Our policy response to COVID19 in Korea

Our policy response to COVID19 in Korea

Provisional Government of the United States

The response to the COVID19 crisis in the Republic of Korea cannot be separated from the larger crisis around the world and our efforts at home must be linked with other demands for the truth, for the restoration of the rule of law and for compensation and punishment, around the world.

The superrich who planned this destruction of the Korean economy want us to blame specific Korean politicians, to blame the Chinese Communist Party, or the American CIA, the left or the right. Although all have are responsible at some level, if we are not talking about the multibillionaires who planned this, men like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Warren Buffett and Jeff Bezos, then we are missing the point.

It is popular for conservatives to call President Moon a puppet of the Chinese Communist Party. Although it is true that Moon has not hesitated to take money from dangerous global funds located in China, associating him with the Chinese Communist Party is an intentional ploy by the superrich to mislead us. Some of the billionaires who are trying to destroy us are in the Chinese Communist Party, but the CCP does not have any say over this globalist take over—if anything, it too is being reduced to a shell. Moreover, Moon Jaein was installed as president primarily as a result of an operation led by powerful finance people in the US and the West, not in China. President Park Geun-hye had to be toppled undemocratically because she tried to engage China and Russia in a serious discussion about cooperation on security issues and some Washington could not tolerate that step. Many of the corruption charges brought up were real, but not necessary worse than the corruption of numerous politicians of all parties.

In the case of COVID19, the collaboration in a blatant criminal conspiracy by government officials, who knew it was a conspiracy from the start, was so great that if we followed the Korean Constitution and the law, all members of the National Assembly, the Blue House and in the Central government, as well as many in local government and in businesses, would be forced to resign and to face jail time for their participation in this scheme.

It is the scale of the criminality which makes the resolution of the crisis so difficulty. It is not that we are afraid to imprison all involved in this criminal conspiracy, but rather that we must find a manner of administering the country during this institutional crisis. Of course, for all the risks of losing institutional understanding of those who must resign, there will be benefits of getting new administrators who have no ties, or obligations to international finance or multinational corporations.

First, all the heads of ministries and all the members of the National Assembly must resign their positions.

We will then launch a national and international investigation of the entire process by which operation COVID19 was planned and illegally implemented starting in December, 2019 through July 1, 2021 (the first day of prosecutions).

All classified documents related to this criminal effort must be declassified immediately.  Any “intelligence sharing agreements” with the United States, Israel, Japan or other nations are not relevant in light of the illegal and unconstitutional nature of this crime. All materials must be made public.

We will expand the existing COVID 19 Investigation Commission into a truly international association that includes experts of the highest ethical standards from around the world and is empowered to request and receive all materials is requested. The rich and powerful who planned this conspiracy will not be permitted to hide behind corrupt officials. All documentation linking the interests of the rich to this operation held by the NIS, CIA or other organization must be released.

A series of public trials based on the materials released will take place from September, 2021 for all of those responsible for the COVID19 fraud in Korea (both Koreans and non-Koreans). The trials will be overseen by a special commission, an expansion of the COVID19 Investigation Commission, and will be created so as to assure maximum accuracy and objectivity, and to set a new paradigm for propriety and administration that will be critical for the rebuilding of the government on the basis of Korea’s moral governance tradition.

Those in positions of wealth and power who promoted this narrative will play no role in the trial.

The fraudulent for-profit media that repeated the lies concerning this matter for over a year must be shut down and a new journalism system based on citizen’s journalism supported publicly for the public good must be established. This new journalism must be in place before the trials begin so that citizens are entitled to accurate information. A new system for journalism that is focused on the scientific analysis of the world, and the needs of ordinary citizens, is a higher priority than the trials because as long as citizens are deprived of honest journalism, they cannot understand who conspires to injure them.

It is critical to start with a description of how Korea has been governed since January, 2020 so that we are not misled into going after specific figureheads and the miss the true structure of governance, the actual chain of command, that was employed for enforcement of 1) the criminal demand for quarantine to keep citizens from travelling or interacting with those overseas and limit their ability to write by mail; 2) the demand for social distancing using fine and threats that closed down small businesses in an attempt to destroy the local economy in favor of multinational corporations owned by the superrich; 3) the unwarranted and illegal demand of QR codes and demands for the tracing of all individuals who have interacted with those accused of having COVID19 as a means to establish unaccountable programs for surveillance not controlled by any government agency; 4) the fabrication of numbers for those suffering from COVID19 in secret as a means of giving unlimited authority to secret government by multinational corporations hiding behind “National Intelligence Service; 5) the unwarranted demand that all citizens wear masks through an intentional and transparent misinterpretation of 질병예방법 for which no open discussion was allowed, for which there was not authorization through the proper legal channels; 6) the promotion of “vaccines” developed by multinational corporations which are not intended to cure anyone; 7) the destruction scientific research and medical treatment through the enforcement of this artificially created disease which has ended the ability for scientific experts and medical professionals to act on the basis of scientific fact or their ethical judgment.

These actions were undertaken by the Korean government, by private contractors pretending to be the Korean government, and by Korean corporations on the basis of order and plans that were imported into Korea in contravention of international and national law and then implemented in secret by Koreans and non-Koreans. We do not know the exact details, but we can give a general description of the likely mode of operation and suggest how we will go about identifying, and then prosecuting, the guilty.

A group of multi-billionaires, and their consultants, decided in January of 2020 to implement a plan (already prepared in advance) to use a hyped up pandemic as a means to destroy the economic foundations for the vast majority of humans, to enforce the mask mandate as a means of inducing a passive and subservient attitude so as to avoid resistance, to use the commercial media to create a superficial culture of distraction and self-indulgence so as to keep people from focusing, and to enforce a vaccine regime (at first voluntary but increasingly mandatory) as a means to set a precedent for corporations, posing as government, to gain the right to inject any dangerous chemicals that they wished to into citizens with the backing of the coordinated corporate media and paid-for politicians.

The Korean government’s actions were not fundamentally different than that of other nations, but there are some unique characteristics. First, a series of secret and top secret orders issued by the NIS and Ministry of Defense forced complete silence in the media concerning the serious contradictions in this COVID19 pandemic and blocked all reporting on alternative narratives, including orders to NIS and police to delete all postings that revealed the truth about the COVID19 campaign. The decision-making authority was taken away from most government officials, and politicians, in this process and transferred to intelligence agencies and the Ministry of Defense. Much of the determination of policy was made under cover of classification regimes by intelligence and military officers so there was no longer accountability and the Constitution ceased to function..

It would be wrong, however, to assume that decisions about this COVID19 fraud were made by Korean intelligence agents and military officers. In fact, part of the plan is to get Koreans to blame Koreans and not to be aware of the degree of interference by international financial interests.

Making the operation classified was a means of blocking out from the news the reality of Korea’s political transformation.  

In fact, the policies introduced into Korea were developed overseas for the most part by the consultants serving of billionaires, or by corporate consulting firms. The policies were intended to end any ability of Koreans to play a role in their national policies. There were Koreans involved in the formulation of policy of course, but little of the policy was Korean in origin.

The process could not possibly have been pulled off without the consent and agreement of massive numbers of professionals, doctors, lawyers, professors, researchers and journalists who should have known better, but decided, in a cowardly and dishonest manner, to play stupid concerning this operation. The failure of so many educated Koreans to feel a moral obligation for action suggests a deep spiritual crisis, a cultural decadence that enabled this conspiracy to proceed unchecked. That fact, however, does not excuse those involved.

Policies were determined in secret by representatives of the superrich and the multinational investment banks that represent them. The number involved in that decision-making process was quite small. The orders were given out to government, the media and corporations through intelligence operators (in most cases not actually government employees of the United States, Israel, France, Germany, Russia, etc., but rather those working as mercenaries for private intelligence contractors). These groups swarmed into Korea, set up their secret offices and they proceeded to use massive bribes, and threats (including actual killings), to shut down the entire system of governance in Korea. Much of the policy making process in Korea, especially regarding quarantine, social distancing (closing stores, or neighborhoods, dictating how business is conducted), medical treatment, public announcements, and educational policy, has taken over by these groups who dictate critical policy to government officials.

The Department of Health 질병관리청 was the most extreme case. We do not know the full details yet, but most likely it was entirely hijacked by foreign entities in much the manner as the New York Police Department was before the 9.11 incident. 질병관리청 ceased to be a part of the Korean government, but it was authorized to order other branches of government to make policy on the basis of its orders.

Within the Department of Health, orders for policies came from consultants representing the super-rich (sometimes directly, sometimes through organizations like Gates Foundation, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, Oracle, OpenAI or other entities). US, Israeli, or other Intelligence agencies (or private intelligence firms) presented these orders to Korean intelligence who were not informed as to the original source.  

Within Korea, the orders were all classified as top secret and it is a crime to reveal how the decisions on policy are actually made. Officially the NIS has seized control of a large part of the decision making process in many major government agencies. That again is a means of hiding the degree of foreign interference and allowing for punishment according to Korean law which cannot be covered in the media.

In many cases, the posting of COVID19 warning signs, the issuance of warnings to shop owners about social distancing, were carried out by private contractors that claimed to be a government agencies, but were in fact imposters. These contractors carried out policies that government officials and the employees of corporations did not want to be involved in.

These groups of intelligence agents and consultants also played a similar role in making up policy that was fed to the National assembly, and giving orders for policy for the central government. There was no longer a space for a debate on policy and many government officials found themselves with no work to do.

Our response:

The first step will be to overturn all classification markers of secret and top secret that were assigned illegally to stop the discussion of this process and to make the full story accessible to the public..

ON the basis of the true and complete story, and not some fraudulent effort to blame everything on Moon Jaein, or the Chinese Communist Party, we will set up a temporary government to run the country until such time as those in positions of authority during this crime are dismissed from office and tried as part of a series of criminal trials.

Administration of the country will go to a temporary 임시행정위원회  made up of intellectuals of the highest integrity who will work together with the 개헌위원회

Heads of registered political parties who refuse to recognize this criminal conspiracy, who refuse to support the investigation intothe assassiations, who refuse to examine how policy decision making has been taken over by multinational corporations, are thereby coconspirators and are asked, politely, to resign from their position at once. Korea is not anywhere ready for ameaningful election, hundreds, thousands, of corporate executives, politicians, military officers, bureaucrats and independently wealthy individuals will have to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law first.

We demand that any politician who fails to endorse this proposal must resign from office immediately and face criminal persecution.

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