My Proposal to the Citizens of the United States of America

My Proposal to the Citizens of the United States of America

My Proposal to the Citizens of the United States of America at this dangerous moment

Emanuel Pastreich

As the only candidate in the presidential election who addressed the criminal conspiracies of 9.11, of the theft of trillions of dollars from the Federal Reserve in 2020, and the COVID19 bogus pandemic, the only one who refused all funding from the rich and powerful and who worked with ordinary Americans for the common good, for truth and morality, I feel that I am best positioned to serve as president of a provisional government of the United States of America, only until such time as the rule of law is restored and we can govern the nation in accord with the Constitution.

I propose only that I can serve as an acting president for the moment as we collect together the best and the brightest to set out, and act upon, a plan to rebuild the United States spiritually and intellectually and to restore the republic and discard the empire of finance and entertainment, of war and extraction, that we have been drawn into.

My loyalty is to the Constitution of the United States exclusively. I have no interest in the worship of personalities, whether it be Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or Donald Trump, Noam Chomsky or Glenn Beck. Although all of them occasionally speak the truth, they have all been reduced to puppets in the show over the last year.

I welcome you, I welcome everyone with a clear mind and a decent heart, to join me.

I solemnly warn those with ill intentions, those who work secretly for the super-rich, that we will not tolerate your games any more.

If no one else steps forth to take this position of leadership, I will have no choice, out of my love for our Constitution and for our republic, but to chart out a path forward towards freedom, liberty, sustainability and survival in this most hellish moment of human history.

My record is clear for all to see. For the last twenty years of the battle against totalitarianism, I have adhered to the principles of Cincinnatus. Like Cincinnatus, I have always been ready to return to my humble position as educator when a crisis has passed. I have a proven record of willingness to forgo all power and authority and to pursue the common interest even at great personal sacrifice.

For all intents and purposes, the “provisional government,” is effective immediately.

I promise, in accord with the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, to serve only temporarily as president of the United States of America in this crisis, not as a usurper, or as an imposter or a pretender, but rather in the sense that Cincinnatus rose up to play a role in governance during a crisis in ancient Rome. Cincinnatus made it clear he had no greater ambitions and he quietly retired to his farm when his role was completed.  

I will have the humility and the flexibility, to accept suggestions from all corners and to refuse to have anything to do with the corrupt media, the corrupt political parties or the super-rich who believe that they rule the Earth.

In the following days, we will put forth a series of emergency orders to re-establish the efficacy of the Constitution and the rule of law in the United States. 

We will also, with your help, put for forth a plan for a true reform of the United Nations as well that will make it a fit vessel for ethical governance for the Earth that is not influenced by corporations, investment banks, or the rich who lurk behind them.

I have the authority to take these steps only in that I am granted that authority by the citizens of the United States in accord with the Constitution. If I am granted that authority, just for the duration of this crisis, just for the period of time required to establish a functional and constitutional government, then that authority that I will hold will be far greater than any authority granted by commercial journalism that prays before the false gods of finance, granted by the politicians that are fed like lap logs by their rich masters, or granted by the hyenas and jackals that run contracting companies for defense, security and manufacturing and roam the dismal wasteland surrounding the Capitol.

Thank you for listening to me. I will go forward, with your support, to follow the Constitution and to protect the true interests of our citizens, not multinational investment banks and the rich who control them. I will do so to the best of my ability, so help me God. 

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