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Is the problem of the market economy economic, ideological, or spiritual?

Ecology as style and as attitude



川普总统: 美国的破坏神

trumped congress chin

Congress Trumped


“Trump’s Lucky Day”


트럼프의 운수좋은 날


Joke about African Americans in American society

I heard this joke from my son yesterday.

Two black men are walking down the street when they see a sign that reads,

“Get ahead in life! Become white. Just $200”

One man said to the other, “Well, it certainly could be a great economic opportunity to be white. Maybe I should try it.”

The other man said, “Try it out and see if it helps.”

He paused, and then responded,

“But I only have $100 on me. Can you lend me $100 and I will pay you back with interest as soon as I become white and get rich.”

“Sure,” replied his friend.

The man went into the store and came out as a white man one hour later.

His friend was amazed, exclaiming, “It worked! Now you can make the big money. So, when can I get my $100 back?”

His friend replied, “Get a job!”

“Korea between Scylla and Charibdis”


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