“The Globalists have Launched a New Offensive against the Citizens of the Earth”

Global Research

“The Globalists have Launched a New Offensive against the Citizens of the Earth”

June 1, 2022

The Globalists have launched a new offensive against the citizens of the Earth, one that seeks, in the most devious manner, to pit us against each other by using culture, race, and habit to divide us so that we cannot form alliances, federations or even communities dedicated to taking down, and to taking apart, criminal syndicates like the World Economic Forum that have seized control of global governance, and, increasingly, are extending their control to national and to local government with a vengeance.

These shadow mercenaries of private equity have done so by bribing, and by intimating, the educated among us; the best and the brightest, who knew better took the thirty shekels, a handsome price, to cast a blind eye on evil in plain sight.

The current effort to create a “faux” world war between the imagined “West” on the one side and Russia, China, North Korea and Iran, on the other, while at the same time manipulating, and dominating, the economic and political systems of all those countries, of all the nations of the world, is a scheme both hideous and ingenious which is unprecedented in its scale.

But such plots for absolute domination are certainly not new in history, they just have never been launched using AI, supercomputers, CCTV cameras, 5-G, low-orbit satellites, drones, and a weaponized media-entertainment complex that knows not borders.

If you think that no one could be so evil, or so self-confident, as to try something on that scale, I have a sad tale to tell you.

The first step for creating a “false” world war consisted of the actions taken (still classified and inaccessible) to get Russia to invade the Ukraine.

We know for certain that this operation was long and complex and that it involved the United States, NATO members like Germany, and other nations, and also most likely involved factions within Russia itself.

Russia did not stand against the criminal agenda of the World Economic Forum and its shadowy backers. If anything, President Putin was a card carrying member of these global institutions. But the die was cast in Kiev, and now Russia is challenging the entire global governance system in response to this assault, starting with its withdrawal from the World Health Organization.

There is no space left for dialog; the nations of Europe, and Asia, starting with Germany and Japan, are radically increasing their military budgets and their domestic surveillance, and the number of nations with nuclear weapons could easily double over the next decade. So also, the total number of nuclear weapons could also double. In short, we face the reality of world war, even if the tricky politicians did not intend to go that far.

After the invasion of Ukraine came the lockdown of Shanghai by invisible forces, no doubt paid for by the billionaires.

Shanghai became a prison, the commandos using the bogus COVID -19 as an excuse to trap people in their homes and to threaten them with starvation.

A clear message was broadcast to the entire world.

Of course private equity and multinational corporations have owned Shanghai for decades. The difference this time was that everyone, except the superrich, were locked down.

The corporate media distorted the Shanghai story beyond recognition. The corporate media announced that it was not the parasitic billionaire class that took over Shanghai, but rather it was “leftism,” “socialism,” and above all the “Chinese Communist Party” that had blood on its hands.

The “Western” corporate media giddily describes how premier Li Keqiang is supporting local government and opposing COVID-19 lockdowns while President (chairman) Xi Jinping, who is now painted red as the “communist,” continues to push for totalitarian zero-tolerance policies.

Most likely Xi has been forced to take responsibility for these lockdowns instigated by globalists at home and abroad and Li is being set up as a heroic figure whom the West can work with—and falling under the sway of the globalists as they rush to cover their footprints.

Global finance created this nightmare in Shanghai, and then blamed it on socialism in order to convince the citizens of the United States, Great Britain and Japan, nations that are now fully owned by global finance, that they are free and that China is a communist dictatorship.

Any “socialist” system in which government plays the role of controlling global finance, redistributing wealth, or protecting working people is to be mocked and dismissed as a dictatorship.

Right-wing bloggers have put out reports and graphs that supposedly show how the advanced Caucasian nations of Europe, Australia and the United States are being targeted for population reduction in a deadly plot cooked up by the Asians.

It is doubtful that this war is against Caucasians, but it is entirely possible that the statistics, real or imagined, offered to support that perspective are circulated so as to make sure that class war is mistaken for a race war. That is what happened in the Second World War, after all. In fact, the United States has an old tradition of hiding class war behind race war that dates back to the 1850s.

Similar strategies are being employed in Iran, another official enemy of the “West.” Iran resisted the globalist assault better than most nations, but now it is advertised as the first country to require biometric IDs, that is digital passports, for the purchase of food.

The globalist operatives are pushing this policy on the poor and helpless as a means to draw Iran into the fold. It also is an opportunity for the anti-globalist right, those taking kickbacks from the globalists to attack globalism in a skewed racist manner, to claim that Iran is the enemy, that it is uniquely abusing its people in an unchristian manner.

Finally, there is the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the one nation that held out for the longest time against the COVID-19 fraud and that refused to announce that any of its citizens had contracted this mythical disease, or to advocate for that medical weapon system of vaccines, social distancing, and masks.

Then, on May 12, 2022, North Korea’s head, Chairman Kim Jung-un, announced suddenly that there were cases of COVID-19, specifically the ridiculous variant omicron, in his nation. He declared that Pyongyang would be subject to a lockdown.

Like hyenas in heat, corporate newspapers jumped up and down over this fabricated crisis.

Before we knew what had happened, North Koreans were wearing silly masks and spraying useless and dangerous disinfectants everywhere.

North Korea is under attack by the same hidden forces that run the World Economic Forum and other globalist institutions that cater to the super-rich. North Korea was no utopia, but they were able to resist this takeover and now they can do so no longer. Most likely the decision makers in Pyongyang were threatened, and also were paid off. That is what has happened in every other nation.

Significantly, North Korea cracked down on COVID-19 at the same moment that South Korea relaxed mask requirements and ended vaccine passports for restaurants and shops. This course of events was no coincidence.

Predictably, the corporate media told us that these ideologically alien nations were oppressing their people with extreme COVID-19 measures, in contrast to the rational and democratic “West” that is opening up.

The plan is to project images of totalitarianism onto China, North Korea and Iran at the very moment that the billionaires are laying the foundations for techno-tyranny in the “Western” nations controlled by private technology firms from the United States, Germany, and Israel (and other nations) using CCTV cameras, geo-fencing, 5G and relentless targeted advertising via television, internet, school, or research institution.

That is to say that those nations that resisted neo-liberal ideas are described as the source of the resulting totalitarianism. To do so is an act of genius by the masters of propaganda.

The ensuing fog allows them to push on us digital currencies that can be shut down any time by the corporate state, smart cities and smart cars designed to make us prisoners in our homes, all subject to constant surveillance.

As Cindy Niles put it, “the path to hell is paved with sustainable development goals.”

That means we must stand with the citizens of Pyongyang, and of Shanghai, against the globalist takeover. We should never allow the billionaire’s narcissistic rhetoric to convince us to treat these fellow victims as aggressors.

We cannot beat the globalists unless we form alternative provisional governments at the local level while simultaneously forming an international, not “globalist,” alliance against corporate fascism.

The billionaires know that they are finished if we bring together like-minded people in all the nations of the Earth for a common purpose. They will pay any amount to confuse and divide us, threaten and bribe as many public figures as possible, to implement their radical restructuring of the Earth.

Reaching out to the citizens of the nations that have been intentionally branded as the enemy as part of the globalist plot is a critical strategy to shift the battle in our favor.

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