Emanuel’s study in McLean, Virginia

Here are the walls around the desk where I do most of my work in McLean, Virginia, these days.

(from upper left) Photo with my mother Marie-Louise Rouff, my friend Neil Katkov, and my friend Eric Marler, summer of 2003. Historical entry for Zhu Yun of the Han Dynasty, photo of me sitting with Yu Hui-seok (유희석) and Chung Byong-sol (정병설) at a cafe across from Yonsei University for a discussion about literary theory in 1996, photo of Benjamin building a boat at Houghton Academy (2017), and poster for Daejeon, Korea, that I designed in 2010.

(Top) calligraphy of Seolsong, the greatest calligrapher in Daejeon reads “these is a great treasury in a book” (书有金屋) (bottom from left) photo of me walking in Mt. Auburn Cemetary taken by Eric Marler (1993), quote from the Analects “If the nation loses its way, wealth and status are something to be ashamed of,” The original design I made for a poster for Buam-dong district in Seoul where we lived for five years from 2016 (with photo of me and Rachel), text from the Analects on the “rectification of names,” phrase from Analects, “Virtue is never alone; there will always be those nearby” (includes a recent sketch).

Close-up of Daejeon poster and picture from Mount Auburn Cemetary.

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