Lock up the bogus, pay-to-play “libertarians

We have so much of this “libertarian” ideology floating around in conspiracy circles, that is no doubt funded by the billionaires in secret as a fake, dead-end, confusing, anti-establishment path for the foolish.

According to the “libertarians” the problem is all with government, and with our bad habits. Taxes should be ended because they are a fraud from the beginning. The assumption in their arguments is that somehow those billionaires became billionaires because they were smart and hard working, unlike us. But the bottom line is that the billionaires are criminals who have stolen most of that money from us through investment banks and who are are reducing us to slavery.

Yes that tax system exploitative and wrong for the working man. It was a mistake from the beginning to have taxes based on income. But the liberatarians will never suggest that taxes could be based on assets, not income. What about the billionaires and their pets and lackeys?

The real liberatarian would say,

“they got rich by stealing from us through the Federal Reserve, or through the COVID 19 pandemic. The tax for them should not be income tax. Their assets should be seized to compensate the millions of victims. Call it is a tax if you want. But I think it is simply justice, in accord with the sacred Constitution.”

So far, I have not met such a real liberatarian. All I see are blow-up, gilded, pay-to-play liberatarians, sucking at the teat. They might as well be on the Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, or ALEC for all I can see.

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