“A fabulous show, but most certainly not an election” Emanuel’s speech, December 25, 2020

A fabulous show, but most certainly not an election

Emanuel Pastreich

December 25, 2020

By now you have heard a hundred times from the corporate media that the 2020 presidential election is over, that everyone accepts that Joseph Biden won in a fair and open election and that any comments from a peevish Donald Trump and his foolish followers about a “stolen election” are about to be swept away as a progressive and scientific new administration, with support across party lines, takes control from the chaos again, and brings us to the Kingdom Come.

But there is another candidate who refuses to recognize this corrupt and fixed election besides Donald Trump and who says that although Donald Trump’s statements about election fraud are not 100% accurate, they are also not entirely false.

That candidate is me, Emanuel Pastreich, the only qualified candidate for president whom you are not supposed to know exists.

We must have another election, and this time a fair and meaningful election in which big money, corporate power, the corrupt media and the various parasites that feed on them (whether they are colored red or blue, conservative or progressive) will not play a role.

We also have no choice but to clean house this time. There are always little lies in politics. We cannot expect too much from a sinful creature like man. But we can still hold up an ideal for what is possible, for what to strive for.

But the 9.11 incident was not something you can just sweep under the carpet. That incident, a horrific crime in our midst which we still cannot bare to look on, was like gangrene. We should have had the stamina and the determination to lop off that infected limb twenty years ago. But, instead, we just piled bandages on the wound, put blinders on our eyes, and, now, don masks on our mouths.

The rot spread through the blood until it reached every corner of the body politic, leaving a living corpse where once stood a government.  

That disease of the spirit has metastasized into COVID19, the fatal virus of spiritual blindness that will lay low not only the most powerful nation, but an entire global system. Yes, even as we sip lattes on the Upper West Side, we can sense that the Titanic is beginning to tilt.

The COVID19 offensive is at the heart of this post-election hangover. NO! I will not allow you to enjoy these few weeks of multicultural performance art and progressive rhetoric.

As Moderna and other corporate criminal syndicates prepare to employ the military in a campaign led by a multi-ethnic “COVID19 Task force” that empowers the US military to make every American receive this vaccine, we need to ask ourselves whether this is the enemy, and not the ballyhooed cyber-hacking by “Russia” or by “China.”   

Developing this vaccine “warp speed” has been a tremendous challenge that kept scientists up late at night.

How do you develop a vaccine for a bogus virus? It is like landing a man on the moon. An impossible task beyond any mortal man. Certainly Moderna has done well to develop vaccine mRNA-1273 that introduces gene-altering RNA into the human body and will leave you forever changed.

And the corrupt media, in bed with the corporations developing these vaccines, tells us that although they were developed overnight for a non-existent disease, that they are 95% effective, or 97% effective, and that the only thing to worry about is whether poor people, or those in the “Global South” will have access to this elixir of immortality.

Oh, how delightful!

Why don’t they just say the vaccine, the golden calf, is 100% effective? Or maybe 150% effective. The figures for the infected, the ill, the dead, for everything are made up. At this point, the sky is the limit. Verily, the Fauci Foundation has opened up the Gates of Hell.

I am not sure what word best describes the events of recent, but the word “election” is most certainly not one of them.

We can be sure of one thing, however: No one has a mandate after this election, and no one who has closed his or her eyes to this corrupt process deserves a mandate.

Let us start with Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the candidates forced on us by the Republican and Democratic parties. My heart went out for these two men as I watched them give endless speeches in the days leading up to the election.

Two worn-out, old hollow men, repeating hollow words for empty rooms, speeches that were broadcast to the world, over and over, until we were begging for this election to end.

We saw how Biden and Trump had their chains yanked and we saw how they suffered.

Now is the moment of truth that we have waited for.

We need to focus on reality. We need to focus, and to act, because the chaos that has been intentionally set off by the promotion of “civil war” scenarios by the super-rich ― abetted by the moral corruption that destroyed the government’s role as a moderator, as a regulator, and as an arbiter ― could set off a chain of crises in the following weeks, or days, that will spiral out of control locally, nationally and globally.

There are those, in their comfortable homes, behind tall gates, who ― shame on them! ― are hoping, foolishly, for exactly that outcome.

Trump and Biden talked a lot about issues at a terrible distance from what concerns you, or from the true threats to our country.

Neither candidate demanded an international investigation of the 9.11 incident.  

Neither candidate has demanded that the public know where those $10 trillion, or more, paid out by the Federal Government to bail out banks, to buy worthless stocks and bonds, and to help Wall Street out of the mess it intentionally created, have gone.

Neither of the candidates has demanded that the money be returned, that the internal documents related to those payments be declassified, or that those involved should be sent to jail for their felony crimes.

Both candidates blamed our financial woes on “COVID-19.” Such a response is not just bankrupt and irresponsible. It is, legally, malfeasance in public office to cover up a criminal conspiracy—a felony.

Neither of the candidates has made climate change the central issue for security or even touched on the catastrophic collapse of biodiversity.  

Neither candidate demanded that that the Department of Defense budget be subject to an audit, or that the efforts in the military and in intelligence to run domestic propaganda campaigns be stopped.

Both candidates set their agendas on the basis of what the corporate (bank-controlled) media will tolerate, and in many cases on what was dictated to them by political consulting firms that worship at the cruel feet of Mammon.

Our demand of Trump and Biden is simple. Both of them must pull out as candidates.

So, you ask, what do we do next?

Well, we already know what the powerful want: they want this election to slide into a massive division, much like the election of 1860. They are hoping to use their commercial media to pit the white man against the black man, the rural woman against the urban woman. They want to create as much chaos and confusion, to stir up enough muck, that they can distract us from the rape of our country by Goldman Sachs, BlackRock, Bank of America and a host of the rich who hide behind those marble facades. Those rich see you, and your families, as a banquet waiting to be devoured.

First, we must have a legitimate election in which everyone is allowed to vote and in which none of these stunts are permitted that stop people from voting, invalidate their votes, or limit the opportunities for the citizen to vote.

When we do have a legitimate election next year, in accordance with the Constitution, we must make sure that anyone qualified to run is not blocked out of the media, or marginalized by the criminal corporations and their pawns in the political parties.

We must also make sure that every American has access to journalism that is objective and based on the scientific method, and is not subject to interference from the rich and the powerful. We must make sure that our precious citizens are not blinded to, or distracted from, how our country has been placed on the chopping block like a slab of meat.

I do not want to say what the process must be for establishing a fair and open election next year, or how I think the government should be administered until then. I am hesitant to make any declarations, not because I do not have any ideas, but rather because I want you, the citizen, to be involved in the process, to start to organize yourselves without any help from the rich and the powerful, to create institutions that will demand that the Constitution be adhered to, and to create truly independent media that addresses real issues.

We need to rip the masks off the politicians and to reveal that behind every virus lurks a parasite.

Let us come together now and work with each other to make this crisis into an opportunity, to make America great for the first time.

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