Is journalism criminal?

The journalism surrounding the attack on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn displays all the signs of deep criminality. The media suggests that Corbyn was “egged,” harmlessly struck with an egg in good fun. In fact, eye witnesses affirm that he was brutally struck with the intention of inflicting physical injury. The egg was just a special topping. One can’t help but think that the “egg effect” was planned by those who orchestrated the assault for the very purpose of creating such a false and confusing narrative.

The message to thoughtful politicians and officials is clear: “you will not even get accurate reporting about how you were attacked. The war on the opposition will be carried out by stealthy means and Corbyn and his like should just shut up or disappear.” What should have been a historic moment that brought out mass demonstrations and an affirmation of the need to protect thoughtful politicians from attack has been normalized and ignored, treated like a minor event barely worthy of notice. We can easily imagine what the next step in this process of normalization will be.

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