The Scientific Basis for Mask Mandate and Social Distancing

Yes, of course there was a scientific basis for the mask mandates and the social distancing policies enacted around the world that have destroyed human civilization and concentrated wealth in the hands of the very, very few. Masks and social distancing was based on real science, on real experiments. The experiments were carried out in places like the Guantánamo Bay Detention Center set up by the Bush administration on January 11, 2002; set up in a legal grey zone, on land that did not belong to anyone, and thus could be taken over by military contractors, private equity and a host of parasitic interest groups which have still yet to have their masks ripped off.

Here they conducted the experiments on how to destroy the human mind, how to modify behavior through psychological trauma and the repetition of mindless patterns and rituals until the weaknesses of the brain were fully exploited.

Then they went global, like Amazon or Facebook, like Twitter or Oracle, with their technology for destroying the human will, for collapsing the ability of citizens to think for themselves.

The entire world is subject to unending trauma and the repetition of falsehoods in accord with those experiments. That is the science of COVID-19.

Of course they blame in the Chinese Communist Party, or the Jesuits and the Masons. That blame is not 100% wrong, but everyone knows that it is not the whole truth, not even close.

Who was behind these gruesome experiments? That is what we must demand now. We do not have much time.

Also, we cannot be so intellectually lazy, so ethically sloppy as to blame the just CIA and the Pentagon. Those attack dogs were horrific, but they were just taking orders from behind the curtain. Do we have the bravery to pull back that curtain?

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