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Combating the COVID19 Regime in Seoul

Combating the COVID19 Regime in Seoul

September 1, 2021

Emanuel Pastreich

Kim Woo-gyeong, a lawyer representing the student Hong Ye-young, filed an emergency request to stop mandatory vaccines for third-year high school students in South Korea on July 19 at the Cheongju local court–where the Disease Control and Prevention Agency (DCPA) is located. The request was but part of a legal effort to block the dangerous implementation of the vaccine regime that is supported an association of parents across the country.

Although the request for an emergency halt required a decision from the government within a few days, the response was delayed for over ten days. Moreover, the court notified Kim by phone, days before the hearing, that the DCPA was not prepared to respond to the emergency request and demanded a further delay.

International Lawyer Kim Woo-Gyeong

When a hearing was held on August 12, the presiding judge had been inexplicably changed. The new Judge, Kim Seong-soo, summarily dismissed the request without explanation, and brushed off questions concerning the unreasonable delay as a “misunderstanding.” His attitude suggested that his primary role was to block any action.   

Lawyer Kim, sensing that due process had reached a dead end, requested the recusal of the judge in light of his bias. The emergency request for a stop of vaccinations went no further, but the larger law suit against the DCPA continues with greater intensity.

The DCPA has become the default government of South Korea over the last year, working together with corrupt elements in the National Intelligence Service and in the corporate world to force-feed the vaccine regime to the Korean people. In most likelihood, the sudden change of the judge was the result of the use of classified directives within DCPA that make it impossible for the government to reveal the nature of internal governance.

After decades of battling for democracy, South Korea has been reduced to a shadow government.

The fight against bio-fascism, and against the vaccine regime in specific, is clearly growing in Korea. Although traditionally Koreans tend to have a high level of trust in the government, as opposed to Americans and Europeans, now that the official numbers of dead as result of vaccines have surpassed 700 (which is just a fraction of the actual number killed) an unspoken unease is creeping into conversations. Whereas friends asked each other whether they had been vaccinated as a new greeting, and donned that cute “I was vaccinated” buttons given out by the government, harsh anti-vaccination postings, and demands for the execution of public officials on the internet are increasing.

You would never guess if you looked at the television news. Half of content is people lining up for vaccines, discussions of the merits of different brands of vaccines, and interviews with happy children who tell us how great they feel after their jabs.    

The corporate media, including the “leftist” media sources like Hangyoreh Newspaper and Sisa-In Magazine, have bought into the COVID19 fiction entirely.

It is only right-wing media sources, like the Epoch Times (run by the Falungong cult), that are permitted to report on the dangers of the vaccines in depth. This odd state of affairs does not represent the high quality of journalism at the Epoch Times, a far-right anti-communist journal funded by a handful of rich patrons in Taiwan and elsewhere, but is rather the product of an intentional political game wherein only the most virulent anti-Chinese media is allowed to report on the danger of vaccines so as to make it appear as if the Moon administration is pro-Chinese because it promotes vaccines. The truth is that President Moon is deeply unpopular in China where he is perceived as an American stooge.

The People’s Republic of China is also occupied by globalist, pro-vaccine, forces. But the right-wing narrative that Moon is promoting COVID19 because he is a puppet of China and North Korea is specious, intended to distract attention from how global finance, and not Communists, dominate the Moon administration.

Christian groups have bravely stood up against the vaccine regime. The Christian Daily (Gidok ilbo) ran several important articles critiquing COVID19 policy that were widely read. In addition, the Christian doctor Oh Gyeong-seok, located at the Atlanta University of Health Sciences, has taken the lead in the fight to report on the true dangers of masks and vaccines.

But the Christian opposition to the COVID19 regime also has some wrinkles in it. The willingness of Christians to seek out the truth has been critical, but Christians are being manipulated as a means of drawing attention away from the real players.  

For example, the government dispatched officials to churches to block Sunday services and to enforce ridiculous social distancing rules during August COVID19 lockdowns.

These actions were taken at the same time that buses and subways were subject to no restrictions. Yet not a single COVID19 case was reported in the crowded subways or buses.

The bias against churches was obvious. Yet, it made no political sense for the Moon administration to single out churches. Most likely that these actions were forced on Moon by the globalists so that he could be branded as a communist in the media.

The drive to blame everything wrong with COVID19 policy on North Korea and China, rather than multinational corporations, is one of the most popular themes in the conservative media.

Perhaps the most important source for information about the COVID19 scam is “Corona Mystery,” a compact and logically structured book packed with scientific facts. Written by Kim Sang-soo, a doctor practicing traditional Korean homeopathic medicine, “Corona Mystery” is written in an accessible style that made it an underground best seller, especially among young people trying to understand what is going on. 

Sadly, many of the high school students who have learned the truth about COVID19 from “Corona Mystery” were nevertheless forced by their parents to take the vaccine. The result has been not only serious health problems, but also despair and suicide.

The Seoul National University professor emeritus Lee Wangjae has given numerous lectures for the public about the misinformation on COVID19. 

Korea has a few brave bloggers willing to take this criminal operation by the horns, providing in-depth reports for the public that are otherwise unavailable. Shin Jaeno, under his pen name “Truth Musician ZENO,” offers some of the most creative and inspiring work. Shin gave up his musical career, and his social life, to dedicate his days to writing broadcasts on COVID19 and documenting criminal actions in Korea, and around the world, that have resulted. He translated many videos from English to Korean for a general audience.

Image for Truth Musician Zeno” by artist Kim Kido

Shin wrote several important protest songs against the COVID19 regime that have inspired young people to be politically active. Although his postings on YouTube, Daum, Naver, and elsewhere are deleted as quickly as he gets them up, he never gives up.  

Shin joined forces last year with Kim Hyung-nam, a former government official and a lawyer, to establish the Pandemic Investigation Committee (PIC). This organization has been central in advocating for science in the medical field and for opposing the mask and the vaccine mandates.

The Pandemic Investigation Committee organizes Saturday protests in Gwanghwa Gate Plaza, in downtown Seoul, at which a group of loyal members deliver speeches, distribute materials about the true nature of the covid pandemic, put on amusing performances, and confront the police and government officials who are sent to disrupt.

Another regular protestor of the Pandemic Investigation Committee is Ri Nayun, a vocal critic of South Korean political oppression and an advocate for closer ties with North Korea. She has delivered some of the most passionate speeches at the protests, and takes the lead in questioning the legal authority of government officials who try to stop the protests.

Han Seong-young, a former member of the Korean Federation of Trade Unions (an organization that was previously central in leftist politics but that is promoting vaccines today) also plays a critical role in the administration of the Pandemic Investigation Committee.    

Another musician deeply involved in the protests is Choe Sung-nyon (known also by his nickname “choeREDi”). Choe spent time in jail for his protests of the election fraud that brought Park Geun-hye to power in 2013. He was also active in the protests against the fraudulent 2020 election that gave the Democratic Party a gross advantage.

Choe had the tenacity to establish a “Khan Communist Party” in violation of the National Security Law and to take on the full power of the corporate state in his political magazine “Mal.” “Mal” (language) was the title of an important intellectual journal that closed down in 2009. Choe uses music and language to carve a new space for expression in a banal modern society.

The Pandemic Investigation Committee shares the same protest space on the Gwanghwa Gate Plaza with right-wing organizations attacking the Moon administration as a communist front and promoting the US-Korea Alliance. Although the leftists in the PIC might be expected to clash with the right-wing protesters, the groups share common ground on the issue of vaccines, and the criminality of the Moon administration, that makes unexpected exchanges possible.

Kim Taepyong, a government official at the provincial court for Chollanamdo Province, led a spirited protest on September 1 in front of the provincial offices in which he held up a banner with a picture of a wolf declaring that the government was lying about vaccines and must stop making fools of the citizens. Mr. Kim explained, “I was a student activist a long time ago and dreamed of creating a better world. When I watched how the lives of citizens running small stores were destroyed by COVID19, I could not stand it any longer. Even it was me alone, I would protest.”

And protest he has, confronting his colleagues with the truth as they walk to work.

Kim Tae-pyong (second from left)

Dr. Kim Sang-soo is the head of MASGOV (Medical Association to Ensure Safety of COVID-19 Vaccinations) a group of ethical doctors who have stepped forward to demand an end to the vaccination regime. They issued a declaration on August 15 in which they stated that there was no scientific justification for facemasks, that social distancing policy must be ended immediately, that schools must be reopened and that vaccination policy must be entirely rethought.

Oddly, although Koreans have not organized the massive protests that we see in Europe and the United States. The police in Korea have not used the same level of brutality to suppress protests and to enforce fines for not wearing a mask. If anything, harassment of protesters is less today than it was a few months ago.

Korean politicians on COVID19

The mask, vaccine, and social distancing policies of the central government are fully supported across the board in the National Assembly and in the central government. No political party has drawn into question the policies or the assumptions that lie behind them in the policy debate.

The “progressive” Democratic Party has not only embraced the vaccine regime, it has also publicized the hyped success of its epidemic control policies as its achievement. In a disgusting political move, the recognition in corporate media for the so-called “K Pandemic Control” was presented in Korea as the primary reason why the Democratic Party was so successful in the 2020 election (which was the result of voter fraud).     

Most shocking in South Korea is the remarkable loyalty of the “think left; live right” weekend progressive professors, lawyers and mid-level government officials to President Moon Jae-in of the Democratic Party. The blatant totalitarian trends in the government and corporations seem to be invisible to them.

The odd psychology of the progressive class can be understood if we consider the manner in which Moon was installed as president in the first place.

When the conservative President Park Geun-hye was installed as president through voter fraud in 2013, a group of committed intellectuals and government officials threw themselves into a systematic investigation of the manner in which the votes were altered. When this threat to the system reached a peak, and starting to receive coverage in the media, everything was blocked out by reports about the Sewol Ferry sinking. This suspicious sinking, supposedly the result of Park’s incompetence, lead to the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of school children. Although the actual details of the sinking were suppressed, the intention of the reporting was clear: direct attention away from institutional corruption (across party times) that supported fixed elections and focus it on the personality problems of President Park.

For all its flaws, the Park administration tried to assert diplomatic independence—perhaps because Park Geun-hye drew inspiration from the similar efforts of her father Park Chung-hee before he was assassinated in 1979. She spoke of the “bonanza” to be gained from reunification with North Korea and although efforts to expand ties with the North were blocked at every level by the US, she tried to open up a dialogue.

Moreover, her advisors entered into low-key discussions with China that produced an agreement for “comprehensive security cooperation.” That agreement had the potential to make South Korea a player in security policy in East Asia. The Park administration also entered into negotiations with Russia that laid the groundwork for extensive economic integration. These initiatives, often in blatant defiance of Washington’s criticism, demonstrated that Korea was moving towards a new level of political and economic independence.

In the end, Park’s conservative credentials were not enough to protect her when the Washington insiders grew nervous and launched a “color revolution” to take her down and to imprison her.

The next step was the launch of the “candlelight protests” that brought tens of thousands into the streets to criticize Park Geun-hye in a reductive and simplistic campaign that permanently corrupted the souls of Korean progressives. These protests were carefully marketed to give the participants the impression that they were the legacy of the democracy movement of the 1980s. But this protest was much easier, fashioned for upper-middle class progressive-minded people. There was no risk of jail time, no beatings by the police, and no questioning of the fundamental economic and pollical structure of South Korea.

Prepackaged protest signs were supplied to the protesters by corporations close to the Democratic Party, signs that demanded Park’s resignation and denounced her corruption. Few protesters made their own posters and there were no discussions in Seoul between citizens about the nature of political corruption in the country.    

The protests were endlessly reported in the commercial media at home and abroad—and praised by mainstream public intellectuals like Francis Fukuyama in the United States. Koreans were convinced that they had come of age as an “advanced nation” and all they had to do be respected and a member of the G7 was to impeach Park.

Fabricated stories about Park engaging in late night orgies at the Blue House and cavorting with shamans were swallowed whole by the progressives, and repeated without any evidence in the mainstream media.

The real give away in that color revolution was the decision of the US embassy in Seoul to turn off the lights on one floor in support for the candlelight protests on December 4, 2016. US embassies have not supported serious democracy moments in the last twenty years.

The corporate media made it clear that the one way forward was for South Korea to elect the Democratic Party candidate Moon Jae-in. Moon was consequently elected in 2017.

When Park Geun-hye was convicted, and sentenced to decades in prison something seemed wrong. When Moon backed just about every trade and security proposal from Washington, and raised the defense budget far beyond anything under Park, the cat was out of the bag.

The broad acceptance of the Candlelight Protests as a legitimate political movement so compromised the moral compass of the progressives that when the blatantly rigged 2020 elections favored the “progressive” Democratic Party and the president who had visited North Korea for peace talks then ordered fascistic COVID19 lockdowns, there was barely a peep.

The Justice Party (Jeonguidang), generally considered to be to the left of the Democratic Party, also embraced the COVID19 story.

Nor did the People’s Power Party (Gukmin ui him), the major conservative opposition party, offer any serious questions about the COVID regime. If anything, the People’s Power Party criticized the Moon administration for not securing enough vaccines quickly.  

One exception to the silence was the conversative politician Min Gyeong-uk of People’s Power Party who demanded an investigation of the irregularities in the 2020 election, and criticized the COVID19 lockdowns, suggesting that the whole COVID narrative was a fraud. Min did what no other office holder could, but he did so only in postings on Facebook and in short remarks that had no effect.  

Park Geun-hye’s supporters, especially the group Taepyung, went the furthest of all political groups in their criticism of the COVID19 regime. In addition to demanding that Park be reinstated as president and that the 2020 election be overturned, Taepyung demanded that vaccine regime be stopped.

Taepyung went further, but did so why promoting a powerful Korea-US Alliance, the demonization of China, the glorification of the Park Chung-hee regime, and the promotion of Christian values (and close relations with Israel).

South Korea in context

Although South Korea’s response to COVID19 has been disappointing overall, it remains a leader in the organization of systematic protests and legal opposition to totalitarian governance in East Asia.

Although many intellectuals in Asia (and around the world) turned to the Chinese media over the last twenty years because it offered perspectives, and information, not available elsewhere, that appeal has vanished. The Chinese media does not take on the criminality of the COVID19 regime and is better than Western media only in that it reports less about vaccines and social distancing, not because it offers an alternative.

Statements about COVID19 fraud can be found on personal blogs in China, some with a significant following, but they tend to copy articles originally posted elsewhere. I have not found any original reporting on the COVID19 fraud in the Peoples Republic of China.

Vietnam, now completely taken up in a drive to enhance ties with the United States, is completely silent on the issue.

The People’s Democratic Republic of Korea (North Korea) could be seen as the leading nation in the world opposing the COVID19 regime (along with the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan). It has unflinchingly maintained that there have been zero cases of COVID19 in North Korea. The ruler of North Korea Kim Jong-un has never worn a mask in public and no vaccine regime has been announced.

But North Korea has not discussed the nature of the conspiracy or tried to expose the medical fraud.

Although the Japanese media has supported social distancing, masks and vaccines without question, many reports have appeared in local media concerning the side effects of vaccines and the possible problems with masks.

The mayor of Izumiotsu, Minamide Kenichi, posted on Youtube (on the city’s official page) on August 10th, an announcement in which he drew attention to serious side effects of COVID19 vaccines and expressed concern. A broadcast on BBS (Sanin Broadcast) posted around the time concerning the side effects of vaccines was deleted without explanation.

A hearing at the National Diet on the side effects of vaccines was held on August 25 by the Health and Science Committee and broadcast to the public. No questions were taken from citizens, however, and only a few comments were made by the experts provided. 

The true Korean wave

Although the promotion of the bogus response to COVID19 in Korea as a symbol of Korea’s rise to the status of global leadership was a clear set-up used to flatter the population into accepting dangerous policies, Korea still has the potential to play a role in the response to this massive criminal action.

Although relatively small in number, Korea has intellectuals and citizens who are deeply committed to exposing the crime and they are increasing in number. Moreover, the police and the military have not been mobilized to violently suppress opposition to the degree found in Europe or Australia.

Most importantly, neighboring North Korea has gone the furthest to oppose the COVID regime of any other nation. If the two Koreas can find reconciliation quickly, there may be a road to freedom to be found on the peninsula.

John Brown’s “Provisional Constitution” and “Declaration of Liberty”

John Brown and his many supporters stood up against the crime of slavery and the corrupt and criminal administrative regime that enabled it in the 1850s. They proposed a provisional constitution that was not meant to be revolutionary, and a “Declaration of Liberty” intended to be an extension of the Declaration of Independence to all Americans.

Although many parts of the two texts are dated, or inappropriate to the current moment, the general import of Brown’s efforts is clearly relevent and provides us with a valuable historical precedent.

It is critical to note that although John Brown was tried and hanged for rebellion, that this argument was specious and fabricated by the criminal slave owners who were afraid that the Constitution might actually be interpreted to follow its original intent and thereby threaten their profits.

The Provisional Constitution, however, is explicit:

These articles not for the overthrow of government.

The foregoing articles shall not be construed so as in any way to encourage the overthrow of any State government, or of the general government of the United States, and look to no dissolution of the Union, but simply to amendment and repeal. And our flag shall be the same that our fathers fought under in the Revolution.

The situation is quite similar to the crisis we face today. Most certainly John Brown is an imperfect model, but he suggests something of what was possible and his work with Frederick Douglass was essential in assuring that the eventual conflict was not a meaningless brawl but had a deeper significance.

“Provisional Constitution and Ordinances for the people of the United States”


“Declaration of Liberty”


“Provisional Constitution and Ordinances for the people of the United States”


Whereas slavery, throughout its entire existence in the United States, is none other than a most barbarous, unprovoked, and unjustifiable war of one portion of its citizens upon another portion-the only conditions ‘of which are perpetual imprisonment and hopeless servitude or absolute extermination-in utter disregard and violation of those eternal and self-evident truths set forth in our Declaration of Independence:

Therefore, we, citizens of the United States, and the oppressed people who, by a recent decision of the Supreme’ Court, are declared to have no rights which the white man is bound to respect, together with all other people degraded by the laws thereof, do, for the time being, ordain and establish for ourselves the following Provisional Constitu­tion and Ordinances, the better to protect our persons, property, lives, and liberties, and to govern our actions


Qualifications for membership

All persons of mature age, whether proscribed, oppressed, and enslaved citizens, or of the proscribed and oppressed races of the United States, who shall agree to sustain and enforce the Provisional Constitution and Ordinances of this organization, together with all minor children of such persons, shall be held to be fully entitled to protection under the same.


Branches of government.

The provisional government of this organization shall consist of three branches, viz: legislative, executive, and judicial.



The legislative branch shall be a Congress or House of Representative, composed of not less than five nor more than ten members, who shall be elected by all citizens of mature age and of sound mind con­nected with this organization, and who shall remain in office for three years, unless sooner removed for misconduct, inability, or by death. A majority of such members shall constitute a quorum.



The executive branch of this organization shall consist of a President and Vice-President, who shall be chosen by the citizens or members of this organization, and each of whom shall hold his office for three years” unless sooner removed by death or for inability or misconduct.



The judicial branch of this organization shall consist of one Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and of four associate judges of said court, each constituting a circuit court. They shall each be chosen in the same manner as the President, and shall continue in office until their places have been filled in the same manner by election of the citizens. Said court shall have jurisdiction in all civil or criminal causes arising under this constitution, except breaches of the rules of war.


Validity of enactments.

All enactments of the legislative branch shall, to become valid during the first three years, have the approbation of the President and of the Commander-in-chief of the army.



A Commander-in-chief of the army shall be chosen by the President, Vice-President, a majority of the Provisional Congress, and of the Supreme Court, and he shall receive his commission from the President, signed by the Vice-President, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and the Secretary of War, and he shall hold his office for three years, unless removed by death or on proof of incapacity or misbehavior. He shall, unless under arrest, (and until his place is actually filled as pro­vided for by this constitution,) direct all movements of the army and advise with any allies. He shall, however, be tried, removed, or pun­ished, on complaint of the President, by at least three general officers, or a majority of the House of Representatives, or of the Supreme Court; which House of Representatives, (the President presiding,) the Vice-President, and the members of the Supreme Court, shall consti­tute a court-martial for his trial; with power to remove or punish, as the case may require, and to fill his place, as above provided.



A Treasurer, Secretary of State, Secretary of War, and Secretary of the Treasury, shall each be chosen, for the first three years, in the same way and manner as the Commander-in-chief, subject to trial or removal on complaint of the President, Vice-President, or Commander in-chief, to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, or on complaint of the majority of the members of said court or the Provisional Congress. The Supreme Court shall have power to try or punish either of those officers, and their places shall be filled as before.


Secretary of War.

The Secretary of War shall be under the immediate direction of the Commander-in-chief, who may temporarily fill his place in case of arrest or of any inability to serve.


Congress or House of Representatives.

The House of Representatives shall make ordinances providing for the appointment (by the President or otherwise) of all civil officers, excepting those already named; and shall have power to. make all laws and ordinances for the general good, not inconsistent with this Constitution and these ordinances.


Appropriation of money

The Provisional Congress shall have power to appropriate money or other property actually in the hands of the treasurer, to any object calculated to promote the general good, so far as may be consistent with the provisions of this constitution; and may, in certain cases, appropriate for a moderate compensation of agents, or persons not members of this organization, for any important service they are known to have rendered.


Special duties.

It shall be the duty of Congress to provide for the instant removal of any civil officer or policeman, who becomes habitually intoxicated, or who is addicted to other immoral conduct, or to any neglect or unfaithfulness in the discharge of his official duties. Congress shall also be a Standing Committee of Safety, for the purpose of obtaining important information; and shall be in constant communication with the Commander-in-chief; the members of which shall each, as also the President, Vice-President, members of the Supreme Court, and Secretary of State, have full power to issue warrants, returnable as Congress shall ordain (naming witnesses, &c.,) upon their own information, without the formality of a complaint. Complaint shall be immediately made after arrest, and before trial; the party arrested to be served with a copy at once.


Trial of President and other Officers

The President and Vice-President may either of them be tried, removed, or punished, on complaint made to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, by a majority of the House of Representatives; which house together with the Associate Judges of the Supreme Court, the whole to be presided over by the Chief Justice in case of the trial of the Vice-President, shall have full power to try such officers, to remove or punish as the case may require, and to fill any vacancy so occurring, the same as in the case of the Commander-in-chief.


Trial of members of Congress.

The members of the House of Representatives may, any and all of them, be tried, and, on conviction, removed or punished, on complaint before the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, made by any number of the members of said house exceeding one-third; which house, with the Vice-President and Associate Judges of the Supreme Court, shall constitute the proper tribunal with power to fill such vacancies.


Impeachment of Judges.

Any member of the Supreme Court may also be impeached, tried, convicted, or punished by removal or otherwise, Oil complaint to the President, who shall in such case, preside; the Vice-President, House of Representatives, and other members of the Supreme Court, consti­tuting the proper tribunal, (with power to fill vacancies,) on complaint of a majority of said House of Representatives, or of the Supreme Court; a majority of the whole having power to decide.


Duties of President and Secretary of State.

The President, with the Secretary of State; shall, immediately upon entering on the duties of their office, give special attention to secure from amongst their own people, men of integrity, intelligence, and good business habits and capacity, and, above an, of first-rate moral and religious character and influence, to act as civil officers of every description and grade, as well as teachers, chaplains, physicians, sur­geons, mechanics, agents of every description, clerks, and messengers. They shall make special efforts to induce, at the earliest possible period, persons and families of that description to locate themselves within the limits secured by this organization; and shall, moreover, from time to time, supply the names and residence of such persons to the Congress, for their special notice and information, as among the most important of their duties; and the President is herebyauth9rized and empowered to afford special aid to such individuals, from such moderate appropriations as the Congress shall be able and may deem advisable to make for that object. The President and Secretary of State, and in all cases of disagreement the Vice-President, shall appoint all civil officers, but shall not have power to remove any officer. All removals shall be the result of a fair trial, whether civil or military.


Further duties.

It shall be the duty of the President and Secretary of State to find out (as soon as possible) the real friends as well as enemies of this organization in every part of the country; to secure among them inn­keepers, private postmasters, private mail contractors, messengers, and agents, through whom may be obtained correct and regular in­formation constantly; recruits for the service, places of deposit and sale, together with all needed supplies; and it shall be matter of special regard to secure such facilities through the northern States.


Duty of the President.

It shall be the duty of the President, as well as the House of Rep­resentatives, at all times, to inform the Commander-in-chief of any matter that may require his attention, or that may affect the public safety.


Duty of President, continued.

It shall be the duty of the President to see that the provisional ordinances of this organization, and those made by the Congress, are promptly and faithfully executed; and he may, in cases of great urgency, call on the Commander-in-chief of the army or other officers for aid; it being, however, intended that a sufficient civil police shall always be in readiness to secure implicit obedience to law.


The Vice-President.

The Vice-President shall be the presiding officer of the Provisional Congress, and in cases of tie shall give the casting vote.



In case of the death, removal, or inability of the President, the Vice President, and, next to him, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court shall be the President during the remainder of the term; and the place of the Chief Justice, thus made vacant, shall be filled by Con­gress from’ some of the members of said court; and the places of the Vice-President and Associate Justice, thus made vacant, filled by an election by the united action of the Provisional Congress and members of the Supreme Court. All other vacancies, not heretofore specially provided for, shall, during the first three years, be filled by the united action of the President, Vice-President, Supreme Court, and Commander-in-chief of the army.


Punishment of crimes.

The punishment of crimes not capital, except in case of insubordinate convicts or other prisoners, shall be (so far as may be) by hard labor on the public works, roads, &c.


Army appointments.

It shall be the duty of all commissioned officers of the army to name candidates of merit, for office or elevation, to the Commander-in-chief, who, with the Secretary of War, and, in. cases of disagreement, the President, shall be the appointing power of the army; and all commissions of military officers shall bear the signatures of the Commander in-chief and the Secretary of War. And it shall be the special duty of the Secretary of War to keep for constant reference of the Commander-in-chief a full list of names of persons nominated for office or elevation by the officers of the army, with the name and rank of the officer nominating, stating distinctly, but briefly, the grounds for such notice or nomination. The Commander-in-chief shall not have power to remove or punish any officer or soldier, but he may order their arrest and trial at any time by court-martial.



Courts-martial for companies, regiments, brigades, &c., shall be called by the chief officer of each command, on complaint to him by any officer, or any five privates in such command, and shall consist of not less than five nor more than nine officers, non-commissioned offi­cers and privates, one half of whom shall not be lower in rank than the person on trial, to be chosen by the three highest officers in the command, which officers shall not be a part of such court. The chief officer of any command shall, of course, be tried by a court-martial of the command above his own. All decisions affecting the lives of per­sons, or office of persons holding commission, must, before taking full effect, have the signature of the Commander-in-chief, who may also, on the recommendation of at least one third of the members of the court-martial finding any sentence, grant a reprieve or commutation of the same.



No person connected with this organization shall be entitled to any salary, pay, or emolument, other than a competent support of himself and family, unless it be from an equal dividend made of public prop­erty, on the establishment of peace, or of special provision by treaty; which provision shall be made for all persons who may have been in any active civil or military service at any time previous to any hostile action for liberty and equality.


Treaties of peace.

Before any treaty of peace shall take full effect it shall be signed by the President and Vice-President, the Commander-in-chief, a majority of the House of Representatives, a majority of the Supreme Court, and a majority of all the general officers of the army.


Duty of the military.

It shall be the duty of the Commander-in-chief and all officers and soldiers of the army to afford special protection, when needed, to Con­gress or any member thereof, to the Supreme Court or any member thereof, to the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary of State, Secretary of the Treasury, and Secretary of War; and to afford gen­eral protection to all civil officers or other persons having right to the same.



All captured or confiscated property and all property the product of the labor of those belonging to this organization and of their fami­lies, shall. be held as the property of the whole, equally, without distinction, and may be used for the common benefit, or disposed of for the same object; and any person, officer, or otherwise, who shall improperly retain, secrete, use, or needlessly destroy such property, or property found, captured, or confiscated, belonging to the enemy, or shall willfully neglect to render a full and fair statement of such property by him so taken or held, shall be deemed guilty of a misde­meanor, and, on conviction, shall be punished accordingly.


Safety or intelligence fund.

All money, plate, watches, or jewelry captured by honorable war­fare, found, taken, or confiscated, belonging to the enemy, shall be held sacred to constitute a liberal safety or intelligence fund; and any person who shall improperly retain, dispose of, hide, use, or destroy such money or other article above named, contrary to the provisions and spirit of this article, shall be deemed guilty of theft, and, on con­viction thereof, shall be punished accordingly. The treasurer shall furnish the Commander-in-chief at all times with a full statement of the condition of such fund, and its nature.


The Commander-in-chief and the treasury.

The Commander-in-chief shall have power to draw from the treasury the money and other property of the fund provided for in article twenty-ninth; but his orders shall be signed also by the Secretary of War, who shall keep strict account of the same subject to examination by any member of Congress or general officer.


Surplus of the safety or intelligence fund.

It shall be the duty of the Commander-in-chief to advice the President of any surplus of the safety and intelligence fund, who shall have power to draw such surplus (his order being also signed by the Secretary of State) to enable him to carry out the provisions of article seventeenth.



No person, after having surrendered himself or herself a prisoner, and who shall properly demean himself or herself as such, to any officer or private connected with this organization, shall afterward be put to death, or be subject to any corporeal punishment, without first having had the benefit of a fair and impartial trial; nor shall any prisoner be treated with any kind of cruelty, disrespect, insult, or needless severity; but it shall be the duty of all persons, male and female, connected herewith, at all times and under all circumstances, to treat all such prisoners with every degree of respect and kindness that the nature of the circumstances will admit of, and to insist on a like course of conduct from all others, as in the fear of Almighty God, to whose care and keeping we commit our cause.



All persons who may come forward, and shall voluntarily deliver up their slaves, and have their names registered on the books of the organization, shall, so long as they continue at peace, be entitled to the fullest protection of person and property, though not connected with this organization, and shall be treated as friends and not merely as persons neutral.



The persons and property of all non-slaveholders, who shall remain absolutely neutral, shall be respected so far as the circumstances can allow of it, but they shall not be entitled to any active protection.


No needless waste.

The needless waste or destruction of any useful property or article by fire, throwing open of fences, fields, buildings, or needless killing of animals, or injury of either, shall not be tolerated at any time or place, but shall be promptly and properly punished.


Property confiscated.

The entire personal and real property of all persons known to be acting either directly or indirectly with or for the enemy, or Found in arms with them, or found willfully holding slaves, shall be confis­cated and taken whenever and wherever it may be found in either free or slave States.



Persons convicted on impartial trial of desertion to the enemy, after becoming members, acting as spies, or of treacherous surrender of property, ammunition, provisions, or supplies of any kind, roads, bridges, persons, or fortifications shall be put to death, and their entire property confiscated.


Violation of parole of honor.

Persons proven to be guilty of taking up arms after having been set at liberty on parole of honor, or, after the same, to have taken any active part with or for the enemy, direct or indirect, shall be put to death, and their entire property confiscated.


All must labor.

All persons connected in any way with this organization, and who may be entitled to full protection under it, shall be held as under obligation to labor in some way for the general good; and persons refusing or neglecting so to do, shall, on conviction, receive a suitable and appropriate punishment.



Profane swearing, filthy conversation, indecent behavior, or indecent exposure of the person, or intoxication or quarreling, shall not be allowed or tolerated, neither unlawful intercourse of the sexes.



Persons convicted of the forcible violation of any female prisoner shall be put to death.


The marriage relation, schools, the Sabbath.

The marriage relation shall be at all times respected, and families kept together, as far as possible; and broken families encouraged to reunite, and intelligence offices established for that purpose. Schools and churches established, as soon as may be, for the purpose of reli­gious and other instructions; for the first day of the week, regarded as a day of rest, and appropriated to moral and religious instruction and improvement, relief of the suffering, instruction of the young and ignorant, and the encouragement of personal cleanliness; nor shall any persons be required on that day to perform ordinary manual labor, unless in extremely urgent cases.


Carry arms openly.

All persons known to be of good character and of sound mind and suitable age, who are connected with this organization, whether male or female, shall be encouraged to carry arms openly.


No person to carry concealed weapons.

No person within the limits of the conquered territory, except regularly appointed policemen, express officers of the army, mail carriers, or other fully accredited messengers of the Congress, President, Vice President, members of the Supreme Court, or commissioned officers of the army-and those only under peculiar circumstances-shall be allowed at any time to carry concealed weapons; and any person not specially authorized so to do, who shall be found so doing, shall be deemed a suspicious person, and may at once be arrested by any officer, soldier, or citizen, without the formality of a complaint or warrant, and may at once be subjected to thorough search, and shall have his or her case thoroughly investigated, and be dealt with as circumstances on proof shall require.


Persons to be seized.

Persons within the limits of the territory holden by this organiza­tion, not connected with this organization, having arms at all, concealed or otherwise, shall be seized at once, or, be taken in charge of some vigilant officer, and their case thoroughly investigated; and it shall be the duty of all citizens and soldiers, as well as officers, to arrest such parties as are named in this and the preceding section or article, without the formality of complaint or warrant; and they shall be placed in charge of some proper officer for examination or for safe­keeping.


These articles not for the overthrow of government.

The foregoing articles shall not be construed so as in any way to encourage the overthrow of any State government, or of the general government of the United States, and look to no dissolution of the Union, but simply to amendment and repeal. And our flag shall be the same that our fathers fought under in the Revolution.


No plurality of offices.

No two of the offices specially provided for by this instrument shall be filled by the same person at the same time.



Every officer, civil or military, connected with this organization shall, before entering upon the duties of his office, make solemn oath or affirmation to abide by and support this provisional constitution and these ordinances; also every citizen and soldier, before being fully recognized as such, shall do the same.


The president of this convention shall convene, immediately on the adoption of this instrument, a convention of all such persons as shall have given their adherence by signature to the constitution, who shall proceed to fill, by election, all offices specially named in said constitution, the president of this convention presiding, and issuing commissions to such officers elect; all such officers being thereafter elected in the manner provided in the body of this instrument.

“A Declaration of Liberty”


By the Representatives of the slave Population of the United States of America

“When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary” for an Oppressed People to Rise, and assert their Natural Rights, as Human Beings, as Native & mutual Citizens of a free Republic, and break that odious Yoke of oppression, which is so unjustly laid upon them by their fellow Countrymen, “and to assume among the powers of Earth the same equal privileges to which the Laws of Nature, & natures God entitle them; A moderate respect for the opinions of Mankind, requires that they should declare the causes which incite them to this just & worthy action.

We hold these truths to be Self Evident; That All Men are Created Equal; That they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights. That among these are Life, Liberty; & the pursuit of happiness. That Nature hath freely given to all Men, a full Supply of Air. Water, & Land; for their sustenance, & mutual happiness, That No Man has any right to deprive his fellow Man, of these Inherent rights, except in punishment of Crime. That to secure these rights governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That when any form of Government, becomes destructive to these ends, It is the right of the People, to alter, Amend, or Remodel it, Laying its foundation on Such Principles, & organizing its powers in such form as to them shall seem most likely to effect the safety, & happiness” of the Human Race, To secure equal rights, privileges, & justice to all; Irrespective of Sex; or Nation; To Secure Fraternal Kindness to all Friends of Equal Moral privileges, to all who honestly abandon their Despotic oppressive rule. We hold this truth to be self-evident; That it is the highest Privilege, & Plain Duty of Man; to strive in every reasonable way, to promote the Happiness, Mental, Moral, & Physical,

Elevation of his fellow Man. And that People, or Clannish Oppressors; who wickedly violate this sacred principle; oppressing th their fellow Men, Will bring upon themselves that certain & fearful retribution, which is the Natural, and Necessary penalty of evil Doing. “Prudence, indeed will dictate, that Governments long established, should not be changed for light & transient causes; But when a long train of abuses, & usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object; evinces a design to perpetuate an absolute Despotism; and most cruel bondage; It is their Right, it is their Duty to resist & change such Government, & provide safeguards for their future Liberty” Such has been the patient sufferance of the slaves of the United States, and such is now the necessity which constrains them to brush this foul system of oppression, The history of Slavery in the Unites States, is a history of injustice & Cruelties inflicted upon the Slave in every conceivable way, & in barbarity not surpassed by the most Savage Tribes. It is the embodiment of all that is Evil, and ruinous to a Nation; and subversive of all Good. “In proof of which; facts innumerable have been submitted to the People, and have received the Verdict & condemnation of a candid & Impartial World.”

Our Servants; Members of Congress; & other Servants of the People, who receive exorbitant wages, from the People ask in return for; for their unjust Rule, have refused to pass Laws the most wholesome & necessary for public good, they have refused to pass laws for the accommodation of large districts of People, unless that People, would relinquish the right of representation in the Legislature, a right inestimable to them, and formidable to tyrants only. Our President & other Leeches have called together Legislative, or treasonable Bodies, at places unusual, uncomfortable, & distant from the depository of our public records; for the sole purpose of fatiguing us into compliance with their measures. They have dissolved   Representative houses, for opposing with Manly firmness, their invasions on the rights of the people.

They have refused to grant Petitions presented by numerous & respectable Citizens, asking redress of grievances imposed upon us, demanding our Liberty & natural rights. With Contempt, they Spurn and our humble petitions; and have failed to pass Laws for our relief. They have prevented in all possible ways, the administration of justice to the slave, They have made judges Taney dependent on their will alone, for the tenure of their offices, & the amount & payment of their salaries, They have erected a Multitude of new offices, & sent on swarms of Blood Suckers, & Moths, to harass the People, & eat out their substance, They have effected to render the Military, independent of, & superior to the power & wishes of the People (the Civil power.) Claiming that knowledge is power, they have, (for their own safety) kept us in total darkness, & Ignorance, inflicting base cruelties, for any attempt on our part to obtain knowledge “They have protected base Men, Pirates (engaged in a most Inhuman traffic; The Foreign; & Domestic, Slave Trade.) by mock trials, from punishment, for unprovoked murders which they have committed upon us, & free citizens of the States.

They have prevented by law, our having any Traffic or deal with our fellow Men; Regardless of our wishes, they declare themselves invested with power to legislate for us in all cases whatsoever. They have abdicated government among us, by declaring us out of their protection, & waging a worse than most cruel war upon us continually.

“The welfare of the People; Is the first Great Law.” The fact, & a full description of the enormous Sin of Slavery, may be found in the General History of American Slavery, which is a history of repeated injuries, of base hypocrisy; A cursed treasonable, Despotic usurpation; The most abominable provoking atrocities; Which are but a mockery of all that is just, or worthy of any people. Such cruelty, tyranny, & perfidy, has hardly a parallel, in the history of the most barbarous ages, Our Servants, or Law makers; are totally unworthy the name of Half Civilized Men. All their National acts, (which apply to Slavery,) are false, to the words spirit, & intention, of the Constitution of the United States, & the Declaration of Independence. They say by word & Act, That their own Children, or any faithful Citizen, may be legally robed of every Natural & Sacred Right, & that we, have no rights whatever.

They are a Blot upon the Character, the honor, of any Nation, which Claims to have the least shadow or spark of Civilization above the lowest, most inferior Cannibal Races. This is a slight though brief recital, of some of the enormous atrocities, of these Idle, haughty, tyrannical, Arrogant Land Monopolists; Slave holders our lords, & masters, From which, Good Lord Deliver us. These are some of the facts, which we now, (after the lapse of 83 years, since the writing & signing of that Sacred Instrument, Honored & Adored by our Fathers, which declares that it is Self-Evident that all Men are Created Equal, Endowed by their Creator with certain inherent rights &c”) submit to the Decision of all candid; true Republican, Friends of Universal Freedom, & Natural Equality of Rights. All We Demand; is our Liberty, & the Natural rights & immunities of faithful Citizens of the United States.

We will Obtain these rights or Die in the struggle to obtain them We make war upon oppression, we have no controversy with any Religious Sect, Our intention is not to molest any Good Man, whatever may be his religious belief.

We hold these to be self-evident truths, That any Tribe, Rulers, or People, who Rob & cruelly oppress their faithful Laboring Citizens, have within themselves the Germ, of their own certain & fearful overthrow; It is one of Nature’s Immutable Laws; that “According to the measure ye mite; so shall it be Measured to you again.” Herein is the secret of security & true happiness, for Individuals, And the Only Firm Basis, upon which Governments, may be p Permanently Established; Where the Citizens, are Devoted to the greatest good of their Fellow Men, The more humble, benighted & oppressed they are, so much the more sympathy; & earnest effort for their relief, is demanded, striving earnestly to promote the safety and prosperity of their Nation; & the Human Race.

It is a fixed Law of Nature, That any People, or Nation, whose [sturdy?] purpose, & Constant Practice, is in accordance with these principles; Must go forward Progressing; So long as Man Continues to Exist. For in Nature the Principle of Reciprocity is Great.

“The Legitimate object of all Punishment, is to prevent Crime” When any Punishment is inflicted, more than is necessary to prevent crime, it then ceases to be a Punishment. It has become a Barbarous Crime. A Sore Evil. “The Natural Object of all Government is to Protect the right, Defend the Innocent.”  When any set of Usurpers, Tribe, or Community, fail to protect the right, but furnish protection & encouragement to the Villain, by bestowing a Bounty, or Premium, upon the vile Thief, Robber , Libertine, Pirate; & Woman killing Slave Holder; as a reward, for their deeds of rascality and Barbarism; And inflict grievous cruelties upon the innocent, Shooting & Butchering those most faithful, Citizens, who have Striven Manfully, for the relief of the downtrodden &; oppressed of their Country), who fought bravely in support of the Great Principles set forth in D our Declaration of Independence, from the oppressive Rule of England.) Encouraging in various ways, by bribery & fraud, the most Fiendish acts of Barbarism (like those Perpetrated within the limits of the United States, in Florida, at Blounts Fort; in Florida & in other Territories.) under the Jurisdiction & guidance of Slaveholding Authority, & in strict accordance with Slaveholding Rules).

They have transcended their own limits, They have fairly outwitted themselves; Their Slave Code, is a shame to any Nation, Their Laws, are no Laws; they themselves are no more than a Band compilation of Base Piratical Rulers. They are a curse to themselves, a most lamentable Blot upon Society.

“In every stage of these oppressions, we have petitioned for redress, in the most humble terms, Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated Injuries, A Class of oppressors, whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrannical Despotism, is unfit to rule any People. Nor have we been wanting in attention, to our Oppressors; we have warned them from time to time, of attempts (made by their headlong Blindness,) to perpetuate, extend, strengthen, & revive the dying elements of this cursed Institution. We have reminded them of our unhappy condition, and of their cruelties. We have appealed to their native justice & magnanimity, to we have conjured them by the ties of our common nature, our Brotherhood, & Common Parentage, to disavow these usurpations, which have destroyed our Kindred friendship, and endangered their safety.

“They have been Deaf to the voice of Justice & Consanguinity. We must therefore acquiesce in the necessity, which denounces their tyranny & unjust rule over us. Declaring that we will serve them no longer as slaves, Knowing that the Laborer is worthy of his hire.” We therefore, the Representatives of the Circumscribed Citizens of the United States, of America in General Congress Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the World, for the rectitude of our intentions, Do in the name, & by the authority.

The Big Lie Strategy in America of the Super-Rich

Emanuel Pastreich

May 4, 2021

The massive concentration of wealth over the last few years has made it possible for a tiny handful of individuals to control the means of extraction, production, and distribution, the sales of food and products, and the value of money. They are free to demand at will the statements they need to justify totalitarian rule, customized to the tastes of specific communities, from their pet experts at Harvard University, at the World Health Organization, at the New York Times or Counterpunch, at the National Review or the World Socialist Web Page, and in government of the United States, and of most other countries.   

The rate at which wealth has been concentrated is unprecedented in human history, in part because of the exponential evolution of technology that permits a global manipulation of currency and other financial products in a complex manner beyond the capacity of most to comprehend.

New AI technology allows for the promotion of false information globally through the commercial media in a confusing manner. The super-rich use this confusion to divide and to confuse the citizens of the United States, and of the world, presenting contradictory opinions through the authority figures that they promote, often opinions that lack any scientific basis.  

Understanding why so many highly-educated Americans are incapable of responding to the current crisis, and endorse a vaccine regime that they do not believe in, requires us to look at the larger strategy for manipulating choices offered to establishment intellectuals. In part, it is a matter of lag time. Intellectuals are shocked by the rapid shifts in geopolitics. They find it easier to wallow in self-pity, or to bury their heads in denial. The period of time required for a new generation of committed intellectuals to emerge is not fast enough to keep up with the rate of change—and thus have failed to organize anti-fascist movements like those of the 1930s that formed the kernel of true resistance to totalitarianism.

It is helpful to focus on a few of the false choices, the baited gambits, that have been skillfully set up by the advisors to the super-rich so as to create fissures in American society that fragment the establishment, and create internal conflicts in a predetermined manner, so that no broad consensus is reached and citizens unknowingly do the dirty work for the super-rich.

Let us consider the central baited gambits being utilized today.   


The New Cold War

The commercial media is pumping out a uniform story about a New Cold War between the United States and China that has been reformatted in different political flavors for distribution on hundreds of media platforms. There are conservative and progressive flavors to this story about unprecedented tensions between China and the United States born of Chinese expansionism.

Not everything about Chinese actions in Xinjiang, or in Hong Kong, is false, but for the most part the tale is so grotesquely distorted that we might as well file it under fiction in our library.

I have not found any serious discussions about how this New Cold War is being promoted by media interests whose stock is owned by the same concerns who want to make a fortune from the massive increase in the US military budget that resulted from the Defense Appropriations Bill of 2020. Nor does anyone mention the process by which multinational banks and corporate interests have encouraged national conflicts over territory and ethnic identity so as to push for militarization in the years before the First World War, or how that cynical ploy was related to overcapacity and overproduction and how the alchemy of wartime demand was used to make liability into a godsend. French, British and German banks were happy to play footsie in that tragicomedy and the hidden profiteering continued even after the war began.

It would not take more than a few minutes of comparison between the tricks used by global finance leaders in London, Paris and Berlin in 1914, and the similar tricks being employed by US and Chinese financial interests today, for citizens to get the idea.

In place of analysis, we are force-fed the tired and trite tale of the “Thucydides trap” endlessly promoted by the highest-paid minion of the investment bankers, the made-to-order prophet lauded and feted by CEOs in New York and Shanghai, Harvard’s own éminence grise Graham Ellison.

If we want to understand what is taking place in the unhealthy “Frankenstein Alliance,” in the death pact signed between elites in Washington and Beijing, we must first break out of this foolish “nation state” schemata peddled to intellectuals by global bankers and look directly at the massive collaboration between the super-rich globally for the purpose of destroying the lives of workers, and unfold and unravel their schemes to play American workers against Chinese workers so as to stop any unity of purpose on the part of citizens.

Graham Ellison and his Harvard friends are never going to talk about how Harvard’s de facto majority shareholder Goldman Sachs plans to use economic conflict between the United States and China as a means to push through the complete automation of factories and the massive implementation of AI in both countries in the name of “competition.”

The battle is not so much between Beijing and Washington, although that battle is also plenty real, but more about the drive of global finance to control the assets, the money, the activities, the identity, and the bodies of every single worker in both countries. What cannot be forced through in China, will be forced through in the United States first, or vise versa—or in another country first.

Maybe Elon Musk and Jack Ma are not voices of reason crying out against a nationalistic narrow-minded national agenda in the United States and China, but partners in a scheme to monopolize the resources and the assets of the entire world.

That process, even though it can be documented without too much effort using open-source materials, must be dismissed as a conspiracy theory beyond the pale. The only accurate means to understand the conflicts between China and the United States today, we are told by the authorities, is through an analogy to a war between Sparta and Athens in the fifth century B.C.

The possibility that neither China nor America exist today as political units in light of the radical concentration of wealth is the most likely explanation for what we witness today. You will not read that analysis anywhere.  

What are the immediate results of the increase in defense spending for this “New Cold War?”

The opportunity to increase massively defense spending in the United States, China, and throughout East Asia—and now throughout the world–has the banks drooling. Many financial interests stand to benefit from all that spending, that artificially created demand. Citizens are force-fed cold war fiction without a word about who makes the money from weapon systems globally—including in China.

The spending, in the US Department of Defense, or the intelligence community, is no longer aimed at training people in Chinese, or developing a new generation of people who understand the politics and cultures of the nations of Asia. Increasingly, those who studied in China (to learn Chinese) cannot get the security clearances required to work in government.

Most of that money is tagged for ridiculously overpriced fighter planes, tanks, anti-missile systems, and satellites that, in many cases, already have been shown to be ineffective, or useless.

Those at the working-level in the military and intelligence are still trying to do their jobs in spite of the increasingly absurd orders that they receive. To some degree they can convince themselves that the reports of threats from Chinese AI, drones and robots are credible. Certainly the round-the-clock work schedule that is forced on them (similar to what was done before the Iraq invasion) makes it nearly impossible to concentrate.

What no one is going to tell citizens, or even personnel with top secret/SCI clearance, is that the AI being developed is meant to be a weapon to degrade the ability of citizens to think (starting with military personnel) through destructive stimulation of the brain using commercial media, and to divide and confuse the populations of both nations, using different time frames and agendas, so as to soften up the citizens of the Earth for the absolute rule of the super-rich.

Will the next generation micro drones and robots, energy weapons on low-orbit satellites, be used in some glorious Normandy Landing, or Athens-Sparta conflict between civilizations and nation states? Or might the final intention be to employ these weapons so as to attack the citizens of China and of the United States, if they try to resist this global power grab?

The war has already been declared. Both China and the United States, and many other countries, have become the battle ground in the drive to completely corrupt science, and to make all sources of information spigots for propaganda in support of bio-fascist regimes like COVID19.

Whether in Dallas or Wuhan, Osaka or Dresden, AI logarithms are being used now to shut down civil society, and stacks of drones and robots that can attack whoever they are programmed to attack, are waiting in the wings.

It is worth noting that the New York Times have taken a sudden interest in police violence over the last year after completely ignoring the issue for decades. Moreover, they are not interested in systemic corruption, but rather in gaudy incidents which are played up in the news cycle just long enough to create a consensus for a policy shift.

Perhaps the goal is not to reduce police violence, but rather to undermine public confidence in police officers as a means of defunding the human police. But, is the intention of such a move to create a more human police force with closer ties to the community? Or might this rather be the first stage in softening up the public to accept the replacement of human police with drones and robots that may have smiles on their faces but are capable of a ruthlessness beyond any human?

Your choice: Climate Change or COVID19?

Multinational investment banks, corporations, and the super-rich that control them, have paid their operators to set up a false choices for citizens that are meant to divide us and to discourage organized resistance. Prefabricated liberal-conservative conflicts are core to this effort. Although this effort has gone on for decades, the classified programs to engineer conflicts based on ethnicity, culture or gender, has gone into warp drive as the blatant power grab of the elite becomes increasingly obvious.

Central among the baited gambits offered up is the false choice between addressing climate change and acknowledging that COVID19 is a massive fraud. Anyone who tries to take on both issues at once will find that he or she cannot get anything published anywhere. Everyone is given a choice or choosing one, or the other, or disappearing from public discourse altogether. For the ego-driven “public intellectuals” so accustomed to seeing their precious names in print, the compromise is of little significance.  

You can either recognize that the climate is adversely impacted by emissions, the destruction of the ecosystem and by an economy driven by a dangerous model of “growth” and “consumption” or you can argue that COVID19 has no scientific basis and that the forced-vaccine regime is an attempt by rich and powerful to take control of our bodies and to deny us the right to work, to go to school, or to seek medical treatment for random reasons.

One the one side, we see progressive-flavored intellectuals like Noam Chomsky or Chris Hedges talking about the danger of fossil fossil fuels and the ignorance of science displayed by Republicans in the pay of the oil companies. Some parts of their arguments are true. Other are tailored to the needs of investment banks. For example, they are happy to push for solar power and wind power, but they do not mention that these renewable energy projects are planned and pushed through by corporate banks. Nor do these intellectuals describe how citizens produced their own renewable energy before John Rockefeller forced them to become dependent on big oil.

These progressives also leave Bill Gates book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster” alone, preferring to give the Gates Foundation all the slack it needs to use the “climate crisis” to tighten political and ideological control.

In the other corner we find those, often associated with Donald Trump or Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who stand united in their condemnation of the COVID19 “plandemic,” the mask mandate and the vaccine regime. These forces have developed increasingly sophisticated media sources and they support their critiques with substantial scientific data. For the most part, these groups are dismissed out of hand by the Nation or Greenpeace as extremists, or anti-science, when they speak the truth.  

As good as the science for these groups may be regarding COVID19 (and it is not always accurate) they are silent on, or even dismissive of, the threats of climate change, the collapse of biodiversity, the destruction of the environment by fracking and micro-plastics. They are willing to stand up to Bill Gates and George Soros, but get wobbly knees when it comes to BP and Exxon.   

Another part of this scheme to drive a stake through science in the United States establishment is the engineered split in interpretive communities concerning the 9.11 incident: a powerful shibboleth in American politics. This obvious fraud, which defies the principles taught in high school physics, is a taboo for the progressive groups standing up in self-righteous indignation over climate change, social injustice and systemic racism.

9.11 is not taboo, however, for conservative groups posting at QAnon or the X22 Report. But there is a catch. Many of the scientific discussions of 9/11, or of COVID19, are narrated with reference to Christian philosophy concerning the nature of evil, and are supported with references to the Book of Revelations. Although such references may be valid, they inherently limit the appeal of these reports for the public.

These postings tend to focus on figures like George Soros or Hillary Clinton who are tied to the “leftists” in a simplistic manner. The critiques in these reports lack a systematic analysis of the interlocking financial interests around the world that were behind that incident. These conservative news sources lack the systematic analysis of who owns what found in books like Giants: The Global Power Elite (Peter Phillips).

The focus on the trafficking of youth for pedophiles by high-ranking political figures (such as Bill Clinton and Barack Obama) and their alleged participation in Satanic practices, also limits the impact of these conservative reports. There is plenty of evidence of pedophilia among power players in Washington D.C., and there exists documentation that such incidents have been purposely set up to collect damaging information about politicians. But this political practice is but one of a variety of methods for buying and intimating, and not as central as these reports suggest.

It is possible that high ranking politicians engaged in Satanic rituals as well, but from what I have seen of the exercise of power in Washington D.C. its seems rather unlikely that Satanic practices are that prominent. I suspect that although there may be some truth to those claims, that stressing Satanism is a condition for getting the word out because it limits the audience. Perhaps secret law not only blocks reporting on COVID19 in the mainstream media, but also requires that those who are allowed to report on the topic introduce a heavy dose of Christian ideology that cuts down on circulation among progressive groups.

The Conspiracy Theory trap

The creation of events that will promoted irreconcilable interpretations in different interpretive communities has become a cottage industry for the rich and powerful. The radically divergent tales concerning massing shootings and attacks on minorities does wonders to exacerbate rifts between groups in the United States who might otherwise find common ground. These deep fissures in the basic assumptions about events render cooperation between these groups impossible.  

Two common themes among conservatives are that attacks on minorities, and major mass shootings, are fake, false flag operations, and that climate change is a fraud used for the interests of the rich and powerful.  

Let me start with a disclaimer. As no open, international investigations have ever been conducted concerning the incidents that I describe, my interpretation is by nature speculative. I would venture, however, that the critical points that I make, purposely are left out of coverage in both the mainstream media and in conspiracy blogs.

What is clear is that public intellectuals and reporters intentionally avoid difficult questions concerning these incidents, falling back on the argument that it is disrespectful of the families of those who were killed to suggest that the event was fabricated.

Two central cases are the Sandy Hook Elementary School (2012) shooting and the Boston Marathon Bombing (2013).

In the case of Sandy Hook, it is certainly possible that the attack was by a loner suffering from mental illness. Yet the vicious manner in which the mere suggestion that there might have been an incentive to create an event so as to increase police powers raises questions as to the motivations of those who deny even the possibility of a conspiracy.

In the case of the Boston Marathon Bombing, significant evidence exists that chronology of the bombing is inconsistent. The remarkably clean manner in which the entire event was pinned on Chechens who supposedly killed a police officer while trying to steal his gun sounds rather far-fetched. It is undeniable, however, that the Boston Marathon bombing was used to carry out an unprecedented lockdown of the entire city of Boston without any constitutional guarantees for citizens, or due process. That event was a frightening adumberation of the lockdowns of the United States in the name of COVID19 seven years later.

The significance of the Boston Marathon as commemoration of Patriot’s Day (granted it was held a few days earlier that year), a critical day in Boston history when American militia opened fire on the British at Lexington, was completely ignored by the media when they pinned the story on two terrorist bombers.

Yet, it was on Patriot’s Day, April 19, 1993 that the Federal government brutally crushed the Branch Davidians at Waco, an assault that included a needless fire which left dead seventy-six people.

It was on Patriot’s Day, April 19, 1995, that the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building was destroyed in an attack attributed to Timothy McVeigh—an incident about which many questions still remain unanswered.

In addition, two days after the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, a massive explosion (employing ammonium nitrate just like the explosion in Oklahoma) near Waco, Texas, killed fifteen people. None of these facts were mentioned in the media.

The Los Vegas shootings (October 1, 2017) suggest a possible strategy behind these attacks. The suspect Stephen Craig Paddock supposedly killed more than 60 people in less than 15 minutes of shooting from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel. This fact alone raised serious questions among experts.

As he committed suicide we never learned Paddock’s version of the story.

The striking part of the story is the contradictory reports from eyewitnesses.

Although they have vanished from the internet, there were videos posted of both real shootings with live ammunition in one part of the hotel and in other areas the sounds of gunfire were broadcast over a speaker.

The intension of such an approach (which may well have been used in other incidents) might well have been to create divergent interpretations of the event from the start. Those who argued that there was a real shooting had facts to back up their claims. Those who suggested that the shootings were a fraud, a false flag, were given also solid evidence.

A similar game appears to be under way concerning climate change.

Scientific evidence for catastrophic climate change in terms of spreading deserts, the warming and the acidification of oceans, the spread of micro-plastics through the water and soil, and the long-term warming of the atmosphere is indisputable. The campaigns of fake scientists receiving corporate funding to dismiss this complex phenomenon has not succeeded in convincing the public.

Because the launch of the COVID19 operation is directly linked to climate change, specifically to the need to assure the wellbeing of the 0.5% at the expense of the rest of the Earth, in light of the impending collapse of the ecological system, the highest priority is to make sure that no political figure emerges who addresses both COVID19 fraud and the threat of climate change.

Climate change advocates covered by the media, and funded by foundations, must argue for big green projects led by financial institutions that Bill Gates and friends can control, and they must back the COVID 19 myth.

The conservatives claim that climate change is a conspiracy cooked up the rich and powerful to oppress us and they present evidence in alternative news to support their perspective.

The assumption among the progressives, however, is that granted the scientific evidence for climate change, the conservatives must be “crazy” or “stupid.” Whether it is Rachel Maddow or Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks, or even socialist activists, the assumption is the same.    

But might there be a more complex game at play?

Let us consider the case of the forest fires that swept the Earth in 2018, specifically the California wildfires. The gradual warming of the Earth, the reduction in rainfall, and the siphoning of water from aquafers for use in commercial agriculture is clearly the cause of the increase in forest fires globally.    

But can we be certain that the argument made by conservatives that the California wildfires were started by arson, or enhanced thereby, with the purpose of frightening citizens into adopting a response to climate change commandeered by corporate power is ludicrous?

When Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene claimed that the wildfires were started by lasers in orbit owned by the Rothchilds as part of a conspiracy to get a high-speed rail project approved by the state of California, she set off a firestorm in the liberal media. Everyone, literally everyone, rushed out to attack her as a “nut” without considering for a moment that perhaps some part of her story might be accurate.

I have read her claims carefully, and I have read related materials concerning the political conflicts in California at the time, and I do not find her argument convincing. It would be a mistake, however, to assume that because progressive causes attack her for anti-Semitism, and climate change advocates attack her for her ignorance of science, that her claims are unfounded.

Let us take a look at the official photos selected by the BBC for the report “California wildfires: The day Paradise burned down.”

Specifically consider the following two photos.

In the first photo, we see that the houses in a development have been cleared down to the foundations in a manner that would be absolutely impossible in a forest fire, while the trees nearby stand virtually untouched.

This photograph, from a mainstream media source, presents information that immediately raises serious questions.

The second photographs indicates what appears to be melted aluminum that flowed from the automobiles burned in the forest fire. It is similarly improbable that a forest fire would burn at a temperature sufficient to melt steel or aluminum.

Following the basic principle of Occam’s razor, I would like to propose a more probable explanation for what happened. Perhaps the California wildfires, which are slowly increasing due to climate change, were purposely enhanced by artificial means, and in this case the houses were destroyed either by a strike from low-orbit military satellites, or were simply demolished in manner so as to suggest that such an attack had happened. Similarly, weapons were employed that were hot enough to melt metal, or perhaps this photograph was simply inserted in the article so as to suggest such an interpretation.

The real conspiracy might not be the Rothchild family’s ambitions in California, but rather the creation of an event that will be read in a radically divergent manner by different interpretive communities, so as to inhibit the formation of a broad consensus on the danger of corporate power and to discredit the real threat of climate change by creating real examples of falsified climate disaster.

Operation Civil War

The media of the left and of the right are cranking out stories about a possible civil war in the United States like there is no tomorrow. There are real reasons for fearing that such a domestic conflict may be in the offing. Already the low-intensity killings involving police and other vigilante groups are approaching the level of “Bleeding Kansas” in scale.

We must also ask ourselves whether the fascination of the mainsteam media with this theme suggests a more devious plan to divide and conquer. Forcing authority figures to put their reputations on the line pushing a COVID19 narrative that they do not buy has completely discredited the Federal Government, universities, the mainstream media and all the experts we rely on. The stage is set for open defiance of the entire system—which was perhaps the plan all along.

Civil war would serve to tear institutions apart and create an environment in which the super-rich, unimpeded, can push through even more radical institutional change. The actual class war between a handful of multibillionaires and the rest of the country would be hidden behind orchestrated fighting between “white nationalist terrorists” and “black lives matters” minorities that would be narrated in different media so as to stoke emotions, and to blind people to the real agenda.

This work is rendered easier by of the mistaken assumption of the upper middle class that they are on the same side as the super-rich, that Bill Gates or Elon Musk are just like them, only more successful.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The super-rich have so completely monopolized the financial system, and amassed such wealth, that for them the difference between a Harvard Professor, a US senator, a successful real estate mogul and a homeless man is insignificant. They have launched against the rest of humanity that targets not only workers and immigrants, but the entire upper middle class as well.

It is critical for the strategy, however, that the upper-middle class, all those with measly assets under one brick (100 million dollars) be convinced that they are on the side of the super-rich, and not on the side of the working class.

The new economic reality, however, is clear. The forced quarantine at airports, the forced lockdowns of schools, even in upper-middle class neighborhoods, makes it clear that policy is made for a handful of people and that even families with millions of dollars of assets are not significant for the planners.

The decision of Princeton University to require COVID19 vaccines of all students over the summer, or be denied registration, indicates just how extreme the concentration of wealth and power has become.

Most people assume that the students at elite Ivy League colleges are so privileged that they could not possibly be sacrificed for corporate profits through the use of dangerous “vaccine.” If Princeton students must to take the vaccine, obviously students in India, Brazil, Spain and Japan will have to too.

As far as the super-rich are concerned, however, the lawyers, doctors, bankers and professors who send their children to Princeton are no consequence. They are betting that the lag time between the start of this COVID19 operation and the point when educated people finally grasp the new political reality will be sufficient to vaccinate the vast majority of humanity.

The Collapse of civilization

Ultimately, the contagion of massive fictions in the United States cannot be explained simply in terms of the economic interests of the rich. Much of the scientific evidence about COVID19 is accessible on the internet with a bit of effort and anyone who reads it with care will be forced to admit that the testimony of hundreds of scientists is convincing. Moreover, advocates for mandatory vaccines are never forced to enter into public debates with the medical experts who criticize the entire COVID19 regime.

Educated Americans willingly refuse to read these scientific materials, or to engage in a thoughtful discussions with their peers.    

American lawyers and doctors, executives and professors resemble the characters in “The Sleepwalkers” (Die Schlafwandler), an novel by the Austrian writer Hermann Broch that describes the lives of the ruling class of Germany caught up in the collapsing cultural order before the First World War. Broch’s novel describes the bizarre psychological state of the educated classes of Germany. People lived like sleepwalkers; functional in society, competent at their jobs, even capable of appreciating fine music and art. Yet those same intellectuals were in the most profound sense blind, completely oblivious to the signs of systemic collapse. Because they could perform sophisticated jobs while remaining oblivious to the spread of militarism, the end of the rule of law and the demands on the economy made by overproduction, they made the unthinkable possible.

The Origin of this crisis is not corrupt politicians and CEOs, or bad policies and poor planning.

Deep down the entire system, the civilization, is decaying. The educated and informed who could be leaders are left confused, engaged in self-destructive acts as a result. We see unfolding the human version of colony collapse disorder, when the majority of worker bees in a honey bee hive inexplicably disappear, leaving behind the queen, plenty of food, and a few nurse bees. 

We cannot even start to get a handle on this civilizational crisis because our discussions of politics and economics have been stripped of all discussion of philosophy and literature, aesthetics and history. The push for the efficient and practical forced on education by corporations has left us blind and helpless, unable to grasp the invisible shifts taking place at a subterranean level within society.

Paul Levy argues that our current society is wracked by the psycho-spiritual disease “wetiko” (the native American term) which is impervious to the anti-psychotics dished out by therapists like candy at Halloween. Wekiko is a disease in our civilization that feeds like a parasite on the spirit, a collective psychosis that has seized control of the entire system of things.

Levy notes that for those captured by wekiko, “You’re blind and you do not know you are blind, and in fact imagine that you can see clearly. You come to believe that you can see more clearly than those who are clear-sighted. You then become unaware of what it is to be sighted, as you have no reference point for comparison. You do not see how you are unwittingly colluding with wetiko’s pernicious effects and thereby you are unaware of how you are having negative or ill effects upon others and the world.”

Such words describe perfectly the vast majority of the ruling class in the United States who, now spiritually crippled, are leading the entire population of the Earth to the edge of the cliff.

« Le procès de destitution : Pour la défense de Donald Trump »

« Le procès de destitution : Pour la défense de Donald Trump »

Emanuel Pastreich

Note de l’éditeur de Global Research

Nous ne sommes pas des partisans de Trump, loin s’en faut, et le Dr Emanuel Pastreich, auteur de cet article incisif et opportun, non plus.

Au cours de la présidence Trump, nous avons publié diverses opinions, dont la plupart constituent une critique des échecs, des abus et des actes illégaux commis par l’administration Trump.

Nous sommes basés au Canada. Nous ne sommes pas impliqués dans la politique bipartisane aux États-Unis. Ni les Républicains ni les Démocrates ne servent l’intérêt du peuple américain.

Nous publions diverses opinions sur la politique intérieure américaine et la politique étrangère américaine. Dans certains cas, nous pouvons être en désaccord avec les auteurs que nous publions. Nous n’imposons cependant pas de ligne éditoriale à nos auteurs.

Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, 9 janvier 2021

Les avocats employés par Donald Trump ont amassé une pile impressionnante d’arguments pour le défendre contre les accusations selon lesquelles il aurait incité une foule de ses partisans à organiser une insurrection armée dans le but d’empêcher la sélection de son adversaire démocratiquement élu. Il n’est pas populaire dans l’inconstante féerie de Washington D.C. de défendre Donald Trump, et encore moins de le louer. Mais en cette triste heure de l’histoire de notre nation, c’est précisément ce qu’il faut faire.

Malheureusement, il est peu probable que le procès en destitution prévu pour le 9 février aborde les véritables violations de la Constitution par l’administration Trump, ou les réalisations importantes de Donald Trump au cours de son mandat.

Comme le dernier procès de destitution qui s’est concentré sur une collusion russe ambiguë et amorphe, et a laissé intacte la criminalité de l’ensemble de l’exécutif (sur lequel Trump avait peu de contrôle).

Ce procès n’a qu’un seul but : servir d’avertissement à tous les politiciens américains que le système est prêt à les goudronner et à les plumer, à les attaquer pour des choses qu’ils n’ont pas faites, puis à les faire tomber avec le monde entier comme public captif.

En d’autres termes, le Président des États-Unis dans les années à venir ressemblera aux empereurs de l’empire romain dont les règnes ont rarement duré plus de quelques années : des hommes qui ont été battus par les généraux comme un chat joue avec une souris.

Le pouvoir exécutif tentaculaire a pour tentacules des sociétés de conseil, des entrepreneurs de l’armée et des forces de l’ordre, ainsi qu’une multitude de syndicats de lobbying qui considèrent la corruption comme une journée de travail bien remplie. Aucun de ces acteurs ne sera jugé pour la Saint-Valentin. Reprocher leurs péchés à Donald Trump, puis présenter au monde le “pay to play” Joe Biden comme une bouffée d’air frais progressiste, est une véritable alchimie.

Malgré tous ses péchés, qu’il s’agisse de son mauvais goût vestimentaire, de l’intérieur de ses hôtels, de ses liens avec le crime organisé ou de sa soumission à un public avide de sensationnel, Trump était un homme qui essayait simplement de déjouer le système de l’intérieur pour son bénéfice personnel, mais aussi pour certains principes honorables. Malheureusement, il est devenu prisonnier du système au cours de ce processus. Il est accusé de péchés inventés ou exagérés, ses véritables erreurs sont passées sous silence et ses véritables réalisations sont ignorées.

Le cas de Donald Trump

Donald Trump, un homme qui n’avait jamais exercé de fonction publique avant de devenir président, un homme qui ne connaissait pas grand-chose à la politique fiscale et sociale, ni aux relations internationales, un homme qui était obligé de se tourner vers une poignée d’acteurs politiques, et vers les multimilliardaires rusés derrière les rideaux, pour obtenir des conseils dans sa “bataille avec l’État profond” – un spectacle parfait pour Le Sahara – était à la fois pathétique et tragique.

Je conteste, cependant, l’hypothèse selon laquelle Trump était intrinsèquement moins qualifié que Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama ou Joe Biden, trois individus profondément liés à la finance mondiale, aux fabricants d’armes et à une foule d’autres organisations parasites qui s’acharnent à détruire les États-Unis pour le profit. Le fait que ces acteurs mondiaux aient interagi avec ces hommes prétendument nobles par l’intermédiaire du Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs de l’université de Harvard n’a en rien atténué leur caractère criminel. Aucun de ces politiciens n’aurait jamais dû être considéré comme candidat à ce poste.

La récente orgie de couverture médiatique au sujet de Trump n’a rien à voir avec ses véritables erreurs, mais est plutôt un stratagème cynique pour faire paraître légitime l’État policier COVID-19 de l’administration Biden, teinté de progressisme, et aussi pour créer un nouvel ennemi pour l’imagination du public : le supporter raciste ignorant de Trump portant le chapeau MAGA.

Cette dernière création est le premier pas vers la désignation de toute personne qui remet en question les conspirations criminelles qui battent leur plein aujourd’hui par le terme de “terroriste national” et son enfermement si le “tsar de la réalité” nouvellement nommé le juge bon.

L’ascension de Trump au pouvoir politique est le résultat de son succès dans la promotion immobilière, de sa gestion de casinos, de ses spéculations dans diverses affaires louches et de son utilisation efficace de la télévision à sensation pour gagner un public fidèle. Il n’est pas nécessaire d’expliquer qu’on ne peut pas être impliqué dans la construction et les casinos à ce niveau sans être lié au racket et au blanchiment d’argent, à la prostitution et au crime organisé.

Mais les Démocrates et les Républicains qui ont empoché de l’argent de banques d’investissement mondiales qui s’enrichissent en faisant la promotion de la guerre (au nom de la paix), qui font passer de dangereux accords de libre-échange et qui ont participé au viol de la Réserve fédérale, sont encore plus diaboliques.

Le visage de Trump est plus honnête que celui des diplômés de l’Ivy League, cultivés, sensibles à la culture et à la diversité ethnique, qui ont utilisé leur image empathique pour nous cacher la guerre brutale que ces institutions financières mondiales mènent contre les gens ordinaires.

Donald Trump s’est rendu coupable de violations de la Constitution et de la loi fédérale au cours de son administration qui méritent une destitution. Point barre.

Dans le même temps, cependant, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush et Barak Obama se sont tous rendus coupables de nombreux actes en violation de la Constitution et de la loi fédérale qui méritent la destitution. En fait, la vraie question est de savoir pourquoi les intellectuels américains ont décidé de laisser la branche exécutive gonflée, tentaculaire et putride s’en tirer avec toute cette criminalité institutionnalisée.

Les membres démocrates et républicains du Congrès qui se rassembleront comme des chacals pour le procès en destitution, des hommes et des femmes qui ont détourné le regard lorsque les puissances financières mondiales ont volé 10 000 milliards ou plus à la Réserve fédérale et qui ont ensuite eu le culot de dire que la crise économique était le résultat du COVID19, devraient être jugés eux aussi.

Les erreurs tragiques de Trump

La décision de Trump de se présenter aux élections présidentielles remonte au dîner des correspondants de la Maison-Blanche, le 30 avril 2011. Il a fait l’objet de moqueries acerbes de la part de Barak Obama qui avait l’intention de l’humilier en public et de détruire sa carrière politique.

La colère de Trump était inscrite sur son visage car il n’est pas un politicien.

Pourquoi Trump était-il si furieux ?

Personnellement, je ne suis pas convaincu que le “Mouvement Birther” de Trump, qui a tenté de prouver qu’Obama n’était pas un citoyen américain et qu’il était un musulman secret, était approprié ou exact. En fin de compte, je ne sais pas.

Je crains toutefois que de nombreux Américains ne comprennent pas les motivations sous-jacentes de cette campagne. La stratégie était sensationnaliste, comme le catcheur professionnel dans l’âme qu’est Trump, mais les moyens d’attaque politique que Trump a employés n’étaient pas entièrement son choix.

La plupart des accords corrompus conclus par l’administration Obama avec la finance mondiale sont protégés de l’examen public parce que les transactions ont été rendues classifiées, ou parce que des accords de non-divulgation rendent impossible de rendre ces crimes publics. Dans de nombreux cas, une loi secrète adoptée par le Congrès rend illégale la discussion de ces actions corrompues. L’ère post-Bush en Amérique est définie par une politique de l’indicible.

Trump s’en est pris à Obama sur la question du birther, et à Biden sur la fraude électorale, non pas parce que c’était nécessairement sa carte la plus forte, mais parce que c’était la seule carte qu’il était autorisé à jouer, la seule chose que les médias allaient rapporter.

C’est l’attitude d’Obama ce soir-là qui a irrité Trump. Obama, un homme parachuté dans la campagne présidentielle de 2008, sorti de nulle part pour servir les intérêts des super-riches, a affiché un mépris évident pour Trump et ses partisans.

Trump voulait épingler le rusé Obama pour sa corruption flagrante, mais il n’a pas pu.

Lorsque Trump a condamné ouvertement les guerres étrangères, il a été qualifié de nazi en herbe par la presse libérale. Obama, en revanche, a couvert ses propos sur les interventions à l’étranger pour ne pas froisser General Dynamics et a reçu le prix Nobel de la paix 2009 pour avoir embrassé le militarisme américain et renoncé à sa tiède critique de la guerre en Irak.

Se présenter à la présidence en tant qu’outsider était le meilleur moyen de se venger, s’est dit Trump, que devenir le président qui remplacerait ce jouet bien entretenu des élites financières serait savoureux, comme le disent les Français “La vengeance est un plat qui se mange froid”.

Trump savait que s’il voulait remporter la présidence en tant qu’outsider, il devait puiser dans la colère qui bouillonnait à cause de la corruption à Washington D.C. et de la politique élitiste d’Obama. Une partie de cette réponse avait des connotations racistes, mais une grande partie n’en avait pas.

Bien que Trump ait de l’argent, il était un petit poisson dans le milieu de plus en plus décadent de Washington. Une fois rentré à l’hôtel Trump après le brutal “rôti” d’Obama, il a réfléchi aux acteurs de pouvoir qu’il pourrait rallier à sa cause et qui seraient capables d’égaler le soutien des banques d’investissement sur lesquelles les démocrates (et les républicains) comptaient pour se hisser au sommet du jeu de l’argent.

Il a dressé une liste d’outsiders affamés qui étaient prêts à prendre un risque sur sa rhétorique populiste parce qu’eux aussi n’avaient pas l’influence politique qu’ils estimaient que leur argent méritait. Bien qu’il y en ait eu d’autres, identifions quatre groupes importants de partisans qui ont poussé fort pour que Trump soit sur la carte, et qui n’avaient que faire de son opposition au libre-échange ou de ses appels aux travailleurs.

Ces quatre groupes, cependant, ne se souciaient pas de Donald Trump personnellement, et lorsqu’il a été piégé à la fin de sa présidence pour être diagnostiqué avec le faux “COVID19” et ensuite accusé d’avoir lancé le faux drapeau “Insurrection du Capitole” dirigé par un clown, ces forces n’avaient aucun intérêt à l’aider.

Je soupçonne que Trump a pensé que, tel un maître surfeur, il pourrait d’une manière ou d’une autre surfer sur les vagues convergentes qui seraient libérées par ces puissances et faire avancer cette “bande de rivaux” afin d’obtenir quelque chose de valable tout en améliorant sa propre marque.

Les quatre groupes suivants ont vu en Trump une chance de secouer Washington et d’obtenir leur part du gâteau.

David et Charles Koch

Les frères Koch ont versé leurs milliards de charbon et de pétrole dans le financement de l’idéologie “libertaire” comme un moyen de cacher la fin de la réglementation des entreprises sous la peau de mouton de la “liberté” individuelle. Le résultat a été une augmentation massive de la pollution et la fin de la politique environnementale aux États-Unis.

Les frères Koch ont été remarquablement créatifs. Ils ont mis en place un think tank sournois, le Charles Koch Institute, qui a séduit divers intellectuels “anti-guerre” grâce à ses gros financements et à son exposition médiatique, et a ainsi donné une légitimité à leur programme d’entreprise.

Les frères Koch ont soutenu Trump, et l’ont présenté à leur représentant Mike Pompeo (qui avait des liens étroits avec la droite chrétienne) en échange d’une promesse de Trump de sortir le gouvernement de l’activité de réglementation et de mener des politiques ridicules concernant le changement climatique. Les frères Koch voulaient obtenir le même respect à Washington DC que les acteurs mondiaux comme Exxon et BP et s’immiscer dans la politique énergétique qui était auparavant déterminée par les grandes entreprises.

Betsy (Prince) DeVos et Erik Prince

Bien que le début de la relation entre Trump et la famille Prince reste opaque, Betsy (Prince) DeVos, épouse de l’héritier de la fortune Amway, et son frère Erik Prince, PDG de la société de mercenaires privés Academi, se sont attachés à Trump très tôt et lui ont donné un grand coup de pouce.

Betsy (Prince) DeVos a exigé d’être nommée secrétaire à l’éducation et a utilisé ce poste pour détruire l’éducation publique dans le cadre d’un plan plus vaste visant à transformer toute l’éducation en une industrie à but lucratif et à rendre une grande partie de la population si peu éduquée qu’elle serait incapable de s’opposer à la prise de contrôle de l’Amérique par les entreprises. Les problèmes de l’éducation, cependant, étaient un effort bipartisan des 30 dernières années et non la création de Betsy DeVos.

Trump l’a laissée faire ce qu’elle voulait sans presque aucune interférence.

Erik Prince a demandé une chance de pousser à la privatisation radicale de l’armée qui permettrait à ses groupes de mercenaires d’obtenir des contrats pour des travaux auparavant limités à l’armée elle-même, ou aux grands entrepreneurs militaires. Le soutien précoce à Trump a donné carte blanche à Erik pour étendre ses opérations mercenaires dans le monde entier, ce qui l’a amené à se battre sérieusement avec des officiers militaires.

Les Princes ont également lié Trump à un autre acteur important, Robert Mercer, le PDG de Renaissance Technologies. Le “milliardaire silencieux” Mercer a soutenu les stratégies innovantes de Steve Bannon pour susciter un soutien politique par le biais de reportages racistes et anti-immigrés dans son Breitbart News (mélangés à une bonne dose de vérité) et il a jeté les bases du décollage médiatique soudain de Trump.

 Le magnat du casino Sheldon Adelson

Donald Trump avait des liens avec Israël par l’intermédiaire de son gendre Jared Kushner et par des interactions avec divers hommes d’affaires sionistes depuis longtemps (y compris des liens avec la Russie), mais il n’a pas pris de positions fortes sur la politique israélienne. Il a également reçu le soutien dans sa campagne de nombreux Américains profondément hostiles à l’influence israélienne à Washington D.C. et qui ont exigé une enquête sur l’incident du 9.11 et le rôle d’Israël.   

Mais le vieil ami de Trump, Sheldon Adelson, était un homme aux poches profondes, aux relations solides en Israël et à l’esprit stratégique nécessaire pour faire passer Trump en tête. Adelson est l’un des grands patrons des casinos dans le monde et a probablement été l’une des personnes que Trump a appelées dès le début. Il a apporté son soutien enthousiaste et ses appels téléphoniques ont rendu l’offre de Trump viable.

Adelson a rapidement mis Trump en contact avec des figures centrales du sionisme chrétien, comme John Hagee, qui soutenait inconditionnellement les politiques les plus radicales d’Israël, et il a fait de Mike Pompeo (également lié aux frères Koch) un acteur politique central. Adelson a probablement aussi joué un rôle en présentant à Trump un autre sioniste chrétien en pleine ascension, le vice-président Mike Pence.

Les églises sionistes chrétiennes à travers les États-Unis jouent un rôle essentiel dans l’apport de votes et la collecte de fonds pour les causes conservatrices. La volonté de Trump d’embrasser les exigences extrêmes de ces églises a permis aux ministres de ces églises de le soutenir malgré ses multiples mariages et ses valeurs laxistes et indulgentes.

Adelson n’a pas passé ces heures à son rolodex pour rien. Il a obtenu une administration (à défaut d’un Trump) qui embrasse aveuglément Israël, et accorde un soutien total à tout conflit militaire israélien avec l’Iran.

Le lobby de la “guerre contre la Chine »

La promotion des conflits militaires et la vente de systèmes d’armes hors de prix est un spectacle bipartisan exquis et même les pacificateurs ne peuvent fonctionner au Congrès sans le feu vert des grands. Pour un outsider total, avec une réputation peu impressionnante et aucune expérience politique, il n’y avait pas beaucoup de place à l’auge pour Trump.

Un peu de flair, cependant, a révélé qu’il y avait un groupe dans le complexe militaro-industriel qui était extrêmement mécontent malgré le budget de la défense gonflé et qui cherchait quelqu’un pour défendre leur cause impopulaire pendant les années Obama.

Ce groupe était constitué des fabricants d’armes qui fournissent les gros équipements lourds tels que les porte-avions, les avions de chasse, les armes nucléaires et les systèmes de défense antimissile.

La “guerre contre le terrorisme” de Donald Rumsfeld a introduit le concept dangereux de “révolution dans la guerre” et une grande partie de leur matériel encombrant a été considérée comme dépassée par une nouvelle génération d’experts en sécurité.

Le nouvel accent mis sur le renseignement a engraissé leurs rivaux et leur a coûté quelques gros contrats militaires, le Pentagone imitant de plus en plus la CIA.

En outre, la pression exercée par les nouveaux venus, comme Boston Robotics, pour les exclure définitivement et faire des satellites, des drones, des robots et de l’IA le point central des dépenses militaires, les a fait voir rouge.

Bien que ces entrepreneurs apprécient la Russie en tant qu’adversaire, seul un scénario de guerre massive du Pacifique avec la Chine pourrait justifier les piles de matériel qu’ils veulent produire. Il n’est pas surprenant que ces groupes aient été poussés à bout lorsqu’Obama a proposé une coopération militaro-militaire avec la Chine, notamment en invitant la Chine à participer aux exercices navals RIMPAC à Hawaï.

La faction “guerre avec la Chine” n’est pas une société spécifique. Il s’agit d’importantes sections de Northrop Grumman, Lockeed Martin, General Dynamics, Raytheon et d’autres entrepreneurs qui avaient tout à gagner d’une poussée en faveur de grands navires et d’avions de chasse de haute technologie, d’outils pour des débarquements amphibies massifs. En même temps, les entreprises avaient aussi des unités qui ne sont pas intéressées par ce marché.

Trump a proposé de jeter la politique de la Chine unique de Nixon dans les poubelles de l’histoire et d’adopter des actions agressives en Asie de l’Est qui donneraient le coup d’envoi d’une “nouvelle guerre froide.” Ce groupe s’est rangé derrière Trump et lui a donné les références de sécurité qui lui manquaient.

Les réalisations de Trump

Si l’on jette un regard rétrospectif sur les quatre années de Trump, on constate que la plupart des dommages qui lui sont attribués sont plutôt le produit d’un délabrement institutionnel accéléré par la gangrène spirituelle abrutissante qui a infecté l’Amérique après l’incident du 11 septembre. Trump doit assumer la responsabilité d’avoir permis à des figures criminelles de diriger le spectacle, de dépouiller le gouvernement de ses compétences et de pousser à la guerre avec la Chine et l’Iran, mais Trump n’en était certainement pas le cerveau.

Il avait l’impression d’être lui-même assigné à résidence à la Maison Blanche lorsque les grands garçons se battaient – et il était parfaitement conscient que les pouvoirs en place étaient plus qu’heureux de le jeter sous le bus – comme ils l’ont finalement fait – pour atteindre leurs objectifs.

Et pourtant, aussi téméraire qu’ait pu être la tentative de Trump d’utiliser ces parias du banquet des dépouilles de DC comme moyen de prendre le contrôle du parti républicain, puis de renverser le système corrompu de l’intérieur, les efforts suivants suggèrent qu’à un certain niveau, Trump a maintenu un engagement à remettre les choses en ordre, et qu’il a essayé de s’attaquer à des problèmes que les autres politiciens avaient peur d’aborder.

Les actions suivantes ne seront pas mentionnées lors du procès de mise en accusation, mais elles devraient l’être.

1. L’engagement en faveur de la vérité sur le 11 septembre

Dans son interview avec Fox News le 11 septembre 2001, Donald Trump a fait des commentaires qui ont soulevé de sérieux doutes concernant la théorie de la conspiration du 11 septembre selon laquelle des terroristes arabes tenant des coupe-papiers ont abattu trois gratte-ciel avec deux avions. Trump a continué à aborder cette question en privé et il n’a pas hésité à entretenir des liens étroits avec les militants de la vérité sur le 11 septembre.

Sa volonté, en tant que président en exercice, de tolérer, et même d’encourager, la discussion des problèmes scientifiques liés à l’histoire officielle était risquée pour sa santé et l’a éloigné des politiciens traditionnels, démocrates et républicains. Sa volonté d’assumer cette tâche impossible témoignait d’une loyauté sincère envers ses partisans – une solidarité qu’il n’a jamais abandonnée, même lorsqu’il fréquentait les riches et les puissants.

2. Demande de publication de documents classifiés sur l’assassinat de Kennedy.

Donald Trump a utilisé des décrets en octobre 2017 pour tenter de forcer la CIA et le FBI à publier tous les documents classifiés restants concernant l’assassinat de Kennedy en 1963. La conspiration criminelle dans la finance mondiale, l’industrie et le gouvernement pour tuer Kennedy est évidente pour quiconque a examiné l’affaire même superficiellement. Pourtant, le gouvernement fédéral refuse toujours de publier les documents restants qui feront comprendre au monde entier ce qui s’est passé, et exactement qui était responsable de quoi.

La pression de Trump pour obtenir la publication de ces documents n’est pas une faveur pour les historiens et les amateurs de conspiration.

La manière dont la finance mondiale a pu assassiner de sang-froid un président qui tentait de rétablir la responsabilité des services de renseignement et de l’armée a engendré un cancer à croissance lente au sein de l’exécutif, qui ne cesse de s’aggraver depuis. De nombreux problèmes institutionnels, tels que l’incapacité de tout président à soumettre le Pentagone ou la CIA à un audit sérieux, peuvent être attribués à ce triste jour de novembre 1963.

En effet, chaque président américain sait qu’il peut être tué en toute impunité comme Kennedy, ou humilié publiquement, s’il ose s’en tenir à la Constitution ou défier le gouvernement fantôme de la finance.

Les actions de Trump étaient courageuses, et même inspirantes. Vous pouvez être sûrs que ni Bernie Sanders ni Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, chouchous de la “gauche”, n’oseront jamais faire une telle demande.

3. S’attaquer à l’utilisation de l’immigration pour détruire la vie des travailleurs américains.  

Les attaques vicieuses (au gouvernement et dans les rues) contre les immigrants, encouragées par la rhétorique qui se déverse de la bouche de Donald Trump, sont cruelles et irrationnelles.  De telles actions doivent être condamnées.

Mais nous pouvons marcher et mâcher du chewing-gum en même temps en tant que citoyens. Aussi offensante et divisive que soit la rhétorique de Trump, nous devons reconnaître deux faits essentiels : 1) une série de directives classifiées et de lois secrètes ont empêché Trump de parler directement de la façon dont la crise de l’immigration était liée aux actions des entreprises et des banques d’investissement ; 2) ses adversaires démocrates étaient intimement impliqués dans la mise en œuvre de l’immigration comme arme de lutte des classes, mais ils n’ont jamais été appelés sur ce point par les intellectuels publics dits ” progressistes “.

La ruée vers l’immigration en provenance d’Amérique centrale et d’Amérique du Sud vers les États-Unis était le résultat du complot des multinationales visant à détruire les économies locales de ces pays et à dévaster l’agriculture et l’artisanat par le biais d’un plan impitoyable de libre-échange et de libre investissement combiné à des paiements en espèces aux politiciens pour qu’ils jouent les idiots.

Les travailleurs d’Amérique latine n’ont pas eu d’autre choix que d’essayer de se rendre aux États-Unis.

Dans le même temps, les banques et les sociétés multinationales ont utilisé la politique d’immigration dans le cadre d’une stratégie visant à détruire les fondements économiques de la vie du travailleur américain, faisant de lui un pion impuissant dans leur poussée vers une nouvelle forme d’esclavage. Les démocrates ont gardé le silence sur cette grande conspiration et Trump a eu raison de dénoncer cette politique délibérée visant à détruire l’Amérique par l’immigration.

La loi secrète et les directives classifiées rendaient impossible toute discussion sur ces politiques brutales dans les médias américains. Lorsque Trump a pris l’initiative inhabituelle d’aborder la lutte des classes par le biais de l’immigration, il a été contraint par les circonstances de la décrire à l’aide de caricatures faisant appel à l’idéologie raciste.

Il a le mérite d’avoir attiré l’attention sur cette question.

4. Opposition à l’idéologie du libre-échange 

Trump a été le seul candidat de la campagne présidentielle de 2016 à aborder directement la manière dont la promotion des régimes de “libre-échange” a été employée par les riches pour détruire les fondements économiques de la vie des Américains.

Il a été vertement condamné pour avoir sapé l’engagement de l’Amérique envers les accords commerciaux mondiaux et les traités financiers. Les conservateurs, les progressistes – et tous ceux qui se situent entre les deux – ont été heureux de prendre un coup de couteau. Mais aussi incendiaire que sa rhétorique ait pu être, Trump a identifié une conspiration criminelle des riches du monde entier visant à créer la misère économique par le biais du commerce.

Les politiciens démocrates progressistes qui prétendaient se préoccuper des travailleurs ont rarement hésité à voter pour des accords de libre-échange. Ils prétendaient que ces accords aideraient les gens ordinaires alors qu’ils savaient pertinemment qu’ils étaient au profit des multinationales. Trump s’est tenu pratiquement seul pour condamner l’arnaque commerciale et il mérite d’être félicité pour ses efforts.

5. Opposition ouverte au mandat de masque, au verrouillage économique et au régime de vaccination au nom du COVID19.

Donald Trump a tenté à de nombreuses reprises de remettre en question la promotion de la fausse pandémie de COVID19 en tant que catastrophe nationale, l’insistance sur le port obligatoire de masques sans aucune base scientifique et les demandes absurdes de verrouillage de l’économie et de fermeture des bâtiments publics et des écoles. Il était l’un des rares politiciens prêts à adopter une telle position et, par conséquent, il a obtenu le soutien, lors de l’élection présidentielle, des Afro-Américains et d’autres groupes qui n’auraient normalement jamais soutenu un républicain.

Lorsque Trump a remis en question la nécessité des dangereux “vaccins” COVID19 promus par des multinationales pharmaceutiques comme Pfizer, qui contiennent de l’ARN messager destructeur et une variété de traceurs et de capteurs intégrés dans l’hydrogel du DARPA, sa position a été héroïque.

Bien que Trump ait adopté une position antiscientifique lorsqu’il a remis en question le changement climatique en réponse aux demandes des frères Koch, il a été soutenu à 100% par la science, et par de nombreux scientifiques, dans le cas du COVID-19.

Le résultat ? Trump a fait l’objet d’attaques de toutes parts dans les médias corrompus pour ses déclarations pleines de bon sens. Les chouchous de la “gauche” démocrate se sont précipités pour embrasser la marionnette corporatiste Anthony Fauci lorsqu’il a attaqué Trump pour ne pas avoir mis fin à l’économie et qu’il a fait la promotion de ces “vaccins” dangereux.”

En outre, lorsque Trump a été contraint d’approuver les vaccins, il a prononcé des discours dans lesquels il a parlé d’un projet de “distorsion” pour les développer en quelques mois, ce qui aurait normalement pris des années ou des décennies.

Trump a fait l’éloge des vaccins d’une manière délibérément exagérée comme un moyen de télégraphier la vérité au peuple sur la vraie nature des vaccins par-dessus les barrières à la diffusion de l’information érigées à Washington D.C. Un tel geste était ingénieux et courageux – mais moqué dans les médias.

6. Le soutien à une discussion ouverte sur les conspirations criminelles aux États-Unis.

La transformation des sources progressistes du journalisme en spectacles de marionnettes où le pouvoir corporatif habille ses fictions avec les vêtements usagés de la tradition de la gauche américaine est une tragédie aux proportions épiques. Nous assistons à un discours pathétique sur la politique dans lequel la “gauche” agit comme un chien de salon dressé, incapable de parler d’aucune des véritables conspirations.

Il est tout à l’honneur de Donald Trump d’avoir eu le courage de s’engager activement dans une discussion ouverte avec ceux qui demandent une enquête sur les conspirations criminelles qui ont lieu en Amérique, et d’avoir encouragé une remise en question fondamentale du rôle du gouvernement et des entreprises.

Plus précisément, Trump a été attaqué de toutes parts pour ses liens avec les croyants du “culte” de QAnon.

QAnon est un initié qui divulgue des informations sur des actions criminelles aux plus hauts niveaux du gouvernement. Si vous faites une recherche sur QAnon, vous trouverez des articles qui le condamnent comme un colporteur de complots frauduleux, qui dénoncent ses positions racistes et isolationnistes, mais vous ne verrez pas les textes de QAnon cités pour que le lecteur puisse juger par lui-même.

Aucun des journaux ne donne même l’adresse du site web de QAnon : Wikipedia rejette QAnon, en disant ,

“QAnon est une théorie de la conspiration d’extrême droite réfutée et discréditée qui prétend qu’une cabale secrète de pédophiles cannibales adorateurs de Satan dirige un réseau mondial de trafic sexuel d’enfants et complote contre l’ancien président américain Donald Trump, qui a combattu la cabale. Selon les procureurs américains, QAnon est communément appelé une secte.”

L’hypothèse selon laquelle les démocrates (et les républicains) traditionnels ne peuvent pas être liés à la prostitution et à la pédophilie est facilement prouvée fausse. D’ailleurs, aucun politicien traditionnel n’a essayé de discréditer QAnon en lançant des enquêtes scientifiques internationales sur les affirmations qu’il fait sur l’incident du 11 septembre ou la campagne COVID19.

Les inexactitudes significatives de QAnon sont un problème qui ne peut être résolu que par un effort ouvert pour identifier les parties exactes. Le problème plus important est l’échec de la plupart des intellectuels à condamner les fictions flagrantes colportées par le New York Times et le Washington Post.

Quoi qu’il en soit, la volonté de Trump, en tant que président, de s’attaquer aux conspirations massives est une première étape nécessaire, et c’est tout à son honneur.

7. Remise en question de la légitimité de l’élection

On nous répète sans cesse que Biden a remporté l’élection de manière juste et transparente et que les efforts de Trump pour contester l’élection sont égoïstes et corrompus. Ce récit est une fraude massive.

On ne sait pas très bien qui a gagné cette élection, ou si c’était une élection tout court. Quoi qu’il en soit, nous devrions nous réjouir que Trump soit le premier candidat qui ait été prêt à s’opposer à la manipulation massive du vote par les puissances corporatives. Nous ne pouvons que souhaiter qu’Al Gore ou John Kerry, ou Bernie Sanders, ou bien d’autres, aient eu le cran de se lever et de refuser d’accepter les élections bidon qui nous sont imposées.

L’élection de 2020 était truquée dès le départ. Les puissances financières qui dirigent les États-Unis ont émis une série de directives classifiées, et ont fait adopter par le Congrès des lois secrètes qui déterminaient qui seraient les candidats et quels sujets pourraient, ou non, être abordés.

Ce n’est un secret pour personne que le camp Biden a utilisé tous les sales coups de sa boîte à outils pour s’assurer la nomination démocrate, y compris la manipulation du vote dans les primaires pour battre Bernie Sanders.

Pourquoi supposerait-on alors que l’équipe Biden ne manipulerait pas le vote de manière similaire lors de l’élection générale – surtout à la lumière du soutien qu’il a reçu des néoconservateurs proches du clan Bush ?

Dans des cas flagrants comme le revirement soudain en faveur de Biden en Pennsylvanie, les progressistes soucieux du processus démocratique auraient dû exiger une enquête internationale qui aurait documenté de manière transparente les détails du vote. Aucun démocrate n’a demandé ne serait-ce que le rétablissement des sondages à la sortie des urnes.

C’est tout à son honneur, et non un signe de son égoïsme, que Trump a refusé de concéder l’élection.

Le véritable crime est que les progressistes ont refusé d’exiger une enquête scientifique sur les résultats de l’élection, plutôt que de se jeter aux pieds de Biden comme s’il était la réincarnation de Robert Kennedy.

8. Condamnation des guerres étrangères sans fin

Vous savez que vous êtes dans la “Twilight Zone” lorsque les progressistes qui tombent à bras raccourcis pour condamner Trump pour racisme et bellicisme se taisent ensuite lorsqu’il, en tant que président des États-Unis en exercice, condamne les “guerres éternelles” criminelles des vingt dernières années et attaque le système d’approvisionnement en armes à but lucratif.

Les commentaires de Trump le 7 septembre 2020 condamnant les guerres étrangères, et dénonçant les profiteurs de guerre, ont dépassé tout ce que vous trouverez sortant de la bouche des démocrates – et ce n’était pas la seule déclaration publique de ce type de sa part. Il a déclaré :

“Avec Biden, on a expédié nos emplois, ouvert nos frontières et envoyé nos jeunes se battre dans ces folles guerres sans fin. Et c’est l’une des raisons pour lesquelles l’armée – je ne dis pas que l’armée est amoureuse de moi, les soldats le sont. Les hauts responsables du Pentagone ne le sont probablement pas, parce qu’ils ne veulent rien faire d’autre que de faire la guerre pour que toutes ces merveilleuses entreprises qui fabriquent les bombes, qui fabriquent les avions, qui fabriquent tout le reste restent heureuses. Mais nous sommes en train de sortir de ces guerres sans fin”.

Il a terminé ses commentaires,

“Ramenons nos soldats à la maison. Certaines personnes n’aiment pas rentrer à la maison. Certaines personnes aiment continuer à dépenser de l’argent. Une trahison mondialiste sans pitié après l’autre. C’est ce que c’était.”

L’intégralité du discours était du théâtre, et il n’était pas tout à fait exact, mais Trump a réussi à glisser devant les censeurs une critique du système brisé qu’aucun autre politicien n’a pu faire.

En fait, les commentaires de Trump sont la première attaque d’un président en exercice sur cette corruption systématique depuis la condamnation du “complexe militaro-industriel” par le président Eisenhauer dans son discours d’adieu du 17 janvier 1961 (il y a presque exactement 60 ans).

Obama, ou Harris, malgré tout leur multiculturalisme, sont incapables de faire une telle déclaration parce qu’ils ont accédé au pouvoir politique sur le dos du capital-investissement et du capital-risque, des organisations qui tirent une grande partie de leur argent des ventes d’armes, de la promotion d’accords de “libre-échange” centrés sur les entreprises et de l’élimination de toutes les barrières au déchaînement du capital mondial dans le monde.

En outre, le discours d’adieu de Trump lui-même s’adressait aux soldats ordinaires et critiquait les généraux politiques qui utilisent l’armée comme un moyen d’amasser des richesses.

Sa tentative de se lier aux soldats ordinaires, et de s’opposer aux profiteurs militaires, semble être un sentiment sincère, et non une posture politique.

9. Appel à la nationalisation de la Réserve fédérale

Donald Trump a fait un effort sérieux pour placer la Banque de réserve fédérale des États-Unis sous le contrôle du département du Trésor et pour mettre un frein à l’utilisation de la dette américaine par la finance mondiale à ses propres fins.

Il est difficile d’évaluer le succès de cet effort de contrôle de la création monétaire, car les médias sont contrôlés par les mêmes institutions financières qui dominent le système de la Réserve fédérale. Les rapports (à la fois pro et anti-Trump) sont troubles et obscurs.

De plus, parce que la politique financière de la Réserve fédérale, et du département du Trésor, est de plus en plus rendue confidentielle, il est impossible d’avoir une discussion publique sérieuse sur la politique fiscale.

La décision de Trump de faire appel à Larry Fink, le PDG de la société d’investissement multimilliardaire BlackRock, pour jouer un rôle central au sein de la Réserve fédérale est au mieux une victoire à la Pyrrhus.

Les partisans de Trump affirment qu’au moins les Rothschild ne contrôlent plus la Réserve fédérale. Honnêtement, je ne sais pas quels rapports croire sur le statut de la Réserve fédérale aujourd’hui.

Ce qui est clair, cependant, c’est que le vol de milliers de milliards de dollars de la Réserve fédérale l’année dernière était une réalité, et que Trump a essayé, peut-être sans succès, de faire quelque chose.

Le procès spectacle à venir de Donald Trump  

Trump a payé un prix pour avoir parlé de profit de guerre et d’autres conspirations criminelles pendant l’élection. Il a soudainement été diagnostiqué positif au COVID19 le 11 octobre et sa campagne a été arrêtée précisément au moment où il commençait à faire de la discussion sur les conspirations criminelles un élément central de la campagne.

Mais ce n’était que le début de l’attaque. Les médias corporatifs l’ont dépeint comme un chef terroriste, à l’instar d’Oussama Ben Laden, qui incitait ses partisans racistes à commettre une “insurrection armée”. Mais l’occupation du Capitole ressemblait plus à un spectacle de Laurel et Hardy qu’à une attaque ou une insurrection sérieuse et de multiples rapports ont soulevé de sérieux doutes quant à ce qui s’est réellement passé. Inutile de dire qu’aucun progressiste ne demande une enquête internationale.

Les avocats de M. Trump ne seront pas en mesure de répondre aux attaques injustes dont il a fait l’objet de la part des médias pendant le procès en destitution, ni de présenter des preuves concernant ses contributions au rétablissement de l’État de droit aux États-Unis.

Ces avocats ne pourront pas non plus démontrer que les actions criminelles qui ont eu lieu pendant l’administration de Trump étaient pour la plupart la faute d’un pouvoir exécutif qui ne peut plus être contrôlé par le président. Ils ne pourront pas décrire comment Trump a été piégé pour ce procès spectacle afin de détourner l’attention de crimes plus importants.

Tous leurs efforts doivent être consacrés à la défense de Trump contre l’accusation selon laquelle il aurait été le cerveau de la violente insurrection armée au Capitole destinée à empêcher l’élection de Joe Biden à la présidence.

En d’autres termes, ce procès a ouvert la porte à l’utilisation de toute la force du gouvernement fédéral pour traiter toute personne qui remet en question le régime des vaccins, ou qui demande des enquêtes sur des conspirations comme le 11 septembre, comme un terroriste national.

Nous avons l’obligation, non seulement pour le bien de Donald Trump, mais aussi pour l’avenir de nos enfants, de condamner ouvertement cette tentative manifestement criminelle de préparer une “insurrection” et de la mettre sur le dos du président.

Trump est à la fois un lutteur professionnel, un animateur de jeux télévisés et un mafieux. Je ne lui achèterais pas une voiture d’occasion, mais on sent chez lui une certaine loyauté et une certaine décence, alors même qu’il joue un jeu politique impitoyable.

Il a l’humanité et l’attachement personnel du gangster. Trump n’était peut-être pas fait pour être président, mais il est plus transparent que les démocrates qui prient en secret à l’autel de la finance mondiale.

Peu importe ce que vous pouvez penser de son goût étrange, de ses multiples mariages, de ses déclarations sensationnalistes ou de ses partisans, Trump a pris de nombreuses mesures pour rechercher la vérité qui l’ont mis en danger et qui méritent notre respect à contrecœur.

Emanuel Pastreich est Président de l’Asia Institute, un groupe de réflexion ayant des bureaux à Washington DC, Séoul, Tokyo et Hanoï. Pastreich est également directeur général de l’Institute for Future Urban Environments. M. Pastreich a déclaré sa candidature à la présidence des États-Unis en tant qu’indépendant en février 2020.

The war of multinational corporations on the Earth’s citizens (Part One)

The war of multinational corporations on the Earth’s citizens

Part one:

Turning us into passive obedient consumers

Corporations, multinational investment banks, and the super-rich that hide behind them, have launched the final stage this year of a ruthless war of a tiny few against the great majority of humanity.

Although they pay off their puppets in the media to float happy tales of some happy resolution to the dire situation of the moment, they already know that the die is cast, that they are committed to a strategy of distracting, seeding division, undermining rational thinking and using a combination of blatant intimidation with open bribery to slowly, systematically, overpower and reduce to slavery 99.98% of the Earth’s population. They know already, according to the calculations of their supercomputers, what will happen if they are not successful in this plan. They also know that catastrophic climate change and biodiversity loss will make it impossible for them to monopolize the wealth and the resources for long.

There is literally no limit to how far they will go.

The tools they use to pursue this war against the citizens of the Earth are technology, propaganda and disinformation campaigns, threats against individuals who display leadership skills and massive bribes for the leaders who are allowed to be covered in the media to represent the conservative and the progressive causes.

They also employ as part of this strategy an intimate knowledge of certain key weaknesses in the brain, and the potential for exploiting the human inclination to determine truth based on a vague sense of the mood of the herd, rather than logic. That is to say they are investing billions in hidden money to systematically create social pressure that makes citizens conform with pointless mandates for masks or vaccines that are launched from diverse platforms as a means of inducing the population to police itself.

Without such a strategy, the super-rich could not possibly seize control of the entire Earth.

There has been extensive research by corporations, and by the CIA and Department of Defense (government organizations exploited to hide the true entities demanding such research) into how humans can be manipulated without their knowledge, and compelled through imperceptible persuasion to permit, or even aid, their own disenfranchisement without us even being aware of this silent and invisible takeover.

Such operations have been undertaken before, but never on this global scale. New developments in supercomputing and the global integration of, and deregulation of, finance, has made such a master plan possible for the first time.

Recent developments are best viewed as the final acceleration of a process by which corporations bribed and lobbied all authority figures in government and academics to go along with a process of privatization, commercialization and automation that now means that a tiny handful of people can control every aspect of human experience in an absolute sense while the vast majority of citizens cannot even conceive of what it taking place. We have not reached that state yet, but Elon Musk, Bill Gates and others believe, based on the calculations of supercomputers, that it is now possible.

The super-rich have also invested wisely to establishment of a panoply of sham activists, or toothless, “feel good, do nothing” NGOs. These “movements” are allowed to appear in the corporate controlled media, and they pretend to respond to corporate power, but they purposely discourage citizens from organizing themselves (they ask only for donations, or attendance at protests, but they pointedly do not empower people to form their own groups or achieve financial and ideological independence). Such NGOs are silent about the mass manipulation of the media and of politics by global finance—even though that is the primary cause of the political problems we face. 

If we follow the current trajectory, there will not be a single part of our lives that is completely controlled by a multinational corporation in the next few years.

We do not have that long to act.

The push for mandatory COVID19 “vaccines” in the face of the overwhelming scientific evidence against them is not a matter of mistaken science or bad policy. It is rather a process of preparing government officials, doctors, reporters and other media figures to follow orders from above which have no rational basis. After this “softening up process,” which is carefully calibrated on the basis of secret CIA torture programs designed to test the weaknesses of the human psyche, a rougher and more brutal form of rule can be implemented.

The mask mandate was the first step in the implementation of this form of massive psychological warfare. It is, to use the technical term, a slow “rape of the mind.”

The enormous restructuring of governance and the economy described by the World Economic Forum as the “Great Reset” is not a secret and anyone who takes the time to read that book, and related documents, can figure out about 70% of what is their agenda is.  

The citizen will be convinced that he or she operates within a functional country and that there is some process by which the politicians at the top take actions on their behalf. But the super-rich care nothing for nation states and their populations and they use politicians to deflect attention away from themselves. Every time a politician takes a fall, it is to distract you from the predations of the rich. Every attack on minorities is a trick to get you hooked on race and diversity and distracted from the concentration of wealth.

We are increasingly subject to the whims of unaccountable global powers, and the intentionally render us passive, open to persuasion, and therefore incapable of resistance, by the media that is controlled by those powers.

The super-rich rely on two approaches to psychological manipulation that go back to the 1930s and before but have been perfected by recent research. 

The first technique is the use of traumatic events that are reported on in a sensationalist and unscientific manner in the media so as to induce a deep sense of shock, disorientation and confusion in the population as a whole. The mental trauma of such events, whether the 9.11 incident, or the hyped-up COVID19 crisis, or the “armed insurrection” at the Capitol, is used to induce passivity and receptivity to profound institutional shifts that would otherwise be impossible.

Naomi Klein describes this approach as the “shock doctrine” and although she hesitates to delve too deeply into the degree to which it has become national policy, she accurately traces the approach back to the torture programs designed to test the limits of the human psyche.

Such trauma effects the reactive and emotional part of the human brain known as the amygdala, bringing on a “fight or flight” response in the psyche that overrides the rational, integrative, response to external events that would be carried out by the prefrontal cortex in normal conditions. Because we as individuals, and as populations, are unaware of how the amygdala has taken over decision making from the prefrontal cortex because of these engineered shocks, we are unable to organize, or even conceive of, a response to the real threat. Instead, we focus on the cooked up threats offered to us by the commercial media like Islamic terrorism in the case of 9.11 or the spread of a dangerous virus in the case of the COVID19 operation.

The second strategy is to induce a hypnotic state in the brain of the individual, and the population as a whole, through the constant repetition of certain themes and images through advertisements, commercials, images, and themes articulated in movies, TV shows, reporting and even the packaging of products.

The stimulation alternates between the intentionally boring and distracting images and direct appeals to the pleasure centers of the brain such as the desire for food, for sexual arousal, or for pleasant experiences.

The advertisements promoting the enjoyment of food and encouraging low-level sexual arousal are not only, or even primarily, aimed at selling products. They are intended to induce a state of passivity in the population.

The CIA explains the process,

“Hypnosis is basically a technique which permits acquisition of direct access to the sensory motor cortex and pleasure centers, and lower cerebral (emotional) portions of the right side of the brain following successful disengagement of the stimulus screening function of the left hemisphere of the brain. The right hemisphere, which functions as the noncritical, holistic, nonverbal and pattern-oriented component of the brain, appears to accept what the left hemisphere passes to it without question. Consequently, if the left hemisphere can be distracted either through boredom or through reduction to a soporific, semi-sleep state, external stimuli to include hypnotic suggestions are allowed to pass unchallenged into the right hemisphere where they are accepted and acted on directly.”

(FOIA document “Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process” June 9, 1983 (US Army Intelligence and Security Command)


This scale of mass hypnosis to render the citizens of all the world them passive, and unable to resist persuasion from authority figures is unprecedented. This process is being undertaken slowly, over months and years following complex algorithms, that are kept secret.

It is critical in this process that individuals be isolated from each other, unable to communicate except through mediums controlled by multinational corporations, and that they be offered only ineffective and superficial organizations to join, organizations in which they will be incapable of participating in the decision-making process, or of effecting change. Quarantine, lockdowns, social distancing and the promotion of a narcissistic consumption culture are critical to that process.

The result is that the citizens of the United States, and around the world, are being reduced to consumers of products supplied by multinational corporations who cannot even conceive of how the world has been radically transformed in this great reset.

They are being rendered passive and unresponsive so that the super-rich can quickly seize complete control of the systems by which countries are governed, by which money and finance are determined, the media by which information is distributed, the universities and research institutes by which authoritative perspectives backed by science are presented, the farms and distribution systems by which food is provided, the aquafers and irritation systems by which water is provided, and every other aspect of human experience.

When we awake from this slumber, if we ever do, we will discover that every aspect of our lives is controlled by unaccountable powers which we cannot understand, which we have no way to challenge and which will increase slowly and systematically the means by which we are made slaves, and, if necessary, destroyed.

“新冠肺炎之病理:阶级战争与信息战,算法与人工智能的作用” (贝一明)






“The COVID-19 Pathology: Class and Information Warfare, Algorithms and the Role of Artificial Intelligence”












针对当前阶级战争做清晰论述的最著名右翼人士是亚历克斯·琼斯。他的网站以“战争资讯”(Info Wars)为名,同时该人也在做名为“监狱星球”(Prison Planet)的新闻节目。琼斯系统性地发布了旨在揭露企业与政府众多阴谋的信息,能让受众获益良多,但他的节目中又包含许多零七八碎的误导性内容——也许他也是不得已而为之,被迫将垃圾融入自己的报道;要知道,他引用的许多材料都是机密内容。

















开办“WSWS报道”的社会主义平等党 等左翼团体刻意回避对富豪的财产总额、富豪的敛财方式以及社会财富的归属做严肃分析。他们大谈特谈社会正义,却在大多数情况下对比尔·盖茨、沃伦·巴菲特和乔治·索罗斯的阴谋诡计保持缄默。














































































“The COVID-19 Pathology: Class and Information Warfare, Algorithms and the Role of Artificial Intelligence”

Global Research

2020 12 20日)

“워싱턴 DC에 대한 눈에 보이지 않은 공격”

“워싱턴 DC에 대한 눈에 보이지 않은 공격”

미국 대통령 취임식 때 연설

이만열 (임마누엘 페스트라이쉬Emanuel Pastreich)

Call for action in response to the occupation of Washington DC

2021년 1월 20일

매우 송구스럽고 참담한 마음으로 미국에서 발생한 이번 사건에 관하여 말씀드리고자 합니다.

워싱턴 D.C를 휩쓸고 미국 각 주 까지 퍼지며 이 작고푸른 녹색 행성과 모든 나라까지 뒤흔들었습니다. 이런 모욕적인 혼란은 조지 워싱턴 대통령 이나 에이브러햄 링컨 대통령 의 겸손한 노력과는 너무나도 비교되어 오히려 옛 로마제국의 네로 황제와 칼리굴라 황제의 광폭한 통치에 더 적절하다 할 만큼 통탄할 사건이었습니다. 참으로 슬픈 날이었습니다.

결국 우리 모두가 직면할 도전은 더 커졌으며 위험은 더 긴박 해졌습니다.

그러나 오히려 이 위기로 인해 새로운 것을 이룰 수 있는 격동력이 탄생했다고 볼 수도 있겠습니다. 즉, 이미 지나간 과거의 제국적 부패와 국내 갈등과 분열의 늪으로 다시 돌아가는 것이 아니라 이상적이고 긍정적인 공화국을 되살리고자 하는 모두의 진심어린 굳건한 의지로 다시 방향 조정을 할 필요가 있습니다.

로마 황제 마르쿠스 아우렐리우스가 쓰기를

“그대가 오늘 두려움이나 기대 없이 그대의 일을 받아들일 수 있다면 성취감을 얻을 수 있는것이다. 그대가  하늘의 의도에 합당하게 ‘초인간적인 진실성’을 가진다면 인생이 행복해질 것이다“

긍정적 사고방식으로 가는 유일한 길은 재미있는 전설이나 화려한 신화가 아니라 초인적 진실성에서 비롯되는 것입니다. 얼마 전 또는 지난 몇 년 동안 겪어야 했던 끔찍한 시련은 우리가 알지 못했던 방식으로 시험을 통해 우리를 막고 있는 것이 길이 되게 하기 위한 것입니다.

어떻게 보면 우리가 과학적 방법에 기반을 둔 완벽하고 투명한 국제적 합동의 철저한 조사가 시행될 때까지는 국회 의사당에 침투한 공격에 대해  지금은 그 어떠한 섣부른  언급은 자제하는 것이 좋을 것이라 봅니다. 아쉽게도 우리에게는 시간이 많지 않습니다. 이것은 매 4년 반복되는 평범한 선거도 아닙니다.

아마도 우리는 현세대의 상황을 화산의 폭발처럼 보아야 할 것입니다, 수년에 걸쳐 미국 사회에서 일어난 마치 은근히 진행되어온 지질학적 변화처럼 감지하기 어려워 마치 수십 년 동안 아무 일도 일어나지 않는 것처럼 보이지만 그 수십 년은 단 며칠 사이 몇 시간 안에 과격히 진행될 수도 있는 것입니다.

마침내 용암처럼 거칠고 원시적인 문화 정치의 변화가 터져 흘러서 경사면을 무너뜨리고 거대한 산불로 번지고 있습니다. 우리가 어떤 국가, 어떤 지구가 될지  비전을 갖는다면 우리는 순간을 포착할 수 있고 방출 된 힘을 긍정적 인 방향으로 유도할 수 있습니다. 용암이 식으면 굳어 견고해진 제도 전통 및 가치를 견딜 수 있든 없든 현세대와 또한 다음 세대가 수세기 동안 누리든 견디든 해야 할것입니다.

대조적으로, 현재 우리가 당면한 도전에 충실하지 못했다면  우리가 어떤 계획이나 방향없이, 예를 들어, 그냥 시바신 에게 열쇠를 넘길 경우, 즉 끔직한 인간의 본능적 파괴력에 맞길 경우 그 용암의 냉각에 의해 형성되는 벽은 분명코 우리 모두를 분열시킬 것이며 앞으로도 수세기 동안 우리를 그 어떠한 문명의 발전적 희망으로부터 격리시킬것은 뻔한 사실입니다.

예, 그렇습니다. 지난 며칠 동안 미국에 끔찍한 공격이 있었고 지난 1 년 동안 끔찍한 전염병이 우리를 강타했습니다.


그러나 정작 그 끔찍한 공격은 미국 국회 의사당에서 일어나지 않았습니다. 실제 미국과 미국 국민 모두에게 가해진 공격은 다국적 투자은행에 의해 그리고 자산 관리 및 재정연합과 쉘 회사의 계열사 뒤에 숨어 사모 펀드 회사에 의해 또한 슈퍼 리치에 의해 가해진 것이며 전체 연방정부의 실권이 통째로 그들에게 인수되었다는 것이 진정한 공격이었음을 직시해야합니다.

마틴 루터 킹 목사는,

“매년 사회적 체제 향상 프로그램보다 군사력과 방위비에 더 많은 돈을 지출하는 국가는 기필코 국가적 영적 죽음을 맞이할 것이다“ 라고 경고했습니다.

앞으로 우리가 그리고 여러분이 해야 할 일에 대한 언급이 있기 전에 우선 COVID19에 대한 내막과 지금까지 무슨 일이 있었는지에 대해 이야기 하겠습니다.

COVID 19 바이러스는 미국이란 사회의 모든 사지와 모든 기관을 감염시켰으며 신체라는 정치적 몸뚱아리의 머리 눈 뒤에 깊이 은밀한 번식을 하게끔 악순환이라는 DNA를 심어놨습니다. 이 COVID19는 한때 세상에 많은 것을 제공하던 국가를 머리부터 발까지 감염시켜 놓았습니다.

문화와 모든 제도, 기관을 삼켜버리는 이 끔찍한 질병의 기원은 여전히 모호하지만 급속히 확산한 우리 나라의 참담한 도덕적 파산과 훌륭한 고등 교육을 받는 행운을 누렸고 여가와 경제와 정치 역사와 철학에 대해 배울 수 있는 기회를 가졌던 사람들의 도덕적 윤리적 타락과 더럽혀진 양심으로 인해 평범한 시민마져 진실된 정보를 접할 수있는 기회가 사라져버렸습니다.

따뜻한 특권에 싸여 있던 미국인들은 더 위대한 선에 공헌하는 그들의 역할에 완전히 실패했습니다. 그들은 문명 전염병으로부터 구해질 수 있는 최소한의 기회조차 거부했습니다.

행운과 특권을 누렸던 우리는 우리가 차지하고 있는 이익을 지키고 방어하는데 시선을 두면 안 됩니다. 우리가 누렸던 교육, 기술은 모든 시민과 함께 나눠야 할 선물입니다.

무엇보다도 우리는 항상 우리의 마음의 눈에 편의점에서 늦은 밤까지 일하는 사람들 그리고 주유소에서 사무실을 걸레질하고 쓰레기통을 비우는 사람들 그리고 지금 노숙자와 고속도로를 따라 어젯밤에 어설프게 세운 골판지 벽 뒤에 함께 모여 있는 빈곤한 이웃들 모두를 가슴깊이 염두해 두고 능력껏 도와줄 수 있어야 할 것입니다.

그들에게는 공정한 기회가 주어지지 않았을 뿐이며 전문 기술을 배우거나 물리학과 기술을 이해하거나 배울 기회가 없었을 뿐입니다. 인간으로서의 의무와 책임을 항상 생각하면서 그들은 우리 마음속의 최우선이 되어야 합니다. 우리는 그들을 도와야 하며 그들을 보호해야 합니다. 그것은 모든 정치를 위한 종석(핵심) 즉 기초가 되어야 합니다.

우리는 우리 나라가 침체와 고조를 반복하는 이념의 마찰이나 전 세계의 강력한 세력들과 의연한 관계를 맺은 군대 내 파벌 간의 세력다툼으로 휘말리지 않도록 저항해야 합니다. 우리는 부상당한 사자 주위에 모인 하이에나처럼 또는 돼지가 주둥이를 아무데나 쑤셔보며 다니는 것처럼 저질스럽고 흉측해지면 안될 것입니다.

우리에게는 초재벌의 꼭두각시 인형이나 기생충같은 밑바닥의 비열하고 저급한 행동이 필요치 않습니다. 우리에게는 우리가 자는 동안 워싱턴 D.C를 점령한 숨겨진 세력에 대항하는 행동이 필요할 뿐입니다.

프랭클린 D. 루즈벨트 대통령이 말했듯이,

“우리는 평화 사업 및 금융독점, 투기, 무분별한 은행, 계급간의 적대감, 부분주의, 전쟁을 이용한 폭리라는 오래된 적들과 투쟁해야 합니다. 그들은 미국 정부를 자신의 업무에 대한 단순한 부속으로 간주하기 시작했습니다. 우리는 조직된 돈으로 운영 된 정부는 조직 폭력단체가 조종하는 정부만큼 위험하다는 것을 알아야 합니다.”

우리는 모든 미국인과 지구의 모든 사람들의  삶의 경제적 기반을 파괴 할 목적으로 계획된     COVID19 사기를 비난해야합니다. 그 사기 배후의 세력은 적극적이고 조직적인 저항에만 반응하기 때문에 우리는 그들에 맞서 싸워야합니다. 그들의 치명적인 계획에는 이성과 타협이 존재하지 않습니다.

우리는 그들의 마스크를 찢고, 진실과 과학의 밝은 빛 속에서 우리 자신의 마스크 또한 찢어야 할 것입니다.

우리는 이미 국회 의사당에 대한 공격이 어떻게 악용될지 볼 수 있습니다.

그것은 그 연극 뒤의 실질적으로 존재하는 세력을 발견하는 수단이 아니라, 오히려 그 숨은 세력이 미국의 모든 자유 언론을 서서히 탄압할 수 있도록 허락해 주는 새로운 9/11을 만들 수 있습니다.

나는 합동 참모 본부의 구성원들의 의도를 의심하는 것을 두려워하지 않습니다.

그들은 모두 큰 돈에 조종당하는 정치인들이며, 공화국이라는 관에 마지막 못을 박는 이런 움직임의 모든 부분입니다.  9/11을 목격하고 다른 모습으로 기뻐했던 것처럼.

이미 악마의 법안은 “애국법”의 제한을 새로운 차원으로 하락시켜 모든 국내 항의, 새로운 백신 정책에 대한 모든 의문, 비판을 불법 및 범죄자로 몰아붙히는 준비를 하고 있습니다.

우리는 도널드 트럼프 대통령이나 조 바이든 상원을 향한 개인적인 적대감을 가져서는 안 됩니다. 둘 다 부서지고 손상된 시스템에서 최선을 다했습니다. 그러나 그들 중 어느 누구도 대통령이 될 자격이 없으며 둘 다 비합법적입니다. 정부 전체가 부패로 붕괴했기 때문에 선거는 애당초 합법적일 수가 없었습니다.

한때 정부가 있던 곳에는 부정부패만 있고 결국 “돈장난 놀이를 위한 지불” 만 남았습니다.

하버드 대학이 COVID19를 과대 광고하는 골드만 삭스의 도구가 되었는데 FDA 미국 식약청은 다국적 기업이 주문한 위험한 백신을 밀어 붙일때, 워싱턴 포스트와 월스트리트 저널은 자신의 개인적 취향에따라 인류 전체를 몰살하려는 억만 장자의 삐뚤어진 의지에 의하여 실행될 때 우리 모두는 깨달아야만 합니다. 어느 서럽게 돈 많은 영혼 빈 늙은이들의 광기 뒤에 모두가 알아차리지 못한 그 어떤 숨은 의도가 있는지를…

저는 오늘날 국내외 모든 도덕적 책임감을 갖은 미국인들에게 즉각 양심에서 우러나오는 행동을 취하라고 촉구하고 있습니다. 아무도 인정하지도 않고 고마워하지도 않는 외로운 일을 하고 있습니다.

저는 오늘부터 자유와 정의에 전념하는 미국 모든 시민들을 한데 모으기 위한 끊임없는 노력으로 이 자리를 차지할 것을  엄숙히 맹세합니다.

합법적인 선거가 있을 때까지, 또는 저보다 더 자격 있고 유능한 사람이 나타날 때까지 이 투쟁을 멈추지 않을 것을 맹세합니다.

우리는 미국과 유엔의 근본적인 개혁을 할 준비가된 대통령이 필요합니다 동시에 그런 의지 있는 시민들도 필요 합니다.

미국의 정치적 전통과 미국의 통치의 뿌리는 민주주의에 기반을 두고있지만, 그 뿌리와 정신, 근본적인 영감은 1776년 미국 혁명 그리고 1860년 노예제도에 대한 혁명으로 거슬러 올라간다는 것을 상기시켜 드리고 싶습니다. 우리의 전통은 혁명적이며, 그 전통이 절대적으로 중요한 시기입니다.

독립 선언문을 읽어 드리겠습니다.

오늘의 코멘트는 어떤 의미에서 두 번째 “독립 선언”이기 때문입니다.

이것은  대영 제국으로 부터의 독립이 아니라 억만 장자와 그 하인이 운영하는 교활한 금융제국으로부터의 독립선언입니다.

우리는 부패와약탈의 제국의 착취에서, 국가간의 분열과 전쟁에서, 국제적 언론 조작, 패스트 푸드와 불필요한 약물과 보험 제국으로부터의 독립을 선언 합니다.

우리의 국부들께서 언급하신바

“우리는 모든 인간이 평등하게 창조되었고, 창조주로부터 양도할 수 없는 권리를 부여 받았으며,생명, 자유, 행복을 추구할 수 있는 진리를 자명하게 하는바 이러한 기본 권리를 확보하기 위해 정부는 정부간의 동의로부터 자신의 정당한 권력을 도출하고, 혹 체제의 교체시 그것을 바꾸거나 폐지하고 새로운 정부를 세우는 것 또한 국민의 권리이며, 그러한 원칙에 기초를 두고 그러한 형태로 권력을 조직하는 것이 국민의 안전과 행복에 영향을 미칠 가능성이 가장 높은 것으로 믿기에 이처럼 공포하는바 입니다…그러나 핍박과 학대 또는 회피의 긴 열차가 절대 독재 하에서 국민의 권리를 침해할 시에는 그러한 정부를 과감히 버리고 미래의 보안과 공정한 사회를 위해 새로운 경비원을 제공하는 것이 진정한 정부의 양심이자의무입니다.”

전적으로 옳습니다. 중요한 민주주의의 과정이 바로 혁명이며, 단순히 진보적이고 보수적인 양변 사회 사이의 사기성 농후한 거짓스런 맛, 즉 펩시와 코카콜라 사이에 어리석은 정치적 소용돌이가 아닐것입니다.

제퍼슨이 말하기를 ;

“옛부터 자유라는 나무는 꾸준히 애국자의 피 와 폭군의 피로 가꾸어져야만 했다.”

그 당시에도 지금도 자명한 사실입니다.

누군가를 대통령으로 누군가를 임명하기 전에 필히 다음 사항을 수행해야 할 것입니다.


억만 장자, 투자 은행, 사모 펀드 및 체재 안에 기생하며 국가를 장악한 모든 음흉한 금융 기관을 나열하고 폭로할 수 있는 구체적 방안을 제시해야 합니다 :

a) 최근의 금융범죄 행위에 관한 모든 정보는 공개될 것입니다

(기밀 해제 및 국가 위기의 이유로 비공개 계약에서 발표);

b) 범죄 혐의는 당연히 추궁될 것이며 책임 있는 사람들에 의해 제기됩니다. 수십조 달러를 쏟아 부은 억만장자를 포함하여 그들의 수작에 많은 것을 투자했거나 동참한 모든 범죄인을 포함합니다.


국민이 화폐와 금융(연방금융이사회)을 시작으로 전체 경제의 주권을 장악할 것이며 국민이 국민과 국민을 위한 경제를 창출할 것입니다. 글로벌 투기 괴물을 말살하는 방법에 대한 계획이 많이 있습니다. 필요한 경우 강제 시행도 가능할 것입니다.


진실을 추구하는 시민으로 구성된 단체를 동원하여 투명한 언론의 새로운 형태를 설립할 것이며 금기를 두려워하지 않고 RCA victor에서  나오는 주인의 목소리에만 복종하는 개처럼 대기업 후원자에게만 전적으로 봉사하는 부패한 언론은 신속하게 대체될 것입니다.


국제윤리시민위원회를 형성하여 대통령과 의회의 공정한 선출을 감독하며 시민들이 참여할 수 있도록 하고 또한 자격을 갖춘 모든 후보자가 건설적인 제안에 대한 평등하고 적절한 노출을 얻을 수 있도록 하는 과정을 구축하기 위한 모든 대기업의 은밀한 후원이나 자금은 당연히 차단될 것입니다.


유엔을 지구인을 위한 진정한 지구 통치기관으로 만들고, 유엔헌장에서 제시한 친인류적 이상을 이제껏 파괴한 투자자, 융자, 돈장난에 맛들인 그 모든 억만장자들을 영구 제거하는 유엔 개혁안도 내놓을 것입니다.


글로벌 투자 은행과 기업 친구들에 의한 생물 다양성에 대한 위협과 파괴와 기후 변화에 적극적으로 대응할 것이며 소수에게 극도의 부가 누적되는 것을 적극적으로 제재할 것이며 기술, 특히 자동화 및 통신 기술이 국민의 마음과 생계를 파괴하고 있기에 그 폐단을 막는데 초점을 맞추어 국가 안보 우선순위를 설정할 것입니다.

실현되어야할 사항은 간단하겠지만 그것을 달성하기엔 순탄치만은 않을 것입니다. 제가 제시하는 인류의 미래는 국가적, 세계적 모든 지구인 한 사람 한 사람의 참여적 투쟁을 요구합니다. 우리는 그 길을 함께할 용기와 영감이 필요합니다. 이성과 논리에 입각한 이념은 납득이 되는 순간 자연히 더 많은 의식있는 사람들은 동참할 것입니다.

저는 이 과정에 대한 주최자의 임시 역할을 제안하지만 저는 권력이나 재물에 대한 욕심이 없습니다. 고대 로마제국의 신시나투스 장군처럼, 저는 사회개혁이 완성단계에 오르디 시작하면 어느 시점에서는 물러날 용의가 있습니다.

동료 시민여러분 이제 이 게임의 공은 당신한테 갔습니다. 우리는 양심적 공화국을 재건하기 위해 여러분과 함께 앞으로 나아갈 준비가 되어 있습니다. 그리고 그 첫걸음을 내딛는 자는 바로 여러분입니다.

진실은 멈추지않고 계속 행진할것입니다.

경청해주심에 다시한번 감사드립니다

(번역: 우벽송)

코로나 만화

이만열 하고 김기도

“바이든 행정부에서의 남북관계 전망”

이만열 Emanuel Pastreich

아시아인스티튜트 이사장

2020년 1월 10일

바이든 행정부에서의 남북관계 전망

많은 한국인들은 미국 대통령 바이든의 취임에 희망을 표현하고, 그의 행정부가 지역의 안정을 가져올 있는 가능성을 가지고 동아시아에서 미국의 안보와 외교에 보다 합리적이고, 기능적이며  객관적인 참여를 향한 길로 보고 한국에 긍정적이라 생각합니다.

비록 긍정적인 발전들이 새로운 행정부의 행동에서 비롯될 있다고 믿는 이유가 있습니다만 북한과의 긴장을 완화하고 중국과의 공통점을 확립하는 도움이 있는 발전은 결코 보장되지 않으며 현재의 로드맵이 훨씬 위험하다고 있는 근거가 있습니다. 트럼프 행정부 보다 아시아에서의 미국 리더십에 대한 도전들이 있습니다. 위험의 본질은 크게 다를 것입니다.

트럼프 행정부는 동아시아에서 돌출적인 행동에 의한 외교가 주를 이뤘습니다. 정부와 진정한 이해를 가진 학계의 전문가들은 소외되거나 무시되었습니다. 그들 대신에중국에 의한 죽음 저자인경제학자피터 나라보처럼 극단주의자들이 등장했는데 그는 미국의 쇠퇴의 모든 측면을 투자 은행의 출현과 미국 경제의 지배가 아니라 중국 공산당에 돌리려고 했습니다.미국의 모든 문제가 중국 공산당의 간섭의 결과라는 주장은 중국에 대한 어떠한 심각한 분석에 관여하는 것을 실패하게 만들었습니다. 그리고 중국에 대한 만화 캐릭터 분석의 촉진은 어떠한 미묘한 이해도 무시됩니다.

시온주의 교회 신자인 마이크 폼페이오는 이스라엘의 홍보와 몰입에 발목 잡혔고 석유와 석탄이 지배하는 경제 성장 모델의 .선두 주자로서 코크 인더스트리즈에 의해 자금 지원을 받는 사람입니다. 동아시아에 대한 미국의 정책 뒤에 있는 다른 두뇌였습니다 폼페이오는 평양과 기꺼이 접촉할 용의가 있었지만 그의 관심은 광물자원에 대한 접근이었습니다 (코크 인더스트리즈가 관심을 가졌던) 그리고 미국과 일본 은행에 새로운 투자 회를 제공하는 방법으로서 값싼 노동력이 있습니다.

한국 국민들은 파산한 언론을 통해 트럼프와 폼페오의 대북 접촉 의지가 일종의 돌파구를 제시한다고 확신했습니다. 그것은 한국전쟁의 종식이 다국적 기업에 의한 무자비한 북한 착취를 초래할 있다는 점에서만 사실입니다. 그러나 문화교류를 기대하거나 이산가족들의 만남을 기대하는 한국인들은 슬프게도 잘못 알고 있었습니다.

폼페이오는 북한이 이윤을 창출하기 위해 세계 금융 시스템에 통합되기를 원하고 있으며 아마도 기업들이 중국이나 방글라데시의 대안을 찾을 있게 해주는 값싼 노동력을 제공할 것입니다.왜냐하면 북한은 매우 적은 임금을 받고 일할 의향이 있는 효율적이고 교육을 받은 노동력을 가지고 있기 때문입니다. 하지만 그게 다입니다. 그들은 북한과 남한 사람들 사이의 어떠한 상호작용도 원하지 않았습니다.

어쨌든, 동북아에 대한 국방예산의 대폭 증액과 공중, 우주, 그리고 바다에서 수많은 군사 프로젝트에 대한 자금 지원은 미국이 채택했던 북한과 중국에 대한 적대적인 자세를 바이든이 의미심장한 방법으로 수정하는 것은 불가능하다는 것을 의미합니다.많은 장교들 그리고 그들과 함께 일하는 계약업자들의 생계는 향후 5 동안 중국, 북한과접근충돌합니다.

바이든 정부는 분명히 역량을 강화하고 족벌주의를 줄일 것입니다. 그리고 트럼프 행정부에 의해 의도적으로 비워둔 , 국방부, 에너지, 상업의 모든 공석인 중간급 직책을 임명합니다. 이러한 움직임은 가장 환영할 만한 일이며, 그리고 우리는 동아시아에 대해 아는 권위적인 위치에 있는 사람들을 다시 데려올 수도 있습니다.

하지만, 바이든 행정부가 외교에 대한 접근에서 그렇게 논란이 많은 조치를 취했기 때문에 상황이 개선될 것이라고 가정하는 것은 실수이며, 그리고 너무나 분열적이어서 외교, 국방, 정보 분야에서 유능한 인재를 육성함으로써 생기는 모든 긍정을 쉽게 되돌릴 있었습니다. 그리고 동아시아에서의 미국의 참여의 심장부를 통해 치명적인 말뚝을 박을수 있습니다. 그것은 미국을 밀어내는 결과를 가져올 것입니다. 미국은 중국에 의한외로운 늑대 외교때문이 아니라 미국 정책의 심각한 모순과 불일치 때문에 밀려날 것입니다. 그것이 로마제국이든 명제국이든 결국 제국이 멸망하는 식의 방법입니다.

바이든의 동아시아 외교의 중심 단계는 소위팬데믹 외교또는백신 외교라고 있습니다

팀 전체가 COVID19 위협에 중점을 두고 조치를 취하고 있습니다. 그리고 인간과 인간의 상호작용을 막고 마스크와 백신을 촉진하는 COVID 이후의 경제로 옮겨갈 필요성을 말합니다. 한국과 미국의 언론은 바이든 행정부의 이러한 움직임을 보여줍니다. 트럼프 행정부의 반 과학, 반 마스크, 백신 회의론 이후 신선한 공기를 마시며 COVID19 태스크포스로 대표됩니다.  COVID19의 최고 고문으로 앤써니 파우치의 승진은 이러한 “정상화”로의 회귀의 모델로 부각되고 있습니다.

하지만 COVID19의 무미건조하고 쇠퇴한 기반 위에서 아시아의 강력한 지도자로의 미국의 복귀를 거는 것은 미국 외교 역사상 가장 큰 도박 중 하나입니다. 심지어 4명의 한국계 미국인의 의회 선거와 한복을 입은 워싱턴의 마릴린 순자 스트릭랜드 만약 COVID19 예방접종 권한에 대한 이 전략이 붕괴된다면 아무 의미도 없을 것입니다.

앤써니 파우치가 과학자가 아니라는 것은 더 이상 비밀이 아닙니다. 그리고 그는 빌 게이츠와의 유대관계를 기반으로 승진했습니다. 수십억 달러의 이익을 가져다 줄 의심스러운 효용성의 강제 백신에 대한 운동의 선두주자로서 말입니다.

영리 다국적 기업인 화이저와 새로운 회사인 모데나에 의해 촉진된 인간 RNA 변형되는 백신의 위험성을 알고 있는 한국인들의 수가 늘어나고 있습니다. 모데나는 갑자기 생겨났습니다 (백신에 대한 이전 경험이 없음) DARPA 개발한 물질인 하이드로겔 백신을 개발하여 그것은 개개인의 화학적 태깅과 인체에 나노 물질을 도입하는 것을 가능하게 것입니다.

과학적 근거로 정책에 반대하는 수천명의 과학자들에 대한 침묵 그리고 COVID19 전염병의 매일같은 홍보가 효과가 있을 있습니다. 만약 전염병이 과장되었고 백신이 위험하다는 증거가음모론으로 치부된다면 말입니다.

하지만 만약 도널드 트럼프가 대통령직에서 쫓겨나기 전에 물러나면서 전체 백신 외교가 신의 선물이라기 보다는 위협이라는 것을 밝히면 어떨까요? 이러한 이동의 가능성은 매일 증가하고 있습니다.

이것이 우리에게 북한의 중요한 문제를 가져다 줍니다.북한은 COVID19 감염 사례가 전혀 없다고 주장하고 있습니다. 공식 성명은 국무부에 의해 완전히 기각되었습니다. 강경화 외교부 장관은 주장을 은둔왕국의 전형적인 속임수라고 묘사했습니다. 서재평 탈북자 동지회 사무국장은 이렇게까지 말했습니다감염이 없다고 하면 노골적인 거짓말입니다

그러나 우리가 우리 스스로를 가볍게 토닥이며 우리 스스로를 안심시키기 전에 한국 정부가 내세운 K-방역과 K-백신이 서울을 새로운 세계적 지도부로 향하게 만들었다고 확신하기 전에 물러서서 뉴욕타임즈의 장밋빛 언론보도가 의도적으로 생략한 최악의 시나리오를 생각해보겠습니다. 북한의 주장은 만약 우리가 세계적으로 맹위를 떨치고 있는 COVID19 전염병에 대한 모든 보도가 사실이라고 가정한다면 터무니없는 것입니다.하지만 진실은 점점 많은 사람들이 독일이나 다른 곳에서 대규모의 마스크 백신 시위를 주도하고 있다는 것입니다. COVID19 모호하다는 실질적인 증거를 제시했습니다. 객관적이고 검증가능한 과학수사의 대상이 되지 않은 바이러스의 불명확한 용어입니다.

물론 음모론들은 틀릴지도 모릅니다. 하지만 만약 그들이 맞다면요? 그들이 심지어 부분적으로 옳은 것은 무엇일까요?

나는 당신에게 말할 필요가 없습니다. 만약 한국이 K-백신과 K-팬데믹, 마스크와 사회적 거리두기, 일상의 모든 면에서 정부 정책의 핵심으로 삼는다면 말입니다. 그리고 전체 프로젝트는 의도적으로 과장된 거짓 정보와 오해의 소지가 있는 정보를 기반으로 구축되었다는 것이 밝혀졌습니다. 우리는 미국과 한국의 정치적 위기를 보게될 것입니다. 미국 대통령에 의해 DMZ 자발적으로 뛰어넘는 것보다 훨씬 좋습니다.

우리는 어느 나라도 회복하지 못할 거대한 이념적, 정책적 재앙을 보게 것입니다.

한국이 앞으로 나아가야 최악의 시나리오는 무엇일까요? 저는 우리가 문제에 대해 진지하게 생각할 필요가 있다고 생각합니다

우리는 이미 다가오는 위기의 흔적이 사이로 그들의 잎을 밀어올리는 것을 있습니다.

한국인들이 심지어 공중 사우나에서도 마스크를 착용해야 한다는 사실은 한국의 중산층의 버팀목인 많은 카페와 식당들이 어떠한 과학적 근거도 없이 위에서 지시된사회적 거리 두기규정에 대해 엄격한 대응으로 문을 닫은 것은 DMZ 북쪽에서 발견되는 마스크로 부터의 자유를 은근히 부러워하는 사람들이 많습니다. 북한이 골드만삭스와 블랙록과 같은 무자비한 다국적 투자은행들을 차단했다는 사실은 그런 점에서 있습니다. 그리고 모데나와 화이저의 백신에 대한도움 거절했고 세계의 점점 많은 사람들의 생각과 달리 이상 어리석거나 뒤떨어지지 않아보입니다. 세계의 점점 많은 사람들의 생각과 달리 이상 어리석거나 뒤떨어지지 않아보입니다.

가장 위험은 한국이 굴복할 것이라는 것입니다. 왜냐하면 미국을 중심으로 붕괴하는이념과 경제 시스템에 포함되기 때문입니다. 북한이 1980년대 후반 소련의 붕괴로 인해 주저 앉은것과 같은 방식으로 말입니다.

1990년대 북한의 붕괴로 돌아가 보겠습니다. 한때 한국보다 경제력이 강했던 나라의 경제적, 제도적 붕괴가 있었습니다. 생산성의 치명적인 하락에 따른 기근으로 발전하는 것은 진공 상태에서 발생하지 않았습니다. 그것은 경제적 진보와 계획된 경제에 대한 헌신을 공유한 지표를 기반으로 소련에 의해 주도된 세계 경제 시스템의 공개의 결과였습니다. 그것은 사람들이 그것이 효과가 있는지 의심하기 시작할 때까지 불완전하게 작동하는 경제적이고 사회적인 시스템입니다. 줄타기를 하는 것처럼 일단 당신이 경제 이념적 시스템에서 전진하는 당신의 능력을 의심하기 시작하면, 당신은 끝납니다.

소련은 아마도 미국에 의해 가장자리로 밀려났을 것입니다. 그러나 그것의 가장 무거운 계획 경제의 경직성, 그것이 받아들인 레닌에 의해 지지된 평등주의의 이념 사이의 모순 때문에 무너집니다. 노동자들의 요구를 경멸하는 특권 관료 계급의 출현과 아프가니스탄(제국의 묘지)에서의 제국주의 전쟁의 추구, 제국주의에 대항하여 정권을 잡은 국가에 의해 말입니다.

일단 소련이 경제적, 이념적 후퇴에 들어갔을 스트리트에 의해 촉진된 금융 마법사들에 의한 경제 충격 요법의 대상이 되었습니다. 북한은 엄청난 곤경에 처했습니다. 그것은 이상 바르샤바 조약 내에서 수출함으로써 충분한 통화를 얻을 없었고 소련과 다른 바르샤바 조약 국가들로부터의 식량 수입도 기대할 없었습니다. 갑자기, 북한은 세계은행, 세계무역기구 그리고 다자간 조직의 숲에 의해 지배되는 경제 무역과 금융 시스템에 직면하게 되었습니다. 평양 관료들이 이해하지 못한 단체들 본래 북한의 계획 경제에 적대적이었던 단체들 말입니다.

갑자기 러시아어에 능통한 북한 사람들은 가치가 거의 없었졌고 러시아 부품을 필요로 하는 제품들, 러시아 시장을 요구하는 수출품들은 가치가 없었습니다

오늘 우리에게 문제는 한국의 계산 착오 여부입니다. 바이든 행정부의 사회적 거리두기, 백신과 마스크 정책, 그리고 다른 경제 안보 지시를 수용하는 것은 이번에 한국에도 이와 유사한 재앙적인 붕괴를 초래할 있습니다.

저는 그러한 위험은 현실이고 한국인들은 빨리 잠에서 깨는 것이 낫다고 생각합니다.

드미트리 오를로프의 저서  “붕괴의 재발견: 소련의 경험과 미국 전망” (2011) 소련을 굴복시킨 모순과 미국에서 관찰될수 있는 새로운 해체에 대해 면밀하게 연구된 비교를 제시합니다. 책이 출판된 10년이 지난 지금, 대부분의 오를로프의 통찰력은 놀라울 정도로 선견지명이 있는 것으로 증명되었습니다.

물론 미국의 경제질서에 대한 이념적 근거와서구경제질서를 지지하는 가정들은 소련의 그것과 크게 다릅니다. 그러나 트럼프의 경험은 이데올로기가 우리 발밑에서 살얼음처럼 부서지고 있다는 것을 드러냈습니다.

오늘날 한국 경제는 자유무역과 자유무역협정이 긍정적이고 수출입이 소득을 창출하고 국민의 복지를 확보하는 가장 좋은 방법이라는 가정에 기초하고 있습니다. 세계 금융과 투자가 경제에 긍정적인 영향을 미치고 한국인들이 외국 은행의 한국 기업 주식 소유권을 환영하고 한국에서 태국, 베트남 또는 우즈베키스탄으로 공장을 이전하는 것에 자부심을 가져야 한다고 가정하는 것도 이와 유사합니다. 한국의 식량 생산 능력의 급격한 감소는 걱정거리로 거의 언급되지 않습니다.

이 신자유주의적 경제 이념은 새로운 것이며 40년 전의 미국 정책 입안자들 혹은 박정희, 심지어 이승만과 같은 한국의 지도자들이 그것을 결코 받아들이지 않았을 것이라는 것을 주목하는 것이 중요합니다. 하지만, 문 정부가 부동산 정책을 놓고 보수주의자들과 싸우는 동안에도 이 독이 있는 이념 계획의 어떤 부분에도 의문을 제기할 수 없다는 것은 사실입니다.

미국이 추진한 세계 무역 금융 시스템이 붕괴 직전에 있으며 트럼프의미국 우선주의미사여구가 성공적이었던 것은 외국 자본, 해외 시장, 그리고 해외에서 제조된 상품과 식품 수입에 대한 위험성에 대한 이해를 호소했기 때문입니다.

현재의 무역 금융 체제가 붕괴되고, 이를 뒷받침하는 신자유주의 이데올로기가 붕괴된다면, 한국은 소련 붕괴 이후 북한과 서로 다른 위치에 서게 것입니다.

한국의 젊은이들은 주식과 파생상품 시장, 상품, 그리고 사모펀드가 바다나 숲과 같은 자연 현상이라고 믿도록 훈련받습니다. 그러나 이러한 이념적 건설은 노동자의 공동체나 인력부족 보다 필수가 아닙니다.

현재의 경제체제가 무너지기 시작하면 기술 및 제조 분야의 자립을 향한 움직임은 미국에서 나타나고 있습니다. 전세계적으로 신자유무역정책이 후퇴함에 따라 한국을 높고 건조하게 만들 것입니다.

만약 달러가 하이퍼 인플레이션으로 빠져들거나 신뢰할 없는 암호화폐로 대체되거나 또는 화폐가 슈퍼리치들에 의한 다른 조작 수단이 된다면 평양의 고립주의는 서울이 부러워하게 엄청난 이점이 것입니다. 골드만 삭스, 블랙록 기타 한국 인프라 산업에 대한 주식 회사의 투자는 이미 전국을 고갈시키고 있습니다. 그들은 미국 경제 시스템이 가라앉기 시작하면 그들의 조르기를 증가시킬 것입니다.

식량은 위기의 가장 부분이 있고 남한은 1990년대 북한에서 보았던 것과 같은 기근으로 이어질 있습니다. 한국은 세계, 특히 미국으로부터 250억에서 300 달러 사이의 음식을 수입합니다. (식량의 70~80%사이)

사실, 한국의 투자 은행들은 한국의 농지를 아파트 단지와 다른 개발로 바꾸는 것을 추진했습니다. 건설회사의 주식가치를 부양하기 위해서 ( 부동산 투기를 위해서) 국내에서 생산된 식품의 가치를 전혀 고려하지 않은 것입니다. 하지만 기후 변화로 인해 식량 가격이 치솟는다면 한국은 기아에 직면하게 것입니다. 사실, 전쟁, 혹은 세계 무역의 붕괴는 한국을 가장자리로 밀어내기 충분할 것입니다.

한국의 어리석은 수입 에너지 의존에 대해서도 같은 말을 있습니다. 그대로 에너지를 절약하고, 플라스틱을 줄이거나, 태양열이나 풍력의 사용을 요구하기 위한 어떠한 노력도 하지 않습니다. 도시를 디지털화함으로써스마트하게 만드는 것은 마법에 의해 일어날 것이며 필요한 막대한 양의 전기가 어떠한 비용도 들지 않거나 환경에 어떠한 해로운 영향도 끼치지 않을 것으로 추정됩니다. 하지만 에너지가 없다면, 스마트 시티가 무덤이 것이고 50 전기가 없어도 완벽하게 기능할 있는 집들이 전기에 의존한다면 감옥이 것이라는 것을 여러분은 확신 있습니다.

그리고 거기엔 보안에 대한 질문이 있습니다. 수백억 달러가 한국 정부에 의해 미국으로부터 수입된 전투기, 미사일 방어 시스템 그리고 의심스러운 가치의 다른 고가 보안 시스템을 위해 쓰여졌습니다.

미래의 갈등은 인공지능, 드론, 로봇 그리고 다른 우주 전쟁에 의해 야기될 것입니다. 이런 값비싼 무기들이 쓸모없을 뿐만 아니라 화려한 장비를 위해 쏟아진 모든 돈이 한국 자신의 연구개발 능력을 떨어뜨리고 한국을 뒤처지게 만들 심각한 위험이 있습니다.

결코 일어날 같지 않은 상상의 충돌을 위한 F35 전투기의 구입과 그렇게 위험해 보이지 않는 바이러스 백신 구입은 떨어진 사건이 아닙니다. 그것들은 워싱턴 D.C. 서울의 정책결정 과정에서 과학의 한계화의 결과입니다.

부유층과 권력층의 압력에 직면하여 진실을 옹호하려는 진정한 전문가, 지식인들은 컨설팅 회사, 로비스트, 그늘진 권력 브로커, 그리고 쇠락하는 이념의 늪에서 그들의 집을 만드는 다른 기생충 동물들로 대체되었습니다. 워싱턴 D.C.에서 생소한 동물들 많은 것들이 그들이 정부를 집어삼키고 있는 한국의 해안으로 밀려왔습니다.

투자은행에 서비스를 제공하는 이 수익 주도형 기업들은 신문에서 발행되는 이슈에 대한 보도에서 법률의 제정과 집행에 이르는 모든 정책 과정을 맡게 될 것입니다. 한국은 지금 이 순간 정부로부터 영리기업으로 아웃소싱하는 치명적인 실수를 저지르고 있습니다.

마지막으로, 미국에서는 이념적 붕괴의 위협이 있습니다. 소련의 아프가니스탄에서의 제국주의 전쟁이 러시아 혁명 동안 깔린 기반을 약화시켰듯이 미국에서 진행중인 언론의 전체적인 검열은 언론의 자유, 투명성 또는 법치주의에 대한 미국인들의 주장을 웃게 만들었습니다.최근 명의 매력 없고 나이 지도자인 트럼프와 바이든이 모든 적격 후보들이 언론에서 배제된 상태에서 싸운 대통령 선거는 1980년대에 흔들리고 있는 소련을 장악하고 체제를 무너뜨린 노인정치와 놀라울 정도로 유사해 보입니다.

그리고 많은 것이 있습니다. 비밀 수용소에서의 고문, 엄청난 수감 인구의 증가 여부 또는 국방부의 무책임하고 감사받지 않은 지출 성서적 의미에 있어서 글은 벽에 있습니다.

그리고 거의 반대 없이 당의 의제를 정하는 바이든 행정부에게 민주당을 위해서 그리고 거의 반대 없이 당의 의제를 정하는 바이든 행정부에게 트럼프의 혼돈에 대한 대안은 공공 서비스에 헌신하는 전문가들, 또는 시민 사회 전반에서 국제 문제에 깊이 관여하는 시민들 또는 아시아를 자세히 아는 훈련된 전문가들로부터 오는 것이 아닙니다.

아닙니다. 질서가 있을거에요. 그러나 그것은 우리가 프랭클린 루즈벨트 정부에서 보았던 것처럼 또는 우리가 케네디나 카터 밑에서 보았던 것처럼 영감을 받은 국제주의에서 태어난 질서는 아닐 것입니다. 트럼프에 대한 대안은 클린턴 이후 정부가 급진적인 민영화를 통해 전문지식을 비웠기 때문에  워싱턴 D.C.에서 점점 실질적인 결정을 내리는 컨설팅 회사들로부터 나올 것입니다.

특히, 바이든 행정부를 위한 정책에 대한 지침은 영리 컨설팅 회사들로부터 나올 것입니다. 이는 영향력을 위해 워싱턴 D.C. 싱크탱크를 근소한 차이로 앞섰습니다. 바이든 행정부와 즉시 관련된 컨설팅 회사들은 국무부 동아시아 담당 차관보 커트 캠벨이 설립한 아시아 그룹 국무장관 매들린 올브라이트의 올브라이트 스톤브리지 그룹이 것입니다. 그리고 물론 국무장관 토니 블링큰이 설립한 컨설팅 회사인 웨스트이그젝 어드바이저스(WestExec Advisors) 있습니다.

웬디 셔먼 국무부 부장관 내정자는 한국 정책에 많은 의견을 갖고 있는 올브라이트 스톤브리지 그룹의 산물입니다.

간접 경험으로 있듯이 정책 결정이 자유무역협정, 통화 스와프, 금융 규제 완화, 무기 시스템의 판매 또는 고객이 계속 먹고 있도록 하는 다른 예산 품목과 관련되지 않는 이러한 컨설팅 회사나 그들이 홍보하는 개인들이 많은 부담을 덜어줄 것이라고는 기대하지 않습니다. 진정한 공공 서비스는 그들에게는 오히려 이질적인 개념입니다.

바이든은 처음부터 국제 관계에 대한 그의 접근 방식을 분명히 했습니다.그는 개인 외교와 트럼프의 통제 불능의 통치방식을 동맹에 닻을 내린 예측 가능한 다자주의로 대체할 것입니다. 게다가 동맹국들과의 관계(특히 동아시아에서 호주, 인도, 일본 한국) 그다지 창의력이나 혁신을 허용하지 않을 것입니다.

자유무역협정과 무기시스템 판매와 같은 절차가 계속될 것입니다.

가장 가능성이 높은 것은 4 안보 대화(쿼드)입니다. 미국, 일본, 호주, 인도로 구성된 협정은 강화될 것이며 중국과 관련된 거의 모든 것에 대한 강경노선은 계속될 것입니다. 한국의 분명한 지정학적 관심은 갈등을 피하는 있는 반면 다른 쿼드 지배계급은 단기적 이해관계에서와 같은 갈등을 보기 때문에 한국은 대화 참여에 있어서 어떠한 소득도 없을 것으로 보입니다.

바이든이 COVID19 함께 기후변화를 우선순위로 언급하기는 하지만 그가 기후의 진보로서 이빨이 없는 파리 협정으로 돌아가는 것을 본다는 사실은 행정부가 행동으로 보여주는 극히 낮은 공약을 시사합니다.

바이든 정부에 대한 많은 오해는 뉴욕 타임즈가 너무 많은 어려움 없이 취임식을 통과하기 위해 약에 설탕을 입히려는 필사적인 노력의 결과입니다.

사실은 바이든은 결코 도덕적 용기를 보여주지 않고 그의 정치활동위원회(PAC) 후원자들에 의해 지시된 대로 따르는 것을 행복해 하는 매우 싱겁고 보수적인 성격입니다

그는 조금도 진보적인 세력이 아닙니다. 그는 민주당원보다 자신과 가까운 경향이 있는 공화당원들로부터 그가 모든 임명에 대해 사전 승인을 받지 못하고 주요 입법에 관해 그들이 선거의 비리에 대해 영원히 그를 비난할 것이라는 협박에 이미 굴복했을 것입니다. 따라서 거의 존재하지 않는 그의 권한을 더욱 약화시킵니다.

오히려 바이든 부통령은 전리품을 요구하는 신흥 장군들에 의해 끊임없이 그의 사슬이 당겨지는 후기 로마제국의 황제를 닮았습니다.

아마도 취임식이 정해졌으니 트럼프의 지지자들은 그냥 사라질 것입니다.

저는 그게 진심으로 의심됩니다. 최근의 의회 점거 시도가 소몰이에 불과할 같습니다. QAnon 추종자들은 트럼프가 워싱턴 D.C.에서 유일한 목소리이기 때문에 그에게 의지합니다. 트럼프의 권력 축출이 그들을 단념시킬 같지는 않습니다. 그들은 아마도 효과적이고 트럼프보다 젊은 새로운 지도자들을 찾을 것입니다.

큐아논(QAnon), 스티브 배넌의 브라이트바트 뉴스 그리고 다수의 다른 대안 뉴스 소식통들은 점점 강해지고 있으며 그들의 보도 상당수는 일방적이고 정직하지 못하더라도 워싱턴 포스트나 CNN보다 정확하지 않습니다. 그런 언론을 무시하는 경향은 한국인들의 주요한 계산 착오입니다.

향후 동안 바이든 행정부의 합법성에 대한 심각한 도전의 위험은 충분히 현실적입니다.

게다가, 바이든이 사건없이 선서한다 하더라도 점점 혁명적인 우파 (그리고 일부 좌파) 발언은 트럼프 지지자들이 공화당이 무엇을 원하는지 취임일정이 무엇인지, 또는 다른 어떤 것에 대해서도 신경을 쓰지 않을 없다는 것을 암시합니다.

트럼프는 자신을 파괴하려는 공화당 전체를 압도할 있었다는 것을 기억하세요. 왜냐하면 그는 미국 다수 국민의 억눌린 감정에 호소할 있었기 때문입니다.

다른 정치인들과 그들의 전략가들은 현상을 지켜봤고 그들은 지금 순간 어떻게 워싱턴의 정치 건물 전체를 썩은 호박처럼 찢어버릴지를 계산하고 있습니다. 만약 그런 행동이 일어난다면, 헌법에 명시된 권력 이양을 위한 과정과 아무 관련이 없을 것이라고 추측할 있습니다.

이러한 위기는 17세기 명나라 말기의 충돌과 유사할지도 모릅니다.

때문에 한국인들은 놀라움을 금치 못하고 빠르게 변화하는 지정학적 환경에서 많은 것을 없게 되었습니다

미국과 마찬가지로, 왕조는 한국의 군사 동맹국이었고 문화적, 제도적으로 엄청난 영향력을 가지고 있었습니다. 바로 이런 이유로, 한국인들은 동양에서 떠오르는 태양만큼 예견할 있다고 생각한 명나라가 전쟁 중인 파벌로 붕괴되고 결국 훨씬 작은 힘을 가진 만주족에게 정복당하게 것인지 이해할 없었습니다.

오늘날 한국인들은 바이든 행정부 내에서 개인의 특정한 성격에 초점을 맞추고 싶어합니다. 이러한 접근 방식이 더 쉽고 더 실용적으로 보입니다. 그러나 만약 한국인들이 더 큰 제도적 변화를 배제한다면 그들은 문명에 영향을 미치는 경제를 넘어서는 전례 없는 위기에 직면하게 될 것입니다.

진실가수 신제노 방송

“한국인, 실학(實學)의 의미 재발견 – 미국 의존적 사고방식 버려야” Korea IT Times

Korea IT Times

“한국인, 실학(實學)의 의미 재발견 – 미국 의존적 사고방식 버려야”

2021년 1월 10일

임마누엘 페스트라이쉬

최근 한국인들은 한때 익숙했던 미국의 정치 및 학술 기관들이 예전같지 않다는것을 파악하는데 상당한 어려움을 겪고 있다. 
하버드 교수들이 COVID19에 대한 비이성적 논쟁을 세우는것과 미국 워싱턴 D.C.의 정치인들이 가장 저속한 수준에서 비열한 게임에 참여하는 것을 보고 한국인들은 실망하고 혼란스러워한다.

대부분의 한국 오피니언 리더들은 그들이 1980년대와 1990년대에 미국의 최고 대학에서 공부할 때 가입했던 지식인 커뮤니티를 아직도 기억한다. 그리고 그들은 여전히 은퇴한 전임 교수들과 깊은 대화를 나누고 있다. 그러나 한국의 이러한 지식층 내에서 미국의 문화적 제도적 붕괴가 속도를 내고 있는것을 간파하고 점점 뒤로 물러서고 있다.

한국인들은 뉴욕 타임즈와 워싱턴 포스트에서 가져온 콘텐스를 읽고 한국 언론에 구차스럽게 반영해 가며 그들은 한때 극히 존경했던 미국인들의 말도 안되는 발언에 이제는 어쩔 수 없는 부정적인 반응을 자제 하려고 많이 노력 하고 있다.

향수와 부정의 문화가 서울을 휩쓸고 있다. 미국과 한국 정책의 문제점에 대한 진지한 논의는 거의 불가능해졌다. 
신뢰할 수 있는 우방국의 도덕적 붕괴로 사회 지배층에 대한 기본적인 가정이 뿌리째 흔들리면서 한국이 대규모 문화적 정치적 위기를 겪은 것은 이번이 처음이 아니다.  

1600년대 명나라(1368~1644년)가 심각한 사회적 균열을 내면서 조선을 휩쓸었던 비슷한 문화적 실명(눈멀음)이 한국을 휩쓸었다.
그 결과 쇄국주의를 택하게 되었던 조선은 미래 발전에 대한 가능성마저 차단하는 국면을 맞이했다.

16세기 후반 조선은 일본의 침략에 맞서 군대를 파견한 명나라와 긴밀한 관계를 맺고 있었다. 미국이 북한과 중화인민공화국으로부터 한국을 지켜주기위해 한국전쟁 당시 동맹 관계를 맺은 비슷한 상황이었다. 두나라는 혈의 동맹국이었다.

명나라의 대명률 법과 외교관습, 철학사상, 교육적 및 문화적 규범은 한국에서 의심할 여지없는 권위를 가지고 있었다.
이런 이유로, 한국의 지식인들은 왜 명나라가 17세기 전반에 정치적 내분, 퇴폐, 재정적 파산으로 급속히 붕괴했는지 이해할 수 없었다. 

1644년 명나라가 만주족에 의해 전복되었을 때, 만주족의 군사력 때문이 아니라 중국내에서 자국을 갈라놓는 산적 군대가 원인이었다는것을 조선인은 받아들이지 않았다. 그리고는 자신의 문화적, 지정학적 지위를 재평가하며 자신들의 전략을 재정립하기보다는 비참하게 망국으로 치닫는 명나라에 대한 향수에 다시 빠져들게 되었다.

정복에 성공한 만주족의 세력은 한국으로부터 새로운 청왕조를 인정하도록 강요했지만, 조선은 그의 죽음 이후 수세기 동안 마지막 황제 숭정 崇禎 연호를 계속 사용했고 서원 한국에서는 오늘날에도 그 연호를 계속 사용하고 있다.

한국인들은 개혁보다는 명나라의 잃어버린 중국 전통을 고수하는데서 비롯된 한국의 정통성인 소중화( 小中華)의 사상을 받아들여 숭고한 전통을 지탱한 유일한 국가라는 자부심을 갖고 싶어했다.

그러한 감정적 지조는 이해할 수 있지만 결과는 참담했다. 외국의 어떠한 영향에서도 벗어나고자 완고했던 조선은 국가 봉쇄를 선택했으며 그 결과로 진보적 과학기술에 뒤처졌다.

우리는 오늘날 한국과 미국과의 관계에서 매우 흡사한 반복적인 역사적 사고 방식의 흔적을 볼 수 있다.

미 국무부와 같은 기관들이 전문지식을 배척하고 아첨꾼들로 가득 차면서, 하버드 대학교는 미국의 정치적 자유가 약화되고 경제가 침체되면서 다국적 은행과 제약회사들을 위한 홍보 기관이 되었다. 미국경제는 완전 초부유층의 지배하에 들어간 상황인데도 불구하고 한국인들은 옛 조선처럼 더 이상 존재하지 않는 변질된 미국에 대한 향수에 계속 젖어있을 뿐이다.

명나라 후반과 청나라 초기의 한국 정치도 마찬가지였다. 한국의 정치학자들은 명나라의 권위를 유지하며, 명나라의 몰락 이후에도 계속 좁고 편협적인 견해를 중심으로 파벌을  정당화 했다.


어떠한 개혁과 해외 혁신 수용 모두를 무력화시키는 명나라에 대한 애수와 향수가 국가 전체를 장악하고 있을 당시 18세기 한국의 지식인 몇 명이 새로운 철학적 전망을 제시했는데 그것이 바로 실학 (實學)으로 알려지게 되었다.

박제가, 박지원, 정약용 등 용감한 학자들은 한국인들이 자신들의 문화•지적 주체성의 설립을 권고하고 한국이 동시대 외국 문화의 가치를 스스로 평가 할 자격을 키우는 것을 주장하기 시작했다. 이 학자들은 또한 청나라가 만주에 의해 통치되고 있으며 더 이상 명나라의 맥을 따르지 않더라도 혹 한국에 적합한 청나라의 기술, 정책 또는 제도가 있다면 당연히 채택되어야 한다고 역설했다.

즉 그들은 이미 몰락한 명나라에 대한 향수로 인해 조선이 신기술과 지정치학적 현실에 눈을 감아서는 안된다고 말했다.
동시에 청나라로부터 해롭거나 부적절한 영향을 받는 정책, 기술 및 제도를 피해야 한다고 제안했다. 또한 이 학자들은 일본과 서방 국가에 대해서도 같은 경각심을 제시했다.

그 정신이 오늘날 한국에서 가장 필요한 것이다. 현재의 미국 문화, 기술, 정책 및 공공 기관의 많은 측면이 한국에 엄청난 가치를 계속하고 있으며 무시할 수 없는 미국의 혁신이 있다. 하지만 반미주의에서 미국을 최고로 보는것은 어리석고 어리석은 일이다.
미국은 빛을 많이 잃었고 지배구조의 질과 문화의 질이 현저히 떨어졌다는 것은 자명한 사실이다.

나같은 미국인은 이점을 당연히 인정할 것이다. 그러나 현재 한국인들이 현실을 스스로 객관적이고 명확하게 판단할 수 있는 국민이라면 미국 사회의 이러한 부정적인 측면을 모두 가차없이 거부해야하며 오히려 항거하여야 할것이다.

오늘날 일본, 독일, 중국도 마찬가지다. 이들 국가들은 모두 한국에 여러 모델과 전통을 공유 제공하고 있지만, 분명 한국에 부적절하고 받아들여서는 안 되는 것들이 있을 것이다.

한국인들은 외국 전문가들의 주장에 대한 지적재산에 무조건 근거하지 말고 여러 다른 국가들의 어떤 부분이 우리에게 가장 적합한지 스스로 판단하고 결정해야 한다.

한국이 미국이란 국가가 어떻게  작동하는지에 대한 객관적인 평가를 내놓을 수도 있는 시기가 왔으며 더 나아가 미국에 대처한 한국은 어떠한 전략 위치 또는 격상을 유지할 것이냐에 대한 분명한 입장을 스스로 확보해야 한다. 워싱턴 D.C의 신호나 허락만 기다리는 퇴보적이고 의존적 사고방식은 과감히 버려야 할 때다. 한국인들이 실학의 진정한 의미를 재발견할 때가 왔다: 과학적 원칙에 따라 한국인들은 외국 모델의 적합성에 대한 객관적인 평가를 할때다.