How to take down the Billionaires: A Manual in eleven chapters

How to take down the Billionaires

A Manual in eleven chapters

Emanuel Pastreich

January, 2022

Download here

Chapter 1

“Assessing our position in the middle of the battle”

Chapter 2

“The weaknesses of the billionaires”

Chapter 3

“Formulate a comprehensive strategy”

Chapter 4

“Stop complaining!”

Chapter 5

“End governance by secrecy”

Chapter 6

“Don’t outsource the movement!”

Chapter 7

“Form independent communities”

Chapter 8

“End the cult of the self and stop corporations from inducing narcissistic behavior”

Chapter 9

“Take control of the economy”

Chapter 10

“Save the intellectual and reestablish education”

Chapter 11

“Taking the billionaires down one step at a time”

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