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Ash or Steam?

Ash or Steam?

Emanuel Pastreich


Some say our world will end in war

Some say it has a steamy fate

From what glimpsed in man’s core

I go with those who fear for war

But indifference to our children’s’ fate

Is, in its own way, cruel as hate

So horrific what lies in store

The hour being late

That doom requires nothing more



Andre Breton’s “Naked” as a poem for today

Like a sunful of skyrockets
I saw you slowly removing from among the radiolarians
The empty shell of the sea urchin I ‘d been
But wait I wasn’t there anymore
I was casting eyes to the skies because already my lving casket of white velvet had abandoned me
And I was sad
The sky between the leaves shone haggard and hard as a dragonfly
And I was just about to close both my eyes
When two wooden blinders which had flown apart suddenly snapped shut again
Without a sound
Like the two innermost leaves of an immense Lily of the Valley
A flower able to contain the entire night
So I was there where you see me still
Amid perfumes chiming out in great pealing waves
But before they could spring open once again as each day they do in this changing life
I had just enough time to fasten my lips
Firmly on your glass thighs

Andre Breton