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John Brown’s “Provisional Constitution” and “Declaration of Liberty”

John Brown and his many supporters stood up against the crime of slavery and the corrupt and criminal administrative regime that enabled it in the 1850s. They proposed a provisional constitution that was not meant to be revolutionary, and a “Declaration of Liberty” intended to be an extension of the Declaration of Independence to all Americans.

Although many parts of the two texts are dated, or inappropriate to the current moment, the general import of Brown’s efforts is clearly relevent and provides us with a valuable historical precedent.

It is critical to note that although John Brown was tried and hanged for rebellion, that this argument was specious and fabricated by the criminal slave owners who were afraid that the Constitution might actually be interpreted to follow its original intent and thereby threaten their profits.

The Provisional Constitution, however, is explicit:

These articles not for the overthrow of government.

The foregoing articles shall not be construed so as in any way to encourage the overthrow of any State government, or of the general government of the United States, and look to no dissolution of the Union, but simply to amendment and repeal. And our flag shall be the same that our fathers fought under in the Revolution.

The situation is quite similar to the crisis we face today. Most certainly John Brown is an imperfect model, but he suggests something of what was possible and his work with Frederick Douglass was essential in assuring that the eventual conflict was not a meaningless brawl but had a deeper significance.

“Provisional Constitution and Ordinances for the people of the United States”


“Declaration of Liberty”


“Provisional Constitution and Ordinances for the people of the United States”


Whereas slavery, throughout its entire existence in the United States, is none other than a most barbarous, unprovoked, and unjustifiable war of one portion of its citizens upon another portion-the only conditions ‘of which are perpetual imprisonment and hopeless servitude or absolute extermination-in utter disregard and violation of those eternal and self-evident truths set forth in our Declaration of Independence:

Therefore, we, citizens of the United States, and the oppressed people who, by a recent decision of the Supreme’ Court, are declared to have no rights which the white man is bound to respect, together with all other people degraded by the laws thereof, do, for the time being, ordain and establish for ourselves the following Provisional Constitu­tion and Ordinances, the better to protect our persons, property, lives, and liberties, and to govern our actions


Qualifications for membership

All persons of mature age, whether proscribed, oppressed, and enslaved citizens, or of the proscribed and oppressed races of the United States, who shall agree to sustain and enforce the Provisional Constitution and Ordinances of this organization, together with all minor children of such persons, shall be held to be fully entitled to protection under the same.


Branches of government.

The provisional government of this organization shall consist of three branches, viz: legislative, executive, and judicial.



The legislative branch shall be a Congress or House of Representative, composed of not less than five nor more than ten members, who shall be elected by all citizens of mature age and of sound mind con­nected with this organization, and who shall remain in office for three years, unless sooner removed for misconduct, inability, or by death. A majority of such members shall constitute a quorum.



The executive branch of this organization shall consist of a President and Vice-President, who shall be chosen by the citizens or members of this organization, and each of whom shall hold his office for three years” unless sooner removed by death or for inability or misconduct.



The judicial branch of this organization shall consist of one Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and of four associate judges of said court, each constituting a circuit court. They shall each be chosen in the same manner as the President, and shall continue in office until their places have been filled in the same manner by election of the citizens. Said court shall have jurisdiction in all civil or criminal causes arising under this constitution, except breaches of the rules of war.


Validity of enactments.

All enactments of the legislative branch shall, to become valid during the first three years, have the approbation of the President and of the Commander-in-chief of the army.



A Commander-in-chief of the army shall be chosen by the President, Vice-President, a majority of the Provisional Congress, and of the Supreme Court, and he shall receive his commission from the President, signed by the Vice-President, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and the Secretary of War, and he shall hold his office for three years, unless removed by death or on proof of incapacity or misbehavior. He shall, unless under arrest, (and until his place is actually filled as pro­vided for by this constitution,) direct all movements of the army and advise with any allies. He shall, however, be tried, removed, or pun­ished, on complaint of the President, by at least three general officers, or a majority of the House of Representatives, or of the Supreme Court; which House of Representatives, (the President presiding,) the Vice-President, and the members of the Supreme Court, shall consti­tute a court-martial for his trial; with power to remove or punish, as the case may require, and to fill his place, as above provided.



A Treasurer, Secretary of State, Secretary of War, and Secretary of the Treasury, shall each be chosen, for the first three years, in the same way and manner as the Commander-in-chief, subject to trial or removal on complaint of the President, Vice-President, or Commander in-chief, to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, or on complaint of the majority of the members of said court or the Provisional Congress. The Supreme Court shall have power to try or punish either of those officers, and their places shall be filled as before.


Secretary of War.

The Secretary of War shall be under the immediate direction of the Commander-in-chief, who may temporarily fill his place in case of arrest or of any inability to serve.


Congress or House of Representatives.

The House of Representatives shall make ordinances providing for the appointment (by the President or otherwise) of all civil officers, excepting those already named; and shall have power to. make all laws and ordinances for the general good, not inconsistent with this Constitution and these ordinances.


Appropriation of money

The Provisional Congress shall have power to appropriate money or other property actually in the hands of the treasurer, to any object calculated to promote the general good, so far as may be consistent with the provisions of this constitution; and may, in certain cases, appropriate for a moderate compensation of agents, or persons not members of this organization, for any important service they are known to have rendered.


Special duties.

It shall be the duty of Congress to provide for the instant removal of any civil officer or policeman, who becomes habitually intoxicated, or who is addicted to other immoral conduct, or to any neglect or unfaithfulness in the discharge of his official duties. Congress shall also be a Standing Committee of Safety, for the purpose of obtaining important information; and shall be in constant communication with the Commander-in-chief; the members of which shall each, as also the President, Vice-President, members of the Supreme Court, and Secretary of State, have full power to issue warrants, returnable as Congress shall ordain (naming witnesses, &c.,) upon their own information, without the formality of a complaint. Complaint shall be immediately made after arrest, and before trial; the party arrested to be served with a copy at once.


Trial of President and other Officers

The President and Vice-President may either of them be tried, removed, or punished, on complaint made to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, by a majority of the House of Representatives; which house together with the Associate Judges of the Supreme Court, the whole to be presided over by the Chief Justice in case of the trial of the Vice-President, shall have full power to try such officers, to remove or punish as the case may require, and to fill any vacancy so occurring, the same as in the case of the Commander-in-chief.


Trial of members of Congress.

The members of the House of Representatives may, any and all of them, be tried, and, on conviction, removed or punished, on complaint before the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, made by any number of the members of said house exceeding one-third; which house, with the Vice-President and Associate Judges of the Supreme Court, shall constitute the proper tribunal with power to fill such vacancies.


Impeachment of Judges.

Any member of the Supreme Court may also be impeached, tried, convicted, or punished by removal or otherwise, Oil complaint to the President, who shall in such case, preside; the Vice-President, House of Representatives, and other members of the Supreme Court, consti­tuting the proper tribunal, (with power to fill vacancies,) on complaint of a majority of said House of Representatives, or of the Supreme Court; a majority of the whole having power to decide.


Duties of President and Secretary of State.

The President, with the Secretary of State; shall, immediately upon entering on the duties of their office, give special attention to secure from amongst their own people, men of integrity, intelligence, and good business habits and capacity, and, above an, of first-rate moral and religious character and influence, to act as civil officers of every description and grade, as well as teachers, chaplains, physicians, sur­geons, mechanics, agents of every description, clerks, and messengers. They shall make special efforts to induce, at the earliest possible period, persons and families of that description to locate themselves within the limits secured by this organization; and shall, moreover, from time to time, supply the names and residence of such persons to the Congress, for their special notice and information, as among the most important of their duties; and the President is herebyauth9rized and empowered to afford special aid to such individuals, from such moderate appropriations as the Congress shall be able and may deem advisable to make for that object. The President and Secretary of State, and in all cases of disagreement the Vice-President, shall appoint all civil officers, but shall not have power to remove any officer. All removals shall be the result of a fair trial, whether civil or military.


Further duties.

It shall be the duty of the President and Secretary of State to find out (as soon as possible) the real friends as well as enemies of this organization in every part of the country; to secure among them inn­keepers, private postmasters, private mail contractors, messengers, and agents, through whom may be obtained correct and regular in­formation constantly; recruits for the service, places of deposit and sale, together with all needed supplies; and it shall be matter of special regard to secure such facilities through the northern States.


Duty of the President.

It shall be the duty of the President, as well as the House of Rep­resentatives, at all times, to inform the Commander-in-chief of any matter that may require his attention, or that may affect the public safety.


Duty of President, continued.

It shall be the duty of the President to see that the provisional ordinances of this organization, and those made by the Congress, are promptly and faithfully executed; and he may, in cases of great urgency, call on the Commander-in-chief of the army or other officers for aid; it being, however, intended that a sufficient civil police shall always be in readiness to secure implicit obedience to law.


The Vice-President.

The Vice-President shall be the presiding officer of the Provisional Congress, and in cases of tie shall give the casting vote.



In case of the death, removal, or inability of the President, the Vice President, and, next to him, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court shall be the President during the remainder of the term; and the place of the Chief Justice, thus made vacant, shall be filled by Con­gress from’ some of the members of said court; and the places of the Vice-President and Associate Justice, thus made vacant, filled by an election by the united action of the Provisional Congress and members of the Supreme Court. All other vacancies, not heretofore specially provided for, shall, during the first three years, be filled by the united action of the President, Vice-President, Supreme Court, and Commander-in-chief of the army.


Punishment of crimes.

The punishment of crimes not capital, except in case of insubordinate convicts or other prisoners, shall be (so far as may be) by hard labor on the public works, roads, &c.


Army appointments.

It shall be the duty of all commissioned officers of the army to name candidates of merit, for office or elevation, to the Commander-in-chief, who, with the Secretary of War, and, in. cases of disagreement, the President, shall be the appointing power of the army; and all commissions of military officers shall bear the signatures of the Commander in-chief and the Secretary of War. And it shall be the special duty of the Secretary of War to keep for constant reference of the Commander-in-chief a full list of names of persons nominated for office or elevation by the officers of the army, with the name and rank of the officer nominating, stating distinctly, but briefly, the grounds for such notice or nomination. The Commander-in-chief shall not have power to remove or punish any officer or soldier, but he may order their arrest and trial at any time by court-martial.



Courts-martial for companies, regiments, brigades, &c., shall be called by the chief officer of each command, on complaint to him by any officer, or any five privates in such command, and shall consist of not less than five nor more than nine officers, non-commissioned offi­cers and privates, one half of whom shall not be lower in rank than the person on trial, to be chosen by the three highest officers in the command, which officers shall not be a part of such court. The chief officer of any command shall, of course, be tried by a court-martial of the command above his own. All decisions affecting the lives of per­sons, or office of persons holding commission, must, before taking full effect, have the signature of the Commander-in-chief, who may also, on the recommendation of at least one third of the members of the court-martial finding any sentence, grant a reprieve or commutation of the same.



No person connected with this organization shall be entitled to any salary, pay, or emolument, other than a competent support of himself and family, unless it be from an equal dividend made of public prop­erty, on the establishment of peace, or of special provision by treaty; which provision shall be made for all persons who may have been in any active civil or military service at any time previous to any hostile action for liberty and equality.


Treaties of peace.

Before any treaty of peace shall take full effect it shall be signed by the President and Vice-President, the Commander-in-chief, a majority of the House of Representatives, a majority of the Supreme Court, and a majority of all the general officers of the army.


Duty of the military.

It shall be the duty of the Commander-in-chief and all officers and soldiers of the army to afford special protection, when needed, to Con­gress or any member thereof, to the Supreme Court or any member thereof, to the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary of State, Secretary of the Treasury, and Secretary of War; and to afford gen­eral protection to all civil officers or other persons having right to the same.



All captured or confiscated property and all property the product of the labor of those belonging to this organization and of their fami­lies, shall. be held as the property of the whole, equally, without distinction, and may be used for the common benefit, or disposed of for the same object; and any person, officer, or otherwise, who shall improperly retain, secrete, use, or needlessly destroy such property, or property found, captured, or confiscated, belonging to the enemy, or shall willfully neglect to render a full and fair statement of such property by him so taken or held, shall be deemed guilty of a misde­meanor, and, on conviction, shall be punished accordingly.


Safety or intelligence fund.

All money, plate, watches, or jewelry captured by honorable war­fare, found, taken, or confiscated, belonging to the enemy, shall be held sacred to constitute a liberal safety or intelligence fund; and any person who shall improperly retain, dispose of, hide, use, or destroy such money or other article above named, contrary to the provisions and spirit of this article, shall be deemed guilty of theft, and, on con­viction thereof, shall be punished accordingly. The treasurer shall furnish the Commander-in-chief at all times with a full statement of the condition of such fund, and its nature.


The Commander-in-chief and the treasury.

The Commander-in-chief shall have power to draw from the treasury the money and other property of the fund provided for in article twenty-ninth; but his orders shall be signed also by the Secretary of War, who shall keep strict account of the same subject to examination by any member of Congress or general officer.


Surplus of the safety or intelligence fund.

It shall be the duty of the Commander-in-chief to advice the President of any surplus of the safety and intelligence fund, who shall have power to draw such surplus (his order being also signed by the Secretary of State) to enable him to carry out the provisions of article seventeenth.



No person, after having surrendered himself or herself a prisoner, and who shall properly demean himself or herself as such, to any officer or private connected with this organization, shall afterward be put to death, or be subject to any corporeal punishment, without first having had the benefit of a fair and impartial trial; nor shall any prisoner be treated with any kind of cruelty, disrespect, insult, or needless severity; but it shall be the duty of all persons, male and female, connected herewith, at all times and under all circumstances, to treat all such prisoners with every degree of respect and kindness that the nature of the circumstances will admit of, and to insist on a like course of conduct from all others, as in the fear of Almighty God, to whose care and keeping we commit our cause.



All persons who may come forward, and shall voluntarily deliver up their slaves, and have their names registered on the books of the organization, shall, so long as they continue at peace, be entitled to the fullest protection of person and property, though not connected with this organization, and shall be treated as friends and not merely as persons neutral.



The persons and property of all non-slaveholders, who shall remain absolutely neutral, shall be respected so far as the circumstances can allow of it, but they shall not be entitled to any active protection.


No needless waste.

The needless waste or destruction of any useful property or article by fire, throwing open of fences, fields, buildings, or needless killing of animals, or injury of either, shall not be tolerated at any time or place, but shall be promptly and properly punished.


Property confiscated.

The entire personal and real property of all persons known to be acting either directly or indirectly with or for the enemy, or Found in arms with them, or found willfully holding slaves, shall be confis­cated and taken whenever and wherever it may be found in either free or slave States.



Persons convicted on impartial trial of desertion to the enemy, after becoming members, acting as spies, or of treacherous surrender of property, ammunition, provisions, or supplies of any kind, roads, bridges, persons, or fortifications shall be put to death, and their entire property confiscated.


Violation of parole of honor.

Persons proven to be guilty of taking up arms after having been set at liberty on parole of honor, or, after the same, to have taken any active part with or for the enemy, direct or indirect, shall be put to death, and their entire property confiscated.


All must labor.

All persons connected in any way with this organization, and who may be entitled to full protection under it, shall be held as under obligation to labor in some way for the general good; and persons refusing or neglecting so to do, shall, on conviction, receive a suitable and appropriate punishment.



Profane swearing, filthy conversation, indecent behavior, or indecent exposure of the person, or intoxication or quarreling, shall not be allowed or tolerated, neither unlawful intercourse of the sexes.



Persons convicted of the forcible violation of any female prisoner shall be put to death.


The marriage relation, schools, the Sabbath.

The marriage relation shall be at all times respected, and families kept together, as far as possible; and broken families encouraged to reunite, and intelligence offices established for that purpose. Schools and churches established, as soon as may be, for the purpose of reli­gious and other instructions; for the first day of the week, regarded as a day of rest, and appropriated to moral and religious instruction and improvement, relief of the suffering, instruction of the young and ignorant, and the encouragement of personal cleanliness; nor shall any persons be required on that day to perform ordinary manual labor, unless in extremely urgent cases.


Carry arms openly.

All persons known to be of good character and of sound mind and suitable age, who are connected with this organization, whether male or female, shall be encouraged to carry arms openly.


No person to carry concealed weapons.

No person within the limits of the conquered territory, except regularly appointed policemen, express officers of the army, mail carriers, or other fully accredited messengers of the Congress, President, Vice President, members of the Supreme Court, or commissioned officers of the army-and those only under peculiar circumstances-shall be allowed at any time to carry concealed weapons; and any person not specially authorized so to do, who shall be found so doing, shall be deemed a suspicious person, and may at once be arrested by any officer, soldier, or citizen, without the formality of a complaint or warrant, and may at once be subjected to thorough search, and shall have his or her case thoroughly investigated, and be dealt with as circumstances on proof shall require.


Persons to be seized.

Persons within the limits of the territory holden by this organiza­tion, not connected with this organization, having arms at all, concealed or otherwise, shall be seized at once, or, be taken in charge of some vigilant officer, and their case thoroughly investigated; and it shall be the duty of all citizens and soldiers, as well as officers, to arrest such parties as are named in this and the preceding section or article, without the formality of complaint or warrant; and they shall be placed in charge of some proper officer for examination or for safe­keeping.


These articles not for the overthrow of government.

The foregoing articles shall not be construed so as in any way to encourage the overthrow of any State government, or of the general government of the United States, and look to no dissolution of the Union, but simply to amendment and repeal. And our flag shall be the same that our fathers fought under in the Revolution.


No plurality of offices.

No two of the offices specially provided for by this instrument shall be filled by the same person at the same time.



Every officer, civil or military, connected with this organization shall, before entering upon the duties of his office, make solemn oath or affirmation to abide by and support this provisional constitution and these ordinances; also every citizen and soldier, before being fully recognized as such, shall do the same.


The president of this convention shall convene, immediately on the adoption of this instrument, a convention of all such persons as shall have given their adherence by signature to the constitution, who shall proceed to fill, by election, all offices specially named in said constitution, the president of this convention presiding, and issuing commissions to such officers elect; all such officers being thereafter elected in the manner provided in the body of this instrument.

“A Declaration of Liberty”


By the Representatives of the slave Population of the United States of America

“When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary” for an Oppressed People to Rise, and assert their Natural Rights, as Human Beings, as Native & mutual Citizens of a free Republic, and break that odious Yoke of oppression, which is so unjustly laid upon them by their fellow Countrymen, “and to assume among the powers of Earth the same equal privileges to which the Laws of Nature, & natures God entitle them; A moderate respect for the opinions of Mankind, requires that they should declare the causes which incite them to this just & worthy action.

We hold these truths to be Self Evident; That All Men are Created Equal; That they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights. That among these are Life, Liberty; & the pursuit of happiness. That Nature hath freely given to all Men, a full Supply of Air. Water, & Land; for their sustenance, & mutual happiness, That No Man has any right to deprive his fellow Man, of these Inherent rights, except in punishment of Crime. That to secure these rights governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That when any form of Government, becomes destructive to these ends, It is the right of the People, to alter, Amend, or Remodel it, Laying its foundation on Such Principles, & organizing its powers in such form as to them shall seem most likely to effect the safety, & happiness” of the Human Race, To secure equal rights, privileges, & justice to all; Irrespective of Sex; or Nation; To Secure Fraternal Kindness to all Friends of Equal Moral privileges, to all who honestly abandon their Despotic oppressive rule. We hold this truth to be self-evident; That it is the highest Privilege, & Plain Duty of Man; to strive in every reasonable way, to promote the Happiness, Mental, Moral, & Physical,

Elevation of his fellow Man. And that People, or Clannish Oppressors; who wickedly violate this sacred principle; oppressing th their fellow Men, Will bring upon themselves that certain & fearful retribution, which is the Natural, and Necessary penalty of evil Doing. “Prudence, indeed will dictate, that Governments long established, should not be changed for light & transient causes; But when a long train of abuses, & usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object; evinces a design to perpetuate an absolute Despotism; and most cruel bondage; It is their Right, it is their Duty to resist & change such Government, & provide safeguards for their future Liberty” Such has been the patient sufferance of the slaves of the United States, and such is now the necessity which constrains them to brush this foul system of oppression, The history of Slavery in the Unites States, is a history of injustice & Cruelties inflicted upon the Slave in every conceivable way, & in barbarity not surpassed by the most Savage Tribes. It is the embodiment of all that is Evil, and ruinous to a Nation; and subversive of all Good. “In proof of which; facts innumerable have been submitted to the People, and have received the Verdict & condemnation of a candid & Impartial World.”

Our Servants; Members of Congress; & other Servants of the People, who receive exorbitant wages, from the People ask in return for; for their unjust Rule, have refused to pass Laws the most wholesome & necessary for public good, they have refused to pass laws for the accommodation of large districts of People, unless that People, would relinquish the right of representation in the Legislature, a right inestimable to them, and formidable to tyrants only. Our President & other Leeches have called together Legislative, or treasonable Bodies, at places unusual, uncomfortable, & distant from the depository of our public records; for the sole purpose of fatiguing us into compliance with their measures. They have dissolved   Representative houses, for opposing with Manly firmness, their invasions on the rights of the people.

They have refused to grant Petitions presented by numerous & respectable Citizens, asking redress of grievances imposed upon us, demanding our Liberty & natural rights. With Contempt, they Spurn and our humble petitions; and have failed to pass Laws for our relief. They have prevented in all possible ways, the administration of justice to the slave, They have made judges Taney dependent on their will alone, for the tenure of their offices, & the amount & payment of their salaries, They have erected a Multitude of new offices, & sent on swarms of Blood Suckers, & Moths, to harass the People, & eat out their substance, They have effected to render the Military, independent of, & superior to the power & wishes of the People (the Civil power.) Claiming that knowledge is power, they have, (for their own safety) kept us in total darkness, & Ignorance, inflicting base cruelties, for any attempt on our part to obtain knowledge “They have protected base Men, Pirates (engaged in a most Inhuman traffic; The Foreign; & Domestic, Slave Trade.) by mock trials, from punishment, for unprovoked murders which they have committed upon us, & free citizens of the States.

They have prevented by law, our having any Traffic or deal with our fellow Men; Regardless of our wishes, they declare themselves invested with power to legislate for us in all cases whatsoever. They have abdicated government among us, by declaring us out of their protection, & waging a worse than most cruel war upon us continually.

“The welfare of the People; Is the first Great Law.” The fact, & a full description of the enormous Sin of Slavery, may be found in the General History of American Slavery, which is a history of repeated injuries, of base hypocrisy; A cursed treasonable, Despotic usurpation; The most abominable provoking atrocities; Which are but a mockery of all that is just, or worthy of any people. Such cruelty, tyranny, & perfidy, has hardly a parallel, in the history of the most barbarous ages, Our Servants, or Law makers; are totally unworthy the name of Half Civilized Men. All their National acts, (which apply to Slavery,) are false, to the words spirit, & intention, of the Constitution of the United States, & the Declaration of Independence. They say by word & Act, That their own Children, or any faithful Citizen, may be legally robed of every Natural & Sacred Right, & that we, have no rights whatever.

They are a Blot upon the Character, the honor, of any Nation, which Claims to have the least shadow or spark of Civilization above the lowest, most inferior Cannibal Races. This is a slight though brief recital, of some of the enormous atrocities, of these Idle, haughty, tyrannical, Arrogant Land Monopolists; Slave holders our lords, & masters, From which, Good Lord Deliver us. These are some of the facts, which we now, (after the lapse of 83 years, since the writing & signing of that Sacred Instrument, Honored & Adored by our Fathers, which declares that it is Self-Evident that all Men are Created Equal, Endowed by their Creator with certain inherent rights &c”) submit to the Decision of all candid; true Republican, Friends of Universal Freedom, & Natural Equality of Rights. All We Demand; is our Liberty, & the Natural rights & immunities of faithful Citizens of the United States.

We will Obtain these rights or Die in the struggle to obtain them We make war upon oppression, we have no controversy with any Religious Sect, Our intention is not to molest any Good Man, whatever may be his religious belief.

We hold these to be self-evident truths, That any Tribe, Rulers, or People, who Rob & cruelly oppress their faithful Laboring Citizens, have within themselves the Germ, of their own certain & fearful overthrow; It is one of Nature’s Immutable Laws; that “According to the measure ye mite; so shall it be Measured to you again.” Herein is the secret of security & true happiness, for Individuals, And the Only Firm Basis, upon which Governments, may be p Permanently Established; Where the Citizens, are Devoted to the greatest good of their Fellow Men, The more humble, benighted & oppressed they are, so much the more sympathy; & earnest effort for their relief, is demanded, striving earnestly to promote the safety and prosperity of their Nation; & the Human Race.

It is a fixed Law of Nature, That any People, or Nation, whose [sturdy?] purpose, & Constant Practice, is in accordance with these principles; Must go forward Progressing; So long as Man Continues to Exist. For in Nature the Principle of Reciprocity is Great.

“The Legitimate object of all Punishment, is to prevent Crime” When any Punishment is inflicted, more than is necessary to prevent crime, it then ceases to be a Punishment. It has become a Barbarous Crime. A Sore Evil. “The Natural Object of all Government is to Protect the right, Defend the Innocent.”  When any set of Usurpers, Tribe, or Community, fail to protect the right, but furnish protection & encouragement to the Villain, by bestowing a Bounty, or Premium, upon the vile Thief, Robber , Libertine, Pirate; & Woman killing Slave Holder; as a reward, for their deeds of rascality and Barbarism; And inflict grievous cruelties upon the innocent, Shooting & Butchering those most faithful, Citizens, who have Striven Manfully, for the relief of the downtrodden &; oppressed of their Country), who fought bravely in support of the Great Principles set forth in D our Declaration of Independence, from the oppressive Rule of England.) Encouraging in various ways, by bribery & fraud, the most Fiendish acts of Barbarism (like those Perpetrated within the limits of the United States, in Florida, at Blounts Fort; in Florida & in other Territories.) under the Jurisdiction & guidance of Slaveholding Authority, & in strict accordance with Slaveholding Rules).

They have transcended their own limits, They have fairly outwitted themselves; Their Slave Code, is a shame to any Nation, Their Laws, are no Laws; they themselves are no more than a Band compilation of Base Piratical Rulers. They are a curse to themselves, a most lamentable Blot upon Society.

“In every stage of these oppressions, we have petitioned for redress, in the most humble terms, Our repeated Petitions have been answered only by repeated Injuries, A Class of oppressors, whose character is thus marked by every act which may define a Tyrannical Despotism, is unfit to rule any People. Nor have we been wanting in attention, to our Oppressors; we have warned them from time to time, of attempts (made by their headlong Blindness,) to perpetuate, extend, strengthen, & revive the dying elements of this cursed Institution. We have reminded them of our unhappy condition, and of their cruelties. We have appealed to their native justice & magnanimity, to we have conjured them by the ties of our common nature, our Brotherhood, & Common Parentage, to disavow these usurpations, which have destroyed our Kindred friendship, and endangered their safety.

“They have been Deaf to the voice of Justice & Consanguinity. We must therefore acquiesce in the necessity, which denounces their tyranny & unjust rule over us. Declaring that we will serve them no longer as slaves, Knowing that the Laborer is worthy of his hire.” We therefore, the Representatives of the Circumscribed Citizens of the United States, of America in General Congress Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the World, for the rectitude of our intentions, Do in the name, & by the authority.

Atlantic Council’s “Domestic violent extremism and the intelligence challenge”

The Atlantic Council Released a report “Domestic violent extremism and the intelligence challenge” that attributes the so-called “storming of the Capitol Building” on January 6 as a failure of intelligence and that explains why this event (which was clearly was a media show and not a true terrorist attack) serves as a justification for the creation of a Domestic Violent Extremism Unit (DVEAU) under the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) that reports to the Director of National Intelligence. That is to say, that American citizens will be treated like foreign terrorists from now on, and that the government is free to monitor them to whatever degree it sees fit through organizations that are not linked to the local police and are unaccountable. The government, which has become a toy of the super-rich, is free to use whatever force is appropriate against any domestic political criticism.

The author, Mitchell D. Silber, offers us new terms like “domestic violent extremism” (DVE) and “racial or ethnically motivated violence” (REMV). that will justify juicy budgets and will permit the oppression of political opposition intelligence agencies that do not have to work with local police or the judicial branch.  

This proposal for unleashing the full fury of the intelligence apparatus on American citizens is not happening in a vacuum. These steps are being taken at precisely the moment that citizens are becoming aware, through the unprecedented deaths and traumatic side-effects, that the COVID19 vaccine regime is an attempt to reduce our citizens to sickly GMOs and that it has nothing to do with concern for their wellbeing.

That is to say that the massive campaign against DVE (“domestic violent extremism”) is unleashed at precisely the moment that the collapse of governance in the United States is becoming apparent to everyone.


“The Atlantic Council report, “Domestic Violent Extremism and the Intelligence Challenge,” by Mitchell D. Silber presents recommendations to improve the effectiveness of the post-9/11 intelligence architecture against the domestic violent-extremist threat, and reform the intelligence architecture, including a more robust collection of social media content, and the creation of a Domestic Violent Extremism Unit (DVEAU) inside the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), which would report to the Director of National Intelligence. The May 11, 2021 announcement by DHS Secretary Mayorkas of the restoration of a domestic terrorism branch within the Department’s Office of Intelligence & Analysis (I&A) does not change the need for a more substantial unit within NCTC.”

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Declaration of the Establishment of a Provisional Government for the United States




As grievous as was the blow, as terrible as is the suffering, as overwhelming and demoralizing as has been the ensuing chaos, and as discouraging as has been the spread of falsehoods, and the seduction of the educated, it is no surprise to the historian that a mighty nation like the United States could rapidly decline into moral depravity.

It is no mystery to the scholars of Babylon and Rome, of Byzantium and Athens, that great governments are brought to their knees, not by an external enemy, but rather by the substitution of superficial rituals for moral action, by a spiritual blindness that strikes down the best and the brightest.

This moral virus has infected the minds of those who should have known better, and the door was left ajar for the crafty and the cunning to surreptitiously sneak in and slip a collar around the eagle’s neck, rendering justice a pet for their idle amusement.

We have no time now for laments, standing here on the battlefield. The cruel powers have unleashed their dogs of war and they are ripping our institutions to shreds, tearing the living heart out of our government and our schools, and leaving behind our values and beliefs as rotted carcasses for the jackals to feed upon. These stealthy forces keep shifting their forms to confuse us, now conservative, now progressive, now black, now white.

What we know with certainty is that the current lull in the battle is the bait they have laid out for us. They are planning a final assault, as we stand here, dazed and confused. They want us to be absorbed in our selfish needs, stewed in the narcissism of the smartphone, lost in the cult of the self, and incapable of organizing our thoughts, or of mustering bravery, or of rising to the occasion.

Their weapons are different. Rather than a tank, they use a vaccine syringe for their first melee. They use AI and commercial media to reprogram our brains, rendering us docile beasts that chase after food, pornography and glittering images. We did not even notice how they made us dependent on them for food, for energy, for information, and now even for our very identity.   

Not a single column still stands in the temple of government that our founding fathers erected.

The beasts have carved the executive branch up into private fiefdoms, and leased them out to foreign banks. These days, those involved in governance are patted on the head and rewarded for tearing apart the edifice, for doing the bidding of the hidden masters.

The members of the Congress, regardless of their color or flavor, thrust their snouts deep in the public trough, where they devour the slop shoveled their way by the high priests of Mammon.

There are only two parties: the pimps and the whores.

The gangrene flowing through the veins of the judiciary is foul. It corrupts everything it touches, rendering judges and prosecutors unfeeling, incapable of, and unwilling to, uphold the Constitution, or to do anything that might displease their true masters.

Newspapers, magazines, universities and research institutes, corporations and foundations, are spigots that spew forth lies.

An evil spirit has possessed the public sector, rendering it a monstrosity. It slouches towards your neighborhood with a syringe in hand.

Declaration of an Provisional Government


The United States of America

In light of the collapse of all branches of the Federal government, and the slip of civil society into the dark abyss of decadence and narcissism, we citizens declare that an Provisional Government of the United States of America is established hereby that will serve as a midwife in the painful, but promising, rebirth of this nation.

The words of this declaration limn the direction forward for our nation and suggest the contours of our future.

The provisional government of the United States will distinguish itself from the wreckage now occupied by jackals and hyenas, by its strict adherence to our sacred Constitution and to the spirit of the law.

The provisional government will administer as much of the United States as it can, granted the tremendous challenges that we face.

The roots of our government are planted firmly in hearts of patriots, of citizens committed to liberty, justice and freedom. The provisional government will lay the foundations for an accountable government capable of addressing common concerns about the economy, society and security, hand in hand with those patriots. 

The United States has a noble tradition of democratic governance. The inspiration for our nation, however, must be traced back to the American Revolution of 1776, and to the revolution against slavery of 1860. Our political philosophy is revolutionary, and this is a moment when that tradition must be revived.  

The Declaration of Independence was the first step, a break with the British Empire. This declaration of independence is a break with the insidious empire of finance and speculation run by billionaires and their servants.

We hereby declare our independence from that empire of corruption and pillage, that empire of foreign wars and manipulative media, that empire of processed foods and needless medications forced on us for profit.

Our founding fathers declared, 

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

We do not need any more media-savvy swiveling between the fraudulent flavors of “progressive” and “conservative,” the Pepsi and Coke of debased politics.

Before we recognize anyone as president, we must first take these six actions:  


We will list the billionaires, investment banks, private equity funds and the other parasitic financial institutions that have taken control of our nation’s government and detail how they govern us illegally.

We will make all information public regarding their criminal takeover, and their criminal administration, of our country. We will bring criminal charges against the leaders, and seize their assets, regardless of how many politicians they own, or how many billions of dollars they claim to possess.


We will take control of the economy, starting with money and finance (especially the Federal Reserve), and create an economy of the people, by the people and for the people.

The speculative economy will end and all fiscal policy will be drafted in close coordination with citizens using scientific data concerning the true short-term and long-term challenges facing our nation. For-profit organizations will play no role in the formulation of economic policy, nor will foreign economic concerns. Corporations whose stock is owned by foreign interests, that have their headquarters outside of the United States, will not be considered American.


We will establish true journalism, starting with journalism produced by networks of patriotic citizens, that is dedicated to the pursuit of truth, and does not shy away from taboo subjects. This journalism will have no corporate sponsors and will be accompanied by social media networks and search engines that are run as regional and national cooperatives responsible to the people, that have pursuit of truth, not profit, as their paramount goal.


We will establish an international committee of ethical citizens to oversee an investigation of the criminal actions by those pretending to be the United States government for the last twenty years. Base on the findings of those public investigations, we will make proposals for a revolutionary restructuring of the government so as to make the citizen again sovereign.

Only then will we be able to hold transparent and accountable elections for the President and the Congress that allow the citizens to vote on the basis of accurate information, elections from which corporate money and private wealth will be banned.

Criminal syndicates like the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, not described in the Constitution, will play no role in these open and fair elections.    


We will set down national security priorities related to the threats facing our citizens. The process of assessing those security concerns will be immune from the lobbying of weapons manufactures and investment banks. We will consider crucial issues such as the collapse of biodiversity, the destruction of our climate, the concentration of wealth and the misuse of technology to destroy the minds of our citizens. We will also stop the use of automation and communications technology by corporations to destroy our livelihoods. We see the war of the rich against the citizens of the Earth as the primary security threat of our age.


We will reform the United Nations so that it will become a space for true “Earth” governance that takes an internationalist perspective, and is not a tool for globalism. We will banish from the United Nations the money chargers and the plutocracy who have shredded the United Nations Charter and made its employees into their lapdogs.

The demands are simple, but achieving them will require vision, inspiration, tenacity and sacrifice. The rebuilding of the United States, in accord with its sacred Constitution, will be both a national and an international project.

We call out to all Americans, to all patriots who can hear our voices, and especially to those who were lucky enough to receive outstanding educations, privileged enough to obtain specialized training in the sciences, in international relations, in economics and in medicine. It must be you! Lawyers, doctors, professors, technicians, government officials, corporate executives and business owners! This is your moment of truth.

This is the moment when you must choose to stand with the downtrodden, choose to help citizens, who have not been so fortunate as you have, to distinguish truth from falsehood.

Those who possess extreme riches are not your friends. They care no more for you than they do for the homeless.

We declare today that in our streets, in our neighborhoods, in our states and in our nation, the United States of America, the super-rich and their minions shall have no dominion. The government titles or institutional trappings that they have stolen, or bought, grant them no authority over us.

If truth slips from our grasp, the powerful can easily twist our sentiments. The evil that they stir up shifts patterns, so as to blend into any scene, like a moth, like a chameleon. 

Our provisional government will adhere to the constitution, to the sacred truth and to our moral indignation. We know no other masters.   

The Big Lie Strategy in America of the Super-Rich

Emanuel Pastreich

May 4, 2021

The massive concentration of wealth over the last few years has made it possible for a tiny handful of individuals to control the means of extraction, production, and distribution, the sales of food and products, and the value of money. They are free to demand at will the statements they need to justify totalitarian rule, customized to the tastes of specific communities, from their pet experts at Harvard University, at the World Health Organization, at the New York Times or Counterpunch, at the National Review or the World Socialist Web Page, and in government of the United States, and of most other countries.   

The rate at which wealth has been concentrated is unprecedented in human history, in part because of the exponential evolution of technology that permits a global manipulation of currency and other financial products in a complex manner beyond the capacity of most to comprehend.

New AI technology allows for the promotion of false information globally through the commercial media in a confusing manner. The super-rich use this confusion to divide and to confuse the citizens of the United States, and of the world, presenting contradictory opinions through the authority figures that they promote, often opinions that lack any scientific basis.  

Understanding why so many highly-educated Americans are incapable of responding to the current crisis, and endorse a vaccine regime that they do not believe in, requires us to look at the larger strategy for manipulating choices offered to establishment intellectuals. In part, it is a matter of lag time. Intellectuals are shocked by the rapid shifts in geopolitics. They find it easier to wallow in self-pity, or to bury their heads in denial. The period of time required for a new generation of committed intellectuals to emerge is not fast enough to keep up with the rate of change—and thus have failed to organize anti-fascist movements like those of the 1930s that formed the kernel of true resistance to totalitarianism.

It is helpful to focus on a few of the false choices, the baited gambits, that have been skillfully set up by the advisors to the super-rich so as to create fissures in American society that fragment the establishment, and create internal conflicts in a predetermined manner, so that no broad consensus is reached and citizens unknowingly do the dirty work for the super-rich.

Let us consider the central baited gambits being utilized today.   


The New Cold War

The commercial media is pumping out a uniform story about a New Cold War between the United States and China that has been reformatted in different political flavors for distribution on hundreds of media platforms. There are conservative and progressive flavors to this story about unprecedented tensions between China and the United States born of Chinese expansionism.

Not everything about Chinese actions in Xinjiang, or in Hong Kong, is false, but for the most part the tale is so grotesquely distorted that we might as well file it under fiction in our library.

I have not found any serious discussions about how this New Cold War is being promoted by media interests whose stock is owned by the same concerns who want to make a fortune from the massive increase in the US military budget that resulted from the Defense Appropriations Bill of 2020. Nor does anyone mention the process by which multinational banks and corporate interests have encouraged national conflicts over territory and ethnic identity so as to push for militarization in the years before the First World War, or how that cynical ploy was related to overcapacity and overproduction and how the alchemy of wartime demand was used to make liability into a godsend. French, British and German banks were happy to play footsie in that tragicomedy and the hidden profiteering continued even after the war began.

It would not take more than a few minutes of comparison between the tricks used by global finance leaders in London, Paris and Berlin in 1914, and the similar tricks being employed by US and Chinese financial interests today, for citizens to get the idea.

In place of analysis, we are force-fed the tired and trite tale of the “Thucydides trap” endlessly promoted by the highest-paid minion of the investment bankers, the made-to-order prophet lauded and feted by CEOs in New York and Shanghai, Harvard’s own éminence grise Graham Ellison.

If we want to understand what is taking place in the unhealthy “Frankenstein Alliance,” in the death pact signed between elites in Washington and Beijing, we must first break out of this foolish “nation state” schemata peddled to intellectuals by global bankers and look directly at the massive collaboration between the super-rich globally for the purpose of destroying the lives of workers, and unfold and unravel their schemes to play American workers against Chinese workers so as to stop any unity of purpose on the part of citizens.

Graham Ellison and his Harvard friends are never going to talk about how Harvard’s de facto majority shareholder Goldman Sachs plans to use economic conflict between the United States and China as a means to push through the complete automation of factories and the massive implementation of AI in both countries in the name of “competition.”

The battle is not so much between Beijing and Washington, although that battle is also plenty real, but more about the drive of global finance to control the assets, the money, the activities, the identity, and the bodies of every single worker in both countries. What cannot be forced through in China, will be forced through in the United States first, or vise versa—or in another country first.

Maybe Elon Musk and Jack Ma are not voices of reason crying out against a nationalistic narrow-minded national agenda in the United States and China, but partners in a scheme to monopolize the resources and the assets of the entire world.

That process, even though it can be documented without too much effort using open-source materials, must be dismissed as a conspiracy theory beyond the pale. The only accurate means to understand the conflicts between China and the United States today, we are told by the authorities, is through an analogy to a war between Sparta and Athens in the fifth century B.C.

The possibility that neither China nor America exist today as political units in light of the radical concentration of wealth is the most likely explanation for what we witness today. You will not read that analysis anywhere.  

What are the immediate results of the increase in defense spending for this “New Cold War?”

The opportunity to increase massively defense spending in the United States, China, and throughout East Asia—and now throughout the world–has the banks drooling. Many financial interests stand to benefit from all that spending, that artificially created demand. Citizens are force-fed cold war fiction without a word about who makes the money from weapon systems globally—including in China.

The spending, in the US Department of Defense, or the intelligence community, is no longer aimed at training people in Chinese, or developing a new generation of people who understand the politics and cultures of the nations of Asia. Increasingly, those who studied in China (to learn Chinese) cannot get the security clearances required to work in government.

Most of that money is tagged for ridiculously overpriced fighter planes, tanks, anti-missile systems, and satellites that, in many cases, already have been shown to be ineffective, or useless.

Those at the working-level in the military and intelligence are still trying to do their jobs in spite of the increasingly absurd orders that they receive. To some degree they can convince themselves that the reports of threats from Chinese AI, drones and robots are credible. Certainly the round-the-clock work schedule that is forced on them (similar to what was done before the Iraq invasion) makes it nearly impossible to concentrate.

What no one is going to tell citizens, or even personnel with top secret/SCI clearance, is that the AI being developed is meant to be a weapon to degrade the ability of citizens to think (starting with military personnel) through destructive stimulation of the brain using commercial media, and to divide and confuse the populations of both nations, using different time frames and agendas, so as to soften up the citizens of the Earth for the absolute rule of the super-rich.

Will the next generation micro drones and robots, energy weapons on low-orbit satellites, be used in some glorious Normandy Landing, or Athens-Sparta conflict between civilizations and nation states? Or might the final intention be to employ these weapons so as to attack the citizens of China and of the United States, if they try to resist this global power grab?

The war has already been declared. Both China and the United States, and many other countries, have become the battle ground in the drive to completely corrupt science, and to make all sources of information spigots for propaganda in support of bio-fascist regimes like COVID19.

Whether in Dallas or Wuhan, Osaka or Dresden, AI logarithms are being used now to shut down civil society, and stacks of drones and robots that can attack whoever they are programmed to attack, are waiting in the wings.

It is worth noting that the New York Times have taken a sudden interest in police violence over the last year after completely ignoring the issue for decades. Moreover, they are not interested in systemic corruption, but rather in gaudy incidents which are played up in the news cycle just long enough to create a consensus for a policy shift.

Perhaps the goal is not to reduce police violence, but rather to undermine public confidence in police officers as a means of defunding the human police. But, is the intention of such a move to create a more human police force with closer ties to the community? Or might this rather be the first stage in softening up the public to accept the replacement of human police with drones and robots that may have smiles on their faces but are capable of a ruthlessness beyond any human?

Your choice: Climate Change or COVID19?

Multinational investment banks, corporations, and the super-rich that control them, have paid their operators to set up a false choices for citizens that are meant to divide us and to discourage organized resistance. Prefabricated liberal-conservative conflicts are core to this effort. Although this effort has gone on for decades, the classified programs to engineer conflicts based on ethnicity, culture or gender, has gone into warp drive as the blatant power grab of the elite becomes increasingly obvious.

Central among the baited gambits offered up is the false choice between addressing climate change and acknowledging that COVID19 is a massive fraud. Anyone who tries to take on both issues at once will find that he or she cannot get anything published anywhere. Everyone is given a choice or choosing one, or the other, or disappearing from public discourse altogether. For the ego-driven “public intellectuals” so accustomed to seeing their precious names in print, the compromise is of little significance.  

You can either recognize that the climate is adversely impacted by emissions, the destruction of the ecosystem and by an economy driven by a dangerous model of “growth” and “consumption” or you can argue that COVID19 has no scientific basis and that the forced-vaccine regime is an attempt by rich and powerful to take control of our bodies and to deny us the right to work, to go to school, or to seek medical treatment for random reasons.

One the one side, we see progressive-flavored intellectuals like Noam Chomsky or Chris Hedges talking about the danger of fossil fossil fuels and the ignorance of science displayed by Republicans in the pay of the oil companies. Some parts of their arguments are true. Other are tailored to the needs of investment banks. For example, they are happy to push for solar power and wind power, but they do not mention that these renewable energy projects are planned and pushed through by corporate banks. Nor do these intellectuals describe how citizens produced their own renewable energy before John Rockefeller forced them to become dependent on big oil.

These progressives also leave Bill Gates book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster” alone, preferring to give the Gates Foundation all the slack it needs to use the “climate crisis” to tighten political and ideological control.

In the other corner we find those, often associated with Donald Trump or Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who stand united in their condemnation of the COVID19 “plandemic,” the mask mandate and the vaccine regime. These forces have developed increasingly sophisticated media sources and they support their critiques with substantial scientific data. For the most part, these groups are dismissed out of hand by the Nation or Greenpeace as extremists, or anti-science, when they speak the truth.  

As good as the science for these groups may be regarding COVID19 (and it is not always accurate) they are silent on, or even dismissive of, the threats of climate change, the collapse of biodiversity, the destruction of the environment by fracking and micro-plastics. They are willing to stand up to Bill Gates and George Soros, but get wobbly knees when it comes to BP and Exxon.   

Another part of this scheme to drive a stake through science in the United States establishment is the engineered split in interpretive communities concerning the 9.11 incident: a powerful shibboleth in American politics. This obvious fraud, which defies the principles taught in high school physics, is a taboo for the progressive groups standing up in self-righteous indignation over climate change, social injustice and systemic racism.

9.11 is not taboo, however, for conservative groups posting at QAnon or the X22 Report. But there is a catch. Many of the scientific discussions of 9/11, or of COVID19, are narrated with reference to Christian philosophy concerning the nature of evil, and are supported with references to the Book of Revelations. Although such references may be valid, they inherently limit the appeal of these reports for the public.

These postings tend to focus on figures like George Soros or Hillary Clinton who are tied to the “leftists” in a simplistic manner. The critiques in these reports lack a systematic analysis of the interlocking financial interests around the world that were behind that incident. These conservative news sources lack the systematic analysis of who owns what found in books like Giants: The Global Power Elite (Peter Phillips).

The focus on the trafficking of youth for pedophiles by high-ranking political figures (such as Bill Clinton and Barack Obama) and their alleged participation in Satanic practices, also limits the impact of these conservative reports. There is plenty of evidence of pedophilia among power players in Washington D.C., and there exists documentation that such incidents have been purposely set up to collect damaging information about politicians. But this political practice is but one of a variety of methods for buying and intimating, and not as central as these reports suggest.

It is possible that high ranking politicians engaged in Satanic rituals as well, but from what I have seen of the exercise of power in Washington D.C. its seems rather unlikely that Satanic practices are that prominent. I suspect that although there may be some truth to those claims, that stressing Satanism is a condition for getting the word out because it limits the audience. Perhaps secret law not only blocks reporting on COVID19 in the mainstream media, but also requires that those who are allowed to report on the topic introduce a heavy dose of Christian ideology that cuts down on circulation among progressive groups.

The Conspiracy Theory trap

The creation of events that will promoted irreconcilable interpretations in different interpretive communities has become a cottage industry for the rich and powerful. The radically divergent tales concerning massing shootings and attacks on minorities does wonders to exacerbate rifts between groups in the United States who might otherwise find common ground. These deep fissures in the basic assumptions about events render cooperation between these groups impossible.  

Two common themes among conservatives are that attacks on minorities, and major mass shootings, are fake, false flag operations, and that climate change is a fraud used for the interests of the rich and powerful.  

Let me start with a disclaimer. As no open, international investigations have ever been conducted concerning the incidents that I describe, my interpretation is by nature speculative. I would venture, however, that the critical points that I make, purposely are left out of coverage in both the mainstream media and in conspiracy blogs.

What is clear is that public intellectuals and reporters intentionally avoid difficult questions concerning these incidents, falling back on the argument that it is disrespectful of the families of those who were killed to suggest that the event was fabricated.

Two central cases are the Sandy Hook Elementary School (2012) shooting and the Boston Marathon Bombing (2013).

In the case of Sandy Hook, it is certainly possible that the attack was by a loner suffering from mental illness. Yet the vicious manner in which the mere suggestion that there might have been an incentive to create an event so as to increase police powers raises questions as to the motivations of those who deny even the possibility of a conspiracy.

In the case of the Boston Marathon Bombing, significant evidence exists that chronology of the bombing is inconsistent. The remarkably clean manner in which the entire event was pinned on Chechens who supposedly killed a police officer while trying to steal his gun sounds rather far-fetched. It is undeniable, however, that the Boston Marathon bombing was used to carry out an unprecedented lockdown of the entire city of Boston without any constitutional guarantees for citizens, or due process. That event was a frightening adumberation of the lockdowns of the United States in the name of COVID19 seven years later.

The significance of the Boston Marathon as commemoration of Patriot’s Day (granted it was held a few days earlier that year), a critical day in Boston history when American militia opened fire on the British at Lexington, was completely ignored by the media when they pinned the story on two terrorist bombers.

Yet, it was on Patriot’s Day, April 19, 1993 that the Federal government brutally crushed the Branch Davidians at Waco, an assault that included a needless fire which left dead seventy-six people.

It was on Patriot’s Day, April 19, 1995, that the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building was destroyed in an attack attributed to Timothy McVeigh—an incident about which many questions still remain unanswered.

In addition, two days after the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, a massive explosion (employing ammonium nitrate just like the explosion in Oklahoma) near Waco, Texas, killed fifteen people. None of these facts were mentioned in the media.

The Los Vegas shootings (October 1, 2017) suggest a possible strategy behind these attacks. The suspect Stephen Craig Paddock supposedly killed more than 60 people in less than 15 minutes of shooting from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel. This fact alone raised serious questions among experts.

As he committed suicide we never learned Paddock’s version of the story.

The striking part of the story is the contradictory reports from eyewitnesses.

Although they have vanished from the internet, there were videos posted of both real shootings with live ammunition in one part of the hotel and in other areas the sounds of gunfire were broadcast over a speaker.

The intension of such an approach (which may well have been used in other incidents) might well have been to create divergent interpretations of the event from the start. Those who argued that there was a real shooting had facts to back up their claims. Those who suggested that the shootings were a fraud, a false flag, were given also solid evidence.

A similar game appears to be under way concerning climate change.

Scientific evidence for catastrophic climate change in terms of spreading deserts, the warming and the acidification of oceans, the spread of micro-plastics through the water and soil, and the long-term warming of the atmosphere is indisputable. The campaigns of fake scientists receiving corporate funding to dismiss this complex phenomenon has not succeeded in convincing the public.

Because the launch of the COVID19 operation is directly linked to climate change, specifically to the need to assure the wellbeing of the 0.5% at the expense of the rest of the Earth, in light of the impending collapse of the ecological system, the highest priority is to make sure that no political figure emerges who addresses both COVID19 fraud and the threat of climate change.

Climate change advocates covered by the media, and funded by foundations, must argue for big green projects led by financial institutions that Bill Gates and friends can control, and they must back the COVID 19 myth.

The conservatives claim that climate change is a conspiracy cooked up the rich and powerful to oppress us and they present evidence in alternative news to support their perspective.

The assumption among the progressives, however, is that granted the scientific evidence for climate change, the conservatives must be “crazy” or “stupid.” Whether it is Rachel Maddow or Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks, or even socialist activists, the assumption is the same.    

But might there be a more complex game at play?

Let us consider the case of the forest fires that swept the Earth in 2018, specifically the California wildfires. The gradual warming of the Earth, the reduction in rainfall, and the siphoning of water from aquafers for use in commercial agriculture is clearly the cause of the increase in forest fires globally.    

But can we be certain that the argument made by conservatives that the California wildfires were started by arson, or enhanced thereby, with the purpose of frightening citizens into adopting a response to climate change commandeered by corporate power is ludicrous?

When Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene claimed that the wildfires were started by lasers in orbit owned by the Rothchilds as part of a conspiracy to get a high-speed rail project approved by the state of California, she set off a firestorm in the liberal media. Everyone, literally everyone, rushed out to attack her as a “nut” without considering for a moment that perhaps some part of her story might be accurate.

I have read her claims carefully, and I have read related materials concerning the political conflicts in California at the time, and I do not find her argument convincing. It would be a mistake, however, to assume that because progressive causes attack her for anti-Semitism, and climate change advocates attack her for her ignorance of science, that her claims are unfounded.

Let us take a look at the official photos selected by the BBC for the report “California wildfires: The day Paradise burned down.”

Specifically consider the following two photos.

In the first photo, we see that the houses in a development have been cleared down to the foundations in a manner that would be absolutely impossible in a forest fire, while the trees nearby stand virtually untouched.

This photograph, from a mainstream media source, presents information that immediately raises serious questions.

The second photographs indicates what appears to be melted aluminum that flowed from the automobiles burned in the forest fire. It is similarly improbable that a forest fire would burn at a temperature sufficient to melt steel or aluminum.

Following the basic principle of Occam’s razor, I would like to propose a more probable explanation for what happened. Perhaps the California wildfires, which are slowly increasing due to climate change, were purposely enhanced by artificial means, and in this case the houses were destroyed either by a strike from low-orbit military satellites, or were simply demolished in manner so as to suggest that such an attack had happened. Similarly, weapons were employed that were hot enough to melt metal, or perhaps this photograph was simply inserted in the article so as to suggest such an interpretation.

The real conspiracy might not be the Rothchild family’s ambitions in California, but rather the creation of an event that will be read in a radically divergent manner by different interpretive communities, so as to inhibit the formation of a broad consensus on the danger of corporate power and to discredit the real threat of climate change by creating real examples of falsified climate disaster.

Operation Civil War

The media of the left and of the right are cranking out stories about a possible civil war in the United States like there is no tomorrow. There are real reasons for fearing that such a domestic conflict may be in the offing. Already the low-intensity killings involving police and other vigilante groups are approaching the level of “Bleeding Kansas” in scale.

We must also ask ourselves whether the fascination of the mainsteam media with this theme suggests a more devious plan to divide and conquer. Forcing authority figures to put their reputations on the line pushing a COVID19 narrative that they do not buy has completely discredited the Federal Government, universities, the mainstream media and all the experts we rely on. The stage is set for open defiance of the entire system—which was perhaps the plan all along.

Civil war would serve to tear institutions apart and create an environment in which the super-rich, unimpeded, can push through even more radical institutional change. The actual class war between a handful of multibillionaires and the rest of the country would be hidden behind orchestrated fighting between “white nationalist terrorists” and “black lives matters” minorities that would be narrated in different media so as to stoke emotions, and to blind people to the real agenda.

This work is rendered easier by of the mistaken assumption of the upper middle class that they are on the same side as the super-rich, that Bill Gates or Elon Musk are just like them, only more successful.

Nothing could be further from the truth. The super-rich have so completely monopolized the financial system, and amassed such wealth, that for them the difference between a Harvard Professor, a US senator, a successful real estate mogul and a homeless man is insignificant. They have launched against the rest of humanity that targets not only workers and immigrants, but the entire upper middle class as well.

It is critical for the strategy, however, that the upper-middle class, all those with measly assets under one brick (100 million dollars) be convinced that they are on the side of the super-rich, and not on the side of the working class.

The new economic reality, however, is clear. The forced quarantine at airports, the forced lockdowns of schools, even in upper-middle class neighborhoods, makes it clear that policy is made for a handful of people and that even families with millions of dollars of assets are not significant for the planners.

The decision of Princeton University to require COVID19 vaccines of all students over the summer, or be denied registration, indicates just how extreme the concentration of wealth and power has become.

Most people assume that the students at elite Ivy League colleges are so privileged that they could not possibly be sacrificed for corporate profits through the use of dangerous “vaccine.” If Princeton students must to take the vaccine, obviously students in India, Brazil, Spain and Japan will have to too.

As far as the super-rich are concerned, however, the lawyers, doctors, bankers and professors who send their children to Princeton are no consequence. They are betting that the lag time between the start of this COVID19 operation and the point when educated people finally grasp the new political reality will be sufficient to vaccinate the vast majority of humanity.

The Collapse of civilization

Ultimately, the contagion of massive fictions in the United States cannot be explained simply in terms of the economic interests of the rich. Much of the scientific evidence about COVID19 is accessible on the internet with a bit of effort and anyone who reads it with care will be forced to admit that the testimony of hundreds of scientists is convincing. Moreover, advocates for mandatory vaccines are never forced to enter into public debates with the medical experts who criticize the entire COVID19 regime.

Educated Americans willingly refuse to read these scientific materials, or to engage in a thoughtful discussions with their peers.    

American lawyers and doctors, executives and professors resemble the characters in “The Sleepwalkers” (Die Schlafwandler), an novel by the Austrian writer Hermann Broch that describes the lives of the ruling class of Germany caught up in the collapsing cultural order before the First World War. Broch’s novel describes the bizarre psychological state of the educated classes of Germany. People lived like sleepwalkers; functional in society, competent at their jobs, even capable of appreciating fine music and art. Yet those same intellectuals were in the most profound sense blind, completely oblivious to the signs of systemic collapse. Because they could perform sophisticated jobs while remaining oblivious to the spread of militarism, the end of the rule of law and the demands on the economy made by overproduction, they made the unthinkable possible.

The Origin of this crisis is not corrupt politicians and CEOs, or bad policies and poor planning.

Deep down the entire system, the civilization, is decaying. The educated and informed who could be leaders are left confused, engaged in self-destructive acts as a result. We see unfolding the human version of colony collapse disorder, when the majority of worker bees in a honey bee hive inexplicably disappear, leaving behind the queen, plenty of food, and a few nurse bees. 

We cannot even start to get a handle on this civilizational crisis because our discussions of politics and economics have been stripped of all discussion of philosophy and literature, aesthetics and history. The push for the efficient and practical forced on education by corporations has left us blind and helpless, unable to grasp the invisible shifts taking place at a subterranean level within society.

Paul Levy argues that our current society is wracked by the psycho-spiritual disease “wetiko” (the native American term) which is impervious to the anti-psychotics dished out by therapists like candy at Halloween. Wekiko is a disease in our civilization that feeds like a parasite on the spirit, a collective psychosis that has seized control of the entire system of things.

Levy notes that for those captured by wekiko, “You’re blind and you do not know you are blind, and in fact imagine that you can see clearly. You come to believe that you can see more clearly than those who are clear-sighted. You then become unaware of what it is to be sighted, as you have no reference point for comparison. You do not see how you are unwittingly colluding with wetiko’s pernicious effects and thereby you are unaware of how you are having negative or ill effects upon others and the world.”

Such words describe perfectly the vast majority of the ruling class in the United States who, now spiritually crippled, are leading the entire population of the Earth to the edge of the cliff.

The war of multinational corporations on the Earth’s citizens (Part One)

The war of multinational corporations on the Earth’s citizens

Part one:

Turning us into passive obedient consumers

Corporations, multinational investment banks, and the super-rich that hide behind them, have launched the final stage this year of a ruthless war of a tiny few against the great majority of humanity.

Although they pay off their puppets in the media to float happy tales of some happy resolution to the dire situation of the moment, they already know that the die is cast, that they are committed to a strategy of distracting, seeding division, undermining rational thinking and using a combination of blatant intimidation with open bribery to slowly, systematically, overpower and reduce to slavery 99.98% of the Earth’s population. They know already, according to the calculations of their supercomputers, what will happen if they are not successful in this plan. They also know that catastrophic climate change and biodiversity loss will make it impossible for them to monopolize the wealth and the resources for long.

There is literally no limit to how far they will go.

The tools they use to pursue this war against the citizens of the Earth are technology, propaganda and disinformation campaigns, threats against individuals who display leadership skills and massive bribes for the leaders who are allowed to be covered in the media to represent the conservative and the progressive causes.

They also employ as part of this strategy an intimate knowledge of certain key weaknesses in the brain, and the potential for exploiting the human inclination to determine truth based on a vague sense of the mood of the herd, rather than logic. That is to say they are investing billions in hidden money to systematically create social pressure that makes citizens conform with pointless mandates for masks or vaccines that are launched from diverse platforms as a means of inducing the population to police itself.

Without such a strategy, the super-rich could not possibly seize control of the entire Earth.

There has been extensive research by corporations, and by the CIA and Department of Defense (government organizations exploited to hide the true entities demanding such research) into how humans can be manipulated without their knowledge, and compelled through imperceptible persuasion to permit, or even aid, their own disenfranchisement without us even being aware of this silent and invisible takeover.

Such operations have been undertaken before, but never on this global scale. New developments in supercomputing and the global integration of, and deregulation of, finance, has made such a master plan possible for the first time.

Recent developments are best viewed as the final acceleration of a process by which corporations bribed and lobbied all authority figures in government and academics to go along with a process of privatization, commercialization and automation that now means that a tiny handful of people can control every aspect of human experience in an absolute sense while the vast majority of citizens cannot even conceive of what it taking place. We have not reached that state yet, but Elon Musk, Bill Gates and others believe, based on the calculations of supercomputers, that it is now possible.

The super-rich have also invested wisely to establishment of a panoply of sham activists, or toothless, “feel good, do nothing” NGOs. These “movements” are allowed to appear in the corporate controlled media, and they pretend to respond to corporate power, but they purposely discourage citizens from organizing themselves (they ask only for donations, or attendance at protests, but they pointedly do not empower people to form their own groups or achieve financial and ideological independence). Such NGOs are silent about the mass manipulation of the media and of politics by global finance—even though that is the primary cause of the political problems we face. 

If we follow the current trajectory, there will not be a single part of our lives that is completely controlled by a multinational corporation in the next few years.

We do not have that long to act.

The push for mandatory COVID19 “vaccines” in the face of the overwhelming scientific evidence against them is not a matter of mistaken science or bad policy. It is rather a process of preparing government officials, doctors, reporters and other media figures to follow orders from above which have no rational basis. After this “softening up process,” which is carefully calibrated on the basis of secret CIA torture programs designed to test the weaknesses of the human psyche, a rougher and more brutal form of rule can be implemented.

The mask mandate was the first step in the implementation of this form of massive psychological warfare. It is, to use the technical term, a slow “rape of the mind.”

The enormous restructuring of governance and the economy described by the World Economic Forum as the “Great Reset” is not a secret and anyone who takes the time to read that book, and related documents, can figure out about 70% of what is their agenda is.  

The citizen will be convinced that he or she operates within a functional country and that there is some process by which the politicians at the top take actions on their behalf. But the super-rich care nothing for nation states and their populations and they use politicians to deflect attention away from themselves. Every time a politician takes a fall, it is to distract you from the predations of the rich. Every attack on minorities is a trick to get you hooked on race and diversity and distracted from the concentration of wealth.

We are increasingly subject to the whims of unaccountable global powers, and the intentionally render us passive, open to persuasion, and therefore incapable of resistance, by the media that is controlled by those powers.

The super-rich rely on two approaches to psychological manipulation that go back to the 1930s and before but have been perfected by recent research. 

The first technique is the use of traumatic events that are reported on in a sensationalist and unscientific manner in the media so as to induce a deep sense of shock, disorientation and confusion in the population as a whole. The mental trauma of such events, whether the 9.11 incident, or the hyped-up COVID19 crisis, or the “armed insurrection” at the Capitol, is used to induce passivity and receptivity to profound institutional shifts that would otherwise be impossible.

Naomi Klein describes this approach as the “shock doctrine” and although she hesitates to delve too deeply into the degree to which it has become national policy, she accurately traces the approach back to the torture programs designed to test the limits of the human psyche.

Such trauma effects the reactive and emotional part of the human brain known as the amygdala, bringing on a “fight or flight” response in the psyche that overrides the rational, integrative, response to external events that would be carried out by the prefrontal cortex in normal conditions. Because we as individuals, and as populations, are unaware of how the amygdala has taken over decision making from the prefrontal cortex because of these engineered shocks, we are unable to organize, or even conceive of, a response to the real threat. Instead, we focus on the cooked up threats offered to us by the commercial media like Islamic terrorism in the case of 9.11 or the spread of a dangerous virus in the case of the COVID19 operation.

The second strategy is to induce a hypnotic state in the brain of the individual, and the population as a whole, through the constant repetition of certain themes and images through advertisements, commercials, images, and themes articulated in movies, TV shows, reporting and even the packaging of products.

The stimulation alternates between the intentionally boring and distracting images and direct appeals to the pleasure centers of the brain such as the desire for food, for sexual arousal, or for pleasant experiences.

The advertisements promoting the enjoyment of food and encouraging low-level sexual arousal are not only, or even primarily, aimed at selling products. They are intended to induce a state of passivity in the population.

The CIA explains the process,

“Hypnosis is basically a technique which permits acquisition of direct access to the sensory motor cortex and pleasure centers, and lower cerebral (emotional) portions of the right side of the brain following successful disengagement of the stimulus screening function of the left hemisphere of the brain. The right hemisphere, which functions as the noncritical, holistic, nonverbal and pattern-oriented component of the brain, appears to accept what the left hemisphere passes to it without question. Consequently, if the left hemisphere can be distracted either through boredom or through reduction to a soporific, semi-sleep state, external stimuli to include hypnotic suggestions are allowed to pass unchallenged into the right hemisphere where they are accepted and acted on directly.”

(FOIA document “Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process” June 9, 1983 (US Army Intelligence and Security Command)


This scale of mass hypnosis to render the citizens of all the world them passive, and unable to resist persuasion from authority figures is unprecedented. This process is being undertaken slowly, over months and years following complex algorithms, that are kept secret.

It is critical in this process that individuals be isolated from each other, unable to communicate except through mediums controlled by multinational corporations, and that they be offered only ineffective and superficial organizations to join, organizations in which they will be incapable of participating in the decision-making process, or of effecting change. Quarantine, lockdowns, social distancing and the promotion of a narcissistic consumption culture are critical to that process.

The result is that the citizens of the United States, and around the world, are being reduced to consumers of products supplied by multinational corporations who cannot even conceive of how the world has been radically transformed in this great reset.

They are being rendered passive and unresponsive so that the super-rich can quickly seize complete control of the systems by which countries are governed, by which money and finance are determined, the media by which information is distributed, the universities and research institutes by which authoritative perspectives backed by science are presented, the farms and distribution systems by which food is provided, the aquafers and irritation systems by which water is provided, and every other aspect of human experience.

When we awake from this slumber, if we ever do, we will discover that every aspect of our lives is controlled by unaccountable powers which we cannot understand, which we have no way to challenge and which will increase slowly and systematically the means by which we are made slaves, and, if necessary, destroyed.

In Defense of Donald John Trump

“In Defense of Donald John Trump”

Emanuel Pastreich

February 7, 2021

The lawyers employed by Donald Trump have amassed an impressive pile of arguments to defend him against charges that he incited a mob of his supporters to stage an armed insurrection in an effort to stop the selection of his democratically elected opponent. It is not popular in the fickle fairyland of Washington D.C. to defend Donald Trump, let alone to praise him. But at this sad hour in our nation’s history, that is precisely what must be done.

Sadly, the impeachment trial scheduled for February 9th is unlikely to touch on either the true violations of the Constitution by the Trump administration, nor on Donald Trump’s significant accomplishments in office.

Like the last impeachment trial which focused on ambiguous and amorphous Russian collusion, and left untouched the criminality of the entire executive branch (over which Trump had little control).

This trial has one purpose: to serve as a warning all American politicians that the system is ready to tar and feather them, attack them for things that they did not do, and then take them down with the entire world as a captive audience. 

In other words, the president of the United States in the years ahead will resemble the emperors of the late Roman empire whose reigns rarely lasted for more than a few years: men who were batted around by the generals in the manner that a cat plays with a mouse.    

The sprawling executive branch has as its tentacles consulting firms, military and law enforcement contractors, and a host of lobbying syndicates that assume corruption is a day’s work well done. None of those players are going to be on trial for Valentine’s Day. To blame their sins on Donald Trump, and then present to the world “pay to play” Joe Biden as a progressive breath of fresh air, is true alchemy.

For all his sins, from poor taste in clothing, to the garish interiors at his hotels, to his associations with organized crime and his pandering to audiences who craved the sensational, Trump was a man who simply tried to outsmart the system from within for personal benefit, but also for certain honorable principles. Sadly, he became a prisoner of the system in the process. He is accused of trumped up, or exaggerated, sins, his true mistakes are overlooked and his real accomplishments are ignored.

The case against Donald Trump

Donald Trump, a man who had never served in public office before he became president, a man who knew little about fiscal and social policy, or international relations, a man who was obliged to turn to a handful of political players, and to the cunning multi-billionaires behind the curtains, for advice in his “Battle with the Deep State” –a show perfect for The Sahara—was bathetic and tragic at the same time.  

I dispute, however, the assumption that Trump was inherently less qualified for office than Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama, or Joe Biden, three individuals deeply linked to global finance, weapons manufacturers and to a host of other parasitic organizations hell bent on tearing the United States apart for profit. The fact that such global players interacted with these supposedly noble men through Harvard University’s Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs did nothing to dilute their criminality. None of these politicians should have ever been considered as candidates for that office.

The recent orgy of media coverage about Trump has nothing to do with his real mistakes, but is rather a cynical ploy to make the Biden administration’s progressive-tinted “Trojan Horse” COVID19 police state seem legitimate and also to create a new enemy for the public imagination: the MAGA-hat wearing ignorant racist Trump supporter.

That last creation is the first step towards tarring anyone who questions the criminal conspiracies that are in full swing today with the term “domestic terrorist” and locking them up if the newly appointed “Reality Czar” sees fit.

Trump’s rise to political power was a result of his success in real estate development, his management of casinos, his speculation in various murky business deals and his effective use of sensationalist television to gain a loyal audience. It is not necessary to explain that one cannot be involved in construction and casinos at that level without being linked to racketeering and money laundering, to prostitution and organized crime.

But the Democrats and Republicans who raked in money from global investment banks that make a killing in the promotion of war (in the name of peace), who push through dangerous free trade agreements, and who participated in the rape of the Federal Reserve, are even more diabolical. The in-your- face obnoxiousness of Trump is more honest than the cultivated, culturally sensitive, ethnically diverse Ivy League graduates who used their empathic image to hide from us the brutal war these global financial institutions wage against ordinary people.

Donald Trump was guilty of violations of the Constitution and of Federal law during the course of his administration that deserve impeachment. Period.

At the same time, however, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barak Obama were all guilty of numerous acts in violation of the Constitution and Federal law worthy of impeachment. If anything, the real question is why American intellectuals have decided to let the bloated, sprawling and putrid executive branch get away with all this institutionalized criminality.  

The Democratic and Republican congressmen who will gather like jackals for the impeachment trial, men and women who looked the other way as global financial powers robbed the Federal Reserve of 10 trillion or more and then had the nerve to say the economic crisis was a result of COVID19, should be on trial too.

Trump’s tragic mistakes

Trump’s decision to run for president can be traced back to the White House Correspondents Dinner on April 30, 2011. He was subject to pointed mockery by Barak Obama who intended to humiliate him in public and destroy his political career.

Trump’s anger was written all over his face because he is not a politician.

Why was Trump so mad?

Personally, I am not convinced that Trump’s “Birther Movement,” that tried to prove that Obama was not an American citizen and that he was a secret Muslim, was either appropriate or accurate. Ultimately, I do not know.

I fear, however, that many Americans do not understand the underlying motivations for that campaign. The strategy was sensationalist, like the pro wrestler at heart that Trump is, but the means of political attack that Trump employed was not entirely his choice.  

Most of the corrupt deals made by the Obama administration with global finance are protected from public scrutiny because the transactions were rendered classified, or because non-disclosure agreements make it impossible to make those crimes public. In many cases, secret law passed by Congress makes the discussion of these corrupt actions illegal. The post-Bush age in America is defined by a politics of the unspeakable.

Trump went after Obama over the birther issue, and after Biden over election fraud, not because it was his necessarily his strongest card, but because it was the only card he was permitted to play, the only thing that the media would report.

It was the attitude of Obama on that evening that riled Trump. Obama, a man parachuted into the 2008 presidential campaign out of nowhere to serve the interests of the super-rich, showed obvious contempt for Trump and his supporters.

Trump wanted to nail the slick Obama for his blatant corruption, but he could not.

When Trump condemned foreign wars openly, he was labeled a budding Nazi by the liberal press. Obama, by contrast, hedged his words about foreign interventions so as to avoid offending General Dynamics and had been awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize for embracing American militarism and renouncing his lukewarm critique of the Iraq war.

Running for president as an outsider was the best way to get even, Trump thought to himself, that to become the president who replaced that well-groomed toy of financial elites would be tasty, as the French say “La vengeance est un plat qui se mange froid” (revenge is a dish best served cold).

Trump knew that if he wanted to win the presidency as an outsider, he would have to tap into the anger boiling up over the corruption in Washington D.C., and the elitist politics of Obama. Part of that response had racist overtones, but much of it did not.

Although Trump had some money, he was a small fish in the increasingly decadent Washington milieu. After he drove back to Trump Hotel after that brutal Obama “roast” he thought about which power players he could get on his side who would be able to match the backing of the investment banks that Democrats (and Republicans) relied on to get them over the top in the money game.

He came up with a list of hungry outsiders who were willing to take a risk on his populist rhetoric because they too did not have the political influence that they felt their money deserved. Although there were more, let us identify four important groups of supporters that pushed hard to get Trump on the map, and who did not care about his opposition to free trade or his appeals to the working man.

The four groups, however, did not care about Donald Trump personally, and when he was set up at the end of his presidency to be diagnosed with the bogus “COVID19” and then accused of starting the clown-directed false flag “Capitol Insurrection,” those forces had no interest in helping out.

I suspect that Trump thought that he, like a master surfer, could somehow ride the converging waves that would be unleashed by these powers and drive this “band of rivals” forward so as to achieve something of value while enhancing his own brand.  

The following four groups latched onto Trump as a chance to shake up Washington and get their piece of the pie.

1)   David and Charles Koch

The Koch brothers poured their coal and petroleum billions into funding “libertarian” ideology as a means of hiding the end of the regulation of business under the sheep’s skin of personal “freedom.” The result was a massive increase in pollution and the end of environmental policy in the United States.  

The Koch brothers were remarkably creative. They set up a devious think tank, the Charles Koch Institute, that seduced various “anti-war” intellectuals with its big funding and media exposure, and thereby gave legitimacy to their corporate agenda.

The Koch brothers supported Trump, and introduced him to their representative Mike Pompeo (who had close ties to the Christian right) in return for a promise from Trump to get the government out of the regulation business and to pursue ludicrous policies regarding climate change. The Koch brothers wanted to get the sort of respect in Washington DC that global players like Exxon and BP were receiving and to muscle in on energy policy previously determined by mainstream corporations.

2)   Betsy (Prince) DeVos and Erik Prince

Although the start of Trump’s relationship with the Prince family remains opaque, Betsy (Prince) DeVos, wife of the heir of the Amway fortune, and her brother Erik Prince, CEO of the private mercenary corporation Academi,  lashed on to Trump early on and gave him a big push.

Betsy (Prince) DeVos demanded that she be made Secretary of Education and she used that position to destroy public education as part of a larger plan to both make all education into a for-profit industry and to render much of the population so poorly educated that they were incapable of opposing the corporate takeover of America. The problems in education, however, were a bipartisan effort of the last 30 years and not the creation of Betsy DeVos.

Trump let her do what she wanted with almost no interference.      

Erik Prince demanded a chance to push for the radical privatization of the military that would allow his mercenary groups to get contracts for work previously limited to the military itself, or to the big-time military contractors. Early support for Trump gave Erik carte blanche for extending his mercenary operations around the world, getting into some serious fights with military officers along the way. 

The Princes also linked Trump up with another big player, Robert Mercer, the CEO of Renaissance Technologies. The “silent billionaire” Mercer was backed Steve Bannon’s innovative strategies for stirring up political support through racist and anti-immigrant reporting at his Breitbart News (mixed with a good dose of truth) and he laid the groundwork for Trump’s sudden media takeoff.  

3)   Casino mogul Sheldon Adelson

Donald Trump had links to Israel through his son-in-law Jared Kushner and through interactions with various Zionist businessmen from way back (including ties to Russia), but he did not take any strong stands on Israel policy. He also received support in his campaign from many Americans who were deeply hostile to Israeli influence in Washington D.C. and who demanded an investigation into the 9.11 incident and Israel’s role.

But Trump’s old pal Sheldon Adelson was a man with the deep pockets, the strong connections in Israel, and the strategic mind necessary to put Trump over the top. Adelson is one of the top dogs in casinos globally and was probably one of the people Trump called up early on. He gave his enthusiastic backing and his phone calls made Trump’s bid viable.

Adelson quickly connected Trump with core figures among Christian Zionists like John Hagee who supported the most radical policies of Israel unconditionally and he set up Mike Pompeo (also linked to the Koch brothers) to be a central policy player. Adelson probably also played a role in introducing to Trump another rising Christian Zionist, Vice President Mike Pence.

Christian Zionist churches across the United States play a critical role in delivering votes and raising money for conservative causes. Trump’s willingness to embrace the extreme demands of these churches allowed the ministers of these churches to back him in spite of his multiple marriages and his lax and indulgent values.

Adelson did not spend those hours at his rolodex for nothing. He got an administration (if not a Trump) that blindly embraced Israel, and granted full support in any Israeli military conflict with Iran.

4)   The “War with China” Lobby

The promotion of military conflicts and the sales of overpriced weapons systems is an exquisitely bipartisan show and even the peacemakers cannot function in Congress without a thumbs up from the big boys. For a total outsider with an unimpressive reputation, and no political experience, there was not much room at the trough for Trump.

A bit of sniffing around, however, revealed that there was one group in the military industrial complex that was extremely unhappy in spite of the bloated defense budget and who were looking for someone to champion their unpopular cause during the Obama years.

That group consisted of the weapons manufactures who supply the big heavy equipment like aircraft carrier groups, fighter planes, nuclear weapons and missile defense systems.

Donald’s Rumsfeld’s “War on Terror” had introduced the dangerous concept of a “revolution in warfare” and much of their bulky hardware was viewed as outdated by a new generation of security experts.

The new focus on intelligence fattened up their rivals and cost them some big military contracts as the Pentagon increasingly mimicked the CIA.  

In addition, a push by new upstarts like Boston Robotics to lock them out permanently and make satellites, drones, robots and AI the focus for military spending had them seeing red.  

Although these contractors liked Russia as an adversary, only a massive Pacific War with China scenario could justify the piles of hardware that they wanted to produce. No surprise that these groups were pushed over the edge when Obama proposed military-military cooperation with China, including inviting China to participate in the RIMPAC naval exercises in Hawaii.

The “war with China” faction is not a specific corporation. They are large sections of Northrop Grumman, Lockeed Martin, General Dynamics, Raytheon and other contractors who stood to benefit from a push for big ships and high-tech fighter planes, for the tools for massive amphibious landings. At the same time, companies also had units who are not interested in that market. 

Trump offered to dump the one-China policy of Nixon in the dustbin of history and to adopt aggressive actions in East Asia that would kick of a “new Cold War.” This group fell in line behind Trump and gave him the security credentials that he lacked.  

Trump’s Achievements

Looking back on the four years of Trump, much of the damage attributed to him was rather the product of institutional decay that was sped up by the mind-numbing spiritual gangrene which infected America after the 9.11 incident. Trump must take responsibility for allowing criminal figures to run the show, to strip the government of expertise and to push for war with China and Iran, but Trump was most certainly not the mastermind.

He felt as he was under house arrest himself at the White House when the big boys got into fights—and he was keenly aware that the powers that be were more than happy to throw him under the bus—as the ultimately did—to achieve their goals.    

And yet, as foolhardy as Trump’s bid to use these outcasts from the DC banquet of spoils as a means to take control of the Republican Party, and then topple the corrupt system from within may have been, the following efforts suggest that at some level Trump maintained a commitment to setting things right, and that he tried to address issues that other politicians were afraid to touch.

The following actions will not be mentioned at the impeachment trial, but they should be.

1)   Commitment to 9.11 truth

In his interview with Fox 5 News on September 11, 2001, Donald Trump made comments that opened up serious doubts concerning the 9/11 conspiracy theory that Arab terrorists holding papercutters took down three skyscrapers with two planes. Trump continued address this issue in private and he was not afraid to maintain close ties with 9/11 truth activists.

His willingness, as sitting president, to tolerate, and even to encourage, the discussion of the scientific problems with the official story was risky for his health and it alienated him from mainstream politicians, Democrat and Republican. His willingness to take on this impossible task represented a sincere loyalty to his supporters—a solidarity that that he never gave up even as he hobnobbed with the rich and powerful.

2) Demand for the release of classified documents on the Kennedy Assassination

Donald Trump used executive orders in October of 2017 in an attempt to force the CIA and the FBI to release all remaining classified documents concerning the Kennedy assassination of 1963. The criminal conspiracy in global finance, industry and government to kill Kennedy is obvious to anyone who has looked into the case even superficially. Yet the Federal Government still refuses to release the remaining documents that will make clear for the world what happened, and exactly who was responsible for what.

Trump’s push to get the papers released was not a favor for historians and conspiracy buffs.

The manner in which global finance was able to murder a president in cold blood when he tried to restore accountability to intelligence and to the military produced a slow-growing cancer in the executive branch that has festered ever since. Many institutional problems, such as the inability of any president to subject the Pentagon or the CIA to a meaningful audit, can be traced back to that sad day in November, 1963.

In effect, every American president knows that he can killed with impunity like Kennedy, or publicly humiliated, if he or she dares to hold to the Constitution or to challenge the shadow government of finace.

Trump’s actions were brave, and even inspiring. You can be sure that neither Bernie Sanders nor Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, darlings of the “left,” will never dare to make such a demand.  

3) Attacking the use of immigration to destroy the lives of American workers   

The vicious attacks (in government and in the streets) on immigrants that were encouraged by the rhetoric pouring forth from the mouth of Donald Trump were cruel and irrational.  Such actions should be condemned. 

But we can walk and chew gum at the same time as citizens. As offensive and divisive as Trump’s rhetoric was, we must recognize two critical facts: 1) a series of classified directives and secret laws prevented Trump from talking directly about how the immigration crisis was linked to actions of corporations and investment banks; 2) his Democratic opponents were intimately involved in implementation of immigration as a weapon for class warfare but they were never called on this point by so-called “progressive” public intellectuals.  

The immigration rush from Central and South America to the United States was a result of the plot of multinational to destroy the local economies of those countries and to devastate agriculture and crafts through a ruthless free trade, free investment scheme combined with cash payments to politicians to play stupid.

The working people of Latin America did not have any choice but to try to go to the United States.

At the same time, multinational banks and corporations used immigration policy as part of a strategy to destroy the economic foundations of life for the American worker, rendering him a helpless pawn in their push for a new form of slavery. The Democrats were silent about this greater conspiracy and Trump was right to denounce this deliberate policy to destroy America through immigration.

Secret law and classified directives made it impossible to discuss these brutal policies in the American media. When Trump took the unusual step of actually addressing class warfare via immigration he was forced by circumstances to describe it using caricatures that appealed to racist ideology.  

He deserves credit for drawing attention to the issue.

4) Opposition to the free trade ideology  

Trump was the only candidate in the 2016 presidential campaign to address directly the manner in which the promotion of “free trade” regimes have been employed by the rich to destroy the economic foundations of life for Americans.

He was roundly condemned for undermining America’s commitment to global trade agreements and to financial treaties. Conservatives, progressives—and everyone in between—were happy to take a stab. But as inflammatory as his rhetoric may have been, Trump identified a criminal conspiracy of the rich around the world to create economic misery through trade.

The progressive Democratic politicians who claimed to be concerned about working people rarely hesitated to vote for free trade agreements. They pretended that these agreements would help ordinary people when they knew full-well that they were for the benefit of multinational corporations. Trump    stood virtually alone in condemning the trade scam and he deserves credit for his efforts.

5) Open opposition to the mask mandate, to the economic lockdown and to the vaccine regime in the name of COVID19

Donald Trump made numerous attempts to question from the office of the president the promotion of the bogus COVID19 pandemic as a national disaster, the insistence on the mandatory wearing of masks without any scientific basis and the nonsensical demands for an economic lockdown on the economy and the shutting down of public buildings and of schools. He was one of the few politicians willing to take such a position and as a result he gained support in the presidential election from African Americans and other groups who would normally never have supported a Republican.

When Trump questioned the need for the dangerous COVID19 “vaccines” promoted by multinational pharmaceutical corporations like Pfizer that contain destructive mRNA, and a variety of tracers and sensors embedded in DARPA hydrogel, his stand was heroic.

Although Trump took an anti-science stance when he questioned climate change in response to the demands of the Koch brothers, he was 100% supported by the science, and by numerous scientists, in the case of COVID19.

The result? Trump was subject to attacks from every side in the corrupt media for his commonsense statements. The darlings of the Democratic “left” rushed to embrace the corporate puppet Anthony Fauci when he attacked Trump for not shutting down the economy and he promoted these dangerous “vaccines.”

Moreover, when Trump was forced to endorse vaccines, he gave speeches in which he spoke of a “warp drive” project to develop them in months that would normally have taken years or decades.

Trump praised vaccines in a deliberately exaggerated manner as a means of telegraphing the truth to the people about the true nature of vaccines over the barriers to the dissemination of information erected in Washington D.C. Such a move was ingenious and brave—but mocked in the media.

6) Support for an open discussion about criminal conspiracies in the United States

The transformation of progressive sources of journalism like the Nation and Counterpunch into puppet shows where corporate power dresses up its fictions in the used clothing of the American leftist tradition is a tragedy of epic proportions. We witness a pathetic discourse on politics in which the “left” acts as a trained lapdog unable to speak about any of the real conspiracies.

It is to Donald Trump’s credit that he had the bravery to actively engage in an open discussion with those demanding an investigation into the criminal conspiracies taking place in America, and that he encouraged a fundamental questioning of the role of government and of corporations.

Specifically, Trump was attacked from all corners for his connections to believers in the “cult” of QAnon.

QAnon is a insider who leaks information about criminal actions at the highest levels of government. If you do a search for QAnon, you will find articles that condemn him as a fraudulent conspiracy peddler, that denounce his racist and isolationist positions, but you will not see QAnon’s texts quoted so that the reader can judge for himself.

None of the newspapers even gives the website address of QAnon: Wikipedia dismisses QAnon, saying,

“QAnon is a disproven and discredited far-right conspiracy theory alleging that a secret cabal of Satan-worshipping, cannibalistic pedophiles is running a global child sex-trafficking ring and plotting against former U.S. president Donald Trump, who has been fighting the cabal. According to U.S. prosecutors, QAnon is commonly called a cult.”

The assumption that mainstream Democrats (and Republicans) cannot be linked to prostitution and pedophilia is easily proven false. For that matter, no mainstream politician has tried to discredit QAnon by launching international scientific investigations into the claims he makes about the 9/11 incident or the COVID19 campaign.

Significant inaccuracies in QAnon are a problem which can only be addressed through an open effort to identify which parts are accurate. The greater problem is the failure of most intellectuals to condemn the blatant fictions peddled by the New York Times and Washington Post.

In any case, Trump’s willingness as president to take on massive conspiracies is a necessary first step, and much to his credit. 

7) Questioning of the legitimacy of the election

We are told over and over again that Biden won the election in a fair and transparent manner and that Trump’s efforts to contest the election are selfish and corrupt. This narrative is a massive fraud.

It is unclear who won that election, or whether it was an election at all. In any case, we should be delighted that Trump is the first candidate who was willing to stand up against the massive manipulation of the vote by corporate powers. We can only wish that Al Gore or John Kerry, or Bernie Sanders, or many others, had had the guts to stand up and refuse to accept the bogus elections that are forced on us.

The 2020 election was fixed from the start. The financial powers that run the United States put out a series of classified directives, and had the Congress pass secret laws that determined who the candidates would be and what topics could, or could not, be discussed.

It is no secret that the Biden camp used every dirty trick in their toolbox to secure the Democratic nomination, including manipulating the vote in the primaries to beat Bernie Sanders.

Why would anyone assume then that the Biden team would not manipulate the vote in a similar manner in the general election—especially in light of the support he received from neoconservatives close to the Bush clan?

In egregious cases like the sudden swing to Biden in Pennsylvania, progressives concerned with the democratic process should have demanded an international investigation that would have documented in a transparent manner the details of the vote. No Democrats have called for even reinstatement of exit polls.

It was to his credit, and not a sign of his selfishness, that Trump refused to concede to the election.

The real crime is that the progressives refused to demand a scientific investigation into the results of the election, rather than throw themselves at the feet of Biden as if he were the reincarnation of Robert Kennedy.  

8) Condemnation of endless foreign wars

You know you are in the “Twilight Zone” when progressives who fall all over themselves to condemn Trump for racism and war mongering then fall silent when he, as a sitting president of the United States, condemned the criminal “forever wars” of the last twenty years and attacked the for-profit procurement system for weapons.

Trump comments on September 7, 2020 condemning foreign wars, and denouncing war profiteers, went beyond anything you will find coming out of the mouths of Democrats—and they were not the only such public statement by him. He stated:  

“With Biden, shipped away our jobs, threw open our borders and sent our youth to fight in these crazy endless wars. And it’s one of the reasons the military—I’m not saying the military is in love with me, the soldiers are. The top people in the Pentagon probably aren’t because they want to do nothing but fight wars so that all of those wonderful companies that make the bombs, that make the planes, that make everything else stay happy. But we are getting out of the endless wars.”

He ended his comments,

“Let’s bring our soldiers back home. Some people don’t like to come home. Some people like to continue to spend money. One cold-hearted globalist betrayal after another. That’s what it was.”

The entirety of the speech was theatre, and it was not entirely accurate, but Trump managed to slip past the censors a critique of the broken system that no other politician was able to do.

In fact, Trump’s comments are the first attack by a sitting president on that systematic corruption since President Eisenhauer’s condemnation of the “military industrial complex” in his farewell address of January 17, 1961 (almost exactly 60 years ago). 

Obama, or Harris, for all their multiculturalism, are incapable of making such a statement because they rose to political power on the backs of private equity and venture capital, organizations that derive much of their cash from weapons sales, the promotion of corporation-centered “free trade” agreements and the tearing down all barriers to global capital’s rampage around the world.

Furthermore, Trump’s own farewell address was pointedly aimed at ordinary soldiers and critical of the political generals who use the military as a means to amass wealth.

His attempt to bond with ordinary soldiers, and to oppose the military profiteers, appears to be a sincere sentiment, and not a political posture.

9) Call to Nationalize the Federal Reserve

Donald Trump made a serious effort to bring the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States under the control of the Treasury Department and to reign in the use of American debt by global finance for its own purposes.

How successful that effort to control the creation of money was is difficult to evaluate because the media is controlled by the same financial institutions that dominate the Federal Reserve system. The reports (both pro and anti Trump) are murky and obscure.

Moreover, because financial policy in the Federal Reserve, and in the Treasury Department, is increasingly rendered as classified, it is impossible to have a serious public discussion on fiscal policy.  

Trump’s decision to bring in Larry Fink, the CEO of the multi-trillion dollar investment firm BlackRock, to play a central role in the Federal Reserve Bank was at best a Pyrrhic victory.

Trump supporters claim that at least the Rothschilds no longer control the Federal Reserve. I honestly do not know which reports to believe about the status of the Federal Reserve today.

What is clear, however, is that the theft of trillions from the Federal Reserve last year was a reality, and that Trump did try, perhaps unsuccessfully, to do something.  

The upcoming show trial of Donald Trump  

Trump paid a price for talking about war profiteering and other criminal conspiracies during the election. He was suddenly diagnosed as positive for COVID19 on October 11 and his campaign was shut down at precisely the moment that was starting to make a discussion of criminal conspiracies central to the campaign.

But that was just the beginning of the attack. He was painted in the corporate media as a terrorist leader, like Osama Bin Laden, who incited his racist followers to commit an “armed insurrection.” But the occupation of the Capitol was more of a Laurel and Hardy show than a serious attack or insurrection and multiple reports have raised serious doubts as to what actually transpired. Needless to say, no progressives are asking for an international investigation.

Trump’s lawyers will not be able to address any of the unfair attacks on him by the media during the impeachment trial, nor will they be able to present evidence concerning his contributions to restoring the rule of law in the United States.

Nor will those lawyers be able to demonstrate that the criminal actions that took place during Trump’s administration were for the most part the fault of an executive branch that can no longer be controlled by the president. They cannot describe how Trump was set up for this show trial as a means to draw attention away from greater crimes.

All their efforts must go into defending Trump from the accusation that he masterminded the violent armed insurrection at the Capitol intended to stop the election of Joe Biden as president.

In other words, the door has been opened by this trial to using the full force of the Federal government to treat anyone who questions the vaccine regime, or demand inquiries into conspiracies like 9/11, as a domestic terrorist.

We have an obligation, not just for the sake of Donald Trump, but for the future of our children, to openly condemn this blatantly criminal effort to cook up an “insurrection” and then to blame it on the president.

Trump is part professional wrestler, part gameshow host, part mobster. I would not buy a used car from him, but one senses a certain loyalty and decency in him at the same time that he plays a ruthless political game.

He has the humanity and the personal attachments of the gangster. Perhaps Trump was not meant to be president, but he is more transparent than the Democrats who pray in secret at the altar of global finance.  

No matter what you may think of his garish taste, his multiple marriages, his sensationalist statements, or of his supporters, Trump took numerous steps to pursue the truth that put him at risk and that deserve our grudging respect.

“让我们行动起来!” (美国总统 就职典礼 贝一明的演讲)


(美国总统 就职典礼)


Emanuel Pastreich


2021年 1月 20日

















































1)列出名单,统计掌控我们国家的超级富豪、投资银行、私募基金和其他寄生性金融机构,同时制定计划,以: a) 将其近日罪行的相关信息公之于众(以应对国家危机为理由,将此信息解密,或者从保密协议中释出);b) 让罪魁祸首(包括斥巨资将自己包装成为人民朋友的富豪)面临刑事指控。












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Emanuel Pastreich:

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Peter Y. Paik:

“Don’t forget the central banks.”


Emanuel Pastreich:

“Central banks? those playthings of sovereign wealth funds and billionaires?”


Peter Y. Paik:

I think they won’t be big enough to paper over the next collapse.”


Emanuel Pastreich:

“That is exactly right. And that stuff they circulate will be exactly that: ‘paper.’”


Peter Y. Paik:

“We’ll have to find new ways of thinking about what will come after.”


Emanuel Pastreich:

“We will have no choice this time.”