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Sticker to put on you automobile and on other automobiles

Here is my mockup for a sticker that we can put on our automobiles and could even put on the automobiles of thousands of others across the city, the country. Many were offended by the idea of such shaming and violation of the private property of others. I am not sure that I feel that way. When the house is on fire, you must do what you must do. What do you think?

Join Extinction Rebellion

Join Extinction Rebellion

What is the extinction crisis

We all know something is terribly wrong in our culture, in our economy and above all in our environment. Increasing emissions of greenhouse gases, combined with the destruction of the natural environment, is causing a catastrophic transformation of the Earth that will render it uninhabitable for most, perhaps for all. Already, weather gets hotter every year and we face droughts punctuated by destructive storms. Yet around us we see only silence, denial and inaction.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued a report in October 2018 based on scientific research, as opposed to the self-interested speeches of politicians or the delusions of a corporate-funded media. The report detailed how, within our lifetimes (certainly within our children’s lifetimes) agriculture will fail and the oceans will warm, acidify and rise to flood our coasts while fish go extinct. The land that is not flooded by rising seas on the coast will become deserts. Scientists have studied the transformation of other planets and the predictions that they have made so far have proven to be all too true.

We are looking at the distinct possibility of a rise in temperature of 4 degrees Celsius by 2100, probably earlier, and much of the world will uninhabitable within the next 30-50 years. The temperature will rise much more than 4 degrees for most of the world.  

Climate change is a polite term. It is a climate catastrophe. It is the greatest extinction in the history of the Earth, and it is getting worse. We need to transform radically how we live and how we conceive of value in our society. We need a new civilization and we need to embrace the values of modesty and frugality that we have been taught to discard because of the worship of consumption, growth and production. We must find value in things that do not consume energy.

Yet the newspapers, the government, our friends and family, refuse to discuss the largest crisis in human history. The warning signs of climate catastrophe were there from the 1990s but we have done worse than nothing.

What is the cause?

The emissions of carbon dioxide, and other dangerous gases from factories, automobiles and industrial farms is rapidly altering the composition of the thin and brittle atmosphere that protects us from space. The destruction of jungles and forests whose trees and other plants help to produce oxygen is triggering mass extinctions that alter the atmosphere further.  We have all the tools we need to respond to turn things around, but we are incapable of changing our thinking, or altering our habits.

We live in a sick culture that holds up consumption and waste as ideals, that makes short-term growth the measure of success and that ignores the devastating impact on the environment of driving automobiles, living in large homes that gobble up energy, and importing products from around the world in petroleum-powered container ships. We make policies with the assumption that wasting food, destroying forests, consuming petroleum and coal that poisons the ecosystem, is a positive for growth.

Every time we eat a hamburger, we are poisoning our mother the Earth. Every time we throw away a plastic cup, it is like pouring crude oil into the ocean. We are sleepwalking our way towards our destruction and most refuse to awaken, to open our eyes.

As a result of our actions animals and plants around us are going extinct on a massive scale and if we let them go, we will not survive as a species either. We are happy to use cheap products made in polluting factories far away in India or in Thailand. We don’t want to hear the scientific truth that the pollution there destroys our climate just as much as it would if produced at home. We were blessed with an Earth powered by vibrant ecosystems and abundant natural resources. But our greed and our lack of foresight has led us to destroy those ecosystems, leaving a dying Earth for future generations.

Everything must change! From our relationship to nature, to the standards by which we calculate success, to the manner in which we get information.

What is XR (Extinction Rebellion)?

Extinction Rebellion (XR) is an international organization dedicated to saving the Earth for future generations by stopping the exploitation of natural resources and the burning of fossil fuels right now—not in five years, not after the next election. We have built a non-violent, decentralized, movement across the Earth and we are using proven tactics to disrupt the dangerous financial, manufacturing, agricultural and transportation systems that threaten life. We call for all citizens of the Earth to be aware of the danger and for all governments to take the bold steps to save our Earth for our children and for the other species facing extinction.   

We demand that governments, schools, research institutes and the media tell the truth about climate catastrophe and that citizens take revolutionary steps to create a fossil-fuel free economy immediately.  

Our global movement is localized, and is participatory in nature. The demands we make for a fundamental change in our civilization cannot be made by corporate-funded think tanks, NGOs and research institutes, or politicians accustomed to seeking out corporate funding.

XR uses protests to bring this corrupt system to a standstill. We must on occasion break the laws in that process (blocking traffic or staging die-ins). But we do so only because the policies in place are so fundamentally immoral and criminal and because the policy formulation process is blocked off from participation by citizens.  Mass mobilization is the only way to spur fundamental change.

The Earth-wide XR community offers mutual support, provides spiritual power, and gives you a chance to make a commitment to moral action through these protests. We are building a FFF (fossil-fuel free) economy of which everyone can all be a part.

If you are disgusted by extremes of this consumption economy, wherein there is no future beyond the next quarterly earnings for corporations, we offer you a place in our movement, and a sense of purpose in life. You are as important as anyone else in our global struggle to save humanity, and the other species of our precious Earth from the threat of extinction.  Join us today!

How to join your local XR community

If you, or your friends, want to save our Earth, we invite you to join the local XR group and get involved. XR is decentralized and participatory. We welcome your contribution as long as you operate within the parameters of the XR’s goals, its statements and its principles (available online in English

If you are interested, just contact Emanuel Pastreich 이만열 (임마누엘 페스트라이쉬) ( 010 3444 1598), or join our Facebook group

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