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Synopsis of Emanuel’s Sci-Fi Thriller “Climate Change & Causality in Pyongyang”

Here is a rather humorous synopsis for a science fiction movie I would like to make. If  anyone is interested, do let me know.




“Climate Change & Causality in Pyongyang”




Section One

Park Sunja is a rising star in Korean society. Her father, once the prime minister, is a charismatic figure who encourages her to be the best and she has taken every opportunity. She has not only received the best education at Seoul National University and Princeton, and has the best network in Seoul, she also has a certain passion and political skill that makes her stand out even among Seoul’s best and brightest.

Maybe Sunja is different because of a childhood experience: her mother and father had a bitter split up when she was nine which left her living in relative poverty with distant in-laws. That experience taught her something about how the other half live and makes her more aware, more curious, about the rest of the world than her privileged friends.

Because Sunja spent much time abroad as a privileged child, she speaks English as well as, or better than, Korean. The dialog in the movie is split between English language scenes with international friends and Korean language scenes with Korean friends. Often Sunja seems to have trouble understanding what both the international friends and Korean friends say. That slight “lost in translation” quality is important part of the story.  Read more of this post

Selected Publications of the Asia Institute

Please Feel free to download from the link below the recently released publications from the Asia Institute.

The manuscript has been slightly revised.

Selected Publications of the Asia Institute

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“The Conditions for Engaging North Korea” Asia Institute Seminar with Jon Huntsman

“The Conditions for Engaging North Korea”

Asia Institute Seminar with Jon Huntsman

Former Governor of Utah & Republican candidate for President

9th April 2012



Jon Huntsman

American politician, businessman, and diplomat

Former United States Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China

Former Governor of Utah

Former Republican candidate for the 2012 Republican Presidential Primary


Emanuel Pastreich


The Asia Institute

(Associate Professor, Kyung Hee University)

Emanuel Pastreich:

I wanted to ask you about the prospects for engagement with North Korea from your perspective as someone who has been intimately involved in the diplomatic debate concerning the future of North Korea. The question is not so much about the latest misdeed of North Korea, but rather about what the long-term prospects are. After all, if we want to solve the problem, we must move beyond the latest news cycle.

Many Koreans are confused because, on one hand there has been times of great efforts to engage with North Korea and these have been generally frustrated, and on the other hand there have been efforts to take a harder line towards North Korea at other times, and these efforts also, although they have been successful in some respects, haven’t resolved the problem either.  The question of what to do about North Korea has become a major issue in Korea today.  What do you think is the long term solution to this problem?

Jon Huntsman:

I am not sure we can find an easy answer when we are working with regime that is willing to put everything on the line in maintaining the status quo, in repressing its people with unprecedented cruelty and in saber rattling that sends tremors through the whole region.  I am one person who feels that nothing is going to happen in the short term with North Korea because we find ourselves in the middle of a transition right now and such political transitions always bring out unpredictable behavior from those in power. Read more of this post

Interview with Steve Clemons ‘The ROK Is Our Best Ally in Turning North Korea Around’

Emanuel Pastreich Interview with

Steve Clemons




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Out of the frying pan, into the fire “Escape from Camp 14”

The Korea Times featured this article about the North Korea escapee Shin Dong-hyuk and his harrowing struggle for freedom with a focus on the recently published book Escape from Camp 14 which describes that experience. The book was written by the American journalist Blaine Harden. Read more of this post

Emanuel’s opening remarks at Asia Institute Seminar on Nuclear Power in North Korea