Tenth anniversary of Circles and Squares

May, 2021

It has been exactly ten years since I launched this blog “Circles and Squares” soon after arriving in Seoul from Daejeon to start teaching at Kyung Hee University.

It became my primary means of communicating with the world, especially after I cultivated a significant following on Facebook.

The dialog on Circles and Squares shifted a bit over the last two years. The degradation of Facebook eventually reached the point where I decided to quit entirely. Moreover, after I lauched my campaign for president in 2020, I was compelled to work on my speeches and other written materials related to the campaign.

At the same time that speeches for the campaign become increasingly important, Korea Times indicated that they were censoring my writing in an unprecedented manner. Circles and Squares, and the Korean media, became a far less important part of my writing.

That said, much of my best work started at Circlesandsquares.asia and I continue to post here, granted it is no longer my only format.

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