Kook Il Kim

I am worried about Korea as I have never been worried before. All I see is the devious implementation of dangerous “vaccines,” the erection of 5G towers that allow corporations to bombard us with radiation without our knowledge, and the assault on the minds of citizens by television programs meant to destroy the soul.

And now “climate change” is being prepared as the next tool after “pandemic” for the hidden forces that run the Earth to reduce us to virtual slavery and to implement the “Agenda 21.” That Agenda 21, which we can trace back to the Earth Summit held in Brazil in 1992, uses the term “sustainable future” to refer to a new order in which citizens must follow orders given by hidden powers lurking behind international organizations like the United Nations. The agenda is not about reducing the pollution of the water and of the air, but rather about eliminating all participation on governance for citizens, in preparation for the final solution.

President Roh Tae-woo represented Korea at that Earth Summit; he even signed the agreement for population reduction—although he had little idea what would mean.

We are told that Roh was the last president of the military dictatorship, but compared with the “progressive” Blue House we have today, he was democratic.  

Moon Jae-in sees it as his job to convince the people that everything is fine when all around people are dying from vaccines, businesses are bankrupted by criminal “social distancing” and the economy is kidnapped by global finance.

His job is to give us the impression that we have a progressive and open government when in fact it uses fascistic laws to destroy our lives. Moon surrounded himself with a boy band at the United Nations and then asked youth to take the poison “vaccine.” The tens of thousands dead and dying from that bioweapon do not exist in his “politics.”

Moon continues the horrible tradition of the Sewol Ferry sinking. Just as the students were told to stay in their seats, and that everything was fine, as the boat sank and took them to a watery grave, so also President Moon keeps repeating like a parrot that Korea is growing, the Korean Wave is popular internationally, and the pandemic will end soon.

I am not fooled. Whoever wins this next election will be another puppet of the global elite, and will use “progressive” or “conservative” words to deceive us about the destruction of our society.

Lee Jae-myung and Yoon Seok Youl talk about everything on TV, except what really matters. The political parties are run like crime syndicates in complete secrecy. No one could possibly hope for change in the clown show next year.

We know what the global elite are preparing for us. The next stage of their war on the people will use “the pandemic,” “climate change,” “technological progress,” “internationalization” and “innovation” as excuses to hammer the last nail in the coffins of the Korean people.

We have four political parties that have the word “revolution” in their names, but even as the ferry “Republic of Korea” sinks deeper and deeper in the water, no one is willing to rise up bravely to the occasion.

We need someone with vision, with bravery, and with a love for Korea. We need someone with a deep understanding of Korea, of our problems, a man who has the imagination to come up with solutions and the bravery to implement them; Someone who knows the system intimately, but is not a part of it.

We need, in other words, a true revolutionary, not a fake revolutionary made up by the corporate media.

I know of a man who can rise to this challenge and be such a leader. But he is not on the list of the boring politicians that the corrupt corporate media likes to discuss.

He is different from any other politician, even though his actions are political.

First, he chose to become a Korean because he loves Korea, not because he was born into some well-connected family in Seoul. In fact, he had to make all his connections in Korea on his own, without any help from friends or family.

I am talking about Lee Man-yeol, Emanuel Pastreich, an American who became a Korean citizen and who has spent thirteen years working as a professor, advising the Korean government, writing for Korean newspapers, and publishing bestselling books about Korea’s potential.

Lee Man-yeol does not belong to any political party and he is willing to work with anyone, left or right, anyone who is trying to help ordinary Koreans.

Lee Man-yeol demonstrated that he was different when he published an article in Break News in August, 2020 in which he called the COVID19 pandemic a fraud funded by the global elites to destroy the lives, and the freedom, of the Korean people. At the time, and today, not a single Korean professor or politician or journalist, except Lee Man-yeol, had the bravery to make such a statement, to actually speak the truth for the Korean people.

As a dual US and Korean citizen, Emanuel run for president of the United States last year under the theme, “Fear No Evil” and he gave a series of powerful speeches in which, from 9.11 to the abuse of technology, to the COVID19 fraud, he spoke the truth to the people.

Now he is focused on Korea, not the United States.

Emanuel demands that we throw the criminals running our country in jail and seize their assets to compensate citizens from the damage of the vaccines and social distancing.

He is not interested in posing with Korean idol singers—he wants to know what your problems are and to take action now.

Emanuel says we do not need to fear the global cartels who use the commercial media to take over our minds.

I have been impressed with what Emanuel has said, and more importantly, by what he has done.

He studied at Yale and Harvard and taught as professor at Kyung Hee University, but he believes that he must use his knowledge to benefit ordinary people like you.

Fellow citizens, wake up to the terrific danger we face.

We must convince Emanuel to enter this race as an independent and we must build a movement around him, around his campaign that will transform Korea and will empower our citizens so that they can take down, and lock up, these criminals.

Together with a devoted public intellectual like Emanuel who knows Korea and who knows the world, who is committed to the truth and who will not accept global frauds, or bribes, we can move forward at last.


Kook Il Kim is a renowned author and journalist who has treated many sensitive political issues that others are afraid to touch.

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