No vaccine passport chip in your palm? No money!

I was a bit taken aback by this “palm vein scanner” that I saw at an ATM in Seoul. I had not heard about any technology for scanning “palm veins” before and the whole concept did not make any sense as we know that fingerprints and retinas are much more effective if you are going to violate people’s right to privacy. But I soon confirmed the real intention of this technology. Plans are in place for the release of a “vaccine passport” microchip that will allow any machine to read whether you have been properly vaccinated with dangerous chemicals. We can all see where this is leading. Humans will no longer want to stop people from having access to money because they are not vaccinated, so it must be machinese that do it. In the future, if youdo not ahve an updated imbedded vaccine passport, you will not have access to your money. The next step, no doubt, will be to send preprogrammed armed drones out to attack you if you do not conform. The super-rich know they cannot take over the world, but they can use automation to kill all who resist and to neutralize the great majority of humanity.

See Global Research’s

“A Microchip Containing Your Vaccine Passport Information Can Now be Embedded in Your Hand”

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