The COVID19 pathology: An intersection of class and information warfare

The COVID19 pathology: An intersection of class and information warfare

December 14, 2020

Emanuel Pastreich

Independent Candidate for President


COVID19 is a cultural and institutional virus that eats away at the foundations of organized human action. The COVID19 campaign is best seen as a horrific coupling of two linked, but distinct, phenomenon: the emergence of full-scale class warfare as a result of the rapid concentration of wealth over the past ten years and the transformation of artificial intelligence  (which lurks behind automation, drones, media and the internet) into the primary weapon in the ruthless battle of the super-rich against the vast majority of humanity.

A critical factor in the effectiveness of this combination of class warfare and information warfare has been the willingness of the vast majority of public intellectuals and other authority figures to go along with the current false narrative, actively misleading and distracting the general public. As a result, few people understand what is going on in the United States behind the fear-mongering false reports in the news, with the exception of those at a high level who handle the classified planning, promulgation and enforcement of the COVID19 “great reset.”

An increasing number of people, however, are aware that something is profoundly wrong with the United States. Abandoned by a decadent establishment, they are forced to search for the truth in the trash produced by the corporate media, limited in their understanding by the primitive schemata for understanding economics and politics produced by consulting firms whose primary task is to frustrate understanding.

Class Warfare

A shift has taken place in American society over the last two years. The manipulation of digital currencies, bonds, derivatives and other financial products, combined with the radical privatization of the banking system has made it possible for a tiny handful of the super-rich, and the swarms of CEOs who buzz around them like flies, to create money out of nothing and to use that money to bribe everyone in a position of authority—or to threaten them.

This radical class fragmentation in American society has been festering for years, but it was only when the COVID19 crisis was hyped up as a means of calling attention away from the destruction of the economy resulting from the theft by super-rich of between 5 and 12 trillion dollars from the United States government through a series of loans to buy up stock, refinance and to transfer cash was successful. The rich decided that the time had come to implement their plan. .

The operation included a series of classified directives that forced all government officials, and many in media and academia, to lay all blame for the economic and political disruption on COVID19 and that prohibited the mention of this massive theft. This theft was the most important event of 2020 but was never mentioned in the US election.

Although this massive transfer of wealth dwarfed the quantitative easing scams of the last decade, and empowered a handful of multi-billionaires to run the economy without interference, their advisors warned them that the such a move was extremely dangerous and that they must take ruthless measures to destroy all opposition before a truly revolutionary movement could get off the ground.  

The term “class warfare” was popular in Marxist discourse and formed a central pillar of mass mobilization in the 1930s by communist movements. The term is not communist by nature, however. Today “class warfare” is not treated in a serious manner by the toothless left (who use the term as a colorful expression and not to describe this literal war). It is rather the far right that identifies the threat of class warfare, and describes it graphically, although not always in an accurate manner. 

It is clear that the current plan, well underway, is intended to reduce the entire population to slavery under the control of the 0.01%. The the progressives and the flaccid left, however, refuse to grapple with this reality, and, with rare exceptions, they refuse to speak honestly about COVID19.  

The best-known right-wing figure to describe class warfare was Alex Jones whose website Info Wars and news broadcast “Prison Planet” provided valuable analysis 15 years ago. Jones combined a systematic release of information about massive corporate and government conspiracies with trivia and some misleading material in a manner that allowed informed viewers to learn quite a bit. I suspect that he was forced to mix garbage in his reports because many of the materials he used were classified.

Today, Alex Jones has become a popular media figure in the Republican Party interested only in select crimes of the Democratic Party. There remain, however, plenty of other far right sources that are willing to take on the topic of class warfare.  

The progressives, however, are allergic to any serious consideration of class warfare. Bernie Sanders will talk about the unfair or selfish actions of the 1% but he refuses to mention the systematic efforts of the 0.01% to destroy the economic, educational and cultural foundations of life for the majority of Americans. He never mentions the criminal actions of Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Warren Buffet “progressive”-branded billionaires who are actively destroying the lives of citizens.

There are two critical components to the current strategy of class warfare.

First, the attacks are purposely audacious and extreme because it is assumed that this “shock and awe” approach will inhibit most intellectuals from engaging in a serious discussion or or engaging in political organization.

The “big lie” strategy is a core element in this campaign. This ancient political ruse, best known by Adolf Hitler’s characterization of a fiction “so colossal that no one can believe that someone would be so imprudent as to distort the truth so infamously” has played a critical role in the first stage of class warfare. Forcing government officials, academics and journalists to repeat obvious lies and to bombard the public with such lies quickly reduces the intellectual capacity of citizens to reflect on current events, and impedes collective action.

The scale of lie, of the deceipt, is so massive that is seems like an unbelievable fairytale.

There have been any number of lies perpetrated by the super-rich since the Kennedy assassination, but the two big lies that form the core of the current ideological preparation for class warfare are the 9.11 incident and COVID19. It is likely that the same groups were involved in organizing and implementing both and that the key planners came from around the world, not simply from the United States, Saudi Arabia and Israel.

The best analogy for the planning of these two big lies is Agatha Christie’s detective novel “Murder on the Orient Express.” In that novel, the American gangster Cassetti is murdered on a train by a group of his rivals who agree in advance to sedate him and then each of them, in turn, stabs him once. The manner in which the implementation of the crime is shared makes the case difficult to crack. Because all the major players are involved at some level in the crime, they all are driven to support the false narrative and they all stand to face persecution, and a  loss of face, if that narrative is not maintained.

The manner in which America’s most famous public intellectuals stick to the 9.11 and COVID19 narratives, even in the face of overwhelming scientific evidence, suggests that a similar process is at work.

Those few stupid enough to demand an investigation of the facts in these cases have been punished. Those who have displayed leadership skills have been isolated or destroyed. The rest have been bought off with ego-flattering media coverage, with funds for superficial research, or with “entrepreneurial” business opportunities. All these rewards come with strings that render potential leaders harmless.  

The other critical point to this preparation for full-spectrum class warfare can be found in the remarkable silence and calm before the storm. The media, academic experts, NGOs and global organizations like the United Nations, even the so-called radical left, give the public the impression that although there are serious problems in the United States, and the country is not as free as it could be, that, basically, things are normal.

Even as private militias roam the country, engaging in mayhem and killing, public intellectuals refuse to address the question of how Goldman Sachs and BlackRock manipulate the political process, or engage in domestic terrorism. The message repeated is that the situation will return to normal, perhaps under a Biden administration, is repeated ad nauseum until citizens have no choice but to embrace the fiction or lose the ability to interact with friends and family.

Citizens are encouraged by the media to take up meditation, spend time with family and read a book at a café. The implication of such advice, fed to us by corporate-sponsored self-help mavens, is that any tension our lives is the result of internal emotions, not of external forces.

There is a tendency in social animals like humans to try to define reality in response to social consensus, and to seek out traces of the normal in daily life, and to latch on to them as a means of avoiding the painful reality of radical political and economic shifts. The super-rich exploit this human weakness.

Thus, citizens are slowly dragged into a new reality of techno-totalitarian rule through a subtle dance, a gradual alternation between punctuated moments in which a feelings of danger and panic are encouraged cultivated and periods when citizens are told that things are slowly going back to normal. This melody that weaves between panic and relaxation without reflection means that citizens are convinced that they live in a normal society with occasional disruptions when in fact politics is becoming radically repressive with occasional moments of release.

This process is aided by efforts to frustrate understanding of who responsible for the crime.

The far left, groups like Socialist Equality Party (that run the WSWS report) or the Green Party, avoid any serious analysis of who owns what and how they own it. They speak of social justice, but they are silent (for the most part) about the specific machinations of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and George Soros.

The far right, by contrast, is willing to go after certain billionaires like Bill Gates and George Soros with the appropriate seriousness, but turns a blind eye to the billionaires Shelden Adelson, Robert Mercer and Charles Koch, the players who created the Trump phenomenon and have pushed for climate catastrophe and for a pro-Zionist policy.

The citizen is offered a baited gambit, a choice between 1) a right wing that addresses real class issues and describes massive conspiracies like the murderous vaccine regime that is being planned, but that is silent on climate change, and wants to end all government, and that does not provide a systemic analysis of the manner in which the Zionist and imperialist billionaires play a role in the destruction of our society, on the one hand and, on the other hand, 2) a “progressive” movement that promotes racial and ethnic diversity, talks about a more egalitarian society, makes plans for the response to climate change, but is silent on the crimes of Bill Gates and friends (even praising him for his takeover of the United Nations) and turns a blind eye to the COVID19 scam.

The unsavory choice is not an accident. It is forced on us by the super-rich who have been advised that their only hope for survival is to use their extreme wealth to fool us into fighting each other rather than confronting them.   

The advisors to the super-rich know that the concentration of wealth, and intentional impoverishment of the population, will reach a breaking point and citizens will start to organize. Their supercomputers have already presented them with detailed models for how revolutionary actions will unfold.

The super-rich want to steer those who see the criminal conspiracy, and the threat of world government for the few, towards the right which lacks the analytical framework to address class issues in a rigorous manner. That right wing is telling the truth, but the explanations for why do not include a systematic plan for reform. Instead, the right’s arguments fall back on simplistic narratives about threats from the Chinese Communist Party or from Jewish capital. Although there are, of course, serious financial conspiracies linked directly to China and to Israel, they are only part of the global integration of finance driven by AI that includes multiple players.

On the other hand, the super-rich want to steer those concerned with inequity and racism in society towards ineffective multiculturalism and feel-good ethnic identity rituals. The multiethnic new team of the Biden administration is typical of such identity politics. The ritual of appointing women, African Americans, Asians and Indians to prominent positions in government, business, the military, intelligence and academics signifies “progress” even if they are products of corporate finance and have deep stakes in private equity, or in the promotion of weapons systems.

The argument advanced by progressives is that there is no conspiracy but rather that the inequity we face is the product of a bad apples, of greedy and thoughtless men, who can be brought to their senses if they only have their photograph taken with Greta Thunberg.

Goldman Sachs could not be happier with the result.

As they say on the Upper Westside, “I like my fascism with a shot of progressive rhetoric and a thin layer of multicultural performance art on top.”

Consider how when Drew Faust retired as president of Harvard in 2018 she immediately joined the board of Goldman Sachs. There was total silence on the left concerning this blatant conflict of interest. Harvard, once famous for the quality its research, is now valued primarily for its 50 Billion USD endowment, and not for its academic achievements. The endowment, and increasingly the faculty (who chase after corporate funding) have been reduced to the toys of investment banks.

Intellectuals who might serve as leaders are marginalized by policies that force them to write tedious papers for obscure journals. Those in the NGO world are forced to run around begging for donations from the rich and powerful and are therefore incapable of articulating a message with broad appeal. None of this is an accident.

The use of AI

A key weapon in the battle to the death between a tiny handful of the super-rich and the rest of humanity is AI, or artificial intelligence.

The threat of AI is a common theme touched upon by the attention-craving billionaire Elon Musk. But his warnings are abstract, about some future amorphous danger beyond the horizon, and not presented as a threat to us right now.

If anything, AI is hyped as an inevitable development in human civilization, and never presented as the political strategy of the rich to marginalize and destroy the majority of humanity. AI is presented to us as a boon for human potential that will boost creativity in a bid to distract and mislead the citizen. Youth are encouraged to learn computer science with the assumption that they will somehow find a place to work in this alien new economy without people.  

Artificial Intelligence is capable of analyzing massive amounts of information and coming up with aggregate conclusions. AI is used to test airplanes in flight simulations, to model chemical reactions in organic compounds and to explore other complex phenomenon such as weather, or ocean currents.

But these are not the concerns that corporations think about when they invest billions in supercomputers.

AI has two fundamental uses today.

1) The calculation of potential profit from stock, bonds and other derivatives and the formulation of, and implementation of, strategies for maximizing that profit. In many cases, the supercomputers not only calculate the value of derivatives, they create those derivatives and thus create value out of nothing by alchemy.

2) The large-scale manipulation of the Earth’s population, starting with the United States, through a complex symphonic presentation of narratives in different gendres that serves to, in alternation, frighten and intimidate, cajole and berate, encourage and reassure, the population. These patterns of stimulation aimed at social manipulation take place locally, nationally and globally and they unfold on such a large scale, and with such complexity that, unless you are involved in the plan, you will have trouble keeping up, and you will join the billions of people persuaded by these AI coordinated campaigns to engage in acts, or support policies, that are not in the interest of anyone but a tiny handful of billionaires.

The propagandistic role of AI is perhaps one of the most poorly understood threats that mankind faces. That is not an accident.

The next stage of brutal class warfare will be starting soon, and as the vast majority of humanity is forced into poverty, and revolutionary action no longer seems unthinkable, we can be sure that AI will take on an aggressive new role in manipulating the thinking of citizens.

It is true that there is tremendous competition between China, Japan, the United States, Germany, Russia, Israel and other countries to develop the next generation of super computers as quickly as possible. The details of this competition, however, are classified (or subject to non-disclosure agreements). Most information released in the media is intentionally misleading.  

The competition between nations to develop AI is increasingly secondary to the competition between corporations, or even between individual billionaires, to set up banks of  supercomputers that enable them to engage in the calculation of profit, and the manipulation of the public, for themselves.  

National boundaries are not important in the competition.

The popular rhetoric of a “new Cold War” between China and the United States is used to obscure the degree of cooperation in the calculation of profit between Google and Tencent, between Microsoft and Alibaba. How much cooperation in supercomputing takes place? I doubt anyone really knows. What we know is that super-rich in both the United States and China have a similar interest in preempting any effort to organize opposition.

We know from the case of the First World War that it is possible to wage a brutal total war while the cooperation at a higher level between financial oligarchs continued.

The nature of AI warfare is unlikely to be a Pearl Harbor-like attack on the United States by a nation state like China or Russia, but rather the systematic manipulation of all the citizens of the world that grinds them down and disempowers them economically and intellectually.

How is AI used in war:

The capacity of AI is understated in the media intentionally. The application of AI in business is to create algorithms for the manipulation of the information culled from surveillance and transmissions that assure that almost no citizens are aware of how the information collected is used against them. It is not that hard for supercomputers to outsmart and trick entire populations, especially if those populations are engrossed in playing video games, watching pornography or wasting their time on images of food or fashion.

The primary directive in this information war is that it must be conducted in a friendly and sensitive manner so that almost no one grasps what is taking place until they are locked up permanently in their homes.

Extremely detailed information about all aspects of the lives of most humans on the Earth is already available and programs exist that calculate possible responses to future changes on the part of individuals, groups, nations and the entire world. The detail of the information available, and the ability to calculate responses at multiple levels, grows increasingly sophisticated.

We can assume that there is a core group of say five million people globally who are carefully tracked and whose actions are anticipated because they are potential political leaders or opinion makers. At the same time, all significant groups (leftists of different flavors, Christian or libertarian conservatives, Jews, African Americans, or Hispanics) are tracked individually, in small groups and in aggregate and projections for their responses to political shifts are calculated.   

Each individual, and each population group, is targeted and then slowly frightened, and/or seduced, into accepting dangerous shifts in governance (for businesses, schools, NGOs and local, state and federal government) through a complex back and forth, an alternation of rewards and punishments, the creation of moments of crisis and uncertainty.   

Those who find Fox News convincing require different presentations of information from those who read the Washington Post or the Atlantic, and also different approaches are required for those who read the New York Review of Books or Common Dreams. The arguments advanced are subtly varied with the help of AI computations of the fluid state of public opinion with minute attention to each small audience.   

The citizen gets the impression from this calibrated process that politics are a steady state, alternating between crisis and progress. The reality, however, is that society is becoming rapidly more authoritarian, serving as a tool for multinational corporations.

These algorithms determine what news stories, or dramas and commercials, should be placed in which media sources, over what period of time so as to modify behavior and thinking patterns for each population group (Chinese Americans interested in science, conservative Christians invested in real estate, African Americans interested to sports). Because the messaging is spread out in waves over months and years. The process resembles it is like drawings of birds in the Peruvian Nazca desert that are only visible from the sky and not to people on the ground. Even the smartest mind at MIT is unable to perceive the patterns for manipulation that have been worked out by supercomputers.

Several steps had to be taken before this program of information warfare could be launched. First, all scientists employing the scientific method were removed from the public discussion concerning COVID19 and authority figures like Anthony Fauci a man who senselessly calls for the universal use of masks, for social distancing and for vaccines, had to be held up by the media, including the progressives, as a model for science in opposition to the anti-science Trump. That required them to completely overlook how Bill Gates created Fauci as a corporate hack to push his for-profit healthcare agenda.

Once a stake was driven through the heart of the scientific method, it was then possible to manipulate this pandemic so as to advance the interests of financial elites.

A perfect example of the weaponization of the left for this covert war on science is the call for mobilization by 314 Action, an “NGO” that describes itself as a grassroots movement to “elect Democratic scientists who will use science and facts to address some of our most pressing issues like climate change and health care.”

The post describes the “incredible work” of Rebekah Jones, an expert who created a COVID database. She was fired, the post tells us, for refusing to follow orders from the Republican governor to “manipulate and falsify COVID numbers to downplay the number of cases and infections.”

Therefore, the posting declares, we should support a “COVID whistleblower being targeted ruthlessly.” But what if the entire COVID data was itself a fraud and what if the Republican governor is the one who is standing on the side of science?

The strategists behind this post are assuming that those accustomed to “progressive” politics will not be able to wrap their mind around such a scenario and will thus be seduced into embracing an anti-science agenda in the name of science.

The media today is filled with screaming articles peppered with scary photographs of people being carted away wrapped up in plastic in a blatant effort at systematic fear mongering. Many of those photographs, and the content, are most likely fabricated.

New statistics for how many people have become infected by COVID19 in each city or state are plastered everywhere in a manner that displaces all real news. None of the information about outbreaks, about treatment, about vaccines, or anything else is reliable or even believable.

That is to say that all aspects of journalism have been fully weaponized. Behind the headlines, supercomputers alternate stories of dramatic outbreaks and lulls in COVID 19 cases, breakthroughs and setbacks in developing vaccines. We read about experts who suggest there is hope just around the corner and then about others who foresee a “dark winter.”  The process makes sure that all debate is about process and personalities, not the fundamental question of why. The corporate media focuses on the personality of Trump or Biden, or on the weather, or on just about anything other than an analysis of what is taking place. 

This AI driven information warfare is best seen as the equivalent of a game of chess, or “go.” The supercomputers owned by Goldman Sachs, or by Jeff Bezos, work to calibrate precisely how to lull to sleep, or how to disorient and shock, individuals and specific population groups over months so that they will accept as normal an increasingly alien landscape.

The privatization of the control of information in government is also part of information warfare.

Imagine my surprise when a friend forwarded to me a job listing for “senior intelligence analyst for North Korea” at Microsoft. The trend of taking intelligence positions out of the government and giving them to private companies has increased over the last twenty years and reached a peak over the last year.

Multinational corporations, accountable to no one, can’t wait to drive the final nail in the coffin of government so that they can regulate all aspects of daily life for citizens in a reign of terror while using the innocuous term “service” to describe the process.

It was announced on November 21 that the CIA will give a massive cloud computing contract worth “tens of billions” to Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM and Oracle. Perhaps it would be better to simply say that the CIA will be split up into the fiefdoms of Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Larry Page, and Larry Ellison. And that is just the part that actually appears in the newspaper.

Strategies for manipulation

Data by itself is not so helpful. It must be combined with a strategy for manipulation. The current strategy can be traced back to the public relations and advertising strategies of corporations and government developed in the 1950s based on the principles of Sigmund Freud’s disciple Edward Bernays. Bernays developed concrete methods to manipulate the public through powerful images and simplistic slogans. He saw humans as irrational and inclined to seek out safe interpretations of events when they are presented by authority figures in accord with a “herd instinct.”

His classic books “Propaganda” (1928) and “The Engineering of Consent” (1955) form how-to manuals for political control.  

More recently, there was a dramatic shift in public discourse after the 9/11 incident that demolished rational and scientific thinking from left to right, from comic books to scientific journals. A horrific monster, spawned by the stimulation of instinct and of reactive thinking by technology, emerged to take the place of science in our society.  

How anybody could think that the crash of two airplanes could cause three buildings constructed out of reinforced steel to collapse into dust is beyond my understanding.

Yet the American public was subject to a long line of experts who said it happened like that and the icons of the supposed “radical left” like Chris Hedges and Noam Chomsky were trotted out to convince us that this fairytale was beyond question.

Another important part of the preparation for class warfare can traced back classified programs for psychological manipulation that were undertaken by the CIA and other organizations. As far back as the 1960s, programs to employ drugs, isolation, and other forms of invasive stimulation (or sensory deprivation) as a means to modify behavior and thinking were undertaken with corporate backing.

It was the programs run at Guantanamo Bay after 9/11 to destroy the minds of prisoners using isolation, mind-altering drugs, masks and sadistic abuse (described in the book “Murder at Camp Delta” by a former guard Joseph Hickman) that directly inform current strategies for mass control. Such programs had nothing to do with gathering “intelligence.”  

I do not have access to the results of those experiments, but I can speculate as to what they were trying to determine. There are distinct flaws in the structure of the brain that make it possible to manipulate people without their knowledge or consent and those experiments helped to refine the specific methods.

The central weakness in the human mind derives from the contest for control between the prefrontal cortex and the amygdala. The prefrontal cortex makes decisions based on the rational analysis of the environment and a sophisticated calculation of the current situation in coordination with other parts of the brain. The amygdala, however, responds to threats with a sudden and irrational drive to flight, or to fight, that is not rational (and can be highly destructive). Although the amygdala traditionally played a critical role in allowing the human to drop everything and pursue self-preservation, its ability to override the decisions of the prefrontal cortex offers the manipulator a tremendous opportunity.

The results of the torture programs at Guantanamo Bay, combined with the work of Bernays’s modern disciples, provide the basis for sophisticated strategies to stimulate the amygdala so that its compulsive response and short-term irrationality overrides the prefrontal cortex. In addition, the pleasure centers (sexual arousal, appeals of food, or of other sensual pleasures) also help this campaign by inhibiting long-term rational planning in the individual and reinforcing an anti-intellectual agenda. This “softening up” operation is carried out in a slow and methodical manner globally to prepare for the next step in the conflict.   

In effect, highly educated and capable people are rendered harmless and passive through this process. The promotion of media and educational content full of advanced vocabulary but lacking logical argumentation, serves to lull the educated American to sleep. One need only read the Nation or the American Prospect to see the level of linguistic sophistication employed in articles that are mind-numbing and completely inaccurate in their description of reality.

The result of this process has been the founding of a nation of “sleepwalkers,” to borrow the title from the novel by the Austrian author Hermann Broch. Broch describes in that novel (1932) how educated Germans allowed themselves to be led into the catastrophe of World War One with eyes wide open. German intellectuals became sleepwalkers in the sense that they were functional in society, sophisticated in carrying out their jobs, even appreciative of music and art, but completely oblivious to the signs of institutional and cultural collapse. The current class-warfare strategy encourages such behavior.

The next stage in this horrific combination of information and class warfare may be launched by the COVID19 Task Force appointed by president-elect Joe Biden. Headed by Vivek Murthy (former surgeon general), David Kessler (former commissioner at the FDA) and Marcella Nunez-Smith (Yale Professor) the task force is positioned to play the role of judge, jury and executioner in the pursuit of a response to COVID19 that has no legal limits. Any scientific mandate is ruled out from the start because the virus itself is bogus. Biden’s statement that “I will spare no effort, none, or any commitment to end this pandemic” suggests that the door is open to massive repression of freedom of action and expression.

Biden vowed to establish a “pandemic testing board” modeled on the Wartime Production Panel of the Second World War and to empower the Federal government to fight COVID19 with the full authority of the Defense Production Act of the Korean War. The analogies to military mobilization to describe tracking down people supposedly suffering from COVID19, and their treatment with hundreds of millions of mandatory vaccines, is not random.    

Biden demands a national “mask mandate” that will force everyone to wear these masks 24/7. Such a move cannot be seen as a misunderstanding of medicine. It is a deliberate effort to force government officials, corporations and citizens to accept orders even if they have no logical or scientific basis.

The closest parallel to the mask mandate is the demand in Germany that everyone of Jewish ancestry wear a yellow star starting on September 1, 1941. This policy, which had no basis in science, was accepted by the vast majority of intellectuals and opinion makers of the time and it served to create distance between populations, to encourage hostility, and to accustom citizens to non-sensical and authoritarian policy. After a year of watching some Germans forced to wear yellow stars of the first time in history, it was easy for the population to play stupid when those people were sent off to settlements in Poland and never returned.

Similarly, we can imagine that Americas will be prepared to accept the development of corona camps for groups of thousands, or millions, who are suddenly reported to be suffering from this disease. Citizens fearing that they themselves may be subject to treatment will have no choice but to wear “smart masks” or to have CCTV cameras placed in their homes, or to be subject to any number of mandatory vaccines that allow corporations (posing as “government”) to inject into their bodies with poorly understood substances and sensors.

That is the frightening prospect that confronts us today.

The historian Hannah Arendt got it right when she wrote,

“Evil comes from a failure to think. It defies thought for as soon as thought tries to engage itself with evil and examine the premises and principles from which it originates, it is frustrated because it finds nothing there. That is the banality of evil.”

AI is being used promote a “failure to think” at “warp speed” that will serve a critical role in inhibiting resistance in the next stage of class warfare.

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