“Americans love equality”

I cannot agree more with this statement by the author Richard Reeves given in his book Dream Hoarders.

” I never thought I’d say this but I sort of miss the class consciousness of my old country which I grew up hating. The reason I miss it is because at least we’re aware of it. It seems to me that in the U.S. you have a class system that operates every bit as ruthlessly as the British class system but under the veneer of classless meritocracy. There isn’t even a self awareness.”

The book describes in gory detail the  manner in which the upper-middle class hoards opportunities for themselves while remaining entire oblivious to what they are doing.


The point of this quote is that what is truly grotesque about America is the degree to which Americans try to deceive themselves about the emergence of class struggle.

As I once wrote,

“Americans love equality. In fact they love it so much that if they meet anyone in their neighborhood who is not their equal, they move away to a expensive suburb.”

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