Techno-Fascism and Facebook

Although Facebook is one of the rare places that you can actually exchange opinions with people around the world on serious issues, it is being used to slowly feed to us a new techno-fascist ideology and government structure wherein the rules are made in secret and then force-fed to us like natural law.

This recent set of required agreements with Facebook is typical of techno-fascism. I am required to agree to all of them if I want to use Facebook. The corporation will argue that I agreed to the contract, but in fact I was not given a choice. I was forced either not to be able to communicate, or to accept their fascistic rule.

The most important point is that Facebook became a monopoly illegally using public funds and also with the help of intelligence agencies. \

Facebook was able to borrow our money through the corrupt relationship of the Federal Reserve with the investment banks funding Facebook. It could never have grown without using our money. In other words, in a legal and institutional sense Facebook belongs to the citizens, not to Facebook Inc. because it was produced with our money, but without our consent in a fundementally illegal and unconstitutional manner.

Equally important, the FBI and other intelligence corporations have issued a variety of classified directives aimed at making it impossible to set up competitors or cooperative social networks that could displace Facebook. That whole practice was illegal from the start and is more than justification to seize all Facebook Inc. assets and give them to its users. The use of secret law passed by Congress to protect Facebook and grant it a monopoly is similiarly criminal and invalid. That is to say that Facebook belongs to the users, not the corporate investors.

Therefore, we assert that Facebook belongs to the users and to the taxpayers whose money was used to create it without their permission. We assert that we are legally and morally entitled to seize all Facebook assets.

Emanuel Pastreich

June 18, 2022

This issue is addressed in detail here:

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