Welcome to Korea Bill Gates

Today, August 15, 2022, is independence day in Korea. On this day Korea gained its independence from the Japanese Empire after a long and arduous struggle. Sadly, ironically, the parasite tycoon Bill Gates, who has killed millions with his deadly vaccines, is visiting Korea today to deliver a speech at the National Assembly about the future fake pandemics he is planning.

The formal visit of Bill Gates, a mass murderer, to the Korea as a guest of state is a horrific travesty that calls into question the legitimacy of the government of the Republic of Korea. That is to say that Korea, like most countries in the world, has become the colony of an evil empire of multinational corporations, private equity and investment banks. Its media is run by technology giants for the purpose of destroying the ability of its citizens to think for themselves.

We demand that the Korean police arrest Bill Gates immediately and that he be jailed for his crimes against humanity. If the Korean police are unable to do so, the International Revolutionary Party is ready to step forward and do so.

Emanuel Pastreich


International Revolutionary Party

August 15, 2022

Seoul, Republic of Korea

Pfizer Headquarters

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