The Unholy Reverse Eucharist

The Unholy Reverse Eucharist

Emanuel Pastreich

December 1, 2021

Unlike the Eucharist of the Church wherein Jesus proclaims,

 “This is My Body. This is My Blood.” 

And he thereby raises humanity to a higher spiritual level, allowing humans to be transformed through that act of consumption so as to be one with God, multinational pharmaceutical corporations and their globalist backers today are carrying out a “reverse Eucharist,” a perversion of the Eucharist that is driven by evil incarnate.

In this foul reverse Eucharist, in this unholy process, multinational corporations, the false institutions of global governance owned by the wicked, and the evil spirits of the super-rich, a horrific trinity of Mammon, speaks unto us, saying the opposite of Jesus. They say, rather,

 “Your body is ours. Your blood is ours.”

They have the right given to them by their false god to inject you with any poison they wish and to transform you, not into something closer to God, but rather to transform you through a black consubstantiation into a GMO, into cow or pig that is tagged with a QR code and then led along to slaughter.

Rather than giving out wafers and wine to represent the grace of god, this black trinity forces vaccines on humanity so as to prepare us for the blood sacrifice before the horrid false god Mammon.

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