Climate change and “people with bullets in them”

I was shocked to see these articles out there saying that loss of biodiversity is as serious as climate change. Sounds like classic effort to stir up trouble by dividing people.
These are the same thing!
The core problem is not “climate change” or “biodiversity” in themselves. To say that is to suggest it is a problem that suddenly came down from heaven like a snowstorm. Rather the core problem is the fossil fuel banking advertising military free trade industrial complex that has taken over our society while we were watching Youtube, or pornography or playing video games. Behind the complext lurks the sick ideology of consumption and the cult of the self behind that. The essential threat is not some “climate change” out there. To just talk about climate change is like…..It is as if you had a serial killer murdering people left and right and you responded by crying out, “we have a crisis of people with bullets in them lying on the ground everywhere!”

Emanuel Pastreich May 7, 2019

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