Greta Thunberg on the cover of Time Magazine

I must say that I was disturbed by the article about Greta Thunberg in Time Magazine. There was no analysis of why monied interests want us to be addicted to petroleum and how they force fossil fuels, and plastic, on us. No discussion about how we are compelled by forces who make immense profits to consume and how cities are designed by those who are paid by corporations in such a way that we must use automobiles.
The school strikes are a great idea, but they are not strikes that demand that the schools become 100% renewable, or that students and their parents have a say in policy. The basic assumption in the thinking is that we will argue the truth to politicians and they will see the light and change their policies.
But this demand promotes a fundamental misreading of politics.
The problem is not that politicians are ignorant or short-sighted. But rather we have a system in which corporate money is what determines policy decisions. Politicians are not the cause of the problem at all.
If you want to change things, Greta, you would be better off launching boycotts of products, creating a movement of students who refuse to eat or touch anything that has anything to do with petroleum. That sort of a campaign would start to hurt for multinational corporations and if it was global, the losses would be massive. But then, Greta, if you did that, you would not be appearing in Time Magazine anymore. In fact, you would not appear in any magazine until you and your student allies created your own magazine. Which, by the way, is exactly what you should do.

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