The Military and the Rich

I am sorry, but I did not get the memo. Which part of the Constitution, which law passed by Congress, declared that the role of the military is to defend the interests of the rich? How do the interests of the shady figures who hide behind the multinational corporations, corporations that pay no taxes and have their headquarters offshore, how do those interests correspond with the interests of the working men and women of the United States of America? How does keeping us addicted to imported oil, or to imports in general, make us more secure?

The military should be about people, not contractors, and most certainly not contracts. Security is not about overpriced fighter planes made to order for Goldman Sachs. Security must be about the real, long-term, threats to ordinary people, not wacky scenarios cooked up by some private consulting firm drowning in the cash poured down by private equity. What is the relationship between security and the unregulated money pouring into the Ukraine to pay for what? for whom? Will that money ever leave the Beltway? I doubt it.

Some of the threats we face cannot be fought with tanks. Growing our own food, making our own furniture will be a critical part of security as we recover from the assault on our economy by the globalists.

Some of the enemies do not wear foreign grab or follow unfamiliar ideologies. No! They look like us, and they speak so powerfully about the issues that concern us. But they are the enemy within, painted as conservative or progressive in accord with the advice of marketing, and they are ready to reduce your sons and daughters to slaves in their ruthless pursuit of profits.

Enough is enough. It is not isolationist to demand that we follow the Constitution, that they follow the Constitution, and that we rip up the thick layer of parasitic contractors and investment funds, often with silent partners from around the world, who have covered Washington D.C. wall to wall like a lush carpet, and thereby, destroyed our nation. To follow the Constitution and to serve our citizens is our duty.

Emanuel Pastreich

May 14, 2022

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