的な評価が下しがたい理由にもなっているのだ。しかもアメリカの制度があまりにも衰退しているので日本人がいち早く80年代アメリカ留学の記憶へ懐かしみをやめてアメリカの真実を認める必要がある。


実際アメリカ政治は三つの勢力が合従連横を繰り返すようで三国志によく似ている。トランプが大統領に当選して未だに弾該されてないのも、まさにこういった三角構造のおかげである。では、普通の常識では考えられないアメリカ版三国志の有様を見てみよう。 Read more of this post

North Korea and Climate change

Nothing could be more alien to the debate on North Korea today than to mention climate change. The whole media circus seems to be set up specifically to avoid the topic. Certainly everyone is assuming, at least in South Korea, that the point will be to make North Koreans consumers who eat a lot and waste a lot, use smart phones and live in big apartments. It is often assumed to be fine for South Korean companies to exploit low labor costs in North Korea in order to increase profits.


But the recent interview on Fox News of US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo by Chris Wallace on Fox News (May 13, 2018) was particularly revealing.


Mike Wallace: I want to go back to the comment – and Kevin just played it – your comment on Friday that if Kim chooses the, quote, “right path,” the U.S. is prepared to work with North Korea to, quote, “achieve prosperity.” What does that mean in terms of direct U.S. investment in North Korea? And are we, as part of this, willing, in effect, to guarantee Kim’s security, that regime change will be off the table?
Mike POMPEO: Chris, here’s what this will look like. This will be Americans coming in – private sector Americans, not the U.S. taxpayer – private sector Americans coming in to help build out the energy grid – they need enormous amounts of electricity in North Korea; to work with them to develop infrastructure, all the things that the North Korean people need, the capacity for American agriculture to support North Korea so they can eat meat and have healthy lives. Those are the kind of things that, if we get what it is the President has demanded – the complete, verifiable, irreversible denuclearization of North Korea – that the American people
will offer in spades.
We must remember that the Trump administration has pulled out of the Paris Accord and thrown all science out of the Environmental Protection Agency. it is undoing regulation on pollution in the United States and encouraging the massive consumption of oil and coal, in the face of overwhelming evidence of the destruction of the atmosphere which will be catastrophic for all of humanity. Here, clearly the intention is for US corporations to take over the North Korean energy grid, encourage North Koreans to buy American meat (some of the least healthy around and no longer subject to serious inspection). No doubt this also involves the exploitation of North Korean coal (which ought to be left in the ground) to fuel this effort and of course all sorts of deals for the exploitation of natural resources.
Sounds a lot like what was done to Iraq. Perhaps we might suggest that the low energy consumption in North Korea is not entirely a negative and that developing organic farming in North Korea is far more important than importing US beef. In any case, it would not be unreasonable to demand that we know what agreements have been signed.

“朝韩峰会后 韩国的真正安全挑战” 多维新闻


“朝韩峰会后 韩国的真正安全挑战“

2018年 5月 9日



终于,即便是主流媒体也开始承认,朝韩首脑会晤及之后不可思议的美朝峰会,无法在一夜之间改变世界。文在寅总统和特朗普(Donald Trump)总统都不能像摩西那样将海水分开,也不像耶稣一样具有起死回生的能力。






这次的首脑峰会也不能只聚焦于“让朝鲜单方面无核化”这一完全不切实际的要求,我们知道没有一个大的全面协议,这不可能会发生。目前特朗普政府无法谈判和落实这样一个协议,因为该政府失去了这方面的所有专家。 Read more of this post

“환경대책 마련 못하는 한국정부, 무엇이 문제인가?” 다른 밴년

다른 밴년

“환경대책 마련 못하는 한국정부, 무엇이 문제인가?”

2018 5 4

임마누엘 페스트라이쉬

(정래권 대사 공저)



지난 몇 주간 한국인들은 재임 기간 동안 저질렀던 부패로 인해 형사고발에 직면한 이명박 전 대통령과 박근혜 전 대통령의 반응과 관련해 끊임없이 쏟아지는 뉴스들을 접했다. 비록 이들 두 전직 대통령이 그들의 행동에 대한 책임이 있다 하더라도 정치인이 사적 이익을 취한 것이 국가에 있어 가장 중요한 문제인지 아니면 ‘국가 운영 시스템의 붕괴’가 더욱 심각한 문제인지 생각해보아야 할 것이다.

노무현 정부 말기부터 시작해 지난 12년간 공공의 문제를 규명하고 해결책을 수립하여 이를 효과적으로 구현하는 정부의 능력이 급격히 저하되어왔다. 우리는 적절한 자격을 갖춘 공무원의 정치적 위상 격하와 대기업으로의 권한 이양 및 부적격자인 정치인이 정부의 고위직에 임명됨으로써 직무를 수행하는 정부 관리들의 권한이 약화되는 것을 목격했다.

국가 운영 시스템에서 국가의 장기적인 복지보다 단기 이익을 더 중시하는 ‘비즈니스 친화적’ 접근방식의 장려는 정부 자체에 영구적인 피해를 가져왔다. 오늘날 정치인들은 자신의 이미지를 홍보하기 위해 대부분의 시간을 보내는 반면에 실제 문제에 대한 용감하고 효과적인 장기적 해결책을 제시하는 데에는 거의 또는 전혀 시간을 할애하지 않는다. 문제를 해결하는 일은 많은 이목을 끌지 못하고 복잡한 문제 해결 과정은 미디어에서 감지되는 이미지보다 덜 중요하게 여겨지고 있다.

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“국가 운영 시스템의 붕괴 보여준 미세먼지 대책” 중앙일보


“국가 운영 시스템의 붕괴 보여준 미세먼지 대책”

2018년 5월 3일

임마누엘 페스트라이쉬

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