“It the Chinese Communist Party a Threat?”

Global Research

“Is the Chinese Communist Party a Threat?”

October 27, 2019

Emanuel Pastreich


It has become common practice in the alternative media, especially those parts of the alternative media which provide detailed, and often quite accurate data about the manner in which COVID-19 “vaccines” are employed to kill off the population and to offer insights into the enormous frauds engineered by corporate elites using the names of the United Nations and the World Health Organization.

But in many of these blog reports the blame of the actions pertaining to Covid-19 are casually attributed to the Chinese Communist Party of the People’s Republic of China.

In some cases, the conclusion of these reports is that the United States is under assault from communists in China and that the Democrats in the United States who abet its acts of treason are “Leftists.”

Concerns about actions of the Chinese Communist Party CCP in the United States, and globally, are not without evidence.

There are examples of powerful business interests, and the super-rich, in China making use of the authority of the Chinese Communist Party to advance their interests. Yet, the simplistic and reductive manner in which the crimes committed by corporate elites and billionaires in the United States are fobbed off on the CCP, and attention is diverted away from “the true sources of evil” at home, suggests that we are looking at a carefully organized disinformation campaign, most likely one that is funded by the financial elites at Goldman Sachs, BlackRock, Morgan Stanley, et al.

The point of attacking the CCP is to throw us off of the scent, to keep us from identifying the enemy within. Familiar brands like Microsoft, Coca Cola, Facebook, Oracle, Walmart and Amazon are the primary source of the rampant criminal policies at home that are turning the nation into a concentration camp.

Those corporations are the playthings of the superrich—who make their deals, sometimes with the Chinese elites as well, behind closed doors.

To put it simply, this psychological operation of blaming the Chinese Communist Party is meant to delay understanding among citizens of the bitter reality of fascism at home until the last possible moment and to obscure the growth of a radical class society.

The hyping of the “China threat” is a distraction set up by the super-rich. The point is to get you foaming at the mouth over foreigners from an alien civilization and thus unable to comprehend the conspiracy of the rich to destroy the lives of ordinary people.

The vast majority of information about the political actions of corporate interests, under the cloak of government, in the United States, China, Russia, Israel, Turkey, Germany, Japan and other major powers, is classified and completely inaccessible to ordinary citizens. We must first understand just how little we know.

Focusing exclusively on the CCP, however, makes sure that no one asks any serious questions about who the important foreign powers besides China are in DC. Moreover, citizens assume that Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft are “American” companies even as those criminal organizations plot to take the United States apart.

Most bloggers who discuss geopolitics limit themselves to sensationalist stories created for public consumption and they cannot even mention the possibility that Chinese and American elites created a bogus cold war so as block meaningful dialogue between ordinary citizens and increase their profits.

That oversight is not an accident. Those self-appointed experts refuse to address the question of class.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is a massive institution that is a part of the government of the People’s Republic of China and it represents, in theory, the people.

The CCP previously was strictly regulated. Over the last 20 years, however, it has been deregulated and large sections of the organization are run today like the Lion’s Club. Large sections of the CCP form a network of the powerful who pursue profits for friends and family, and not functioning as a government agency.

This is no secret to the Chinese and there are demands at home for reform, and serious efforts. There are also factions within the CCP who wish to revive the traditions of the party from the 1940s and 1950s, to stand with the workers, not with multinational banks. Their numbers are growing.

The Democratic Party and the Republican Party are worse than the CCP in that they make national policy behind closed doors, but their role is not defined by the Constitution and they are not an accountable part of the government.

There are specific goals behind the push by the corporate media, and the conservative blogs, that set the CCP up as the bad man so as to distract from the institutional decay in the United States.

1) To deviously attribute the loss of freedom and the intentional destruction of the US economy to “communism” and “leftism” rather than to the corporate fascism that is the offspring of American finance.

Intentionally mislabeling “corporate fascism” as “communism” and attributing the criminal plans of American CEOs to a devious CCP that belongs to an alien civilization is a psychological operation orchestrated at the highest levels that reinvents the “Yellow Peril” mythologies that dominated the United States in the 19th century as a tool of political control.

2) The projection of rampant criminality onto China, and away from Washington D.C., through the creation of a drama dominated by an alien and mysterious CCP serves to obscure just how close to home is evil in the United States.

The criminality born of familiar brand names in the United States such as Amazon, Facebook, Bank of America, Coca Cola, Walmart and Microsoft is obscured, and Americans are even encouraged to embrace these dangerous foreign entities as “American” corporations in response to a perceived Chinese threat.

But these multinational corporations have no more right to give testimony in Congress and lobby than does the CCP. They provide profits to the superrich, men who know no country, and to stockholders around the globe.

3) The demonization of the CCP is supported by the military industrial complex because this invented existential threat is central to the establishment of a war economy in the United States that assumes that there will be a war with China.

As the United States economy collapses into anomy as a result of the radical deregulation of finance, a war-time economy is increasing perceived as the salvation. Making sure that war economy is run through the Pentagon assures multinational corporations that get a thick slice of the pie.

Moreover, the decay of the judiciary, the legislative and the executive in the United States has created an environment in which the military has an increasingly important role because it is the only part of government that is still partially functional.

4) It is critical for the “new cold war” that no discourse between ordinary Chinese and Americans is possible, no alliances between concerned citizens in both countries are established, no conversations between intellectuals in the two countries can be pursued.

If citizens spoke with citizens, they might figure out how multinational corporations are playing Chinese and American workers off against each other as they proceed to destroy the economies of both countries.

5) The attack on the CCP and on the “leftists” in the Democratic Party found in the conservative alternative media serves to brand the term like “communism,” “socialism” and “leftism” as negatives in the public imagination that are falsely associated with the social and economic consequences of the policies of “corporate fascism”.

The manner in which the Communist Party USA led the battle for civil rights, and the left fought for many of the benefits that workers enjoy today is intentionally obscured in these anti-leftist campaigns that tie “socialism” to a threatening Chinese culture.

6) Perhaps the most devious game of all is forcing Americans to choose an anti-leftist, anti-Chinese (and by extension anti-Asian) ideology if they want to find a voice that criticizes the COVID-19 regime.

The “leftists” who appear in the media are pro-vaccine and the only opposition to vaccines we see are the followers of Donald Trump. This political configuration makes it possible for the liberals and progressives to dismiss the obvious dangers of vaccines without fear of backlash.

7) Blaming everything on a devious CCP is a sneaky way of avoiding any serious analysis of who owns what in the United States and what the true implications of the concentration of wealth has been for ordinary people.

If citizens knew how these billionaires made their big fortunes, not through innovation and imagination, but by stealing cash from the Federal Reserve that belongs to the citizens of the nation—and creating inflation that punishes citizens, they would be calling for those billionaires to be put in jail.

Blaming things on a vague CCP that is beyond the understanding of citizens helps people to avoid any discussion about who owns what, and how they took it over.

There are examples of corruption and influence peddling involving the Chinese Communist Party. That part of the story is true. But the ultimate goal of the demonization of the CCP is clearly not to reduce foreign influence in Washington D.C. (which is skyrocketing these days) but rather to find a convenient and wrong way of explaining the deep moral corruption in American society.

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