“Hold Me Down” and the potential for films about real life

I had the chance to see the both touching an brutal film about a 19-year old single mother who tries to survive in the South Bronx working as a stripper. The film was outstanding, and compact. It raised the critical question of whether it is possible to make films and news reports about real life, rather than fantastic PR material. These days, even the so-called progressive media is touched up to avoid the ugly and the cruel. Yet only with such media will be start to confront the truth and launch into a positive cycle.

“Hold Me Down”  is filmed in the locations where the events depicted actually occurred; in the Mott Haven Housing Projects and in an actual brothel, and features a cast of non-actors / women survivors of sexual exploitation and domestic violence.

Produced by More Media (moremedia.tv), The Collectif, and Bob Film Sweden with support from IFP, the Swedish Film Institute and Sveriges Television.


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