Deception in the revelation of the great manipulation

These two illustrations present the common misrepresentations that are used to confuse and to distract citizens from the true nature of power in the United States so that they are not capable of understanding the new totalitarianism until it is too late.

The first is a strking image of a poisonous snake whose fangs are two syringes containing, persumably, vaccines. In the background the Capitol, CCTV cameras, riot police are visible. The sky is laced with chem trails.

This part of the image makes sense. The problem is the five symbols that hover over the head of the snake’s head and represent the hidden powers that are behind the COVID 19 lockdown of the Earth.

These five symbols are given supernatural power and suggest that it is evil in some biblical sense that underlies the current crisis.

Where is Facebook、Tencent, Goldman Sachs, BlackRock, Amazon, Walmart, Saudi Sovereign Fund, Lockheed Martin, Pfizer, Disney, Coca Cola, Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle? I like scary movies about dark devil worship cults, but please do not fall for this classic trap. Evil, my brothers and sisters, is just as the Bible teaches us, invisible in.plain site.

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