Why we need a Provisional Government of the United States

Why we need a Provisional Government of the United States

Why do we need a provisional government for the United States of America?

An unavoidable response to the current crisis of governance

Emanuel Pastreich

The mainstream media in the United States is now controlled by the super-rich through a web of holding companies and privatize intelligence firms dedicated to domestic propaganda. The news, once meant to inform citizens in accord with the Constitution, now keeps repeating, hypnotically, that America is returning to normal under the Biden administration. Yet, it is clear to the most casual observer that hidden forces are implementing an unprecedented totalitarian governance at all levels in the United States, and globally.

Before the opinions of presidents and Harvard professors, before the insights of intelligence and military experts, before the comments of billionaires and technology kings, the authority of the first amendment of the Constitution is paramount.

“Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Congress has passed laws, and passed secret laws, that abridge freedom of speech, crush freedom of the press, prohibit peaceful assembly, and that end the right to petition the government. The executive and the judicial have conspired to enact, and to maintain, criminal administrative structures. More importantly, the rich and powerful are planning to enact even more repressive criminal administrative structures in the near future.

The Atlantic Council released a chilling report entitled “Domestic violent extremism and the intelligence challenge” that describes the January “storming of the Capitol Building” by clowns and buffoons as a “failure of intelligence” and demands the creation of a Domestic Violent Extremism Unit (DVEAU) under the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) that reports to the Director of National Intelligence.

The author, Mitchell D. Silber, offers us terrifying new terms like “domestic violent extremism” (DVE) and “racial or ethnically motivated violence” (REMV) that will be used this year not only to justify juicy budgets but also to permit the oppression of all domestic opposition by intelligence agencies that are by their nature opaque, unaccountable and free to do as they please without any disclosure to local police or to the judiciary.


American citizens will be designated as terrorists by a shadow government that hears only its master’s voice. Those secret powers can toy with us for sport as wanton boys would do with flies.


No! We cannot wait any longer. We cannot complain over coffee, or organize desultory protests on weekends when the gaudy false gods permit us.


No! We must establish our own legitimate provisional government granted authority by the Constitution to administer the United States until such time as the Constitution is restored, and the rich and powerful are put in their place.


The government has collapsed into such anomy that we have no choice but question the legal authority of those who pretend to be a government and to propose a constitutional and moral alternative.


As Thomas Jefferson declared, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”


What do we do now?

The Founding Fathers describe clearly what our response should be to such a crisis in the Declaration of Independence.

That Declaration of Independence, in turn, is the foundation on which the Constitution stands, and the Constitution, in turn, forms the skeleton that supports all legitimate governance in the United States of America.

If the government operates outside of the Constitution, it is not the government any more, but rather a criminal enterprise masquerading as a government. This critical distinction must inform our every step from this day forward.

The Declaration of Independence is unambiguous:

“When a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce the citizens under absolute Despotism, it is the citizens’ right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

We face today precisely such an “absolute despotism” and we must take action in a coordinated manner to establish a functional government, to “provide new guards” for our children and our grandchildren.

The shadow government that makes the real decisions, long before those politicians are dispatched to appear on television, is trying, right now, to lull us to sleep, to convince us that everything is returning to normal, so that they can launch their final campaign for the complete subjection of all Americans and, with us, all the citizens of the Earth.

That shadow government, that “absolute despotism” of the super-rich, baffles us with a confusing tapestry of arguments about policy, cynically induces emotional responses in us to the personalities of politicians, and to images associated with political parties.

There is no search for truth and there is no commitment to moral governance anywhere in this wasteland.

These cynical operators are following carefully scientific studies on mental manipulation, on the rape of the mind, and on techniques for mass hypnosis conducted in secret by government and by corporations over the last sixty years. They create an imbricated web of arguments and images, but they have one unifying purpose: To distract and to confuse the citizens of our Republic so that few can grasp this unconstitutional seizure of power until it is too late.

They repeat the same hypnotic messages to prepare us for tyranny. They sweeten the bitter medicine with flavors, conservative or progressive, libertarian or Christian, depending on the audience.

We are not in denial. We will not play these cynical political games. We will not abuse the trust of the public in authoritative institutions as a means to trick them into actions aimed at their enslavement, at their mental and physical destruction.

We have no higher masters than the scientific search for truth and the moral imperative for transparent and ethical government as described in our sacred Constitution.

Elections in the United States were problematic from the start. Those elections have been deeply compromised for the last twenty years and they are now irrevocably broken now. Not only is the counting of votes manipulated, and citizens regularly denied the right to vote, citizens are denied also access to accurate information concerning issues, policies and politicians by the gangrenous media. 

As a result, the government has been reduced to an appendage of the rich and powerful. It no longer represents us, or assists us, in our struggle to guarantee a transparent and accountable political process that attends to the needs of citizens.

They have burned the Constitution and they have buried the entire administrative process of the executive, the legislative and the judiciary in a shallow grave.

Before we talk about how we will govern the United States from this day forward, let us first address the status of the best-known candidates for President Mr. Joseph Biden and Mr. Donald Trump.

Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump are two men caught up in a collapsing system of governance, in a decadent and narcissistic political culture. Many of the actions that they take, they take because they feel they are compelled to do so by greater powers.

We have no desire to blame them. We respect what they attempted and we recognize the hardships that they have suffered.

Mr. Biden is a prisoner in the Oval Office. He does not play a role in governance. Powerful multinational corporations, and the rich who hide behind them, dictate to him what his policies will be. He is trotted out before the camera like a show pony, a lame show pony.

Mr. Biden is a tired, sad old man.

Nevertheless, he has some responsibility for the rape of the Constitution and the pillage of government taking place today. He was aware of the corruption and the criminality in the last election and he chose to go along with the program in silence.

He must resign, along with his entire administration. There is no other choice at this point.

Mr. Trump has good reasons to claim that the presidential election was fixed. The protests by his supporters concerning the vote count in Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia and Pennsylvania deserve to be taken seriously. The dismissal of his arguments by the corporate media was dishonest.

Those facts, however, do not make Mr. Trump the legitimate president of the United States of America.

Mr. Trump accepted the support of the criminal syndicate known as the Republican Party, and the super-rich who hide behind it. He was unable, or unwilling, to back away from the vaccine regime, the drive for militarism, and the take-over of governance by multinational corporations working through their agents. He accepted an election that excluded all qualified candidates through illegal means and that banned meaningful journalism. There is evidence that the Republican Party, like the Democratic Party, also took illegal actions to restrict the vote. 

We recognize that Mr. Trump took a brave stand on several occasions during his term of office, but he is too compromised to play a role in accord with the Constitution of the United States of America.

Neither Mr. Trump nor Mr. Biden has addressed these three critical issues for the United States publically:

The criminal operation to create a false flag attack on the United States, known as the 9.11 incident, as a means of dragging the United States into foreign wars that would rip it apart.

The theft of 10 to 15 trillion dollars from the Federal Government between January and September of 2020 by multinational investment banks and other global players.

The promotion of a bogus “pandemic” known as COVID19 as a means to destroy freedom for citizens, to enact criminal lockdowns and quarantines, and to promote dangerous “vaccines” by multinational corporations employing the stolen authority of the Federal government.

Neither Donald Trump nor Joe Biden have condemned these criminal conspiracies that are self-evident to the casual observer.

That silence makes them coconspirators and disqualifies them both from serving as president. In fact, none of the registered candidates for president that I could find made any clear statements concerning these three issues and they are, therefore, also disqualified.

Finally, neither Mr. Biden nor Mr. Trump possess the temperament, the vision, or the bravery to lead us forward against the enemies, seen and unseen, who are tearing our country apart.

We have entered into uncharted waters in which sacrifice, bravery, leadership and the ability to create entirely new institutions for the benefit of the people, not to serve the rich, will be the primary task. These two men are incapable of rising to this demand.

The only appropriate response we can take in this case is to call for a new, internationally supervised, fair election.

It is impossible to do so now because the Federal Government is run by the criminal syndicates known as the Republican and Democratic Parties, and not by independent government institutions in accord with the Constitution.

The first step, before any elections can be held is to clean house and to upgrade.

We will set up a provisional government in the United States that can address directly, and forcibly, the three criminal conspiracies listed above, and others, and can lay the foundations for the restoration of governance in the United States.

Only then can a meaningful election be held. Only then can we drive out of Washington the super-rich who toy with government for their fun and profit.

It is a dangerous step to proclaim a provisional government, and the risks that this noble effort with be subverted or abused by the same monsters who have laid waste to Washington D.C. is real.

We have, sadly, no choice and no time.

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