Just one little hint about my new book “How to take down a Multi-Billionaire: A Manual”

People keep asking me about the plot of my new novel “How to take down a Multi-Billionaire: A Manual.” I have to tell them that I am bound by my contract to keep as silent as the grave until the book is published. Yet, my fans keep pushing me. So I will give you all just one little hint, to get you through to Christmas.

“How to take down a Multi-Billionaire” is much less like “Harry Potter” and much closer to “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.” You see, from ancient times the Vampire has been the ultimate invisible power that makes us its prey—just as does a billionaire. The vampire is a parasite so advanced that it does not believe it is a parasite, even as it sucks the lifeblood of its victims. The vampire seduces its victims, convincing them that they want their heart blood and soul blood to be sucked out of them by this charming parasite.

Yes, there is a lot to be said about my book, but we have already said too much.

“And what do you want for Christmas, Mary? What do you want Santa to bring you?”

“I want a multi-billionaire in a coffin. That is all I want.”

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