The Big Lie Strategy in America of the Super-Rich

Emanuel Pastreich

May 4, 2021

The massive concentration of wealth over the last few years has made it possible for a tiny handful of individuals to control the means of extraction, production, and distribution, the sales of food and products, and the value of money. They are free to demand at will the statements they need to justify totalitarian rule, customized to the tastes of specific communities, from their pet experts at Harvard University, at the World Health Organization, at the New York Times or Counterpunch, at the National Review or the World Socialist Web Page, and in government of the United States, and of most other countries.   

The rate at which wealth has been concentrated is unprecedented in human history, in part because of the exponential evolution of technology that permits a global manipulation of currency and other financial products in a complex manner beyond the capacity of most to comprehend.

New AI technology allows for the promotion of false information globally through the commercial media in a confusing manner. The super-rich use this confusion to divide and to confuse the citizens of the United States, and of the world, presenting contradictory opinions through the authority figures that they promote, often opinions that lack any scientific basis.  

Understanding why so many highly-educated Americans are incapable of responding to the current crisis, and endorse a vaccine regime that they do not believe in, requires us to look at the larger strategy for manipulating choices offered to establishment intellectuals. In part, it is a matter of lag time. Intellectuals are shocked by the rapid shifts in geopolitics. They find it easier to wallow in self-pity, or to bury their heads in denial. The period of time required for a new generation of committed intellectuals to emerge is not fast enough to keep up with the rate of change—and thus have failed to organize anti-fascist movements like those of the 1930s that formed the kernel of true resistance to totalitarianism.

It is helpful to focus on a few of the false choices, the baited gambits, that have been skillfully set up by the advisors to the super-rich so as to create fissures in American society that fragment the establishment, and create internal conflicts in a predetermined manner, so that no broad consensus is reached and citizens unknowingly do the dirty work for the super-rich.

Let us consider the central baited gambits being utilized today.   


The New Cold War

The commercial media is pumping out a uniform story about a New Cold War between the United States and China that has been reformatted in different political flavors for distribution on hundreds of media platforms. There are conservative and progressive flavors to this story about unprecedented tensions between China and the United States born of Chinese expansionism.

Not everything about Chinese actions in Xinjiang, or in Hong Kong, is false, but for the most part the tale is so grotesquely distorted that we might as well file it under fiction in our library.

I have not found any serious discussions about how this New Cold War is being promoted by media interests whose stock is owned by the same concerns who want to make a fortune from the massive increase in the US military budget that resulted from the Defense Appropriations Bill of 2020. Nor does anyone mention the process by which multinational banks and corporate interests have encouraged national conflicts over territory and ethnic identity so as to push for militarization in the years before the First World War, or how that cynical ploy was related to overcapacity and overproduction and how the alchemy of wartime demand was used to make liability into a godsend. French, British and German banks were happy to play footsie in that tragicomedy and the hidden profiteering continued even after the war began.

It would not take more than a few minutes of comparison between the tricks used by global finance leaders in London, Paris and Berlin in 1914, and the similar tricks being employed by US and Chinese financial interests today, for citizens to get the idea.

In place of analysis, we are force-fed the tired and trite tale of the “Thucydides trap” endlessly promoted by the highest-paid minion of the investment bankers, the made-to-order prophet lauded and feted by CEOs in New York and Shanghai, Harvard’s own éminence grise Graham Ellison.

If we want to understand what is taking place in the unhealthy “Frankenstein Alliance,” in the death pact signed between elites in Washington and Beijing, we must first break out of this foolish “nation state” schemata peddled to intellectuals by global bankers and look directly at the massive collaboration between the super-rich globally for the purpose of destroying the lives of workers, and unfold and unravel their schemes to play American workers against Chinese workers so as to stop any unity of purpose on the part of citizens.

Graham Ellison and his Harvard friends are never going to talk about how Harvard’s de facto majority shareholder Goldman Sachs plans to use economic conflict between the United States and China as a means to push through the complete automation of factories and the massive implementation of AI in both countries in the name of “competition.”

The battle is not so much between Beijing and Washington, although that battle is also plenty real, but more about the drive of global finance to control the assets, the money, the activities, the identity, and the bodies of every single worker in both countries. What cannot be forced through in China, will be forced through in the United States first, or vise versa—or in another country first.

Maybe Elon Musk and Jack Ma are not voices of reason crying out against a nationalistic narrow-minded national agenda in the United States and China, but partners in a scheme to monopolize the resources and the assets of the entire world.

That process, even though it can be documented without too much effort using open-source materials, must be dismissed as a conspiracy theory beyond the pale. The only accurate means to understand the conflicts between China and the United States today, we are told by the authorities, is through an analogy to a war between Sparta and Athens in the fifth century B.C.

The possibility that neither China nor America exist today as political units in light of the radical concentration of wealth is the most likely explanation for what we witness today. You will not read that analysis anywhere.  

What are the immediate results of the increase in defense spending for this “New Cold War?”

The opportunity to increase massively defense spending in the United States, China, and throughout East Asia—and now throughout the world–has the banks drooling. Many financial interests stand to benefit from all that spending, that artificially created demand. Citizens are force-fed cold war fiction without a word about who makes the money from weapon systems globally—including in China.

The spending, in the US Department of Defense, or the intelligence community, is no longer aimed at training people in Chinese, or developing a new generation of people who understand the politics and cultures of the nations of Asia. Increasingly, those who studied in China (to learn Chinese) cannot get the security clearances required to work in government.

Most of that money is tagged for ridiculously overpriced fighter planes, tanks, anti-missile systems, and satellites that, in many cases, already have been shown to be ineffective, or useless.

Those at the working-level in the military and intelligence are still trying to do their jobs in spite of the increasingly absurd orders that they receive. To some degree they can convince themselves that the reports of threats from Chinese AI, drones and robots are credible. Certainly the round-the-clock work schedule that is forced on them (similar to what was done before the Iraq invasion) makes it nearly impossible to concentrate.

What no one is going to tell citizens, or even personnel with top secret/SCI clearance, is that the AI being developed is meant to be a weapon to degrade the ability of citizens to think (starting with military personnel) through destructive stimulation of the brain using commercial media, and to divide and confuse the populations of both nations, using different time frames and agendas, so as to soften up the citizens of the Earth for the absolute rule of the super-rich.

Will the next generation micro drones and robots, energy weapons on low-orbit satellites, be used in some glorious Normandy Landing, or Athens-Sparta conflict between civilizations and nation states? Or might the final intention be to employ these weapons so as to attack the citizens of China and of the United States, if they try to resist this global power grab?

The war has already been declared. Both China and the United States, and many other countries, have become the battle ground in the drive to completely corrupt science, and to make all sources of information spigots for propaganda in support of bio-fascist regimes like COVID19.

Whether in Dallas or Wuhan, Osaka or Dresden, AI logarithms are being used now to shut down civil society, and stacks of drones and robots that can attack whoever they are programmed to attack, are waiting in the wings.

It is worth noting that the New York Times have taken a sudden interest in police violence over the last year after completely ignoring the issue for decades. Moreover, they are not interested in systemic corruption, but rather in gaudy incidents which are played up in the news cycle just long enough to create a consensus for a policy shift.

Perhaps the goal is not to reduce police violence, but rather to undermine public confidence in police officers as a means of defunding the human police. But, is the intention of such a move to create a more human police force with closer ties to the community? Or might this rather be the first stage in softening up the public to accept the replacement of human police with drones and robots that may have smiles on their faces but are capable of a ruthlessness beyond any human?

Your choice: Climate Change or COVID19?

Multinational investment banks, corporations, and the super-rich that control them, have paid their operators to set up a false choices for citizens that are meant to divide us and to discourage organized resistance. Prefabricated liberal-conservative conflicts are core to this effort. Although this effort has gone on for decades, the classified programs to engineer conflicts based on ethnicity, culture or gender, has gone into warp drive as the blatant power grab of the elite becomes increasingly obvious.

Central among the baited gambits offered up is the false choice between addressing climate change and acknowledging that COVID19 is a massive fraud. Anyone who tries to take on both issues at once will find that he or she cannot get anything published anywhere. Everyone is given a choice or choosing one, or the other, or disappearing from public discourse altogether. For the ego-driven “public intellectuals” so accustomed to seeing their precious names in print, the compromise is of little significance.  

You can either recognize that the climate is adversely impacted by emissions, the destruction of the ecosystem and by an economy driven by a dangerous model of “growth” and “consumption” or you can argue that COVID19 has no scientific basis and that the forced-vaccine regime is an attempt by rich and powerful to take control of our bodies and to deny us the right to work, to go to school, or to seek medical treatment for random reasons.

One the one side, we see progressive-flavored intellectuals like Noam Chomsky or Chris Hedges talking about the danger of fossil fossil fuels and the ignorance of science displayed by Republicans in the pay of the oil companies. Some parts of their arguments are true. Other are tailored to the needs of investment banks. For example, they are happy to push for solar power and wind power, but they do not mention that these renewable energy projects are planned and pushed through by corporate banks. Nor do these intellectuals describe how citizens produced their own renewable energy before John Rockefeller forced them to become dependent on big oil.

These progressives also leave Bill Gates book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster” alone, preferring to give the Gates Foundation all the slack it needs to use the “climate crisis” to tighten political and ideological control.

In the other corner we find those, often associated with Donald Trump or Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who stand united in their condemnation of the COVID19 “plandemic,” the mask mandate and the vaccine regime. These forces have developed increasingly sophisticated media sources and they support their critiques with substantial scientific data. For the most part, these groups are dismissed out of hand by the Nation or Greenpeace as extremists, or anti-science, when they speak the truth.  

As good as the science for these groups may be regarding COVID19 (and it is not always accurate) they are silent on, or even dismissive of, the threats of climate change, the collapse of biodiversity, the destruction of the environment by fracking and micro-plastics. They are willing to stand up to Bill Gates and George Soros, but get wobbly knees when it comes to BP and Exxon.   

Another part of this scheme to drive a stake through science in the United States establishment is the engineered split in interpretive communities concerning the 9.11 incident: a powerful shibboleth in American politics. This obvious fraud, which defies the principles taught in high school physics, is a taboo for the progressive groups standing up in self-righteous indignation over climate change, social injustice and systemic racism.

9.11 is not taboo, however, for conservative groups posting at QAnon or the X22 Report. But there is a catch. Many of the scientific discussions of 9/11, or of COVID19, are narrated with reference to Christian philosophy concerning the nature of evil, and are supported with references to the Book of Revelations. Although such references may be valid, they inherently limit the appeal of these reports for the public.

These postings tend to focus on figures like George Soros or Hillary Clinton who are tied to the “leftists” in a simplistic manner. The critiques in these reports lack a systematic analysis of the interlocking financial interests around the world that were behind that incident. These conservative news sources lack the systematic analysis of who owns what found in books like Giants: The Global Power Elite (Peter Phillips).

The focus on the trafficking of youth for pedophiles by high-ranking political figures (such as Bill Clinton and Barack Obama) and their alleged participation in Satanic practices, also limits the impact of these conservative reports. There is plenty of evidence of pedophilia among power players in Washington D.C., and there exists documentation that such incidents have been purposely set up to collect damaging information about politicians. But this political practice is but one of a variety of methods for buying and intimating, and not as central as these reports suggest.

It is possible that high ranking politicians engaged in Satanic rituals as well, but from what I have seen of the exercise of power in Washington D.C. its seems rather unlikely that Satanic practices are that prominent. I suspect that although there may be some truth to those claims, that stressing Satanism is a condition for getting the word out because it limits the audience. Perhaps secret law not only blocks reporting on COVID19 in the mainstream media, but also requires that those who are allowed to report on the topic introduce a heavy dose of Christian ideology that cuts down on circulation among progressive groups.

The Conspiracy Theory trap

The creation of events that will promoted irreconcilable interpretations in different interpretive communities has become a cottage industry for the rich and powerful. The radically divergent tales concerning massing shootings and attacks on minorities does wonders to exacerbate rifts between groups in the United States who might otherwise find common ground. These deep fissures in the basic assumptions about events render cooperation between these groups impossible.  

Two common themes among conservatives are that attacks on minorities, and major mass shootings, are fake, false flag operations, and that climate change is a fraud used for the interests of the rich and powerful.  

Let me start with a disclaimer. As no open, international investigations have ever been conducted concerning the incidents that I describe, my interpretation is by nature speculative. I would venture, however, that the critical points that I make, purposely are left out of coverage in both the mainstream media and in conspiracy blogs.

What is clear is that public intellectuals and reporters intentionally avoid difficult questions concerning these incidents, falling back on the argument that it is disrespectful of the families of those who were killed to suggest that the event was fabricated.

Two central cases are the Sandy Hook Elementary School (2012) shooting and the Boston Marathon Bombing (2013).

In the case of Sandy Hook, it is certainly possible that the attack was by a loner suffering from mental illness. Yet the vicious manner in which the mere suggestion that there might have been an incentive to create an event so as to increase police powers raises questions as to the motivations of those who deny even the possibility of a conspiracy.

In the case of the Boston Marathon Bombing, significant evidence exists that chronology of the bombing is inconsistent. The remarkably clean manner in which the entire event was pinned on Chechens who supposedly killed a police officer while trying to steal his gun sounds rather far-fetched. It is undeniable, however, that the Boston Marathon bombing was used to carry out an unprecedented lockdown of the entire city of Boston without any constitutional guarantees for citizens, or due process. That event was a frightening adumberation of the lockdowns of the United States in the name of COVID19 seven years later.

The significance of the Boston Marathon as commemoration of Patriot’s Day (granted it was held a few days earlier that year), a critical day in Boston history when American militia opened fire on the British at Lexington, was completely ignored by the media when they pinned the story on two terrorist bombers.

Yet, it was on Patriot’s Day, April 19, 1993 that the Federal government brutally crushed the Branch Davidians at Waco, an assault that included a needless fire which left dead seventy-six people.

It was on Patriot’s Day, April 19, 1995, that the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building was destroyed in an attack attributed to Timothy McVeigh—an incident about which many questions still remain unanswered.

In addition, two days after the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, a massive explosion (employing ammonium nitrate just like the explosion in Oklahoma) near Waco, Texas, killed fifteen people. None of these facts were mentioned in the media.

The Los Vegas shootings (October 1, 2017) suggest a possible strategy behind these attacks. The suspect Stephen Craig Paddock supposedly killed more than 60 people in less than 15 minutes of shooting from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel. This fact alone raised serious questions among experts.

As he committed suicide we never learned Paddock’s version of the story.

The striking part of the story is the contradictory reports from eyewitnesses.

Although they have vanished from the internet, there were videos posted of both real shootings with live ammunition in one part of the hotel and in other areas the sounds of gunfire were broadcast over a speaker.

The intension of such an approach (which may well have been used in other incidents) might well have been to create divergent interpretations of the event from the start. Those who argued that there was a real shooting had facts to back up their claims. Those who suggested that the shootings were a fraud, a false flag, were given also solid evidence.

A similar game appears to be under way concerning climate change.

Scientific evidence for catastrophic climate change in terms of spreading deserts, the warming and the acidification of oceans, the spread of micro-plastics through the water and soil, and the long-term warming of the atmosphere is indisputable. The campaigns of fake scientists receiving corporate funding to dismiss this complex phenomenon has not succeeded in convincing the public.

Because the launch of the COVID19 operation is directly linked to climate change, specifically to the need to assure the wellbeing of the 0.5% at the expense of the rest of the Earth, in light of the impending collapse of the ecological system, the highest priority is to make sure that no political figure emerges who addresses both COVID19 fraud and the threat of climate change.

Climate change advocates covered by the media, and funded by foundations, must argue for big green projects led by financial institutions that Bill Gates and friends can control, and they must back the COVID 19 myth.

The conservatives claim that climate change is a conspiracy cooked up the rich and powerful to oppress us and they present evidence in alternative news to support their perspective.

The assumption among the progressives, however, is that granted the scientific evidence for climate change, the conservatives must be “crazy” or “stupid.” Whether it is Rachel Maddow or Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks, or even socialist activists, the assumption is the same.    

But might there be a more complex game at play?

Let us consider the case of the forest fires that swept the Earth in 2018, specifically the California wildfires. The gradual warming of the Earth, the reduction in rainfall, and the siphoning of water from aquafers for use in commercial agriculture is clearly the cause of the increase in forest fires globally.    

But can we be certain that the argument made by conservatives that the California wildfires were started by arson, or enhanced thereby, with the purpose of frightening citizens into adopting a response to climate change commandeered by corporate power is ludicrous?

When Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene claimed that the wildfires were started by lasers in orbit owned by the Rothchilds as part of a conspiracy to get a high-speed rail project approved by the state of California, she set off a firestorm in the liberal media. Everyone, literally everyone, rushed out to attack her as a “nut” without considering for a moment that perhaps some part of her story might be accurate.

I have read her claims carefully, and I have read related materials concerning the political conflicts in California at the time, and I do not find her argument convincing. It would be a mistake, however, to assume that because progressive causes attack her for anti-Semitism, and climate change advocates attack her for her ignorance of science, that her claims are unfounded.

Let us take a look at the official photos selected by the BBC for the report “California wildfires: The day Paradise burned down.”

Specifically consider the following two photos.

In the first photo, we see that the houses in a development have been cleared down to the foundations in a manner that would be absolutely impossible in a forest fire, while the trees nearby stand virtually untouched.

This photograph, from a mainstream media source, presents information that immediately raises serious questions.

The second photographs indicates what appears to be melted aluminum that flowed from the automobiles burned in the forest fire. It is similarly improbable that a forest fire would burn at a temperature sufficient to melt steel or aluminum.

Following the basic principle of Occam’s razor, I would like to propose a more probable explanation for what happened. Perhaps the California wildfires, which are slowly increasing due to climate change, were purposely enhanced by artificial means, and in this case the houses were destroyed either by a strike from low-orbit military satellites, or were simply demolished in manner so as to suggest that such an attack had happened. Similarly, weapons were employed that were hot enough to melt metal, or perhaps this photograph was simply inserted in the article so as to suggest such an interpretation.

The real conspiracy might not be the Rothchild family’s ambitions in California, but rather the creation of an event that will be read in a radically divergent manner by different interpretive communities, so as to inhibit the formation of a broad consensus on the danger of corporate power and to discredit the real threat of climate change by creating real examples of falsified climate disaster.

Operation Civil War

The media of the left and of the right are cranking out stories about a possible civil war in the United States like there is no tomorrow. There are real reasons for fearing that such a domestic conflict may be in the offing. Already the low-intensity killings involving police and other vigilante groups are approaching the level of “Bleeding Kansas” in scale.

We must also ask ourselves whether the fascination of the mainsteam media with this theme suggests a more devious plan to divide and conquer. Forcing authority figures to put their reputations on the line pushing a COVID19 narrative that they do not buy has completely discredited the Federal Government, universities, the mainstream media and all the experts we rely on. The stage is set for open defiance of the entire system—which was perhaps the plan all along.

Civil war would serve to tear institutions apart and create an environment in which the super-rich, unimpeded, can push through even more radical institutional change. The actual class war between a handful of multibillionaires and the rest of the country would be hidden behind orchestrated fighting between “white nationalist terrorists” and “black lives matters” minorities that would be narrated in different media so as to stoke emotions, and to blind people to the real agenda.

This work is rendered easier by of the mistaken assumption of the upper middle class that they are on the same side as the super-rich, that Bill Gates or Elon Musk are just like them, only more successful.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The super-rich have so completely monopolized the financial system, and amassed such wealth, that for them the difference between a Harvard Professor, a US senator, a successful real estate mogul and a homeless man is insignificant. They have launched against the rest of humanity that targets not only workers and immigrants, but the entire upper middle class as well.

It is critical for the strategy, however, that the upper-middle class, all those with measly assets under one brick (100 million dollars) be convinced that they are on the side of the super-rich, and not on the side of the working class.

The new economic reality, however, is clear. The forced quarantine at airports, the forced lockdowns of schools, even in upper-middle class neighborhoods, makes it clear that policy is made for a handful of people and that even families with millions of dollars of assets are not significant for the planners.

The decision of Princeton University to require COVID19 vaccines of all students over the summer, or be denied registration, indicates just how extreme the concentration of wealth and power has become.

Most people assume that the students at elite Ivy League colleges are so privileged that they could not possibly be sacrificed for corporate profits through the use of dangerous “vaccine.” If Princeton students must to take the vaccine, obviously students in India, Brazil, Spain and Japan will have to too.

As far as the super-rich are concerned, however, the lawyers, doctors, bankers and professors who send their children to Princeton are no consequence. They are betting that the lag time between the start of this COVID19 operation and the point when educated people finally grasp the new political reality will be sufficient to vaccinate the vast majority of humanity.

The Collapse of civilization

Ultimately, the contagion of massive fictions in the United States cannot be explained simply in terms of the economic interests of the rich. Much of the scientific evidence about COVID19 is accessible on the internet with a bit of effort and anyone who reads it with care will be forced to admit that the testimony of hundreds of scientists is convincing. Moreover, advocates for mandatory vaccines are never forced to enter into public debates with the medical experts who criticize the entire COVID19 regime.

Educated Americans willingly refuse to read these scientific materials, or to engage in a thoughtful discussions with their peers.    

American lawyers and doctors, executives and professors resemble the characters in “The Sleepwalkers” (Die Schlafwandler), an novel by the Austrian writer Hermann Broch that describes the lives of the ruling class of Germany caught up in the collapsing cultural order before the First World War. Broch’s novel describes the bizarre psychological state of the educated classes of Germany. People lived like sleepwalkers; functional in society, competent at their jobs, even capable of appreciating fine music and art. Yet those same intellectuals were in the most profound sense blind, completely oblivious to the signs of systemic collapse. Because they could perform sophisticated jobs while remaining oblivious to the spread of militarism, the end of the rule of law and the demands on the economy made by overproduction, they made the unthinkable possible.

The Origin of this crisis is not corrupt politicians and CEOs, or bad policies and poor planning.

Deep down the entire system, the civilization, is decaying. The educated and informed who could be leaders are left confused, engaged in self-destructive acts as a result. We see unfolding the human version of colony collapse disorder, when the majority of worker bees in a honey bee hive inexplicably disappear, leaving behind the queen, plenty of food, and a few nurse bees. 

We cannot even start to get a handle on this civilizational crisis because our discussions of politics and economics have been stripped of all discussion of philosophy and literature, aesthetics and history. The push for the efficient and practical forced on education by corporations has left us blind and helpless, unable to grasp the invisible shifts taking place at a subterranean level within society.

Paul Levy argues that our current society is wracked by the psycho-spiritual disease “wetiko” (the native American term) which is impervious to the anti-psychotics dished out by therapists like candy at Halloween. Wekiko is a disease in our civilization that feeds like a parasite on the spirit, a collective psychosis that has seized control of the entire system of things.

Levy notes that for those captured by wekiko, “You’re blind and you do not know you are blind, and in fact imagine that you can see clearly. You come to believe that you can see more clearly than those who are clear-sighted. You then become unaware of what it is to be sighted, as you have no reference point for comparison. You do not see how you are unwittingly colluding with wetiko’s pernicious effects and thereby you are unaware of how you are having negative or ill effects upon others and the world.”

Such words describe perfectly the vast majority of the ruling class in the United States who, now spiritually crippled, are leading the entire population of the Earth to the edge of the cliff.

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