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“The Crisis in Education in Korea and the World” Asia Institute Seminar with Peter Hershock

“The Crisis in Education in Korea and the World” 

September 15, 2012

Dr. Peter Hershock
Director, Asian Studies Development Program
East-West Center
University of Hawaii, Manoa

Author of

Changing Education: Leadership, Innovation and Development in a Globalizing Asia Pacific

Emanuel Pastreich
The Asia Institute


Peter Hershock:
Some of the problems we face in education are new, but many have a long history and we must consider more comprehensive changes that go beyond individual students and teachers if we want to make any headway. We have to find concrete ways of disentangling ourselves from the past, from assumptions about education that date back to the 16th century.
Emanuel Pastreich:
What exactly changed about education back in the 16th century that was the cause of problems in education today?
Peter Hershock:
How we school people today is for the most part a global system. That system may vary from place to place and its relationship with government, and with parents, also varies. The universal assumption is that education has to do with students moving through a curricula. This idea was framed originally by Peter Read more of this post

“Challenges in Korean Education” Asia Institute Seminar with Bertram Chip Bruce

Asia Institute Seminar

6th May 2012

Bertram Chip Bruce


Library & Information Science

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

“Challenges in Korean Education”

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Eureka Article “Cultivating a Strategic Perspective and Looking far into the Future”

The July edition of Eureka Magazine 유레카논설, a journal aimed at middle and high school students in Korea featured this article of mine presenting suggestions for how students can make the most of their educations.
“Cultivating a Strategic Perspective and Looking far into the Future”
“전략적 사고를 기워 멀리 내다보라” the article argues that students should study about the humanities because such studies better equips them for the challenges of the future. Read more of this post

Talk about culture and education for elementary and high school principals

I gave a talk about education and culture on June 17, 2012 in front of a group of about one hundred principals of elementary and high schools in Seoul organized by the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education (서울시교육청). This “Principals Forum” was the first of its kind, a voluntary gathering of principals from around Seoul to exchange opinions on how education can be improved in Korea.

Emanuel talks with prinicipals about culture and education

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Sungmisan School in Seoul: A remarkable Approach to education.

I had a chance to visit the Sungmisan School (성미산학교) in Seoul today for their yearly festival and I spoke a few minutes with one of its founders, Yu Chang-bok (유창복) and the current principle Park Bok-seon (박복선).

Founded in 1996, Sungmisan School is one of the best-known of the alternative schools in Korea, running a program from nursery school through high school—and there is even a plan to establish a university. The school puts a tremendous emphasis on the role of students in society, and particularly courses related to the environment and agriculture (while the school is located in the middle of Seoul). Read more of this post