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Synopsis of Emanuel’s Sci-Fi Thriller “Climate Change & Causality in Pyongyang”

Here is a rather humorous synopsis for a science fiction movie I would like to make. If  anyone is interested, do let me know.




“Climate Change & Causality in Pyongyang”




Section One

Park Sunja is a rising star in Korean society. Her father, once the prime minister, is a charismatic figure who encourages her to be the best and she has taken every opportunity. She has not only received the best education at Seoul National University and Princeton, and has the best network in Seoul, she also has a certain passion and political skill that makes her stand out even among Seoul’s best and brightest.

Maybe Sunja is different because of a childhood experience: her mother and father had a bitter split up when she was nine which left her living in relative poverty with distant in-laws. That experience taught her something about how the other half live and makes her more aware, more curious, about the rest of the world than her privileged friends.

Because Sunja spent much time abroad as a privileged child, she speaks English as well as, or better than, Korean. The dialog in the movie is split between English language scenes with international friends and Korean language scenes with Korean friends. Often Sunja seems to have trouble understanding what both the international friends and Korean friends say. That slight “lost in translation” quality is important part of the story.  Read more of this post