“Our Commitment to the Constitution and to the Truth” Address to United States Forces Korea by Emanuel Pastreich

Dear Members of the United States Forces Korea

I wish to speak to you today frankly as an independent candidate for President of the United States, and as the only politician actually committed to you, the only one who refuses to flatter you with gaudy terms to cover up the corrupt and decadent culture in which you have been forced to work.

I take you, and your families, seriously, as someone who has himself been unemployed for a large part of 2020 and who has fought together with those in the military and intelligence committed to opposing tyranny and rule by the rich and powerful at home and abroad.

No, we do not have to go far away to find the enemy. The enemy has set up his camp right there inside the beltway.

I want to talk with you today about the efforts to slowly, and sneakily, force you, and all your family members, and then all Americans, to take the COVID-19 vaccine. This operation, which started yesterday and which will be sped up “warp speed” from January 1 is a dangerous one.

This is one of the most dangerous moments in American history and we must stand together as Americans and follow the Constitution, and our moral compass, in our response. We must serve our country, which means defending our families and the families of our colleagues.

Nowhere in the Constitution does it say we must serve billionaires and the parasites that they cultivate.

The Moderna COVID-19 vaccine contains gene-altering RNA, a dangerous experimental drug that is not meant to cure you, or to prevent anything. COVID-19 itself is a dubious disease cooked up by investment banks, the super-rich and other shadowy characters who have taken over much of our government.

This dangerous COVID-19 vaccine is being distributed through the Brian D. Allgood Army Community Hospital at United States Army Garrison at Camp Humphreys, the 51st Medical Group at Osan Air Base and the 8th Medical Group at Kunsan Air Base.

These vaccines are supposedly approved by the FDA, but the FDA itself has been taken over by hostile corporate forces more dangerous than anything you will find in Pyongyang.

I feel great sympathy for those who have been compelled to tell you that this COVID-19 vaccine will help to support a “Fight Tonight” readiness strategy.

But I must tell you, verily, that, yes! We must “fight tonight” but that the “fight” “tonight” will not be against tanks coming down over the DMZ. No, fellow soldiers, that fight tonight will be right here, right now, right in those hospitals that were established to cure and to heal, not to weaken and destroy.

You have sworn to defend the United States against enemies foreign and domestic, seen and unseen. Your bravery and your commitment is deeply appreciated by me, by us.

You may have taken this position to feed yourself and your families, and not because of any desire to fight or to sacrifice. I fully understand. We do not chose our times or our roles in history.

I pledge that I will not ask you to take any risk or suffer any injury, that I would not take or suffer myself—God help me.

I say to you as presidential candidate, as the candidate who disputes this election, and who challenges this pernicious and false choice of corporate PAC Biden or TV personality Trump, that the orders to slowly force you and your family to take this bogus vaccine are not legitimate; are not orders.

Those orders labeled as “voluntary” are not being given to you by the government, or by our military, but by dangerous forces who only follow their master’s orders, forces that have infiltrated our government at every level.

And who are these “masters” that have set up this shadow government here in Korea, and in Washington D.C., over the last year?

They are the super-rich, the powerful who wish to overwhelm you with a trashy, soulless, unthinking popular culture of consumption, immediate satisfaction and waste so that you become their slaves, become passive cattle led to slaughter.

Soldiers! You are not slaves and you do not work for these dark masters. They claim to own the Federal Government and to run the military. But they are imposters. The generals that they have bought off have no authority to tell you to do anything.

You must follow the Constitution. You must follow your conscience and you must protect your bodies and your health so that you can fight on another day for freedom, for the truth, for a sustainable United States of America for our children and for our grandchildren.

I have as much authority as either of those candidates, men bankrolled by Goldman Sachs, Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, and I tell you here and now to follow the Constitution, to follow your conscience and to follow the moral authority vested in you by God almighty.

Do what you must do. Do what is right.

God does not need a security clearance to know all things. You do not need authorization from those who have no legitimacy in their heart and in their souls.

Go forward today. The truth goes marching on.

The gaudy high priests who pray to the false gods, who worship stock markets and derivatives, have no power over you.

God bless you and God bless your families.

The best for a glorious new year of truth and justice.

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