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Upcoming Asia Institute Seminar: “Approaches to the Resolution of Conflict The Role of the Global Civil Society in Constructing a Peaceful Community” November 2, 2012


GCS and Asia Institute

International Peace Seminar to Commemorate

The 31st Anniversary of the UN International Day of Peace


Friday, November 2

10 AM – 12 PM



“Approaches to the Resolution of Conflict

The Role of the Global Civil Society in Constructing a Peaceful Community”


The world faces a remarkable number of conflicts today that call for a global effort to bring about long-term resolution.  GCS (Global Common Society) and the Asia Institute have undertaken a concerted effort to identify effective strategies for engaging a variety of stakeholders through work with NGOs and educational institutions to lay the foundations for long-term engagement.  In commemoration of the 31st Anniversary of the UN International Day of Peace, GCS and the Asia Institute will hold a seminar to discuss how the global civil society create the precedents for a global culture that promotes peace.

Introductory remarks: Mr. Charles Cho, Executive Director of GCS

Moderator: Mr. Charles Cho, Executive Director of GCS


Emanuel Pastreich

Director of the Asia Institute

“The Problem with Islands: Strategies for addressing the Sengak-Diaoyu Islands Issue through Education and NGO cooperation”


Baeksoon Lee


Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

“Korea’s role in promoting peace”


Lakhvinder Singh, Ph.D.

President of the Indo-Korea Policy Forum

“India’s innovations in encouraging peace and conflict resolution”

Date: Friday, November 2


Time: 10 AM – 12 PM




The Asia Institute and GCS International Headquarters

GCS International Building

115-3 Gwonnong-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul

02 741 2274

“The Conditions for Engaging North Korea” Asia Institute Seminar with Jon Huntsman

“The Conditions for Engaging North Korea”

Asia Institute Seminar with Jon Huntsman

Former Governor of Utah & Republican candidate for President

9th April 2012



Jon Huntsman

American politician, businessman, and diplomat

Former United States Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China

Former Governor of Utah

Former Republican candidate for the 2012 Republican Presidential Primary


Emanuel Pastreich


The Asia Institute

(Associate Professor, Kyung Hee University)

Emanuel Pastreich:

I wanted to ask you about the prospects for engagement with North Korea from your perspective as someone who has been intimately involved in the diplomatic debate concerning the future of North Korea. The question is not so much about the latest misdeed of North Korea, but rather about what the long-term prospects are. After all, if we want to solve the problem, we must move beyond the latest news cycle.

Many Koreans are confused because, on one hand there has been times of great efforts to engage with North Korea and these have been generally frustrated, and on the other hand there have been efforts to take a harder line towards North Korea at other times, and these efforts also, although they have been successful in some respects, haven’t resolved the problem either.  The question of what to do about North Korea has become a major issue in Korea today.  What do you think is the long term solution to this problem?

Jon Huntsman:

I am not sure we can find an easy answer when we are working with regime that is willing to put everything on the line in maintaining the status quo, in repressing its people with unprecedented cruelty and in saber rattling that sends tremors through the whole region.  I am one person who feels that nothing is going to happen in the short term with North Korea because we find ourselves in the middle of a transition right now and such political transitions always bring out unpredictable behavior from those in power. Read more of this post

Lecture on the future of Korean cities at JSB

I was invited to give a talk at JSB Incorporated, one of the most innovative companies in Seoul working on environmental design on August 30, 2012. I had a chance to speak at length with the CEO Choi Jaejung, a remarkable figure who is known for his love of art and the environment (both he and his wife are artists) and his open style of administration. Read more of this post

JSB도시환경 특강: “도시의 미래, 변화를 위한 방향은 무엇인가?”

2012년 8월 30일



명사 초대석


도시의 미래, 변화를 위한 방향은 무엇인가?”


경희대 후마니타스 칼리지 이만열 교수


급변하는 우리네 도시의 모습을 보면 미래 모습은 감히 상상조차 되지 않을 때가 있습니다. 그래서 이번 3/4분기 명사초대석에는 도시의 미래에 대해, 그 올바른 방향성에 대해 말씀해 주실 분을 모셨습니다.


JSB도시환경 최재정 대표님 과 같이 말씀 나누는 순간

경희대 후마니타스 칼리지 이만열 교수님께서는 대만, 일본, 미국에서 유학하며 동아시아 언어와 문화에 대해 공부하셨고, 현재는 우송대학교 아시아연구소장을 겸직하며 도시의 생태·문화적 발전을 위해 다방면으로 힘쓰고 계십니다. 이번 명사초대석에서는 ‘도시의 미래, 변화를 위한 방향은 무엇인가?’라는 주제로 강의를 진행하셨습니다. Read more of this post

Asia Institute Seminar “Korea’s New Role as Global Development Partner”

Asia Institute Seminar

  “Korea’s New Role as Global Development Partner”

May 25, 2012 (Friday)

6:30 PM


Peter M. Beck, Korea Representative for the Asia Foundation

Emanuel Pastreich, Director, The Asia Institute



Ki-Hwan Kim, Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Korea Development Institute

Read more of this post

Emanuel’s opening remarks at Asia Institute Seminar on Nuclear Power in North Korea