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Combating the COVID19 Regime in Seoul

Combating the COVID19 Regime in Seoul September 1, 2021 Emanuel Pastreich Kim Woo-gyeong, a lawyer representing the student Hong Ye-young, filed an emergency request to stop mandatory vaccines for third-year high school students in South Korea on July 19 at the Cheongju local court–where the Disease Control and Prevention Agency (DCPA) is located. The request […]

“Fukuyama on how youth should respond to current challenges” The Korea Times

The Korea Times “Fukuyama on how youth should respond to current challenges” April 15, 2018 Emanuel Pastreich       The Author interviewed political scientist Francis Fukuyama, best known for his book The End of History and the Last Man, and asked him what advice he had for young people in this age of growing […]

TAI Seminar series with important intellectuals: “The past and future of Asia”

TAI The Asia Institute has been carrying out a seminar series with major thinkers on East Asia and the United States which has been published for the most part through “The Diplomat”   Please see the following links for the interviews in English           The Diplomat Interview: Benjamin Elman “The ‘rise […]

The Asia Institute Seminar Series 2016

The Asia Institute Seminar Series 2016 This collection of recent Asia Institute seminars on critical topics features some of the most important figures of our age. Please feel free to download a version from this page.   Participating scholars:   PROFESSOR HENRY ROSOVSKY  FORMER DEAN OF THE FACULTY OF ARTS AND SCIENCES AT HARVARD UNIVERSITY   […]

Asia Institute “The Outsider in Korean Politics” with Francis Fukuyama

  Asia Institute Seminar “The Outsider in Korean and American Politics” 20th April 2012   Francis Fukuyama Olivier Nomellini Senior Fellow Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies (FSI) Stanford University   Emanuel Pastreich: Korean politics has been distinguished by the sudden rise of outsiders to prominence, to a degree we do not observe in most […]

“Scholars of the World Discuss Korea’s Future” on April 23 @ 7:30 PM

  Royal Asiatic Society Korea Branch   Lecture   “Scholars of the World Discuss Korea’s Future”   The lecture meeting is to be held on Tuesday, April 23 at 7:30 pm at Somerset Palace, 2nd Floor Lounge. Fee for non-members and members is different.     This talk presents some of the Asia Institute interviews with such scholars […]

Selected Publications of the Asia Institute

Please Feel free to download from the link below the recently released publications from the Asia Institute. The manuscript has been slightly revised. Selected Publications of the Asia Institute

Scholars of the World Speak out about Korea’s Future from Dasan Books

Scholars of the World Speak out about Korea’s Future Dasan Books October, 2012 Edited by Emanuel Pastreich Scholars of the World Speak out about Korea’s Future is a book in Korean language that presents the insights of distinguished scholars from around the world concerning contemporary issues in Korean politics, society and the economy. Released six […]

“A new kind of scholar breaks ground in Korea” in Asia Times

The Asia Times December 1, 2012   “A new kind of scholar breaks ground in Korea” By Subadra Arvind An American expat has found an odd niche in Seoul as a commentator on Korean culture, history and policy not for foreigners, but for Koreans. His name is Emanuel Pastreich, and he writes books in Korean […]