How do you reform government?

We cannot fix the government through policy or by elections. We cannot fix the government by putting in a few ethical people here and there. And we cannot fix government by getting rid of government. Government will always exist in some form or another. To say there is no government is to let it be run by gangsters, or by for-profit organizations which are the equivalent of gangsters.

The only way to improve the government is by creating self-sufficient communities that are run so effectively and so ethically that they become a model for what government can become. When we do that, then government will stop benchmarking corporations and their ruthless efficiency and go back to benchmarking communities their supportive, participatory processes.

Emanuel Pastreich

April 22, 2019

2 responses to “How do you reform government?

  1. Nicolejody April 27, 2019 at 12:17 am

    Very nicely spoken. Great ideas. Canyou give some examples of model communities?

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