The feckless and pathetic progressives

I see this reporting and the docile manner in which it is received by the American public as indicative of the bankruptcy of the entire political culture.

The actions taken are not “alarming” they are unethical. They are not unethical, they are unconstitutional and a violation of the law. They are not just a violation of the law, they are “criminal.” That means we must demand that people go to jail. They they be forcibly removed from office, at whatever cost and punished. Similarly, the so-called “left” is so weak, so feckless, that it thinks that “regime change” is a bad word. It thinks that to do anything other than say nice things is taboo. But the Fascists burning down the Amazon are criminals and regime change demands, not protests in front of embassies, are the only response. Remember the fight against Franco in Spain? Thousands from around the world volunteered the go down and get themselves killed in that fight. But now? Forget it.

“The idea that [Palestinian student] Ajjawi should be prevented from taking his place at Harvard because of his own political speech would be alarming,” said Summer Lopez, PEN America’s senior director of Free Expression Programs. “That he should be denied this opportunity based on the speech of others is downright lawless. This despicable action also flies in the face of the purpose of international educational exchange, which is to open the mind and expand one’s understanding of the world. Instead, [the world] has been shown only the U.S.’s failure to uphold the very values it purports to stand for.”

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