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The Blessed and Cursed United States

The Blessed and Cursed United States

The United States was the best of nations; it was the worst of nations. Harvard’s halls were filled with wisdom; Corporate headquarters overflowed with greed.

It was a nation of faith; it was a nation of barbarism. It shined light forth to the world; it was wrapped deep in darkness.

America offer eternal hope; America’s cold shopping malls drove us to despair.

We had everything we could want; we had absolutely nothing.

We were sure we were doing Heaven’s will; we were all heading straight to hell.

In short, America was so contradictory, both attractive and repulsive, both pure and blasphemous, that its loudest authorities insisted on being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.

Emanuel Pastreich

June 21, 2022

如何推翻富豪阶层: 十一章行动纲要 (国际革命党出版社)2022年 6月

如何推翻富豪阶层: 十一章行动纲要 (国际革命党出版社)2022年 9月

贝一明 (Emanuel Pastreich)




Crisis in Intelligence and the Way Forward

Crisis in Intelligence and the Way Forward

Emanuel Pastreich

1. Making the Information Crisis into an Opportunity for Brave Reform

The crisis in intelligence in the United States has reached an extreme today as the multitude of contractors that feed on massive, and often obscure, budget, clamor to be fed without any concern for the long-term interests of the citizens of the United States, the constitution that defines that nation, or the security of our brittle planet.

The question of what to do, however, is not so simple.

No matter how much intelligence agencies are maligned or rebuffed, it is a fact that the covert gathering of information by governments, corporations, and other organizations has gone on for thousands of years and, granted human nature, will continue to be a reality in the future. The process can be regulated, to a certain degree, and it can be given a higher purpose, but it cannot be eliminated.

But the current situation is unsustainable and dangerous. The commercialized exaggeration of the term “intelligence” so as to extend into the field of human experience has distorted and diluted its meaning. Both creating deep misunderstandings when it is applied inappropriately and suggesting that anyone and his uncle can engage in intelligence.

Sadly, although there were remarkable figures in intelligence in the United States who have stood up for the accurate and scientific analysis in intelligence and who have opposed the abuse of authority by intelligence agencies for profit, (some going to jail, most simply disappearing into obscurity), such moral commitment has declined perspicaciously over the last decade.

The entire intelligence community has been radically privatized so that those in senior positions merely oversee the granting of contracts to contractors and have little sense of camaraderie with others engaged in a global battle for the wellbeing of our citizens.

Intelligence agencies that once played a critical role in keeping politicians and other government officials, up to date on the true threats facing the nation, have been carved up by jackals and hyenas working for multinational corporations.

Essential analysis has been outsourced over the last two years to Facebook, Google, Amazon, Oracle, and other multinational corporations that cannot be said to be “American” in any sense of the world. These lumbering leviathans are owned by banks and private equity funds around the world, many of which are happy to sell short the United States at any time.

The result? The entire intelligence community has been transformed into an appendage of big tech that abuses the authority of the Federal Government to advance the corporate agendas of these monopolies.

Not everyone is in on this game. Some bravely fight against the silent takeover. Nor is this battle entirely new. Terrible internal conflicts have wracked the intelligence community before—often completely unknown to the man in the street.

But this destruction of “intelligence” is far more serious and must have been in the context of the greater act of menticide, the murder of the human mind, undertaken against all American citizens by shadowy multinational finance.

Whether it is journalism or education, entertainment or advertisement, the goal is to reduce us to instinctive animals that are incapable of anything but a desire for food, sex, and superficial distractions.

The conspiracy channels would have you believe that it is intelligence agencies that are driving this war on the citizens. This interpretation, although not entirely without basis, is a serious misunderstanding.

Although intelligence agencies have always had corrupt elements happy to do the bidding of the powerful, they have also had pockets of the brave and the committee who have the technical and geopolitical understanding and the training that allows them to stand up when professors, NGO leaders, and politicians hide in fear.

The evidence of criminality within intelligence agencies is overwhelming, but the ultimate source of those orders remains obscure. The massive privatization of intelligence means that the line between government, corporations, and organized crime are blurred, or completely disappears. Sadly, the super-rich is able to misuse these organizations and then redirect all blame to the CIA.

The breakdown of intelligence is taking place at precisely the moment that we desperately need a system that can assure the integrity of information in the United States, and around the world, for our citizens.

This intelligence crisis is taking place at the moment that we must assure that those in positions of authority have access to accurate scientific information, not distorted commercial media, or the slick brochures of lobbyists and persuaders.

We have an obligation in intelligence reform the citizens of the United States and to the scientific truth. We have no obligation to conform to corrupt practices in Washington, D.C. that are accepted as reality.

2. Intelligence and the Crisis in Governance

Professors and researchers, ethically committed citizens and journalists, should lead the charge in the search for scientifically verified information that will serve as the foundation for ethical governance. At the same time, we must recognize that the search for scientific truth is not a democratic process. If we are voting on the truth, treating all opinions as equal on Capitol Hill, then we are no longer engaged in ethical governance and democracy is impossible.

It would be the best tit we could limit the role of intelligence agencies to specific intelligence-gathering missions in the diplomatic and security fields, and to small-scale counter-intelligence operations. We should cut back the massive bureaucracy that benefits from creating, and expanding, problems, and create a small focused group of experts.

That vision, often articulated by experts, is not readily available to us today.

First, the intelligence apparatus has grown so bloated over the last twenty years as a result of the deliberate misinterpretation of the legitimate imperative to respond to the vast implications of the information revolution. We must recognize that the sprawling fields of intelligence subcontractors that surround the CIA, NSA, and now most branches of the Federal Government, will not simply disappear by magic. A complex transformation must take place in which new roles are established and a new institutional culture put in place that holds up high ethical principles, not the pursuit of budgets for private profit.

Moreover, the simple pursuit of truth in the post COVID19 era is a matter of life and death. The level of risk involved in speaking the truth in the face of multinational corporations and other shadowy organizations that defend the interests of the global rich is far too much for the timid likes of professors, journalists, and other researchers to take on. If it were not for the support (often hidden or tacit) of those in intelligence agencies, the hard-hitting alternative media would have been suppressed long ago.

Thus intelligence, a combination of the capacity to gather and analyze information, to promote a perspective even the most hostile environments, and to take action to respond to threats (real or perceived), is what makes these agencies so dangerous and at the same time so necessary in the face of the massive degradation of information taking place today around the world.

The above intelligence capabilities have often been employed by the rich and powerful to suppress alternative views and enhance their influence. That part of the story is well known. The manner in which intelligence agencies have used these three capabilities to defend people is virtually unknown. Yet that is precisely the role that is demanded by today’s crisis.

Reforming intelligence into a reliable and ethically committed institution that addresses directly the misuse of information by techno-tyrants is made even more difficult by the burgeoning conspiracy industry.

When I use the term “conspiracy industry,” am not assuming, as some would, that the various conspiracies discussed on the alternative media are specious and unfounded. There are numerous conspiracies that have taken place or are taking place, around the globe. Any intelligence professional must first accept the remarkable depravity of humans and accept that the battle for a better world requires us to pick our fights.

The conspiracy industry, however, often promoted by corrupt branches of the intelligence community, combines real evidence of the crimes by the global elite with fantastic, or exaggerated, narratives about Satanism, devil worship, Chinese and Jewish conspiracies for global domination, and other tales in a manner that misleads citizens as to the real interest groups behind these conspiracies and also makes it possible for authority figures to dismiss real evidence because those presenting it also talk about UFOs and the Second Coming.

In an age in which you can easily lose your life trying to speak the truth (inside government or outside government), we need for strong organizations, let us call them intelligence agencies, with the slap-down capacity, need to protect those investigating the truth. Only if the search for truth has a real backbone can it serve as a compass in the cloud of information chaos.

The fact that many of the intelligence experts have previously thought only about their paycheck and consulting contracts should not discourage us concerning the potential for transformation. Profound crisis, such as we face today, makes such transformation possible.

We must start by turning back the privatization of intelligence. We have seen an exponential increase in this trend over the last five years, a shift that can be traced back to the weakening of intelligence organizations after the Vice President’s directives for privatization as an effort to crush resistance to that regime within the intelligence community.

I was shocked when a friend recently sent me postings for job openings in North Korean intelligence analysis at Facebook, Amazon, Oracle, and Microsoft. Positions that once had to be held by government officials on long-term contracts paid for by tax dollars are now controlled by multinational corporations loyal to short-term profits.

Suffice it to say that Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft are not American organizations. Their stock is owned by the global elite, from Paris to Moscow, from London to Beijing, and they make decisions based on their interests.

Moreover, major investment banks like BlackRock and Goldman Sachs, which have also played a big role in the privatization of intelligence, have decided to sell the United States short as part of a strategy for reducing domestic resistance to tyranny by outsourcing American industry, that produces educated and self-sufficient individuals, to China, India or elsewhere. We need intelligence officers capable of standing up to multinational banks, not serving as cover for their nefarious plots and ruses.

We never want to see again a scam of the global elite pinned on the CIA while the real culprits celebrate in luxury.

3. The Impact of Technological Change on Intelligence

Part of the problem can be traced back to technological change and is not the result of the evil done by individuals. The exponential increase in the capacity of supercomputers in accord with Moore’s Law has created a tremendous capability to manipulate the decision-making process on a global scale and give undue power to the very few who control such supercomputers.

The small group of billionaires who control the best networks of supercomputers has become a shadow government that is above all the politicians we see on television.

Just as Gresham’s Law suggests that debased coinage will displace pure coinage in the economy as people start to hoard, the degraded information we are being fed by the media and by multinational corporations has displaced accurate information completely in our society, leaving citizens to try to make sense of the garbage that they are fed by the corporate media, universities and research institutes now bought and paid for by multinational banks, and celebrities cultivated by those same forces.

As Arthur C. Clark suggests in his novel 2001: A Space Odyssey, technology is not simply a passive tool subject to the human will but is a force in itself that can determine human evolution and human thinking.

The exponential development of technology has created an environment in which new unprecedented risks are unleashed. The few can amass detailed information about all individuals in the world and also control the information that is presented to the citizens so as dumb-down the population (making democratic process impossible) and to slowly reduce us to slavery. The Constitution ceases to be of meaning in that process and the government becomes tyranny.

This process is already well underway in the United States, and the super-rich who are pushing the buttons follow the strategies of menticide outlined by Joost Meerloo in his classic study The Rape of the Mind: The Psychology of Thought Control, Menticide, and Brainwashing (1957).

Government is not prepared to respond to the radical degradation of, and manipulation of, information that underlies the true information warfare we witness today. We are not talking about Chinese spies who steal secrets, but rather multinational equity funds (including Chinese and Russians, but also Japanese and Americans) that intend to destroy the capacity of citizens to think for themselves.

Government is the first victim of the systematic manipulation of information by global technology tyrants. In fact, the tyrants who have launched this world war like to hide behind the façade of government and to attribute their evil acts to government officials.

The intellectual response to this global takeover may come from journalists, university professors, community groups and other activists. But they are easily intimidated and cannot formulate the strategies for global information warfare.

As dangerous as it may be to turn to intelligence agencies in response to this global assault, we are left with no choice.

The critical point, the decisive aspect, of the proposed reforms, is severing the connection between global finance and intelligence and then creating out of the parts of the intelligence community a powerful force, like the Army of the Potomac, that adheres to the Constitution, creating a group of patriots devoted to the interests of the citizens, to the true, and to principles of the Constitution.

To be specific, that means that the CIA, NSA, DIA, FBI and other organizations must be taken back by citizens of the United States, transformed into organizations that not only do not report to Goldman Sachs, BlackRock, Vanguard—or to the superrich who lurk behind those organizations, but that are capable of frustrating, or even facilitating the arrest and prosecution of the heads of these organizations.

We know for a fact that normal courts do not have the spine, or the global structures, necessary to take on these global forces that claim to control wealth beyond that of most nation-states.

Once the sections of the intelligence community that is not hopelessly infected with the cancer of global finance are able to rally, they must first assert that they are the government, not the appendages of global finance and that they are empowered by the Constitution to use their awesome power to defend the citizens against slavery by technology, much as Abraham Lincoln did in 1860.  

4. Defending the Intelligence of the Citizen at Home and Abroad

If we think more deeply about the future of intelligence in the United States, we are led to the inevitable conclusion that part of our role will be to defend “intelligence” in the other sense of the word: the capacity of citizens to think for themselves so as to play their sacred role according to the Constitution.

Although we have been so overwhelmed as to be unable to formulate our position, the current trend of “menticide” directed against citizens by the globally integrated AI systems controlled by the super-rich is an attack on the Constitution, and by extension, on the United States.

That is to say that a new role of intelligence must be to defend the ability of citizens to think, to serve citizens, and not to have their minds destroyed by pornography, video games, addictive apps, and the manipulative social media employed by dark forces to reduce them to passivity.

We must formulate a national and a global system to assure the accuracy of the information and to prevent its abuse that allows us to create a space for a regulated and public system for the control of information for the benefit of citizens that does not belong exclusively to multinational corporations, or to the rich. Current efforts funded by multinational corporations, directly or indirectly, to assert what is fake news have no legitimacy.

The question will be whether we can create, out of the ashes, new intelligence institutions that are “of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

Journalism will be a major part of this effort. The degradation of journalism over the last twenty years has been one of the most severe threats to national security. Much journalism today is a matter of opinion, with no application of the scientific method, no opportunity for alternative opinions, or for honest debate. Arguing that human activity does not impact the climate, that the Earth is flat, or that the Biden administration is Communist are allowed to pass without any scientific analysis.

The obvious answer for many is to intelligence out of journalism and to allow for a free press that is not force-feeding citizens the agenda of multinational corporations. Many citizens have rightfully demanded such actions and advanced powerful arguments for an end to this media puppet show.

There is another vision that deserves to be taken seriously, even if it seems counterintuitive at first glance. That is to argue that reformed intelligence agencies that represent the citizens and the Constitution should play a central role in the rebuilding of journalism in the United States and defending journalists.

Those who argue that intelligence should simply leave journalism alone are hopelessly naïve. Although it is certainly true that the influence of big money on intelligence, and on journalism, must be ended, we find ourselves in the midst of a hot information war on a global scale. Things may look peaceful for those sipping lattes at Starbucks, it is increasingly common for journalists who touch on sensitive topics to be threatened, or killed, around the world.

If we want to have journalism that presents accurate information in such a state of war, we must protect journalists and journals and make sure that they develop so as to fulfill their constitutional role.

In the current situation, it is necessary rather to rethink intelligence as a force that can fight for the integrity of information, and this transformation is possible.

It is not without risks, but nothing in war is without risks.

5. Moving Forward with True Intelligence Reform

We need to step back and take a new view of what the true challenges for the United States, its citizens, and the citizens of the Earth, are in this age of unprecedented technological change. We need to assure that that the United States has government agencies that provide the most accurate information possible to its lawmakers and to its citizens and that assures that the information in circulation is reliable. Such an institution does not exist now, even though it is desperately needed.

Such an institution can easily degenerate into a “Ministry of Truth” that suppresses the truth on behalf of the powerful. It does not have to follow that route, however.

In this age of fake news and massive mental manipulation, our citizens are subjected constantly to distorted information that are produced by the rich and powerful. The intelligence community which could protect them is assigned to an entirely different task and there is no other powerful institution to protect them.

The result is information anomy. The Internet is rapidly decaying into a ruthless jungle. Newspapers and TV news have degenerated into propaganda mouths.

It is essential that our citizens have accurate and objective sources for information about the world that assures stability in government policy and that will end the reliance of government officials on sensationalist media, or corrupt lobbyists, for information and analysis. True intelligence reform is not just about improving methodologies and policies, but about establishing a new vision for a healthy information ecosystem that makes its role critical to the wellbeing of all citizens. If done well, intelligence will no longer be a dirty word in our society.

(Korea IT Times, November 4, 2021)

Techno-Fascism and Facebook

Although Facebook is one of the rare places that you can actually exchange opinions with people around the world on serious issues, it is being used to slowly feed to us a new techno-fascist ideology and government structure wherein the rules are made in secret and then force-fed to us like natural law.

This recent set of required agreements with Facebook is typical of techno-fascism. I am required to agree to all of them if I want to use Facebook. The corporation will argue that I agreed to the contract, but in fact I was not given a choice. I was forced either not to be able to communicate, or to accept their fascistic rule.

The most important point is that Facebook became a monopoly illegally using public funds and also with the help of intelligence agencies. \

Facebook was able to borrow our money through the corrupt relationship of the Federal Reserve with the investment banks funding Facebook. It could never have grown without using our money. In other words, in a legal and institutional sense Facebook belongs to the citizens, not to Facebook Inc. because it was produced with our money, but without our consent in a fundementally illegal and unconstitutional manner.

Equally important, the FBI and other intelligence corporations have issued a variety of classified directives aimed at making it impossible to set up competitors or cooperative social networks that could displace Facebook. That whole practice was illegal from the start and is more than justification to seize all Facebook Inc. assets and give them to its users. The use of secret law passed by Congress to protect Facebook and grant it a monopoly is similiarly criminal and invalid. That is to say that Facebook belongs to the users, not the corporate investors.

Therefore, we assert that Facebook belongs to the users and to the taxpayers whose money was used to create it without their permission. We assert that we are legally and morally entitled to seize all Facebook assets.

Emanuel Pastreich

June 18, 2022

This issue is addressed in detail here:

Republic of Facebook

Declaration of Independence for the Republic of Facebook

New Layout for Facebook

“The Constitution of Information” Technics and Civilization

Technics and Civilization, Session 6:

“The Constitution of Information”

June 6, 2022

Asia Institute seminar in cooperation with Korea IT Times

In 2016, Seungahn Nah and Deborah S. Chung discussed a “coexistence mechanism by which citizen journalism competes, collaborates, coordinates, and compromises with professional journalism through communicative action, such as mutual understanding, reason-based discussion, and consensus building” in International Journal of Communication. They analyzed OhmyNews Media in South Korea. Andearlier, Emanuel Pastreich, had written an article for the Hankyeoreh on a Constitution of Information where he states “We must come to terms with the current information revolution and take the first steps to form global institutions that will assure that our society, and our governments, can continue to function through this chaotic and disconcerting period.” In this discussion, I talk with Emanuel Pastreich about a Constitution of Information and how we are to come to some kind of intelligibility about the world today given technological disruption of smartphones and social media. What role can citizens as Netizens play in a democratic system?

Emanuel Pastreich, PhD is an East Asian scholar who is the director of the Asia Institute, Washington, D.C./Seoul and a former Humanitas Professor at Kyung Hee University in Seoul.
Layne Hartsell, MSc, PhD is a board member at the Korea IT Times and is a research professor at the Asia Institute, Berlin/Tokyo in energy, economy, environment (3E) and at the Center for Science, Technology, and Society, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok.

출처 : Korea IT Times(

COVID 19 Tragedy in Korea

This photograph depicts a mother walking with her young son who has been reduced to walking with a cane by the COVID-19 vaccines. he is most certainly less than 20 years old. The photo speaks volumes about the horrific tragedy just starting to unfold across the nation, a tragedy so massive in scale that few dare address it.

“The Globalists have Launched a New Offensive against the Citizens of the Earth”

Global Research

“The Globalists have Launched a New Offensive against the Citizens of the Earth”

June 1, 2022

The Globalists have launched a new offensive against the citizens of the Earth, one that seeks, in the most devious manner, to pit us against each other by using culture, race, and habit to divide us so that we cannot form alliances, federations or even communities dedicated to taking down, and to taking apart, criminal syndicates like the World Economic Forum that have seized control of global governance, and, increasingly, are extending their control to national and to local government with a vengeance.

These shadow mercenaries of private equity have done so by bribing, and by intimating, the educated among us; the best and the brightest, who knew better took the thirty shekels, a handsome price, to cast a blind eye on evil in plain sight.

The current effort to create a “faux” world war between the imagined “West” on the one side and Russia, China, North Korea and Iran, on the other, while at the same time manipulating, and dominating, the economic and political systems of all those countries, of all the nations of the world, is a scheme both hideous and ingenious which is unprecedented in its scale.

But such plots for absolute domination are certainly not new in history, they just have never been launched using AI, supercomputers, CCTV cameras, 5-G, low-orbit satellites, drones, and a weaponized media-entertainment complex that knows not borders.

If you think that no one could be so evil, or so self-confident, as to try something on that scale, I have a sad tale to tell you.

The first step for creating a “false” world war consisted of the actions taken (still classified and inaccessible) to get Russia to invade the Ukraine.

We know for certain that this operation was long and complex and that it involved the United States, NATO members like Germany, and other nations, and also most likely involved factions within Russia itself.

Russia did not stand against the criminal agenda of the World Economic Forum and its shadowy backers. If anything, President Putin was a card carrying member of these global institutions. But the die was cast in Kiev, and now Russia is challenging the entire global governance system in response to this assault, starting with its withdrawal from the World Health Organization.

There is no space left for dialog; the nations of Europe, and Asia, starting with Germany and Japan, are radically increasing their military budgets and their domestic surveillance, and the number of nations with nuclear weapons could easily double over the next decade. So also, the total number of nuclear weapons could also double. In short, we face the reality of world war, even if the tricky politicians did not intend to go that far.

After the invasion of Ukraine came the lockdown of Shanghai by invisible forces, no doubt paid for by the billionaires.

Shanghai became a prison, the commandos using the bogus COVID -19 as an excuse to trap people in their homes and to threaten them with starvation.

A clear message was broadcast to the entire world.

Of course private equity and multinational corporations have owned Shanghai for decades. The difference this time was that everyone, except the superrich, were locked down.

The corporate media distorted the Shanghai story beyond recognition. The corporate media announced that it was not the parasitic billionaire class that took over Shanghai, but rather it was “leftism,” “socialism,” and above all the “Chinese Communist Party” that had blood on its hands.

The “Western” corporate media giddily describes how premier Li Keqiang is supporting local government and opposing COVID-19 lockdowns while President (chairman) Xi Jinping, who is now painted red as the “communist,” continues to push for totalitarian zero-tolerance policies.

Most likely Xi has been forced to take responsibility for these lockdowns instigated by globalists at home and abroad and Li is being set up as a heroic figure whom the West can work with—and falling under the sway of the globalists as they rush to cover their footprints.

Global finance created this nightmare in Shanghai, and then blamed it on socialism in order to convince the citizens of the United States, Great Britain and Japan, nations that are now fully owned by global finance, that they are free and that China is a communist dictatorship.

Any “socialist” system in which government plays the role of controlling global finance, redistributing wealth, or protecting working people is to be mocked and dismissed as a dictatorship.

Right-wing bloggers have put out reports and graphs that supposedly show how the advanced Caucasian nations of Europe, Australia and the United States are being targeted for population reduction in a deadly plot cooked up by the Asians.

It is doubtful that this war is against Caucasians, but it is entirely possible that the statistics, real or imagined, offered to support that perspective are circulated so as to make sure that class war is mistaken for a race war. That is what happened in the Second World War, after all. In fact, the United States has an old tradition of hiding class war behind race war that dates back to the 1850s.

Similar strategies are being employed in Iran, another official enemy of the “West.” Iran resisted the globalist assault better than most nations, but now it is advertised as the first country to require biometric IDs, that is digital passports, for the purchase of food.

The globalist operatives are pushing this policy on the poor and helpless as a means to draw Iran into the fold. It also is an opportunity for the anti-globalist right, those taking kickbacks from the globalists to attack globalism in a skewed racist manner, to claim that Iran is the enemy, that it is uniquely abusing its people in an unchristian manner.

Finally, there is the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the one nation that held out for the longest time against the COVID-19 fraud and that refused to announce that any of its citizens had contracted this mythical disease, or to advocate for that medical weapon system of vaccines, social distancing, and masks.

Then, on May 12, 2022, North Korea’s head, Chairman Kim Jung-un, announced suddenly that there were cases of COVID-19, specifically the ridiculous variant omicron, in his nation. He declared that Pyongyang would be subject to a lockdown.

Like hyenas in heat, corporate newspapers jumped up and down over this fabricated crisis.

Before we knew what had happened, North Koreans were wearing silly masks and spraying useless and dangerous disinfectants everywhere.

North Korea is under attack by the same hidden forces that run the World Economic Forum and other globalist institutions that cater to the super-rich. North Korea was no utopia, but they were able to resist this takeover and now they can do so no longer. Most likely the decision makers in Pyongyang were threatened, and also were paid off. That is what has happened in every other nation.

Significantly, North Korea cracked down on COVID-19 at the same moment that South Korea relaxed mask requirements and ended vaccine passports for restaurants and shops. This course of events was no coincidence.

Predictably, the corporate media told us that these ideologically alien nations were oppressing their people with extreme COVID-19 measures, in contrast to the rational and democratic “West” that is opening up.

The plan is to project images of totalitarianism onto China, North Korea and Iran at the very moment that the billionaires are laying the foundations for techno-tyranny in the “Western” nations controlled by private technology firms from the United States, Germany, and Israel (and other nations) using CCTV cameras, geo-fencing, 5G and relentless targeted advertising via television, internet, school, or research institution.

That is to say that those nations that resisted neo-liberal ideas are described as the source of the resulting totalitarianism. To do so is an act of genius by the masters of propaganda.

The ensuing fog allows them to push on us digital currencies that can be shut down any time by the corporate state, smart cities and smart cars designed to make us prisoners in our homes, all subject to constant surveillance.

As Cindy Niles put it, “the path to hell is paved with sustainable development goals.”

That means we must stand with the citizens of Pyongyang, and of Shanghai, against the globalist takeover. We should never allow the billionaire’s narcissistic rhetoric to convince us to treat these fellow victims as aggressors.

We cannot beat the globalists unless we form alternative provisional governments at the local level while simultaneously forming an international, not “globalist,” alliance against corporate fascism.

The billionaires know that they are finished if we bring together like-minded people in all the nations of the Earth for a common purpose. They will pay any amount to confuse and divide us, threaten and bribe as many public figures as possible, to implement their radical restructuring of the Earth.

Reaching out to the citizens of the nations that have been intentionally branded as the enemy as part of the globalist plot is a critical strategy to shift the battle in our favor.

“De globalisten hebben een nieuw offensief gelanceerd tegen de burgers van de Aarde”



“De globalisten hebben een nieuw offensief gelanceerd tegen de burgers van de Aarde”

June 2, 2022

Deze schaduw huurlingen van de private kapitaalmarkt hebben dit gedaan door de opgeleiden onder ons om te kopen, en te intimideren; de besten en de slimsten, die beter wisten, namen de dertig shekels, een mooie prijs, om een oogje dicht te knijpen voor het kwaad in het volle zicht.

De huidige poging om een “valse” wereldoorlog te creëren tussen het denkbeeldige “Westen” aan de ene kant en Rusland, China, Noord-Korea en Iran aan de andere kant, terwijl men tegelijkertijd de economische en politieke systemen van al die landen, van alle naties van de wereld, manipuleert en domineert, is een zowel afzichtelijk als ingenieus plan, dat in zijn omvang zijn weerga niet kent.

Maar dergelijke complotten voor absolute overheersing zijn zeker niet nieuw in de geschiedenis, zij zijn alleen nog nooit gelanceerd met gebruikmaking van AI, supercomputers, CCTV-camera’s, 5-G, lage omloopbaan satellieten, drones, en een weaponized media-entertainment complex dat geen grenzen kent.

Als u denkt dat niemand zo kwaadaardig kan zijn, of zo zelfverzekerd, om iets op die schaal te proberen, dan heb ik u een droevig verhaal te vertellen.

De eerste stap voor het scheppen van een “valse” wereldoorlog bestond uit de (nog steeds geheime en ontoegankelijke) acties om Rusland zover te krijgen dat het de Oekraïne binnenviel.

Wij weten zeker dat deze operatie lang en ingewikkeld was, en dat de Verenigde Staten, NAVO-leden zoals Duitsland, en andere naties erbij betrokken waren, en dat er hoogstwaarschijnlijk ook facties binnen Rusland zelf bij betrokken waren.

Rusland heeft zich niet verzet tegen de misdadige agenda van het Economisch Wereldforum en zijn schimmige geldschieters. Als er al iets was, dan was president Poetin een kaartdragend lid van deze mondiale instellingen. Maar de teerling is geworpen in Kiev, en nu stelt Rusland als reactie op deze aanval het hele wereldbestuur ter discussie, te beginnen met zijn terugtrekking uit de Wereldgezondheidsorganisatie.

Er is geen ruimte meer voor dialoog; de naties van Europa, en Azië, te beginnen met Duitsland en Japan, verhogen radicaal hun militaire budgetten en hun binnenlandse bewaking, en het aantal naties met kernwapens zou in het komende decennium gemakkelijk kunnen verdubbelen. Dus ook het totale aantal kernwapens zou kunnen verdubbelen. Kortom, wij staan voor de realiteit van een wereldoorlog, ook al waren de verraderlijke politici niet van plan zo ver te gaan.

Na de inval in Oekraïne kwam de lockdown van Shanghai door onzichtbare krachten, ongetwijfeld betaald door de miljardairs.

Shanghai werd een gevangenis, de leiders gebruikten de valse COVID -19 als voorwendsel om de mensen in hun huizen op te sluiten en hen met de hongerdood te bedreigen.

Een duidelijke boodschap werd uitgezonden naar de hele wereld.

Natuurlijk zijn de particuliere aandelen en de multinationale ondernemingen al tientallen jaren eigenaar van Shanghai. Het verschil deze keer was dat iedereen, behalve de superrijken, opgesloten zat.

De bedrijfsmedia verdraaiden het verhaal over Shanghai zodanig dat het onherkenbaar werd. De bedrijfsmedia verkondigden dat het niet de parasitaire miljardairsklasse was die Shanghai had overgenomen, maar dat het “links”, “socialisme”, en vooral de “Chinese Communistische Partij” was die bloed aan haar handen had.

De “Westerse” bedrijfsmedia beschrijven grinnikend hoe premier Li Keqiang het plaatselijke bestuur steunt en zich verzet tegen de COVID-19 lockdowns, terwijl president (voorzitter) Xi Jinping, die nu als “communist” rood geschilderd wordt, blijft aandringen op een totalitair zero-tolerance beleid.

Waarschijnlijk is Xi gedwongen de verantwoordelijkheid op zich te nemen voor deze door globalisten in binnen- en buitenland geïnstigeerde lockdowns, en wordt Li opgeworpen als een heroïsche figuur met wie het Westen kan samenwerken – en valt hij onder de invloed van de globalisten, die zich haasten om hun voetafdrukken te bedekken.

De wereldfinanciën hebben deze nachtmerrie in Shanghai geschapen, en vervolgens de schuld gegeven aan het socialisme, om de burgers van de Verenigde Staten, Groot-Brittannië en Japan, naties die nu volledig in handen zijn van de wereldfinanciën, ervan te overtuigen dat zij vrij zijn en dat China een communistische dictatuur is.

Elk “socialistisch” systeem waarin de regering de rol speelt van controleur van de wereldfinanciën, herverdeler van rijkdom, of beschermer van de werkende mensen, moet bespot en afgedaan worden als een dictatuur.

Rechtse bloggers hebben verslagen en grafieken gepubliceerd waaruit zou blijken dat de geavanceerde Kaukasische landen van Europa, Australië en de Verenigde Staten het doelwit zijn van bevolkingsvermindering in een dodelijk complot dat door de Aziaten is gesmeed.

Het is twijfelachtig of deze oorlog tegen Kaukasiërs is, maar het is heel goed mogelijk dat de echte of verzonnen statistieken die aangeboden worden om dat perspectief te ondersteunen, in omloop worden gebracht om ervoor te zorgen dat de klassenoorlog verward wordt met een rassenoorlog. Dat is per slot van rekening wat er in de Tweede Wereldoorlog gebeurd is. In feite hebben de Verenigde Staten een oude traditie van het verbergen van een klassenoorlog achter een rassenoorlog, die teruggaat tot de jaren 1850.

Soortgelijke strategieën worden toegepast in Iran, een andere officiële vijand van het “Westen”. Iran heeft de aanval van de globalisten beter weerstaan dan de meeste andere landen, maar nu wordt het aangekondigd als het eerste land dat biometrische ID’s, dat wil zeggen digitale paspoorten, eist voor de aankoop van voedsel.

De globalistische agenten dringen dit beleid op de armen en hulpelozen als een middel om Iran in de kudde te trekken. Het is ook een gelegenheid voor anti-globalistisch rechts, degenen die smeergeld van de globalisten aannemen om het globalisme op een scheefgetrokken racistische manier aan te vallen, om te beweren dat Iran de vijand is, dat het zijn volk op een unieke, onchristelijke manier misbruikt.

Tenslotte is er de Democratische Volksrepubliek Korea, de natie die het langst stand heeft gehouden tegen de COVID-19 fraude, en die geweigerd heeft bekend te maken dat een van haar burgers deze mythische ziekte had opgelopen, of te pleiten voor dat medische wapensysteem van vaccins, sociale distantie, en maskers.

Toen, op 12 mei 2022, kondigde het hoofd van Noord-Korea, voorzitter Kim Jung-un, plotseling aan dat er COVID-19 gevallen, meer bepaald de belachelijke variant Omicron, in zijn natie waren. Hij verklaarde dat Pyongyang zou worden vergrendeld.

Als hitsige hyena’s sprongen de bedrijfskranten op en neer over deze verzonnen crisis.

Voordat wij wisten wat er gebeurd was, droegen de Noord-Koreanen domme maskers en spoten overal nutteloze en gevaarlijke ontsmettingsmiddelen.

Noord-Korea wordt aangevallen door dezelfde verborgen krachten die het World Economic Forum en andere globalistische instellingen leiden die de superrijken bedienen. Noord-Korea was geen Utopia, maar zij konden zich tegen deze overname verzetten en nu kunnen zij dat niet meer. Waarschijnlijk werden de besluitvormers in Pyongyang bedreigd, en ook afbetaald. Dat is in elk ander land gebeurd.

Veelbetekenend is dat Noord-Korea COVID-19 hardhandig heeft aangepakt op hetzelfde moment dat Zuid-Korea de eisen voor maskers versoepelde en een einde maakte aan vaccinpaspoorten voor restaurants en winkels. Deze gang van zaken was geen toeval.

Voorspelbaar vertelden de bedrijfsmedia ons dat deze ideologisch vreemde naties hun volk onderdrukten met extreme COVID-19 maatregelen, in tegenstelling tot het rationele en democratische “Westen” dat zich aan het openstellen is.

Het plan is om beelden van totalitarisme op China, Noord-Korea en Iran te projecteren op hetzelfde moment dat de miljardairs de basis leggen voor techno-tirannie in de “Westerse” naties die gecontroleerd worden door particuliere technologiebedrijven uit de Verenigde Staten, Duitsland, en Israël (en andere naties) met behulp van CCTV-camera’s, geo-fencing, 5G en meedogenloze gerichte reclame via televisie, internet, school, of onderzoeksinstelling.

Dat wil zeggen dat de naties die zich tegen de neoliberale ideeën hebben verzet, worden beschreven als de bron van het resulterende totalitarisme. Dat te doen is een geniale daad van de meesters van de propaganda.

De mist die daardoor ontstaat stelt hen in staat ons digitale munteenheden op te dringen die elk moment door de corporatieve staat kunnen worden geblokkeerd, slimme steden en slimme auto’s die ontworpen zijn om ons gevangenen te maken in onze huizen, die allemaal onderworpen zijn aan voortdurende bewaking.

Zoals Cindy Niles het uitdrukte, “de weg naar de hel is geplaveid met duurzame ontwikkelingsdoelstellingen.”

Dat betekent dat wij ons moeten scharen achter de burgers van Pyongyang, en van Shanghai, tegen de overname door de globalisten. Wij mogen nooit toestaan dat de narcistische retoriek van de miljardair ons ervan overtuigt om deze medeslachtoffers als agressors te behandelen.

Wij kunnen de globalisten niet verslaan, tenzij wij op plaatselijk niveau alternatieve voorlopige regeringen vormen en tegelijkertijd een internationale, niet “globalistische” alliantie vormen tegen het fascisme van de ondernemingen.

De miljardairs weten dat het met hen gedaan is, als wij in alle landen van de Aarde gelijkgezinden voor een gemeenschappelijk doel bijeenbrengen. Zij zullen elk bedrag betalen om ons te verwarren en te verdelen, om zoveel mogelijk publieke figuren te bedreigen en om te kopen, om hun radicale herstructurering van de Aarde door te voeren.

Uitreiken naar de burgers van de naties die opzettelijk als de vijand gebrandmerkt zijn als deel van het globalistische complot is een kritieke strategie om de strijd in ons voordeel te doen omslaan.