Bezos Gates TS/SCI 25.10.2021


So, we did an internal review of where we stand right now. We are not happy. The teams that we set up to run a mainstream pro-vaccine line, through progressives, conservatives and other assets, and the conspiracy folks as well—the assets are simply not keeping up with the blowback—we knew was coming.

I have friends and they are not happy. They are worried about this. And the different tiers of vaccines, and the post vaccine plan, in the corporate world is not a secret any more. Things were not supposed to break down like this until at least March.


Well..It is like we discussed last time. Don’t focus on the vaccine regime too long. The DD campaigns, Dumb down, are kicking in and the few who are still up and walking around are tracked 24/7. I have been impressed by the teams we have assembled for each country—and their country analysis is first-rate. We cannot do better.


Sorry, that’s not good enough; the Microsoft team is worried. And we knew from the beginning that if we did not get the mass majority vaccinated, and get the trouble makers bagged quick, that they would start to form some real opposition.


 Listen, we did it on our supercomputers, we ran the whole program, and you did too. It comes up positive in every scenario. Sure there is some resistance and a little bit of organization. But ultimately the Guantanamo Studies show that repetition, boredom and lingering terror will break down any impulse to resist. Guaranteed.


Well, I say we run the Climate change crisis scenario again on the supercomputers and then implement it within the next few weeks. We do not have time, and we need to move to the “complete collapse” and “climate catastrophe” operations, right now! 


That is high risk. We want to get at least 90% vaccination rates, even if it is difficult, even if we have to get some real pushback, because,before we move on to climate change, or the robot, satellite stuff we want to be totally prepared to make sure there’s no resistance out there. Of course you can talk about this stuff with your friends, but implementation is a risk even greater than 9.11. You cannot get the timing wrong.


I get that, but I think your Amazon team has miscalculated. I say, forget about profits and assets. Throw everything into getting the computer’s modelling right and then, please, please, strike when the iron is hot. We really do not have….

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